Charlie's Angels (2019) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie's Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Elizabeth Banks
Stars: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 194 out of 1000 found boring (19.4%)

One-line Reviews (497)

I was excited by the idea that Elisabeth Banks was going to direct this movie, but I think in my mind that was going to make it an action packed version of Pitched Perfect 2.

It is a decent action comedy that serves as an entertaining and light viewing experience.

Still, it was an enjoyable romp.

This was one the worst movies that I ever saw.

Enjoyed it.

The action was entertaining, and I LOVED the three main angels.

Kristen TheRobot Stewart was actually much more enjoyable than she usually is, and Naomi Scott is an adorable delight as usual.

The biggest star here is Banks' unpredictable script, filled with twists and misdirections that are rewarding and surprising.

I found the story engrossing and surprisingly logical.

Cut out the moments where they play up the 'yeah, we're women, and we can do those things too' moments and you have a fun, action packed movie.

It has a predictable plot which we've seen before.

It was enjoyable.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Fun and entertaining .

So all I can great work team I like it very much thank you for such a entertaining movie n for who is searching this movie guys I don't want to give u any kind of spoiler watch its great movie.. Love u

A funny and fast paced movie.

Characters were enjoyable, never watched the original so I think that's why people are mad.

It's so lame, super boring, bad pacing, bad action, I come to watch Christian Steward, what a waste of money and good look girl's acting!!

Waste of time .

Talking about bad casting and over kill on the feminist propaganda .

Okay, it's a long way from Oscar material, but I found it a very enjoyable movie.

It was funny and action packed.

It's pretty entertaining, it had a good story and cool characters.

) - come on, this is boring.

In a dull, no talented, cliché, predictable, acting manner.

While some scenes might be a little boring, most are very entertaining in several ways.

I went into this movie with fresh expectations but was eager to leave, bored and unimpressed.

The screenplay was atrocious as it only shows action sequences that are repetitive and it does not have any good story at all.

So if you're looking for a entertaining movie, this is very much adequate!

They all bored me, I hate stupid plots.

The acting was good, the action scenes were entertaining, and overall my husband and I both liked the movie.

Just another throwaway action movie using a classic theme to lull you into a false sense of security.

They are chased by unknown people for unknown reasons and trying to escape with unknown plan and going somewhere to more empty accomplishment.

I'm a guy, I enjoyed it.

Sad cliches, more sexualising women to make men look dumb, yawn.

Unfunny jokes, slow story.

Of course they need to make it in a movie that is entertaining and for my money: yes, they most certainly was a lot of fun to watch.

The action is soso at times very overbord I may say the CGI WAS HORRIBLE a lot of pointless parts in the movie the dog chain was horrible the dance scene was pointless the cloths was a Lil off to me like trying to hard to be sexy.

I thought it was action packed, funny and unpredictable.

Enjoyable .

My bff and I went to see Charlie's angels last night and we really enjoyed it!

Its cheesy and so predictable, it really really is a lobotomy for the soul, instead of watching this movie instead try going on a safari and picking a fight with a pride of lions whilst covered in jam and wasps.. So yeah, I enjoyed it lots

It was fun, exciting, whimsical, and better than a lot of the previous Charlie installments.

I thought it was fun and entertaining.

Worth watching, if you're after an easy action packed movie.

I can only hope films like this in Hollywood stop or drop the PC trend in propaganda as it's simply not cool in this day & age where we're supposed to be equal.

The main trio are dull and underdeveloped, Elizabeth Banks as Bosley is meant to be old at 40?

There are a few genuinely enjoyable action scenes and the pulpy plot is breezy enough to keep you engaged even throughout its more generic moments.

In comparison to John Wick 3, this is far better - with a far better plot - as John Wick 3 has no plot and is just a boring overblown ridiculous bunch of bullsht.

Unwatchable .

The story isn't particularly memorable, but actually it's rather dull and fairly predictable.

This was waste of time and money...

It was much better when the Angels movies had NATURALLY three kick-ass women as heroes, rather than today's ongoing woke propaganda.

Overall, a very bad film designed to push the female propaganda further & promote hate on men in a world supposedly designed for equality.

My husband also really enjoyed it, and it turned out to be a great date movie, which is considerably remarkable since it did not involve a romantic "guy gets girl" plot.

