Chain of Command (2015) - Action, Thriller

Hohum Score



After finding his brother murdered after returning from duty, Webster searches for the perpetrators, but discovers a conspiracy that cuts deep inside the U.S. government.

IMDB: 3.5
Director: Kevin Carraway
Stars: Michael Jai White, Max Ryan
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 25 found boring (44%)

One-line Reviews (18)

Yawn.. .

This is one of those digital productions that seems to have been made through a grey filter, poorly-lit throughout and taking place in mundane concrete surrounds.

Steve Austin looks like he would be an awesome match up, a huge imposing guy and the idea that he goes toe to toe with White was an exciting prospect.

This movie is a waste of time and money.

All of this make for a dull and boring movie.

Pretty sure they used some of the crews houses and apartments for filming and prepped them by removing personal photos etc from the wall because why else would a living room have a whole bunch of empty picture hooks on the wall?

Ross, his accent varied so much I thought he had multiple personality disorder, at one point he dipped either to American/English then English/Australian then for some reason went into Scottish, the editors of this film must have been using the drugs smuggled into the city when they edited this, all the cameras were over lit, camera angles were contextual and not in the right areas, when the fight scene did occur, it was like the camera man fell asleep at the camera then fell over with the camera in his hand.

Poor acting, unbelievably bad music that didn't match with the tone trying to be conveyed in each scene, and unnecessary use of sound effects all combined to successfully make my wife fall asleep.

My 5 year old could score this movie better by the way.. The music was cheap and bland...

Predictable plot, very poor acting, lousy script, unbelievably unrealistic use of weapons and unarmed combat, sound track that was often inappropriate to what was happening on screen, poorly conceived sets and the list goes on.

What a bore fest...

Waste of time & money .

The story is extremely simple, cliché, with not much to offer either.

This was a major waste of time.

Very bad movie waste of time.

Waste of Time and money .

Yes the acting is bad, yes the story is cliché.

This is not the first time Michael and Steve shoot a movie together, they did in Tactical Force and honestly, that movie was a low budget action flick with nothing original or exceptional to offer, but man was it 5 times more entertaining than this movie...