Countdown (2019) - Horror, Thriller

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When a nurse downloads an app that claims to predict the moment a person will die, it tells her she only has three days to live. With the clock ticking and a figure haunting her, she must find a way to save her life before time runs out.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Justin Dec
Stars: Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 55 out of 312 found boring (17.62%)

One-line Reviews (175)

Overall 3/10, save your time for the videos criticising this movie, would probably be more engaging and keep your braincells intact.

Most horror movies are predictable when it comes to trying to make you jump, this is not one of those movies.


A Countdown from interesting to boring.

A boring, predictable plot that should have gone straight to free to air tv.

You can completely avoid this film, which really felt like a countdown to when you gladly can leave the theater.

I can guarantee this one is entertaining.

What a waste of time .

But the film gets boring extremely quick, it reminds me of one of those cheesy Annabelle movies.

Unoriginal, boring and full of cliches, it's not even funny.

The plot is a total cliché just in a new "countdown app" coat.

I enjoyed it.

I didn't hate it but I don't love it, it was one of those movies you watch when bored

the cast had a mix between enjoyable and wasted personalities.

Entertaining Horror Film .

Every line is screaming cliché, demons attacking from behind as always, main characters getting distracted by dead relatives in a life or death situation, when someone sees scary visions they stay and try to find out what it is...

Lame and predictable .

Like I said, I tend to be fond of this genre, so while I see so many problems with the movie, and it's a junkfood horror flick, I still enjoyed it.

"Countdown" has been (generously) dipped in the holy pot of all mainstream horror cliché's & then dredged in a pile of every other routine story and/or character arc shticks.

So it was worth the watch.

but if you are in the mood for an entertaining popcorn movie, as I was when I watched this, you could do much worse.

That aside, I found the film to be extremely entertaining.

It has NO storyline and is super predictible, just jump scares.

That is what makes it interesting, it can be easily associated with real life apps that may at least bring excitement into our lives instead of boredom for just thinking about the possibility this movie presents us, are those app real?

Having to endure Dr Sleep the previous night it was nice to get back on the horror track with this enjoyable original film.

What you will get however is a contemporary, entertaining and gripping horror movie.

It just made the whole thing feel like a waste of time & stupid.

Two peripheral characters added an unexpected comic appeal for a "horror" movie.

It was an enjoyable way to kill 90 or so minutes and I would watch a sequel.

The plot is predictable and at some points borderline nonsensical.

Unfortunately it was rather predictable.

Despite being predictable it has a few moments of some humor, the actors are not incompetent and it's well filmed.

The jumpscares are predictable and not scary at all, character development is boring at best and the consistency of the story seems non existent.

Worth watching once, if for no other reason than to be able to tell your horror movie buff friends you've "seen the one about the countdown app".

Alot of cliche stuff!

worst part is, if it was completely empty you probably wouldn't notice, assuming it's a clear liquid.

Didn't have to go there, it's becoming cliche.


This is one priest whose sermon we wouldn't fall asleep through.

An enjoyable if unoriginal horror romp written and directed by Justin Dec.

The action unfolded in a predictable, by-the-numbers fashion.

(3) a nurse is injecting a patient with an empty syringe.

Don't waste your time.

Man this movie was so boring I just went home.

If you're looking for an entertaining Saturday night movie to stream for 90 minutes, it's a solid choice.

So we suspensefully wait to see what will become of this intriguing situation that has presented itself.

Bore second half.

Little to no character development, a very predictable storyline, lots of cliches, random additional characters, and an overall boring plot.

I kept checking my watch during the 90 minutes hoping for it to end as it is dull and the would be scares are so drawn out.

if ya bored, nothing's on, this will pass the time!

with an empty syringe.

Maybe simple storyline but if you watch until the end the movie are very interesting, very entertaining and shock me almost every horror scene in the movie.

non-existantThis is a bad mix between "Final destination" and "Truth or dare", except thos 2 movies were much betterComplete waste of time.

Countdown is not a good film, but it is not bad either, just entertaining and full of jump scares.

Not the best horror movie of 2019, but definitely enjoyable to watch around Halloween.

An uninteresting mish-mash of various horror flicks (such as Happy Death Day, The Final Destination, It Follows, and many more) is what Countdown turns out to be.

Very interesting and entertaining to watch.

Waste of time .

[99.99% spoiler free]For some reason or another, I always find 'techy demons' quite fascinating (to say the least) and that's the main reason I chose to saw this movie.

but there were a few drops in there, so you could clearly tell it was empty.

Unfortunately, the girls and guys menaced by this evil app are pretty bland.

I enjoyed it.

Her strong performance is what makes the movie worth watching and elevates it from the pack.

I've seen worst movie.

Towards the ending the movie lost its all dark humor and comedy and becomes classical boring horror movie, and in the after credit there it is, again dark humor.

Overall enjoyable, minus that rant mentioned above.

Surely this boring film will have a sequel!

What really soured me on this film was the formulaic ending.

My main gripe with the movie is the cliche filled story.

It's not stellar or out of this world, but the cast is enjoyable in their roles.

This is actually pretty lazy writing as it's unoriginal and boring.

The scares are predictable, unoriginal, and come exactly when you would expect them.

bit predictable at times, clichés throughout.

This is the worst movie I've seen in a very long time.

Good acting; Story behind is unnecessary and boring; Jumpscars are predictable; Movie was too short in my opinion; Soundtrack is not bad.

My sister really doesn't like demon movies, but she said she really enjoyed it.

A film for a bored sunday afternoon.

Dont waste your money or time .

Until the antiwhite propaganda came about.

Entire film quite slow and full of boring overuse scene!