I don't understand the haters here, I wrote this review to give justice to this movie, it's quite feminist but enjoyable to watch, it's a fresh reboot and the action sequences are much better than its predecessors, I'm no critic, I just love action movies

The fight scenes were rather choppy and (again) cringingly unbelievable, along with a plot was all too predictable.

It's a spy comedy with very minimal if any good action sequences, they were cut too much and it's hard to follow what is happening in most of the fights.

The world needs more fast paced, funny feminist films like this one and I can't wait to be there in theatres.

This CA 2019 is boring as hell.

Movie deserve 7 stars but I am giving 1 extra to oppose viewers who gave only 1 star to such entertaining movie.

It's not the greatest movie, but I enjoyed it.

And no, if someone watches Charlie's Angels you expect girls being the heroes, but what drags that movie down is the poor execution: boring, redundant, generic.

Overall, I enjoyed it and don't think it should have such negative reviews, which I believe it only got because of the comparison to the original movies.

Young girls and teenagers will probably find this movie entertaining.

But you can overdo it and you can also choose totally interchangeable actresses in a boring script.

I honestly thought it was an enjoyable watch, with Kristen Stewart at her best here (she was hilarious!

It is simply pointless to running through the ups and downs of this movie.

Worst movie of the year!

I honestly think that some are brainwashed and can't enjoy anything that differs from their standard which is neurotic, totally over the top and thus predictable and boring.

I think that in that aspect, the director / screenwriter / actress Elizabeth Banks did know how to bring the film afloat because her action scenes are efficient and entertaining.

This version of Charlie's Angels is exciting, well written, funny, and enjoyable.

In total it was probably ten minutes worth of romance which is good and I enjoyed it!

Even if there is no story, an apt cast and one or two properly choreographed action episodes are expected out of these kind of movies.

I love the Charlies' Angels idea of girlpower in an area where we are overfed with cliche tough-guy action.

This movie isn't like those movies but it's it's own while having a few throwbacks to the original angels and the movies, and I really enjoyed it.

What a boring mess of a movie.

Worth the watch.

Perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen.

This movie has one or two good action scenes but apart from that it's dull and leaves a bad taste.

Just save your money.

It is boring as hell and really bad movie.

Save your money and wait until it's free.

I enjoyed it!

A Waste of Time .

its very entertaining.. funny, full of good action, lot of twists.

But when I finally did watch it, I was pleasantly surprised how much more enjoyable it was.

My teenage daughter and I went to see it the movie and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

No plot, pathetic acting and directing, just a ruthless movie in which men are treated like objects or just some retards who don't understand anything.

You see, yes, Kristen Stewart (take a shot everytime you see her name here if you want a fun drinking game and are feeling suicidal) looks absolutely breathtaking, especially in a scene where she is wearing short shorts.

I thought it was a fun & entertaining movie.

Watching old people dance on YOUTUBE is or would be more fun rather to force myself just to finnish this movie, that's how boring the comedy is in this chick flick making all men villains and goons.

I see that this movie is getting a lot of hate, but I personally enjoyed it.

It was entertaining and while so many people are bashing Kristen Stewart - while she will never be the woman I think is the most exceptional actress, she is fine for her roles - and she is fine here as well.

I enjoyed it.

Absolutely the worst movie of the year.

Yes the plot was a little obvious, yes the pacing was an issue, yes the action scenes could've been better but I left the theater having enjoyed this movie.

However, for a causal viewing of a genuinely funny and exciting action film, this is a really good shot.

Cheesy chic flick with bland acting and so boring u cant watch it even if u r a 13 year old girl.

I was disappointed, not that the movie was so unbelievably cringy, but rather because my wife disliked it so much that she asked if I wanted to leave half way through.

This isn't a knock on the movie at all, I'm just saying that it had all the ingredients of a movie a kid would find fast paced and badass.

The departure from formulaic symmetry is commendable.

Fast Paced Fun.

" We put the movie on, and OMG it was entertaining from the beginning.

Entertaining action movie!!.

Admittedly I am THE target audience for this movie, but it is absolutely fun and entertaining from start to finish and you won't want it to end.

A horrible waste of time.

The newest Charlies Angels was inventive, entertaining, funny, and just an overall great time.

