Creep (2014) - Horror, Thriller

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A young videographer answers an online ad for a one-day job in a remote town to record the last messages of a dying man. When he notices the man's odd behavior, he starts to question his intentions.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Patrick Brice
Stars: Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass
Length: 77 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 72 out of 244 found boring (29.5%)

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Creep is the absolute proof that it's possible to make an extremely intense thriller with a micro budget and a minimum cast of 2 guys, without any special effects and just a a freaky wolf mask.

Very entertaining

However, it was suspenseful, unsettling, and original.

This was an unwatchable boring piece of cinematic diarrhea.

Movies on this theme I usually find depressing, but this has clarity to it and, although the pace drags a little, it's enjoyable to watch.

People complain CREEP is too slow, that it goes nowhere and is filled with plot holes.

This movie is interesting and unpredictable, its worth the time and it may be one of those movies that outlives many other more known horror movies.

This 'found footage' film is a waste of your time.

The plot itself is also wildly unpredictable, which is far too uncommon in movies like this.

I highly recommend it!!

Friendly, lighthearted, a little awkward, rather intense, very unsettling, extremely abnormal, somewhat terrifying...

It's a waste of time.

It probably could've worked best as a short film because several of the scenes here felt repetitive and slow.

"It seems that I watched a different film from everyone else, because I found Creep to be extremely dull and at times painful to watch despite its short running time.

The fact that there are literally only 2 actors and 1 female voice on a short budget wasn't overlooked, but the movie was really a waste of time.

He puts on his best Andre when he meets him but unfortunately for our hapless videographer, Rafi is on the hunt for the thrilling murder-boner.

Even if you're bored and need to kill time skip this one.

Creep is a non/low budget film that starts kind of slow.

A found-footage slow burn is unusual in horror films.

Less articulate notes:"Creep" features tacky shock scares with abrupt cues in the background score, boring (I tried falling asleep), predictable, improbable premise.

It was slightly interesting but just painfully slow, even as quirky and vibrant as Joseph was.

This has to be the most pointless, boring, waste of money and time movie I have ever watched.

7- Even if not very plausible, "Creep" counts on a memorable actor performance and several tense and suspenseful moments, especially during the first half of the film.

nothing happens.

As Blumhouse is known for, this film is filled with a load of pointless jumpscares in order to 'scare its audience'.

i watched most of it on fast speed, this movie is only an hour and 17 minutes long including credits, i finished it in like 50 minutes, and i was still bored and questioning why i was watching this.

An extremely well-made, quirky, and entertaining slow burn .

I liked the British film from 2004 called creep but this one with the same Title buy Netflix is absolute boring .

It had just enough to keep me from turning it off out of boredom.

In a nutshell, this movie is really predictable, it has barely any tension and whatever tension it does have, this immediately lost because of all the cheap jump-scares they put in.

The movie is more intriguing than articulated, there are far more engaging and unconventional horror films out there deserving more attention than this one.

The only reason I've decided to give Creep a try was that I ran out of Netflix English-speaking Horror and I like foreign films even less (nothing racist, heavens forbid, I simply find them more difficult to follow due to the sheer dependency on subtitles).

It was a complete waste of time.

While many films establish the use of jump scares by boring fake-outs, "Creep" uses fake-outs as a joke- and makes it work!

You will be scared (cliche way and otherwise, you'll see), you will feel that someone is weird, and you will smile and maybe laugh.


Hell not even a bad one, in other word it's one of the worst movies you've seen your life It's simply 67 minutes of nothing Nothing is scary at all Jump scares are too cheap ( I would be ashamed of myself if I would use such a jump scare even if my budget is pretty low) The story and dialogues are really boring After I have just seen it on Netflix I really don't know what to say !!.

In Creep, Duplass inches his stubborn cad role just a tiny bit further into manipulative and unpredictable territory, becoming a haunting screen presence throughout the film.

Waste of time .

This film is a slow burner which fizzles out at the end.

I tried so hard to give it chance but it's probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.. so so bad.

But in saying that, there is a large amount of dark humour within these fillers for you to take some enjoyment out of what would otherwise be very boring moments.

