Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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A down-on-his-luck inventor turns a broken-down Grand Prix car into a fancy vehicle for his children, and then they go off on a magical fantasy adventure to save their grandfather in a far-off land.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Ken Hughes
Stars: Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes
Length: 144 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 21 out of 172 found boring (12.2%)

One-line Reviews (74)

But, sadly, as another has commented: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang provides a great view of Hollywood hopelessly lost from generational confusion.

the soundtrack to this movie is enjoyable and no one can hate it, sing-along or simply listen your choice.

It took us two nights to take in the whole movie, as "the yawn factor" came into play at about the halfway point of the movie, and two sleepy eyed young ladies asked me to "let us watch the rest tomorrow, daddy".

Therefore the ending in a more mundane world is a bit of a come-down.

A great movie for a slow, rainy, indoor day.

I know many critics dismiss the film as a sub-MARY POPPINS effort, but the score and script are, in my view, every bit as good, and if anything it has fewer dull spots.

), the story is a fun and thrilling adventure, the sets and locations are absolutely beautiful, and the soundtrack?

s a thoroughly enjoyable movie, and on more than level.

Otherwise an abysmally horrid disjointed plotless movie populated by actors who can't act and filled to the brim with nauseating sing-a-song numbers.

The whole movie goes on for far too long and most of the songs are completely forgettable.

Anyway, if you have not ever seen this film and even if you don't have kids, it's very entertaining!

The musical numbers were fun and entertaining, though NOT sophisticated Broadway musical numbers that the critics of this movie seem to think a movie must have for it to be a credible musical.

At just under two and a half hours, this movie is too long by at least an hour.

Then there is the simply stunning cinematography by Christopher Challis, the marvelous costumes by Joan Bridge and Elizabeth Haffenden, and the fantastic production design by Oscar-winning designer Ken Adam, whose high ceilings and sloping walls are instantly identifiable from such classics as "Goldfinger" and "Dr.

Perhaps the worst movie ever made .

Great songs, wonderful locations, several performers at the top of their game (Dick Van Dyke showing what a great talent he was, Sally Ann Howes as a luminous heroine, the wonderful Lionel Jeffries, Gert Frobe several light years away from Auric Goldfinger, Benny Hill before he got smutty and tiresome, and ballet great Robert Helpmann as the truly chilling Child Catcher).

Stimulating adventures of ours protagonists are complemented by a breathtaking final attraction in the castle scenes .

The dark theatre, the glow of the screen, the wonderful scenes of the English countryside during the day and as the sun set, the magnificence of the newly-refurbished old car as it is wheeled out of the dark garage accompanied by a swell of the evocative theme music, and the panoramic view of Neuschwanstein Castle, left an impression on me that lingers today.

I find it so fascinating.

Lionel Jeffries is really entertaining as the Grandfather, I couldn't believe he was younger than Dick Van Dyke.

A scene where Sally Ann and Dick play dolls is riveting and really showcases the multiple talents of these actors.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang strings to-gether every gimmick, routine, plot line and cliche that's been used for the last fifty years.

Stunning and amusing tale about a flying car and the family owner with a sympathetic Dick Van Dyke .

The only bad point to me is that it's a very long movie and it can seem a little slow at times.

SPOILERSAlthough the movie lacks the dark, gritty side of the Ian Flemming children's book that makes it just as enjoyable a read for adults, the story is put onto celluloid well enough.

The whole movie comes across as propaganda in that sense.

All in all, this was a strange film, but not in an entertaining way like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, the connection being Roald Dahl's involvement with the screenplay, but in a rather boring way, with events just seeing to happen without any really cause or need.

In particularly the long sequences where Dick van Dyke attempts to raise enough money to purchase the carcass of the car were dreadful - long, slow, boring "spectacles" that felt entirely out of place.

The subtext is fascinating .

Before the intermission, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is the most refreshingly bizarre, unpredictable family movie I think I've ever seen.

The first forty minutes or so are a bit slow, as we spend time getting to know the main players.

One plan to raise money involves the unexpected help of a beautiful girl they have just met named Truly Scrumptious (a pretty young woman well performed by Sally Anne Howes), the daughter of a candy factory wealthy owner (James Robertson Justice) .

Plenty of love from other people for this massive and entertaining 1968 musical fantasy, and most of it deservedly so.

It is as if there is no story so they invent a story about 30 minutes in.

I much prefer the loving Potts family of the book and the exciting adventures they go through..and the successful whistling sweets (rather than the movie's version of them turning into doggy candy).

The special effects are bland and chintzy (even for 1968).