I guess the only good that can come from this crap is that the more these PC Propaganda get mad then bashed, the more awareness about them gets noticed & then hopefully stopped dead in its tracks.

Very entertaining and enjoyable.

Worse yet, at times, the hypocrisy is unbearable.

Don't waste your time.

Waste of time .

This is just another yawner of an action fest.

Whilst an enjoyable enough film, it falls victim to the same bigoted sexism that it superficially claims to stand against.

What it had done right To a large extent the action scenes (which were lacking) were entertaining enoughAnd that's about itWhat it did wrong Well in two words Elizabeth Banks, Directed, Screenplay and starring, and it showed, unfortunately, badly, despite Kristen Stewart, and Ella Balinska being the focal Angels, any scene Banks is in they are pretty much reduced to the ancillary characters.

I wonder for such low ratings to an entertaining movie.

The actors were entertaining for the most part, could have done so much better.

Silly fun entertainment is always better than boredom.

Waste of time .

Story is worst and too predictive movie dont waste your time

This has 2 be the worst movie ever to have seen a camera lens...

and she said to me, after an hour: "Do you want to leave?

Woke = Boring .

Finally, if its action that rocks your boat, then this - thoroughly - Enjoyable picture has a veritable ton of that too ; just ..'sins'...

3 chicks with no story line just to show the power of feminism.

Ultimately, "Charlie's Angel's" is film made by a girl for the girls but unfortunately it is done in a such matter that film is a shallow, dumb and overlong action comedy that's neither thrilling nor funny.

The plot was predictable and exactly like the other Charlie's angel movies.

It's just boring

I wasn't expecting to like this, but watched it with some friends and found it to be fun, exciting, and funny.

This was the worst movie I have seen in so long.

Entertaining with flaws .

The twist was unexpected.

very Fast paced, cute, funny, sexy, elegant, clever...

Banks has instead made and incredibly bland and unremarkable film that only has one thing going for it and that is its new feminist angle.

This movie has had some serious critical malling, when I went to an opening day showing in the UK it was half empty.

It was once deemed that Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle was unwatchable bad.

I think it was good and entertaining, I don't get all these negative reviews.

The non action scenes were disjointed and overly expository.

Quite enjoyed it .

Bad acting Bad characters Incoherent plot overall propaganda filled and verdict is = bad rebooti refuse to put more effort in this review than the movie did in its own plot.

I enjoyed it.

All in all, cliche.

The action is REALLY bad and painfully slow.

just don't waste your time on this.

However, the snappy, contemporary humor was finely balanced into a much more edgy Angel version (quite an accomplishment in itself) where deaths seemed to puncture that tonality of earlier Charlie's Angels films.

Cliche fight scenes are present.

i actually laughed and enjoyed it more than most popular action films this year like the fast and furious and john wicks sequels.

There's a scene at the beginning that's kind of an empty montage of girls being awesome.

The story was predictable, the acting was cheesy, and the story was boring!

Thankfully this gets toned down after the first ten minutes and becomes more enjoyable.

They're either too sanitized to be suspenseful, or too shaky to be clearly viewed.

I thought it was totally funny and entertaining.

This movie is probably one of the worst things my eyes have seen, waste of time

I never planned on watching this because it had Kristen Stewart in it, but she did great and proved me wrong she can be entertaining!!

Jane, the Lucy Liu replacement is nice to look at but is about as bland as cardboard and her acting is not much better.

On the other hand, for me, I'm always open to any film really, regardless of agenda and propaganda.

It's empty.

If you grew up with the series, if you enjoy action movies that make it about the story more than about the gore or if you like feel good action movies with an unexpected twist...

The dialogue is weak, the plot is predictable and some of the action sequences look so bad it could almost pass as a spoof.

Dont waste your time.

With alterations and improvement to the dull script, this movie could have been better (and felt like) as a television series pilot.

Action packed moview .

Don't waste your time watching this.

Enjoyed it very much!

" Not because I was complaining, but because she wanted to leave herself - so we did.

But I think she was great in her role and the movie was entertaining.

I'm bored .


Entertaining .

It was bright, colorful, and visually engaging.

this is a total waste of time.

The movie was enjoyable overall and we all had fun watching it.