Considering that it was just over quarter hour, it was honestly dragged out , now that's saying something.

It is slow and doesn't build up.

The start of the film had me a bit bored and annoyed; rolling my eyes at the introduction we get with the 2 characters of the movie.

I wont waste my time with the second one.

This movie is highly enjoyable, as you are unsuspecting of the true intentions of both parties at the start.

And that's probably why so many people will find Creep entertaining.

Boring .

This film is for the most part is unpredictable.

In summation, Buddy: Creep is a found-footage slow burn horror film that is one of the best of its kind, and I, for one, can't wait for the sequel.

Most of the acting was mediocre at best, the plot was predictable and drawn out, and there were little to almost no scares.

It ranked it only 6 because I think that the beginning of the movie, the cabin part is a little bit long and boring.

He is not particularly dumb - in fact, he seems to be guardedly on edge from the get-go - but he is bland, unimaginative, and for lack of a better term, just plain ineffective.

Don't waste your time!

No real plot to follow, no background information on characters, and as a "horror movie" it definitely isn't scary.

Don't waste your time.

well worth the watch.

Josef's personality is loud and unpredictable; he believes in the miracles of life, as him and Aaron venture into the woods and get lost, in addition to Josef repeatedly scaring Aaron or revealing very personal and often disturbing stories about him.


It's very unrealistic and predictable at this point.

Mark Duplass plays Josef in a role that is deep, confusing, and real.

Creep is a entertaining horror with a manipulative stalker named "Josef".

Great film, good plot twist, and very riveting storyline.

Feel like this was a waste of time .

His character arc from genuinely sweet friend to violent, deranged stalker is as emotionally compelling as it is scary.

I found this a little boring to watch as it was slow moving, yet it is worth watching to get to the end.

Sadly, there was just so many boring jump scares to get a higher score :-( should have just worked on the creepy and unnerving angle.

don't expect a horror movie, but it's worth a watch and done pretty well considering such a lack of story.

But despite the empty segments, it retains its uneasy aura throughout.

The initial premise is clichéd, the build up is dull and the pay-off is zero, don't bother at all.

I understand that to show that Joseph is quirky you make him jump once or twice in front of the camera, but he does this exact same thing about six times all throughout the movie and each passing time it gets more and more boring and predictable.

It was definitely a unique take on the hand-held camera horror movies and that uniqueness kept me on the edge of my seat.

These repetitive scenes get more annoying as the film moves forward to a very predictable finale.

Creepy, but ultimately pointless .

I recommend this movie but it takes a certain type of individual to really get chilled out by the slow progression and subtle underlying psychological factors of the film.

Not for the few cheap jump-scares here and there, but for the suspenseful and unsettling tone.

Nothing happens.

horrible useless predictable jump scares throughout the movie.

The film was disturbing yet enjoyable and could possibility happen.

As previously mentioned, this is a relatively short film but with the strong combination of unbearable tension paired with sitting on the edge of your seat in fear, this will seem a lot longer than a mere 80 minutes.

It made no sense, it was just a slow burning stalker movie with no depth.

Waste of Time .

An over reliance on very silly jump scares (one of Josef's strange traits is to hide from Aaron and then jump out on him) soon gets tiresome, and a daft ending where Aaron makes one last really, really, really bad decision is the final nail in the coffin.

The found footage horror genre is trite in many aspects.

I would have rated this higher for the acting, but this story was too predictable.

It's worth the watch, even if it's just once.

Meandering and pointless .


With bad writing and directing, no scares, and being boring as watching yarn for 82 minutes, this is most definitely typical found footage schlock.

Complete waste of time.

At about 15 minutes in that annoyance transpired into confusion, 20 minutes I'm sentimental (wtf) and then 30 I'm paranoid, 40 minutes I'm literally sweating.

Worth watching .

It starts out slow and I almost turned it off after 10 minutes.

At first, Josef is simply an energetic oddball with fascinating stories.

I found it suffered somewhat for having no script; as believable as they are as actors, the guys on screen can't be expected to do all the work themselves and as such the dialogue often feels repetitive and low key.

