Conquest 1453 (2012) - Action, Drama, History

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After the death of his father Murat II, Mehmet II ascends to the Ottoman throne. After braving internal and external enemies, he decides to complete what he was destined to do - conquer Constantinople.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Faruk Aksoy
Stars: Devrim Evin, Ibrahim Celikkol
Length: 162 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 47 out of 154 found boring (30.51%)

One-line Reviews (93)

However the second half, the actual battle, is ruined by the drawn out scenes.

You see, there are propaganda flicks that are nice to watch; there are also silly films that are fun to watch.

A very long movie to watch, made me sleepy in many scenes.

The way I see it, this movie only fulfills the standards as a propaganda trying to satisfy the Turkish people by showing inaccurate Historical stuff and emblazoning the Turkish power of the time and the great(?

80% of the film is boring dialogue, much of it irrelevant from the historical events in question.

I advise you not to watch this move, and not to read what I wrote, it's the waste of time.

Except it then becomes confusing as you don't realise when this transition occurs back.

Pure propaganda.

Sultan Mehmed should be more engaging in the script in his way to conquer Constantinople.

The movie is probably really confusing to people who have no knowledge about the history of this battle.

drawn out and historically inaccurate.

Comments like: "The part where they dragged the ships over land was only 1 minute".

It's slightly cliché.

) Hardcore down voting incoming but just don't waste your time.

I know there are a few accurate historical movies but this one is just the worst ever, the way "greeks" (lol) are depicted in this movie is just plain propaganda and apparently every ottoman soldier seems to be a master in martial arts.

But to my huge disappointment this movie is all about glorification and exaggeration of the Ottomans, their ruler and other MACHETE SUPER heroes, a complete propaganda about the conquest of Constantinople and Balkan's.

Clear propaganda .

Everything about this movie is just horribly predictable.

Too much for propaganda movie .

While the visuals are definitely nice* and the film features great battles the pure stupidity is unbearable.

Lot of Turkish propaganda and cheap moments.

Just another Turkish propaganda film,this time,even,ridicoulosy done,in all the ways.

Everybody complains about the nationalist propaganda of turks.

I highly recommend it to cinema lovers.

Finally, an important historical event is unrealistically told while using too much propaganda which casts a shadow all throughout the film.

Badly done propaganda .

This is just the great way to waste of time.

Young people's mind could be easily distorted by those propaganda style film.

The script really lets it down, there is little dialogue in parts, and much attention is given to drawn out camera movements or people being idle.

This movie is terrible to watch at for several reasons, but one of the main reasons is that this movie is not an artistic work, but instead a propaganda production, pro-Turkey and pro-Allah.

A work of propaganda and nothing more.

Some nice battle scenes, and it is well shot, but the drama element is unfortunately just propaganda presumably made for the Turkish public and I don't think does a lot for Turkish relations with other countries.

The story-line was built so badly and so boring.

History can not change because some people want to do propaganda thank you

don't waste your time .

Don't waste your time .

The fighting (green) scenes are simply boring and even the use of gore didn't save them.

The worst movie I've ever seen..Falsification the true story..

Just don't waste your time.

But I wonder how people in 21-st century can make such propaganda, and how others can like it.

Scenario-wise it could be enjoyable if you can skip the love story and cut the screening time about 45mins.

This is clear propaganda, a "historic" movie written from turks, ignoring the massacres, rapes and genocide that this mixture of nations made.

Definitely this film too gripping.

First of all, the movie is definitely worth watching.

Just the expected result of the long durational empty Turkish TV Series to the cinema, writers just write to pass the time.

Pure propaganda, extremely poor executed and totally unbelievable .

Lots of people talked about fanaticism and propaganda and ...

There was a surprising amount of military-related action, and while there were a few slower moments involving politics and character relationships, overall I was entertained and didn't really find the film boring at all despite the 2 hour 40 minute run time.

It is so bad that we can come to a conclusion: this movie is pure propaganda, centuries late.

The film is also very predictable.

Low quality, propaganda flick .

The movie itself is not bad: decent acting, lots of action, exciting battle scenes.

Directing of the movie is exceptional in some scenes but very dull in others; lacks consistency.

I watched the first and the last 45 minutes of the movie and frankly I was so bored of the acting and the historical inaccuracies.

This film is very exciting.

This film is very beautiful and informational but some of the film was very bored.

A Waste of time A bad propaganda A bad film making As a Turk, do not watch this.

Cheap Nationalistic Propaganda .

They KNOW that the vast majority of Turkish people are racists, susceptible to propaganda, uneducated and madly religious, so they are "playing their game".

Propaganda to represent the Ottoman empire as everything that it was not.

But it looks like propaganda.

The script seems bold and boring and it makes no difference if they talked or laughed.

Such a note for this movie smells "propaganda"...

The actors convinced me that they were the characters,even if the scenery was dull.

On the other hand, when the Vatican is shown, dark clouds loom above it, the streets are empty and everyone is frowning.

I mostly kept watching because I couldn't believe what I was seeing: A 3 hour-long, propaganda-piece depicting a struggle between the righteous against evil.

Pathetic Turkish propaganda!

Waste of time .

Sword fighting scenes are unbearable.

Religious fanaticism and Islam propaganda .

I easily rate this film 7/10 based on the quality and entertainment value and have already recommended it to several friends who all enjoyed it as much or more than I have.

But even as propaganda it is extremely poor executed and totally unbelievable.

The film gave the viewer adrenaline, not education.

Turkish Propaganda piece....

This is probably one of the worst movies i've seen in a very long time (and it's really not easy to displease me that much)i cant understand why people can't make actual accurate historical movies and have to mix facts with political or religious beliefs.

But surprise surprise, this movie is rather enjoyable.

The second half of the film was more enjoyable for me.

It's just blatant propaganda, and impossible to take seriously.

Apart from history as for the movie, the effects are premature, the direction is at least bad, there is no script and the performance of the actors and especially from the leading actor is so awful, that if the movie was an American production he would be nominated for a golden razzie.

I felt smell of propaganda.

People may crib why n how, this n that, ifs n buts, lauda lasun, etc. As an entertaining period war film, this film is an amazeballs.

To me 6th of October, the liberation day of Istanbul has at least the meaning of 29th of May, now that is called propaganda.

Only worth watching for the visuals.

Visuals and direction are absolutely STUNNING , if i didn't know before watching that it's a Turkish movie , I would say that it's a Hollywood production ...

Go ahead and waste your time.

On one hand it represents the country's ascent over the past decade; on the other it unfortunately falls victim to imitating a western style medieval epic -- a played out genre that ordinarily bores me to no end.

The movie is the best way to waste 2 hours of your life.

Of course it is not done in one minute, but would you like to watch days of ships being dragged over land?

But the end of the film it is absolutely ridiculous and was made only for propaganda reasons.

The director totally failed in this issue, after 160 minutes still the heroes are strangers and I think the director thought just by shooting the heroes in slow motion would move the audience :) Really bad script, very very cheap dialogs that bore you to hell, overused replica special effects.

Though speed of story is slow.

It was fascinating to learn about the role of sappers - the heroes under ground!

Throughout the movie seeing these religious tones make it look more like a Islamic Propaganda...