Lots of great actors/actresses in it, entertaining enough story.

Bored too tears...

Apart from being boring, unfunny, uncreative and not very intelligent, the film is an example of the madness that Hollywood blows into the world from generation to generation.

Save your money, you need gas money next week.

Oh save your money and your time which IS money.

I was just bored.

Yes, it definitely has some downsides to it - Kristen played pretty good but the character was SO annoying, every time I saw her on screen I wanted her to leave.

Waste of time, money and energy, so don't bother.

So cliche.

All men are stupid, slow, perverted, evil, traitors, and even Charlie is a Woman.

Might also be the reason I actually enjoyed it.

Atleast action scenes should have made good, but they are ridiculous and so slow(boring).

Confusing ode to feminism.

I am done with remakes and reboots and sequels and prequels and universes and zzzzzzz

She's just kind of bland.

Its hard to create in this genre, if you go too realistic, its deemed "boring" and without imagination.

This movie was extremely boring and would not recommend to anyone..

Kristen Stewart legs look stunning in this she is a goddess

I have to admit, I was not expecting to like this movie as much as I did: I thought, and I quote myself, this was going to be "another pointless reboot to profit from feminism".

But overall I enjoyed it enough to say I would watch a sequal.

It is mostly just a bland generic action film that is ultimately just very forgettable.

My girlfriend and i couldn't make it past 40min before we walked out.

Charlie's Angeles is a fun, entertaining action film.

Amazing story, fast paced .

I guess the bad review must be from men😉 I found it very entertaining and empowering women!

Boring fender switch film with misandry.

Save your money and rent or buy the last series.

I enjoyed it for what it is, good entertainment and it held my attention throughout.

First viewing is confusing and Kristen gets all the best lines, the rest are off-putting and tone is weird.

The filmography is good and entertaining with a fair amount of comedy that shines on what made Bank's success with Pitch Perfect enjoybale.

I found this film fun and entertaining.

But it's dull.

Nothing happens and at the end of it, myself and my girlfriend both said "is that it?

Also, Elizabeth Banks did well for Bosley, she was entirely different - fun, fresh, energetic and exciting.

Save your money.

Quite bit of scenes throughout the movie that were very throughly entertaining.

Overall, it's enjoyable and fun.

Entertaining and fun to watch .

I just saw this with my cousin and we both really enjoyed it.

It was action packed.

This was unfunny, boring, tripe with endless exposition about female yadda yadda something...

Save your time and money-this film is so god-awful that watching paint dry would be more entertaining.

I honestly fell asleep watching this, first I hated the fact that it had gone politically correct.

The girls are fine, Naomi scott being the most entertaining I think I just wish their characters were a little more fleshout and the jokes were a little better written, especially whatever Kristen Stewarts character was supposed to be.

Little girls in soccer uniforms have nothing to do with Charlie's Angels or the movie in any conceivable way, and yet we're subjected to about 30 seconds of these pointless clips in the beginning of the movie.

This movie was quite entertaining!

It's filled with identity politics and faux girl power propaganda.

Anyway, the rest of the movie is very enjoyable and I don't think it's the catastrophe that other audience have been mentioning.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

2 hours is far too long for this drivel, skip to the credits and save yourself the misery.

This movie has barely had action scenes and when it did it was just awful corny fight scenes, it was very slow, didn't make sense, and the acting was god awful.

It was highly entertaining.

My advice, don't waste your time.

Still, the piece is ultimately entertaining and that's all that really matters.

This having an even worse rating than the 50 shades movie is mind blowing to me.

However, read a few mainstream reviews, and rewatched it because I think I fell asleep through part of it.

I wanted to get out of the empty theater and did in several occasions...

In addition, the character development was confusing and virtually nonexistent.

Entertaining and fun with a good cast .

One of the worst movie of this year, by far.

Its somewhat enjoyable although really generic.

The direction is relatively pacey but the action scenes are contrived and accompanied by a tacky bond themed trumpet laden score which is very undermining and distracting.

She wanted to create an action packed girl power film.

I'll be honest i enjoyed it.

Including the assassin being a slow clone of the terminator 2, waiting for the angel to kick his A although he could kick hers twice.

It's campy and entertaining, just like the past Charlie Angels movies were.