The tension is contrived, annoying, and pointless because you know they are too dumb to survive anyway.

I watched it one bored weeknight on Netflix about a month ago.

It has so many tricks up its sleeve that it'll keep you on the edge of your seat, anticipating the next move that the movie will make.

You keep wondering which way the story is going to go right up until the unexpected ending!!

a fantastic view for those who crave the unexpected .

I will resume this dull and bad acted "movie" as this : BORING SCENE - > JUMP SCARE - > BORING SCENE - > JUMP SCARE ...

No suspense, no scares, no tension, no plot, dull characters.

The worst movie in the world....

However, because this film had a nice spin to it, the predictable bits just didn't matter.

Really weird and uncomfortable right off the bat but if you stick it out it's an entertaining movie.

There's nothing new or clever in this, it doesn't execute the genre norms well and it does nothing to bring anything new to them either(there was one moment where I thought it might go somewhere interesting in that there was a chance to throw a curve-ball in who the creep was but no, it just charges head-long into predictability), the characters are uninteresting and I had no attachment to out wary and bored feeling protagonist.

What a complete and utter waste of 77 minutes of my life , watching paint drying would be more fun .

The stalker part of the film is too short and poorly done, making the whole film feel a bit pointless.

I found myself so incredibly bored and uninterested that I had trouble even finishing it.

In all honesty I promise you, you can write a better script on this setting , it was that dull.

But the villain getting away with it, was just a dumb cliché!

Slow burn, cold twist.

In ways, it is very predictable, like any horror/thriller I suppose.

The only complaints I would have is that it starts really slow and takes awhile for it to build up and actually get really weird and thrilling.

If you're all about getting bored and watching some DeviantArt-esque "tubby time" involving a murderous furry, then this is the film for you!


I really have no others words for this other than it was super creepy, but for sure worth watching!!

Don't waste your Time...!! Really...!!. .

this movie is pretty short, at 82mins, but there is so little that happens, that even that seems too long, the idea is that you see them have a nice day out and then there's a nice little end scene, could be done in twenty minutes, but it's dragged out, it's good enough story, just not enough to it, the park bench scene is brilliant, and i think thats what makes the film.

So, in the most predictable ending ever, Aaron the idiot goes and sits on a bench where they were supposed to meet.


In fact, many of them bore me to tears, and/or make me laugh.

Just dont watch..boring slow...

please don't waste your time on this one

I thought it was a story about a crazy murderer at the first 30 mins of the movie but ever since Aaron went back home things got exciting.

And I am here to express that, at the end of the day, this frustration may be reflective of the unexpected experience of watching a movie that is much closer to the disorganized truth about being murdered than one might think.

Super Creepy and Entertaining .

This confirms to me that Mark Duplass is a phenomenal actor, as he puts in an excellent performance that was both engaging and off-the-charts creepy.

We've probably all had a friend or associate that was a little odd, a little intense, a little socially inept.

But the lead up to the bizarre ending was a bit tedious for me.

Worth watching though.

The very last minute of "footage", it has a cheesy, boring and annoying jump scare.

This film was just dumb and pointless.

With a cast of two people, it would need to be an awesome script with awesome acting to actually deliver something worth watching.

yeah theirs a couple of things that could be better but overall its a great movie that keeps you on the edge.

Suspenseful and psychological .

There is NOTHING suspenseful, thrilling, gory or "creepy" in this film to make it a scary movie!

All this movie was to me was a big waste of time.

From the very first 5 minutes I was already hooked on watching it, which was a breath of fresh air as a lot of thrillers have a slow and boring beginning.

Terrible and boring!!

Creep is a nerve-racking film that keeps you on the edge of your chair.

How predictable!

I had to pause the movie several times and take small breaks due to me getting bored out of my mind.

The movie was mostly predictable and there were like 2 cheap scares that were more stupid than anything.

Don't waste your time .

But the two leads make this more entertaining than it ought to be, and though it's not particularly scary, it has a wry, improvised sense of humor that had the potential to really knock this one out of the park - if only their ideas about character trajectory were better developed.