No, it wasn't perfect, and some of the acting was crappy, but all in all, it was entertaining and enjoyable.

But it was overall a good little horror, well put together and entertaining.

I was not bored at any point of the movie, its fast paced and easy to understand.

Really enjoyed it.

Absolutely dumb and a complete waste of time.

It was slow, predictable and boring.

Not scary enough, but a very enjoyable film .

Watchable with a very predictable finale.

Incredibly predictable .

Too predictable...

I give it a solid 7/10 well worth the watch.

Compelling from the start it races along, throughly recommended.

Plot holes, uneven storytelling, constant jump scares, questionable acting, and a pointless #metoo subplot are what hold this film back.

Countdown is an entertaining horror movie that is best enjoyed with some friends around Halloween.

The film has some pretty intense moments throughout and is very fast-paced.

"Countdown" is an entertaining horror film for fans of "Final Destination".

It was very suspenseful and entertaining!

Don't waste your time.

Quite intense .

You get 'Countdown'This is the second, and also worst movie i've seen this year.

The start was ok, the idea was pretty good, but then it just became predictable horror fare.

Nobody will mistake this for a great movie with superb acting, but what this movie is, is good enough to be entertaining, and scary enough for horror junkies to appreciate for the 90 minutes that you're in there.

It picks a contemporary setting, features an array of characters who feel guilty about the death of a family member, repetitive jump-scares, a sexual harassment angle (added for relevance), comedy that doesn't blend well with the storyline, and mediocre performances.

It's predictable tale, sort of hidden killer, and silliness that filed away the edge of the movie and thus takes away from the atmosphere they created.

A 90 minute entertaining hoot for Halloween when all you want is a supernatural scare.

Countdown - Predictable and comedic (not in a good way) .

What A Shower of **** Boring And Predictable.

Coupled with bright, clean, pretty, and tight filmography, with humors sprinkled in here and there, it is an enjoyable, fun, and thrilling horror movie "lite" experience, perfect for getting into the Halloween mood.

An entertaining horror flick on the pulse of time .

This story is quite intense!

Lame repetitive story, extremely bad acting, with exception for Segura (the tech guy), he's awesome.

Waste of money, cliché and predictable.

Was it still enjoyable to watch?

Waste of time .

Yes, the story is silly but enjoyable .

Plenty of good scares though predictable.

Boring .

Save your money.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

A entertaining popcorn horror .

I'm sure "Countdown" passes as an at least an average type of horror entertainment among the mainstream & the younger audiences, but you better believe me it's bland, boring, predictable and very, very uninspiring.

Great Concept and Plenty Unexpected Jumpscares .

It was very scary and intense most of the time and one, two scenes were pretty shocking and disgusting.

I thought it was scary, suspenseful, and also had some comical moments.

The only thing this movie made me feel was contrite for being dragged along to watch it.

Well I really enjoyed the film tbh, for a PG13 it's pretty scary, good storyline, lots of jump scares and a couple of unexpected twists, I would recommend giving it a watch if you have an hour and a half to kill and fancy being a little bit spooked 😁

I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it.

Good suspenseful horror movie .

Predictable jump scares.

Just a great big predictable ugh.

At first i thought the movie looked mediocre but found it quite enjoyable.

I can attest that this movie will scare you, so if you are looking for a good date night movie it's worth watching it.

The characters were fun and entertaining to see on screen, as much as it is a movie for teenagers it had nice tension and a few good laughs.

If you're bored, give it a try!

A combination of funny moments and unexpected scares .

A few hours later I ended up coming back to it because i would rather subject myself to being bored with a few spare laughs and things to gawk at and make fun of than being bored alone in my mothers basement.

Don't waste your time watching this trash, totally garbage and dumb.

Don't waste your time...

Worth the watch for sure!

The characters were believable and funny, however ending somehow predictable.

Like Final Destination, it's entertaining.

sure, it's kind of predictable and a little scary here and there, but i found it an enjoyable way to spend some time.

The story was predictable thought the execution was great.

Just a very boring adaptation.

Vary entertaining .

Entertaining jump scare formula .

Worth the watch .

An unexpected good scare.

High pace and just about the right length likeable leads whilst forgettable an enjoyable 90 minutes I don't regret spending on this film.

I am so glad i went to see this film tonight,i really enjoyed it, i hope their will be a countdown two out soon.

Ok movie, and I must say that I slightly enjoyed it because again, I love horror movie genre.

Kind of boring

I somewhat enjoyed it.

I wish the film was on longer though,but well worth the watch...

I enjoyed it the whole way through.

Sometimes i feel like to gun down the screenplay when the overwhelming cliche respawns back with the same emotional drama.

It was a mess but an entertaining one.

entertaining .

Too slow and too many boring jump scare scene!

Naturally, nothing happens to them.

It is entertaining and thrilling.

However, its dull in many passages.

Despite the silliness of the story I think this movie is slightly better than it´s current score (5.3). It´s entertaining and the acting is actually pretty good.

Quite enjoyable,for all final destination lovers,this is the one.

Honestly came to this with pretty low expectations and because I was bored.

Hands down one of the worst movies ever.

Anyway, the main dynamic between characters which i would expect is the family dynamic is boring and not really necessary.

For PG13 it's good.. but predictable .

However, the movie itself well the storyline is quite predictable.

The plot, the acting, predictable and makes no sense even for a horror movie.

It can be thrilling and quite entertaining if you go with an open mind and not expecting anything more than a regular horror movie.

Nice little entertaining horror flick.

Don't waste your time with this one, I'm sorry to say.

This film was bland, predictable, cliched, and just flat out bad.

Entertaining .