The acting was good, the movie was entertaining enough for what it was, its not like any of the Charlie's Angels movies, spin offs or shows were award worthy.

Highlight is Neomi Scott, she did well acting and looks stunning round the movie.

She was acting her *explitive* off with little quirks and nuances that were legitimately fun to watch, and she was the most entertaining and likeable character in this entire movie.

Us the movie is overly entertaining with fun more reality based action sequences and a lot of clever jokes that hit splendidly.

What a waste of angels and waste of time.

The story is pretty throw away, but there's a couple twists that elevate to something more engrossing that a typical action flick.

I didnt get bored, its 7 star movie just bcs of comments i put 9.

Waste of time .

Nevertheless I enjoyed it more than expected.

The movie is a tad boring most of the time, and it meanders on nothing a lot.

Entertaining and love the new leading actresses.

The film has some decent action sequences which can be entertaining.

Might be the worst movie of 2019

They made me go in to it with low expectations but I throughly enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable movie.

This is boring...

Somewhat full some feminism cliche's but surprisingly entertaining.

worst movie ever .

The dialogue was childish and immature, the acting was second rate, the score was boring, the directing was 3rd grade and the editing was done by an amateur.

a pile of trash and a complete waste o precious time .

The usual car chase that was laughably mundane, and the machine gun - please!

sorry, I fell asleep...

Save your money give this a miss.

This movie was so bad that within the first 20 mins we and others in the the theater walked out.

Which is entertaining and fun.

I couldn't finish it, it was the worst movie I have seen in awhile

This was slow and boring with so many feminists agenda attitudes.

I had high hopes due to Elizabeth Bank's involvement but as usual the acting was dragged down by Stewart's sullen, icy edge (I should've known) and it spewed forth way more hackneyed stereotypes than the original series (relatively speaking for its time).

I though this movie was very enjoyable, and would suggest that movie goer if interested go see it for themselves.

The cast was entertaining, the plot was coherent, the soundtrack was fun, there was a good mix of comedy and action, and overall it was an enjoyable film.

This is a fun and enjoyable movie and nothing more should be expected

On my third trip I looked around and people have a smile on their face and an older woman was sitting on the edge of her seat.

But I felt it was choppy and fast paced.

Dont waste your time on this.

As someone who has enjoyed all of the CA franchises, I found this entertaining.

Bad acting, bad story, nothing to like, who the heck gave the go for this waste of time D movie.

This third installment is not entertaining, silly jokes, redundant action, no plot, painful acting and awful direction with no clue at all of what it is.

Everything about the film is just boring.

Good entertaining movie.

Entertaining, popcorn film .

It was enjoyable and I would pay to see it again.

It's a charlie's angels movie - forgettable but entertaining .

A few of the snappy one-liners are even witty and amusing.

Its soooo boring I can't even finish!.

But for 2019, I'm really believing that this movie competes with Cats for the worst movie of 2019.

Just a empty movie with bad jokes that offend the audience and horrible acting, dancing and actions scenes.

Perpetually fascinating Elizabeth Banks becomes the Bosley in-charge and you'll be happy to see that she has been given considerably more to do than in "Hunger Games".

Just watch it, it is entertaining and is fun.

especially those who grew up in the 70s will leave the theater before the movie ends.....

However, few minutes of entertaining starter, she thought would give it a try and viola was already 30+ mins into it.

There is also a gender switch which is cliche.

Ella Balinska was a nice revelation; it's always good to see Chris Pang; and I still love Kristen Stewart, but the best part of this jumble of boring nonsense was the glimpse of the original Angels and the Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu gang at the beginning, and then finding out who the new Charlie was at the very end (a nice blast from the past).

Enjoyable enough .

Just a boring movie.

Kristen feels like she's playing Elizabeth Banks, who is typically more quirky, and for me, that was quite entertaining.

Entertaining and fun, about time something came out that did not have doom and gloom, and murder in it!

I went with my girlfriend, (I'm a guy) - and we both enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it.

Worst film i have seen this year, awful acting and no real plot.

It was actually an entertaining movie with good humor and we were entertained throughout the whole movie.

Waste of time .

The action is well-staged and engaging, each sequence going bigger than the last without making the characters invincible.

