Catch and Release (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A woman struggles to accept the death of her fiancé and the secrets he kept from her as she rebuilds her life.

Director: Susannah Grant
Stars: Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 35 out of 121 found boring (28.92%)

One-line Reviews (96)

Slow and Boring .

This is a nice escape from reality on a boring evening.. everything was fine here - people were mostly beautiful and harmless, the fat character was - of course- the clown.. plot basic and dialogue was OK.. just like a nice episode from "Table of Five" if it was filmed in the mid 90s..

The problems begin early on with a premise that feels woefully contrived and manufactured from the get-go.

As a first-time director, Grant has trouble pacing the story in any compelling manner, and unexpected dramatic turns seem buried in the casually meandering plot.

All in all, the plot is pretty standard and the most you may leave the theater with is a major crush on Olyphant (count me in there).

Very enjoyable.

The other track with Smith and Grant conversing is more entertaining though admittedly less connected with the scenes over which they speak in the movie.

Whilst this movie is in the genre I enjoy this movie was actually one that bored me, the plot was great well the idea of it was if had all the emotion your expecting and the scenery was great as well as the characters playing their parts relatively well although some emotions were slightly underwhelming and unbelievable.

This is pretty bad even for a formulaic date movie.

There's nothing in this that has any depth at all, the humour is lacking, the characters are bland, the story is implausible - all in all it's a completely stereotypical 'rom com' except the romance is extremely icky to the point you're rooting for them NOT to get together, and the comedy is almost non-existent.

Very enjoyable and fun a great date movie.

Juliette Lewis and Kevin Smith guest star, both as enjoyable (and sometimes hilarious!

FINAL VERDICT: Terrible, boring, main character is not likable.

It just dragged though.

Enjoyable romantic drama whose weighty central metaphor doesn't quite work .

Sam Jaeger is totally pointless to the whole movie.

Not nearly as fun as reading a newspaper, the film is so dull that once it is caught it should be released down a toilet.

An innocuous romantic comedy turns hideously contrived in progress...

It was a waste of my time and that is why I am here at my computer writing this while it plays in the background.

Muddled and Confusing .

It's a total waste of time.

The plot was ridiculous, the performances contrived and obvious and the characters were completely unsympathetic.

Pretty Boring Chik Flick .

It is a series of pointless events followed by a moral-less end.

Jennifer Garner is an extremely boring person to watch.

Trite, contrived, and dreadful is a better description.

It's also really thrilling to watch, there is so much tension and every moment is 100% filled with real, raw emotion.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Worst movie I've seen all year.

What it is, is disjointed.

I go in expecting some cutesy, feel good movie since it stars Garner, but what we get is a depressing, pointless plot.

But this is the most boring movie I've seen (some of) this year.

An extremely slow death of the entire space saved only by the last part.

Kevin Smith is the comic relief and the endless stream of fat jokes grows tiresome quickly.


However, my boyfriend left after 20 minutes- so its not for everyone.

I'm sad that this film was marketed as a romantic comedy or some similar entertaining genre when it really is an arthouse film in disguise.

This is a great movie if you're looking for something slower paced, with nothing intense.

The dialog was bland and so were the characters.

Bottom line, save your money.

Hollywood-produced romantic comedies, by their very nature, are predictable.

Waste your time staring an empty glass will be more valuable.

It's such a slow boring story that really wasn't any kind of story you would want to make a movie about.

Each situation in this trite and forgettable piece is contrived to the nth degree.

" I have the answer; the kind victim to a hokey, simplistic, dreary, and vinegary romantic comedy.

On the whole, an unlikeable, uninspired, contrived load of nonsense...

It's a good enough movie with a great cast, it's worth watching esp for Jennifer Garner in it.

I highly recommend it.

Catch and Release is a bore and at just around two hours it trudges along in a desperate attempt to find both humor and audience sanctification.

Despite being quite predictable, "Catch & Release" manages to be one of the most enjoyable films so far this year.

Otherwise, this film was quite entertaining, even with the cliché California massage therapist that Juliette Lewis presented.

