Cecil B. Demented (2000) - Comedy, Crime, Thriller

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An insane independent film director and his renegade group of teenage filmmakers kidnap an A-list Hollywood actress and force her to star in their underground film.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: John Waters
Stars: Melanie Griffith, Stephen Dorff
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 149 found boring (22.14%)

One-line Reviews (72)

A sleeper and definitely a must see for people who crave film as art and eschew the subtle censorship of today's bland commercial cinema.

Entertaining, Funny, and Its John Waters'.

DeMented was truly inspiring to me, not for the references to the bad Hollywood scene, not for the inside jokes - I'm still working on that -, but because it was funny, entertaining and totally different from what I've seen in the last couple of weeks.

Nothing happens in this movie except a bunch of self-righteous anarchist brats with guns running around acting like idiots while totally lacking the style and perverted dignity of Waters' other characters.

If you are a Waters fan, save your money.

He forces Honey and his crew to live in a small, empty theater.

Some nice photography but some very poor songs (especially the annoying "Demented Forever," surely one of the worst movie songs since Elvis crooned "Personality" in "Clambake").

The story is repetitive and dull.

Cecil's film crew is enjoyable as well, and Alicia Witt was perfectly cast as the "porn ingenue.

Waters makes fun of "Patch Adams" and "Forrest Gump", which is to be encouraged, but these are easy targets to ridicule, and he does so in an inept, dull manner.

Unfortunately, this cheeky spin on the Patty Hearst saga--wherein a Hollywood actress, kidnapped by a radical filmmaking group of punks, is forced at gunpoint to star in their underground movie--is all quick one-liners and no plot...

John Waters continues his slow and steady seduction of the mainstream with the first half of the movie, only to reward its arousal by slamming a giant butt plug thru the finale.

Don't waste your time on this.

There was nothing funny, satirical or the slightest bit entertaining about this movie.

Still, despite the fact that Waters is clearly also spoofing himself (through his own history as an "underground", actually just regional, filmmaker) it comes off as slightly pretentious.

As always, though we are meant to root for Cecil and his Sprocket Holes, we are also meant to find them absurd, irrational, ridiculous, somewhat hypocritical, and just a bit scary - just like the tens of thousands of would-be cinematic revolutionaries out there shooting pointless nonsense and proclaiming Hollywood the Devil's backyard while secretly waiting for that call from their agent saying they've finally sold their Sci-Fi Channel original series spec script.


Just been to the local Film Festival "Viennale" to see this movie and it was the most boring and uninteresting film I have seen on this festival so far.

It is at once a unique, refreshing, and exciting film.

The obvious answer is that it's against mainstream, but yet why has Waters made the characters annoying, pretentious idiots if he wants us to side with them?


Even the plot is boring because we get to see the same scene of mad people taking over cinemas and film productions over and over again.

My boyfriend (who has very warped taste) loved this but I found it boring, trashy and without any style or comment.

Rather enjoyable.

It started out funny, but about 10 minutes into the show it turned dull and dark and pointless - and stayed that way for the remainder of the show.

Yawn .

The dialogue is tired and self-conscious, the plot exhausting, boring and the characters unlikable and annoying.

Waste of Celluloid, time, electricity, etc .

The answer is a predictable and resounding "no".

She is snobby, pretentious, and very condescending to her peers.

Some of the contemporary numbers performed and written by Zoë are quite refreshing to listen to, but like a lot of the rest of the film, the music is buried under the director's confusing intentions.

It is so wonderfully enjoyable to watch, especially for people interested or inside the underground film industry.

This movie was recommended to me by a usually-reliable indie-film fan, so I went into this picture expecting a fun departure from the formulaic Hollywood film.

Anyone who saw some depth to this movie, was looking for a needle in the haystack, there was no purpose to this movie, but to bore you for 2 hours.

However, Melanie Griffith, Stephen Dorff, and the rest of the cast are unbearable.

Well, I think Waters has taken a different course too, but it's one that's worth watching.

I thought that it had some of the most obscenely pointless, and funny, movie since, at minimum, "Polyester.

Most of these movies delve in clichés, trite PC characters, and most of them are about meaningless relationships between very boring people and their uneventful environments.

One of John Waters' weaker films is this somewhat lifeless attack on Hollywood banality.

Fun, funny, enjoyable--don't take it too seriously.

Unique but snappy.

John, i love you, but i have to file this one with Cry-Baby under uninteresting.

If you have a laugh, it's going to be followed up at some "unexpected" turn by something horrific and depressing.

" So, the movie goes on with the cast and crew running from place to place in empty bakery trucks to break up other films that are being made with their own message of Anti-films.

It was occasionally inspired and had hilarious moments - brief, brief moments - but mostly was plodding.

Tired jokes, a predictable script and gratuitous violence/ rock music made me fell stupider after having seen it.

DeMented is a very entertaining film.

It bored me.

It is obvious in these portrayals that Waters thinks they're ALL pains in the ass- after all, Pauline Kael-ite auteur-lovers ARE pretentious, and Hollywood DOES turn out a lot of lousy shlock.

" Worth watching if you have a sense of humor, even better if you are demented.

I very much enjoyed it.

Ho Hum.

What bothered me most about the pretentious parrot dropping from the usually fertile mind of John Waters was what Steven Dorff's beef essentially boils down to.

The script presents the holes that are present in every modern comedy: ferociously annoying secondary characters, a predictable story line, pointless jokes and scenes, and a message that tries to be conveyed through the medium of humor (that is often blurred by the former subject of pointless jokes and scenes).

It is however the reasons it is terrible that bored the audiance most of all.

It's not funny, and there's not a skillful balance of the heavy and the light, so it ends up being a depressing, pointless, incoherent slog of nothing much.

Demented could be seen as an answer to many of Waters' fans objections to his occasional dabbling with the mainstream, with his colourful efforts Hairspray (1988) and (the very enjoyable) Serial Mom (1994) playing in direct contrast to Pink Flamingos, which infamously contains a scene of dog-s**t eating.

It's fast paced and I was laughing the whole way through.

I really liked how they poked fun at BOTH sides of the movie industry - mainstream Hollywood films that are just made for a profit and underground crap that is overly pretentious and snobby.

this movie is fast paced and quite hilarious.

My wife and I agree that this is one of the worst movies we have ever seen.

The laughs are scant and the film itself just keeps getting worse as it wobbles on and on toward what is supposed to be an exciting finale.

one of the worst movies i have seen.

[minor spoilers]After the sweet and entertaining but ultimately unremarkable "Pecker", John Waters picks up where "Desperate Living " left off and delivers a movie chock full of disgusting characters spewing forth pages of crazed, dogmatic dialog and engaging in wild acts of perversion (it's kind of sad, though, when a woman engaging in anal sex with a gerbil is only implied off-screen in a John Waters movie).

Melanie Griffith shines as Honey Whitlock, an average, ho-hum screen queen who, one day, is dragged kicking and screaming (literally)into the world of the quite insane underground director, Cecil B.

not quite as shocking as some divine movies, but more action packed.

I remember the time he went on Politically Incorrect, speaking of the ills of modern cinema and how film in general has become blasé and dull.

This is the worst movie I have ever, DearLordJesus, seen.

Waste of time.

One of the top 20 WORST movies I've ever seen.

Except it becomes incredibly predictable after the first time, so much that you could set your clock by how invariably it happens every time.

Demented' is a particularly funny film for those who share Waters' outrage at the mass audience's seeming preference for the bland unoriginality of much of the product churned out by the cinema factory known as Hollywood and its seeming dismissal of the cutting edge experimentation and originality that define so much of independent filmmaking.