And if they make another season of this movie, you will see all the hating reviewers are the first who watch it, and ofcourse they will put the same stupid reviews to express their hate, Don't take the reviews here, the movie worth watching, very enjoyable, and better than most of the high ranked action movies.

It doesn't have the same magic as the old one, but I did think it was fun and enjoyable.

It's a boring, long lecture on how women are as good at everything as men and sometimes even better.

The movie was just political propaganda.

I personally like seeing strong, female characters on screen, just as much as strong male characters, because it's exciting...

Unfortunately this story was simply horrible with bland dialogue and pathetic flat jokes.

This one wasn't overt, wasn't underplayed, just boring.

This was boring, it doesn't compare to the first 2, which were funny campy Y2K action movies.

This movie is an waste of time.

Those two movies were great and entertaining, and so is this one.

This is a very boring movie, never really liked Kristen Stewart.

Nobody asked for more radical feminist propaganda where men are killed for fun and made fun of, and in my opinion, Elizabeth Banks has reached a new low, and the vast majority of 1/10 ratings reflects it.

And that seems to be the same good old boring dynamic that the old movies had.

Fall asleep half of the movie.

I am done with remakes and reboots and sequels and prequels and universes and zzzzzzz

Worst movie .

The twists in this Charlie's Angels kept coming, some predictable, some not.

Charlie's Angels 2019 is not a good movie, it's just really stupid and predictable story with some of the worst acting I have ever seen.

Knew from a mile off that this was going to be one of those Me Too themed, misandrist female propaganda type of films easy.

And I must say that it was actually entertaining enough for what it turned out to be - a generic action movie, with a plot and script that had been done so many times before in other movies.

Yes, this had some flaws which I won't bother to type, but it was more enjoyable to me.

The action sequences are about as predictable as a horse race with only 1 horse, and the horse ran straight to the glue factory.

While the feminism may be an interesting theme,too bad that the movie was bland, unfunny, totally witless and ludicrous.

Waste of time .

The action scenes and fighting sequences are all so cliche, totally uncreative, boring, and poorly edited, that they kept losing my attention all the time!

A real waste of time.

It's trope-filled, predictable and did absolutely nothing to improve the franchise.

It is just a waste of time.

So while this movie is another obligatory reboot, It is still coherent, entertaining, and fun.

I enjoyed it more than the last re-boot.

In most of her interviews, Elizabeth Banks, the director-writer-producer-actress shared how she envisioned the reboot to be: a franchise of Charlie's Angels movies in a MCU setup and the idea of getting different Angels in other countries is very bold and exciting.

This was the most boring film since Blade Runner 2049.

Threadbare, cliche plot.

The iconic 3 Angels will always be the classic story, but this retelling of sharing the power honestly made for a compelling and exciting film.

This must be the worst movie I have ever watched.

It was funny, silly, action packed, sexy and badass.

entertaining, doesn't deserve the low score on imdb.

And neither of those things makes for an entertaining viewing experience.

This movie invoked two emotions with me:At first, it was excruciatingly boring.

Elizabeth Banks' iteration is unwatchable.

What I found was, for starters, a compelling and timely premise.

"Action" sequences which are yawn-inducing.

It is a waste of your time and money, as well as time and money of people who buy into the hype and go watch this.

There will always be some predictable moments but I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the twists!

What a waste of time.. Only Banks has a little something I can be interested in.

Bland, boring actors/characters.

If you go into this expecting an engaging story and superior character development, then you will be sorely disappointed.

Enjoyed it for what it was.

I find it ridiculous that not enough white men win marathons how dare these Ethiopians take all the glory, slow down.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was silly, funny, a bit cheesy, with just the right amount of reality thrown in.

This kept me entertained throughout and I can honestly say that it was an enjoyable couple of hours.

Relax - It's Entertaining & Fun .

Another "PC" that puts entertaining the audience 2nd.

Worst movie of 2019!.

Solid and overly entertaining .

My wife enjoyed it too.

The movie is so predictable.

All things said notwithstanding, it's a good movie if you're looking for an enjoyable time.

Saw this and it's probably the worst film of the year, and next to Dark Woke, it's a dark day for agenda propaganda filmmaking, that undercuts quality for woke politics.

TL;DR, it's a super enjoyable, light-hearted and fun movie- don't be turned off by all the bad press/reviews.