I would recommend Creep to horror fans, the only negative in my opinion would be Aaron's reactions to some of the staking incidents, but still a very enjoyable movie.

His unraveling is pretty disturbing to witness — with some serious second-hand embarrassment and uncomfortability at times — and he has some truly creepy moments (him guarding the door with the Peachfuzz mask on comes to mind, with his slow nod at the end… *shudder*).

The victim was a good actor and get the moral story at end but it was just boring & no way would I be that unsuspecting deciding to again go meet a wacko out of pity.

The video project involves Josef talking to his son and playfully interacting with him, such as engaging in a "tubby time" together in the bathtub.

Henry, portrait of a serial killer (1986) was a good flick about serial killers but this one here was one boring ride.

Amazing and engaging acting job that keeps you glued to the screen and the characters

The ending was stunning.

It is predictable and boring.

Dull as hell .

Nothing happens for the majority of this film, leading up to an anticlimatic end.

He's a boring nobody who's just there so Josef can screw around with him.

If you are bored with countless mediocre found footage movies please give The Creep a chance, it will be a wild ride!

The real friend to Creep is its pacing, which is intense and consistently frightening.

This is one of those films where it's very hard for me to fathom out how anyone could have thought it was really any good let alone enjoyable.

Interesting and unpredictable .

Instead of having a slow build up and reveal of Mark Duplass's insane character and having it be three- dimensional, instead the atmosphere and tension are paper thin and every now and then it goes 'BOO!

The jump scares become all too repetitive hitting a mathematical equation that Duplass said Blum taught them.

The more the movie goes on the more entertaining it gets and you are eager to get to the bottom of it.

There are several points you feel it's about to wind up and credits are set to roll before it reaches it's gripping conclusion.

Pros: Good story full of mystery and tension, great finale, okay acting, and a short runtimeCons: Slow pacing in the beginning, weak beginning story, and the acting can seem a little weakOverall Rating: 7.4

This fails here as well, most of this movie is just plain boring.

Boring .

If you are like me, and tend to find these types of films, quite boring and silly, this one is no different.

Don't waste your time.

The most bogus and unwatchable FFF's are those in which it defies common sense and common practices to be filming; e.

The antagonist, Josef, was a multi-layered and overall disturbing, giving the movie both its title and an engrossing plot.

Random Ramblings of a Madman: It's a slow burn, with a nice payoff.

But since the ending was predictable and in no way truly surprising, I'd say skip this one unless you absolutely have nothing else to watch.

Don't waste your time .

There are movies which are slow burn and some have a suspense till the very end.

The build up is so slow that, at one point, I was asking myself if if this film got mistakenly categorized as a horror film.

Slow burner at the beginning, wraps up by getting your blood pumping and making you cling to the edge of your seat as you experience the fear with Aaron.

most of the film is just scenes of dialogue between these two men and it works so well in terms of building a realistic and believable story that the audience can be immersed in.

This movie was entertaining, i am curious for what will happen in the sequel.

Disturbing, enjoyable and could happen to you .

The film only has two actors, (Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass, who also wrote and directed the film), no script and hardly even meets feature length at 1 hour and 17 minutes.

Worth watching.

The dynamic between Aaron and Josef is utterly fascinating.

cheap looking , boring , no scares , a total waste of 80 minutes !

But the suspense is so delightfully intense and the performances are so well fleshed out, that the pacing can be forgiven.

The cameraman has bizarre recurring dreams, but they're pointless - they don't inform his actions, they don't indicate character development...

It's very enjoyable.

The movie is very good at throwing the audience for a loop and being unpredictable.

"Creep" is a phenomenally acted, well paced horror movie with a fascinating and investing villain and some unfortunate jump scares.

its a waste of time .


I had read a couple reviews and read that there was an unexpected plot twist in the end that made the movie worthwhile.

I guess the idea of everyday people capturing moments of significance on random electronic devices is just too compelling to leave alone.

its a really waste of time

There are so many great films out there which are truly entertaining.

but the whole lead up, pretty much the entire movie was childish and slow, except for the ending.

bland indie horror .

Worth watching on a cold night alone at home .