I do think the movie was a bit too long, but had just the right amount of magical atmosphere to attract children's imaginations, even including a darker side, lending a bit of seriousness, with the child catcher, unlike children's movies today which movie producers today think children's movies MUST, ABSOLUTELY must be empty, vapid, nothingness, just Happy, Happy, Happy!

The aerial scenes of Chitty flying are breathtaking and most of the songs are catchy.

The majority of the songs are wonderful, but the film is slowed by mushy scenes, drab love songs and unnecessary sub-plots.

The locations are stunning, the musical numbers are (mostly) so lively, the physical humor is great!

Chitty doesn't appear until well into the movie, and the long, drawn-out sub-plot involving the Baron (with a great appearance by Benny Hill as the Toymaker) is mostly boring and predictable.

") The same apparently happened with the choreographers Dee Dee Wood and Marc Breaux, who are universally acclaimed for their work on "Mary Poppins," but ignored, at least by Maltin, for the snappy and often elaborate routines in "Chitty.

Well worth watching for passable special effects and an enjoyable performances from main cast as the children will like it.

It was absolutely thrilling.

It just seemed to be indulgent and plodding.

And it is in the classic format pioneered by Disney; a story that entrances the kids while entertaining their parents, done in a such a way that it can be trotted out for a new generation every few years.

The humor will be too broad for some older children, while some of the songs will bore younger children.

This is an entertaining film loosely based on book by Ian Fleming and well adapted by Roal Dahl , it packs fantasy , musical numbers which both pastiche and subvert adventure and speculative fiction of the period ¨Belle Epoque .

If anything, the film's halfhearted attempt to rationalize its fantasy interlude as a story-within-the-story feels both clumsy and disingenuous to its enjoyable whimsy.

This lack of story consistency compares more to Willy Wonka than Mary Poppins.

Took off 2 stars due to it being a bit drawn out and long.

But after presenting the burlesque delight 'Old Bamboo,' the Berkeleyesque extravaganza 'Toot Sweets,' and the breathtaking lullaby 'Hushabye Mountain,' the film blurs reality with fantasy- a'la "The Wizard of Oz-" and dives into a completely spontaneous fairytale, with Nazi party overtones, and peaking with the title song and Act 1 finale of Sally Ann Howes' "Lovely, Lonely Man.

The musical numbers are highly entertaining, the characters are very likable, the adventure is engaging, and the chemistry between the actors flows effortlessly.

Even now as an adult watching this with my three daughters it is still entertaining, romantic, and truly fun!

It's way too long.

The story itself sprawls, with the middle portion of the movie being taken up by a story-within-the-story which is somewhat confusing when we exit it wondering how much of what we just saw is supposed to carry over into the outer story.

This is one of the most entertaining children's film of all time,ranking up with Mary Poppins and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

We always enjoyed it, from Benny Hill to the whacky Dick Van Dyke inventions to the P-O-S-H POSH stuff to the baddies chasing after the kids.

Like a James Bond movie from the Roger Moore era CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG seems obssesed by incident rather than narrative drive and is too long by at least half an hour .

A really enjoyable family film.

Ultimately, Overrated in my opinion and since the view of FOUR children, boys and girls ranging from 7 – 15, is that it's watchable rather than fully enjoyable, I suspect that this film is being viewed through rose tinted glasses.

Utterly pointless musical production numbers show up regularly(toot sweets, me old bamboo, you two, etc.) and bring things to a complete standstill.

But there comes a time when the Disney similarities end and it becomes dull and of bad taste.

I know I must have watched the movie as a child and I remember having a soundtrack of the movie as well (in the form of a record) but the movie must have bored me (unlike Wizard of Oz which was a favorite of mine back then).

This exciting children musical displays derring-do adventure, romance , thrills and spectacular frames with phenomenal production design .

There are also some spectacular European locations, like the breathtaking Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany.

But still, the film is likeable and enjoyable escapism.

I know we all enjoyed it.

Gert Frobe, Sir Robert Helpmann and Anna Quayle are by turns menacing and hilarious, the script by legendary Roald Dahl is mesmerizing and the art direction is breathtaking.

With a little trepidation I saw this after many years and was surprised how enjoyable it still was.

One of the most enjoyable children's musicals of all time .

I remember loving "Chitty" when I was a kid and was wondering how it would hold up as an adult and it's entertaining when you're in the mood for something fun, innocent and non-dismal/horrific.

Great characters and enjoyable music combine to make this a great film for a rainy day!

The flick gets lots of bombastic effects including flying machines , globes , romantic castles and numerous images have you on the edge of your seat .