Just a cliche.

Don't waste your time.

I hated ghostbusters but it was an easy to watch entertaining movie.

Maybe the twists became too confusing or disturbing.

Entertaining, better than previous CA.

Very easy to say Rambo worst movie of the year, and this terrible movie, and what about Terminator 6, I hope no more Charlie Angels, so bad, please never watch it ad do a favor yourselves, because it is so baaaaad

The action was almost non existent and when there's action, it was "slow".

I enjoyed it.

You too, just might find it enjoyable!....

It was a waste of my time.

It feels amateurish in many respects and just ends up feeling like a complete waste of time.

This movie was only made for select few empty vessels who makes the loudest noises and the media thinks they represent the world.

Clunky, slow, predictable and "woke".

Thought the movie was enjoyable and loved kristen in this.

Kristen Stewart did her part well and was more enjoyable than some of her previous work and appeared a bit more lively in an action role, Naomi Scott played her part well as a concerned scientist and the misuse of her created tech.

Very enjoyable if you don't look at it with a critic's eye.

And watching this 12 mins into the movie I'm bored.

This was the most boring film since Blade Runner 2049.

You have to watch guys because the movie is very exciting, enjoy watching..

But the film falls flat with its cliché and boring plot.

A Light And Very Enjoyable Movie, Exactly What's On The Tin .

Don´t waste your time....

Elizabeth Banks directed a decent movie - and I can't put it in the same grade as Terminator or Terminator 2 or a bunch of others which I think are just pretty awesome on so many levels, but it was well done enough to be entertaining.

My husband fell asleep next to me in the theatre and a few people walked out.

Despite a bit of a lull in the second act, the movie is always rather entertaining.

I saw this it's was ok just pointless and nothing new.

Charlies angels..or We Hate one of the worst movies you will ever see.

We'd pay to see it again as we really enjoyed it.

Waste of time and money .

The offensive way the female chara term follow stereotypical characters ie ,brainy, rebel ,pretty but boring ...

Might even be worse than Charlie's Angels 2 which is literally one of the top 5 worst movies ever made.

I found this movie to be entertaining and not a waste of time.

You will realize, if you are honest, that the movie is what it purports to be: fun, enjoyable and action-filled.

Action were boring and predictable.

There is some clearly awful cg and some truely terrible set pieces accented by generic and uninteresting characters and action.

This is one of the worst movie I have seen.

this film is more like kids film it feels like those crappy films spy kids 2000's type, with forgettable action scenes, bad boring scripts just makes you Yawn so loud I have watched Charlies Angels (2000) when I was kid and look that film wasn't a kiddy type of look of film it didn't had a boring script's with overtop lines, the action?

This is one of the worst movies I've ever watched and the worst in this year.

Don't waste your time watching this, unfortunately you will just get disappointed.

It's a waste of time and money.

It's not a bad movie, and actually pretty enjoyable.

The action scenes are also choppy and chaotic, but there's a few moments where there was some potential and some alright choreography, but mostly it just ends up feeling very bland.

Absolute trite.

The big twist was ridiculously predictable and I never believed the red hearing they tried to throw us.

Waste of time.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

An entertaining continuation .

All of the feminist propaganda brought up in negative reviews is not really relevant (whether people are for or against).

the story was well done with a variety of unexpected twists.

Worth the watch .

I think it's very entertaining, and definitely much better than the previous version!!!

One of the worst movies of this year .

NoIs it exactly what it should be, a fun and entertaining watch, yes!

I enjoyed it.

The much derided action scenes were engaging and it was interesting to see them flow from the start to their climax.

I couldn't tell you much about the movie, I fell asleep in around 30 minutes.

Save your money .

Excellent and funny, entertaining.

I enjoyed it overall if I could place 6.5 rating I would give it

Despite some amusing moments and the odd snappy one-liner, the overarching plot about the new generation of Angels (now a huge, global, organisation) trying to stop a piece of potentially dangerous stolen tech falling into the wrong hands is so blah.

Literally the worst movie.

I really wanted this movie to be at least entertaining....

Enjoyable .

Enjoyable Film, Great Characters .

Easily the worst movie I have watched in last few years.


Political propaganda feminist nonsense .

I really enjoyed it .

Horribly boring.

