Chicago P.D. (2014) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, which is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit.

IMDB: 8.1
Stars: Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Soffer
Length: 43 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 20 out of 120 found boring (16.66%)

One-line Reviews (55)

First off, the Pilot was pretty formulaic, stereotypical of a procedural show and predictable for the most part.

Since the early days of TV, we have seen about 5 million cop/lawyer/Emergency shows and it gets tiresome.

It was gritty, realistic, and unpredictable.

The childish, predictable plot, coupled with some really awful acting made us cringe with embarrassment.

Not a minute is believable (except for the cartel), the acting is less than stellar, and the writing is, as I said in my heading, "Cliche 101".

The whole sprawling mess is a waste of a time slot.

It's fast paced heart pounding action in every ep.

For being so original and riveting I highly recommend this series.

The only part that makes me a tad skeptical is the bantering going on between father and daughter, comes across as somewhat predictable......

The acting is so bad that even the dude who played Bobby Brady in the Brady Bunch movies, who is so friggin hot to look at even bores the crap out of me.


The characters are boring.

What you are left with is a basic, dark, dull, and ethically questionable exercise in tedious torture.

" is a riveting police drama about the men and women of the Chicago Police Department's elite Intelligence Unit.

Third Watch is just like it and is as awesome and intense!

****************Warning Spoilers*********Warning Spoilers*********** They have taken every cliché they could think off, from every cop show and Hollywood movie they get their hands on.

The characters are painfully dull so much so that I can't even be bothered to remember their names.

The plotting is so slow and hyper dramatic that it's both sleep inducing and ridiculous at the same time.

Fast paced action .


This had a promising first couple of minutes but soon descended into a very predictable and frankly unconvincing, introduction to the main characters.

The rest are as boring as taking a dump with no reading material.

Never got around to watching this show and I don't think it was on any of the networks over here, it always looked to me as one of those churned out rubbish shows specially when u had Chicago fire Chicago meds etc u know what I mean, so just by chance with nothing to watch I decided to give this one a try,been a fan of law and order svu, once I started watching I was hooked on season 2 now and its good,worth watching

Voight is such an intense character that he makes the show.

Chicago PD is a sho9w that gets intense and gets you guessing who done what until the end.

This is a fascinating show that will stay with you after you watch the episodes.

it's about time they brought TV back to what it's suppose to be, entertaining!

It manages to be boring, unintentionally hilarious in a bad way and down right grueling all at once.

It used to be enjoyable to watch them discuss streets and areas of Chicago I am familiar with, like where I lived in East Rogers Park and worked downtown.

Cliché 101 .

One of the most enjoyable and gripping police dramas I have seen and definitely the best series from Dick Wolf.

I find myself watching some episodes over and again due to their sheer riveting force on one's psyche.

Bottom line well written show, great actors and actresses and down right a fun and entertaining show.

Overall, it's often the best thing on, even with all the highly predictable Romance BS.

It has amazing actors and always entertaining plots.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting show, this is it.

Unlikable characters, poor script, cliché .

I realize that some or maybe a lot of what they do is not realistic, but it makes for exciting and entertaining viewing and provides for a good deal of action.

This show is all action and definitely worth watching.

It's the most formulaic TV cop show procedure since Dragnet 60 years ago.

Good show sometimes best way to watch it record it skip past the modeling or boring spots.

This is my type of Series, absolutely entertaining and exciting.

Also, started to see some good initial dynamics between certain characters (Voight/Dawson, Voight/Lindsey, Lindsey/Halstead) From there, lets just say some episodes were more exciting/interesting than others.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting show, this is it.

But, story lines are a bit boring and clichei.

Absolutely Riveting & Addictive.

You always get surprised and don' get bored by a routine.

Unfortunately, as of 2018 it was lost and now the show appears to have been recruited as a pro left propaganda tool.

This show is really boring and all they show is dirty cops...

ZzzZz If you like Chicago Fire Third Watch, SVU or any of those type of shows your bound to love this!

About the Cliché characters.

The dialogue seemed to rotate in a very predictable fashion between the characters given that everyone in each scene seemed to speak in strict rotation with very little evidence of any attempt at spontaneity.

The TV show describes it well and often the episodes are intense.

Whether or not it's realistic is not an issue with me - it's pure, intense and consistent entertainment.

Like other reviews have mentioned; the show is full of cliches, acting (or over-acting) is an issue, and the biggest problem is that the characters violate every rule on regular basis and act tough and self-righteous about it - it has become tiresome.