Circle of Friends (1995) - Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



3 women, who've been friends since kids, meet at university in Dublin in 1957. Student and boyfriend life begins.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Pat O'Connor
Stars: Chris O'Donnell, Minnie Driver
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 11 out of 53 found boring (20.75%)

One-line Reviews (33)

A real inspiring yawn .

But it has three strong performers, and in this case those alone are worth watching.

She is very aware of her attractive looks, and attempts to use her wannabe sophistication to trap a wealthy man into marriage when she becomes pregnant with his baby (predictable).

But the man rejects her (again, predictable), and so she betrays Benny by seducing Jack and claiming afterwards that she is carrying his child.

The ending in the movie was cliche and typical of hollywood.

We both enjoyed it, and it brought an opportunity to think and talk about teen-aged sexual matters, especially "first-time" sex.

It looked like a coming of age tale, the 1950's Irish setting seemed appealing, the characters seemed interesting.

Engaging, moving drama .

" starts at a crawl and finds itself running at the end, ill timed, as though trying to squeeze its predictable story into a calculated number of minutes.

Coming of age in fifties Ireland .

Don't waste time or money on this one.

Pretty tepid and predictable, just like the society the story disparages.

A fresh and compelling screenplay could have been developed, loosely using the characters of Bene and Jack.

As much as I like Colin Firth ever since his portrayal in the A&E production of "Pride and Prejudice," "What a Girl Wants," and "Master of the Moor," I have to say that this movie was totally monotonous, dreary and tedious.

At last, a compelling story with the warmth and realistic feel of life, love, loss and friendship, and triumph over adversity.

The three girls whom the story follows and the at least four beaux hoping to court them go through coming of age at a time when the Irish were becoming more worldly.

There are, of course, some major differences from the novel but nonetheless the film works, in and of itself, and it is still extremely enjoyable.

I truly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone with a taste or stamina for bawdy Irish jokes, rawness one only sees from the other-side of the pond from time to time and heartbreak that exists in the lives of everyone especially those just getting to know the world for what it truly is.

It's sweet and extremely well-acted (apart from the always boring Chris O'Donnell)...

Anyway, if you wanna watch a movie about friendship, check out "Now and Then" or "October Sky," you will be spending a much enjoyable evening.

He's essentially the pretty girl in this romance and rather bland.

There are many kinds of movies, and an entertaining and joyful movie is not the least of these.

I find Cumming's energy pretty fascinating, especially the areas of the character where he places that energy.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

However, if you're not into reading books, the film is worth watching.

No real plot and an apparent delight in hurting those vulnerable means a cinematic failure to me, even with Minnie Driver's memorable character and performance.

This was the first film of Minnie Driver I ever saw and I loved her in this role as the main character Benny (or Ben as her friends call her) whose coming of age story is told within the full circle of the film as is that of her friends.

Superbly acted and well directed, `Circle of Friends' is a captivating, memorable film, visually attractive and complimented by an engaging soundtrack of lilting, Irish melodies, and Benny is a young woman you'll take into your heart and keep there; for she is unforgettable.

While Driver's performance through the majority of the film was very convincing, she seemed very trite and almost cute during her break-up scenes and following the death of her father.

Simply an enjoyable movie .

A dull and boring and uninspired movie about girls in 1950's Ireland trying to find their womanhood through their drawers and the drawers of the men they are involved in.

Both the movie and the book are pretty much boring, I wouldn't waste your time with either of them.

Overall, a very enjoyable film.