The movie could have become just another "friends get through the hard times" film at this point, but then the plot takes an intriguing turn when Gray discovers her fiancée had been harboring some pretty heft secrets, like a million dollar stash of cash, a girlfriend in Los Angeles, and, oh yeah, a 4-year old son.

The film is well worth watching due to the strong interpersonal relationships that are depicted here.

Of course, Olyphant is a bad boy - a director who lives in LA and has indiscriminate and meaningless sex with women to hide his emptiness - yawn.

This is probably the worst movie I've seen in a very, very long time.

Perhaps Ms. Grant will add a few more scenes to eliminate the confusion.

I hated that movie so much it was the worst movie of 2000 (even worse than The Cell) and I loathe Catch and Release as an abomination to the romance comedy genre.

The pacing wandered and didn't always evoke the emotions appropriately or move the story forward, so it dragged.

It was far too long.

's character unbearably bland and the plot very confusing for a male viewer with dispassionate attitude towards intimate romance.

Don't waste your time.

Go see it, I know you will have an enjoyable time at the movies.

The only good thing about this film is the pace - it is certainly entertaining.

All the characters behaved bizarrely, but not in any way that was intended to explore the complex ways in which grief affects different people differently, just in a completely bland, unrealistic solely plot driven way.

Sam spends the first act and most of the second act eating--how entertaining is this?

) and another friend of her fiancée named Fritz (played by a very bland Timothy Olyphant), who comes for the funeral and stays to try and clean up his buddy's messy past before Gray can find out about it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and would gladly watch it again.

Amusing, entertaining and at times tragic while still making me smile.

It could have been a good story, but this was flat out boring from beginning to end.

Garner is subdued in formula writing as she runs a predictable romance that has no flair to begin with.

The romance between the lead actors was as predictable as it was unbelievable - at no point do you feel any warmth between the characters or chemistry between the actors and the romance only seems to occur because Jennifer Garner finds out some bad news about her late Fiancé, rather than any actual romantic development.

Very, very, boring and lame .

Sardonic filmmaker Kevin Smith plays best friend Sam with shaggy dog appeal (though the running gag about the quotes from Celestial Seasonings teabag boxes grows tiresome), while Sam Jaeger has the thankless role of the secretly smitten Dennis.

Yes, it's a tad predictable, and like I said, I'd rather hogtie that child than watch him act out, but all in all, an entertaining and quite watchable romantic comedy.

I know that most people seem to have absolutely hated this movie, but I found it quite enjoyable.

Though it's distracting, some sweet parts do come out of his character thus making him one of the most enjoyable of the bunch.

It amazes me the garbage that gets green lit these days and that people actually spent money making this shallow, predictable snore fest.

It is they who keep this extremely conventional story from turning unbearable.

It is a cliché from start to finish.

I feel I've seen this movie already and walked out of it.

Is there a production company somewhere that specializes in churning out the kind of banal, unoffensive films that are frequently used as in-flight movies, and if so, is it responsible for this film?

(My Comment) As with any chick flick from Hollywood, this romantic-comedy is predictable and of course you already know the ending before it happens, the girl ends up with the guy.

very enjoyable movie .

Perhaps the second time I was in a more receptive mood, because it is slow and unpredictable.

The story has some interesting elements, interesting characters, and is an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours on your 62nd birthday with some of the nicest people in the world enjoying it with you.

Bad story, so boring and so without any freshness, someone could fall asleep.

Kevins Smith looks bored.

We know she's upset because she tells us in a pointless voice-over.

If it sounds ridiculous, that is because the film just fails miserably to be entertaining although the setting of Boulder, Colorado tries.

I hate it when a film turns out to be a waste of time.

what i liked is that so many films don't seem to feel that a love story is enough to carry the film and lots of other rubbish gets involved and the love story is a side line but this was great for a romantic because it was a quiet and intense build like an old fashioned love story.

Extremely Boring .

I was patient, but I realized nothing happens action takes place.

Jennifer Garner is good in a nicely entertaining movie.

Yawn-worthy .

This was one of the worst movies i have ever seen.