Dont waste your life watching this, its absolutely awful.

This movie has terrible acting and a boring, predictable story line.

what a terrible boring movie.

Because this genre is it, the twist are a bit predictable.

It was action packed and fun!

It was sooooo predictable and I think I wasted my time to watch it .

With a terrible plot, formulaic dialog, and a whole lot of BS rolled into another blob of celluloid I'm not surprised that this film had an $8 million dollar opening weekend.

Enjoyable, don't understand why people give 1/2 rating.

This movie is actually really really entertaining.

Would've appreciated a better introduction/back story to the characters, and did feel it dragged on in some sections.

Kristen Stewart's most entertaining role.

I was concerned going to see this movies because the reviews are awful, but after seeing it I'm wondering if we watched a different movie.. This was one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen recently.

I find so many action films frivolous and boring.

Needless political propaganda presented from a radical feminist's point of view: All men are stupid, corrupt and really stupid and can be killed for just fun by women - that's equality.

I watched this movie with my wife, daughter, and 2 sons and we all enjoyed it while also appreciating the message.

Bottom line, it was fun, enjoyable, and full of excitement.

The story was good, the twists reasonably unexpected and the acting as professional and good as expected from a cast that was chosen well.

unfunny, lackluster and bland.

With this said, THis film delievers but with great beautiful real pretty Angels who do incredible action, stunts, and are funny and make it enjoyable and inspiring to get into law enforcement and agencies who work somewhat like this as they surely exist.

Full of CLICHE for an action film.

So Predictable....

Don't waste your time

The plot is so uninteresting and everything you see has been done.

I muse it likely that the reason other reviewers found it to be boring or misandrist or "lecturing in feminism" is that they are used to movies geared for their perspective alone.

The movie is pretentious and disturbing to watch.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Very Entertaining .

It's fun, action packed, colorful, luxurious, witty and above all: Charming as hell.

Watch this if youre bored of Netflix.

boring action, stupid flat script, pathetic direction, mediocre acting.

This movie was boring and was very predictable.

You have costumes, riveting action sequences, male eye-candy (hello Noah Centineo and Jonathan Tucker, minus points for lack of shirtless scenes), cool soundtrack (executive produced by Arianna Grande) and a dancefloor scene!

Pretty solid and entertaining .

The best thing that any writing can possibly do - is to help fewer people waste their money and time watching it .

Ok, it's not the best movie of the year or of the history but it's okay, entertaining.

Don't waste your time watching this.

Neither is art but both are entertaining.

I knew that when a couple of guys got up and walked out 30 minutes into the movie, I should of left too.

I, as a woman did feel more empowered after and it was enjoyable to watch on a Friday night.

It is a fun, entertaining movie with badass women!

And to say weak points that are predictable story and two types of twists feeling unrealistic.

Very mundane, seen before, nothing new.

But was it enjoyable?

Thoroughly entertaining .

I've seen it twice now and I really enjoyed it.

I am a man and enjoyed it.

I was happy to see that the movie was actually enjoyable, with the traditional plot twists.

Dont waste your time or money .

Bland .

Sure it's schlock but it's decent, well-made, entertaining schlock.

I saw the trailer interviews and actors, as I like to see the story line before I waste time and money...

The worst movie of the last 2 decades .

Let's start with the story-line, boring, boring, boring!!!

It's mostly just standard, bland and very boring.

Fun and entertaining .

its all so predictable and i haven't even gotten started on the MeToo crap being pushed.

So the first 20 minutes were horrific and horrendously cringey then whilst predictable it was paced right and Kristen Stewart carried a pretty terrible script and a poorly performing supporting cast to its underwhelming horrifically predictable ending.

Even though teen movies are not my thing, I really enjoyed it.

for an action movie there is barely action in it, the acting is meh, the agenda and propaganda reached high heaven...

Entertaining, leave your logic at home .

Please dont waste your time.

First scene, unbearable, and then the conversation in Hamburg, I couldn't go further.

Woops, i enjoyed it.

Such a cool, fun movie with cool women I can still watch that every now and then because it's just really entertaining.

dull not bad .

the story was complete nonsense, yet somehow predictable.

Men hate being used or teased this way only to come up empty and it only further highlights horrible female typical stereotypes...