Cursed (2020) - Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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A teenage sorceress named Nimue encounters a young Arthur on his quest to find a powerful and ancient sword.

IMDB: 5.4
Stars: Katherine Langford, Devon Terrell
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 159 out of 1000 found boring (15.9%)

One-line Reviews (413)

Story was so slow to catch any interest.

It's definitely entertaining.

While this TV show is boring and amateurish compared to Game of Thrones, this one has lesbians and a lot more black people.

Stunning & Brave .

Waste of time .

This makes the show feel very disjointed.

But the show is so bland and unengaging that I kinda had to force myself to continue watching after the first 3 or 4 episodes.

Its dull, no spark, mostly because all is so fast and forced.

Boring characters, boring storyline .

Unengaging and bland .

I had to fast forward through the second episode as it was boring me to tears.

Stupid netflix propaganda.

The series has no real plot, the characters are dull, cringe worthy and it feels like it was made as a CBBC adaptation.

Historically false storyline (okay, its a fantasy, but man, at least lets try to not ruin the whole pendragon legend), terrible actors/plays, really bad casting (probably the crying monk was the only good pick), suprisingly boring storyline and cuts, with an overall feeling: nobody knows they make a fantasy or a teenage drama.

its definitely not The Last Kingdom or even a CW historical romance, but it was entertaining.

Script and story is weak and unimaginative slow paced and lacking in so many ways.

I really enjoyed it.

Catherine Langford is captivating, the world is exciting and I'm looking forward to the adventures of future seasons.

Well I enjoyed it :) .

I struggled so hard just to force myself through the first episode, what an absolute waste of my time.

As another reviewer said, most of the people giving it a low rating must have gotten bored during episode 1.

Relative newcomer Devon Terrell plays Arthur here and I just couldn't get on board with with his character, he was also dull for me and I didn't think his and Langfords chemistry was good here to care about their relationships.

This show is honestly-boring.

The writing is horrible, the plot is all over the place, the dialog is cringeworthy, the director's self indulgent "horror flick scene-esque" cutaways make me want to throw something at the tv, the cartoon scene transitions make me want to scratch my eyes out.

I am thankful in that I was so bored I decided to watch a few episodes of this in a row because the first episode seemed off - it was trying too hard to be some sort of epic masterpiece like what Game of Thrones became rather than how it started.

Sometimes the dialogue is fairly strong, other times it's just bland.

I gave it an extra star because it's lovely scenery, but this disjointed hodgepodge of ridiculously unbelievable characters can't be forgiven.

The narrative feels drag out, with no real climax.

The rest of the claptrap about "woke" and propaganda, seems to come from deep seated insecurities o the posters rather than any agenda on the production team's part.

There is no action, no plot, nothing.

Good fantasy story, worth the watch .

I am really, really enjoying this new and exciting series Cursed so far!

We thought this was a fun, entertaining series.

This was very entertaining .

The script and acting my god, it's so overdone or unnatural only a child would find it credibleThe diversity casting and female empowerment moments are so self-conscious and awkwardAll-in-all I'm struggling but going to force myself to watch more in case it crap but mildly entertaining.

I enjoyed it though.

3 * are just for the Ending, the whole season was just out of place, Main characters were boring, Mainly Arthur, Couldn't he be someone else!

I've seen so much worse attempts at fantasy, people just expected this to be mind blowing and revolutionary.

I think it's supposed to be a period piece except the (very dull) costumes are obviously made of materials that would only be found in modern times.

Just another fantasy show, actually a very boring one with very bad acting and even worse directing.

I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it.

Lousy script writing with no plot.

I found it very entertaining.

I enjoyed it .

Another point that I have is that this story was very drawn out, it was boring for many episodes and failed to capture my attention at all, which is unfortunate because there was so much potential there.

And trite.

Watching him navigate a new path that manages to lead him in the direction of that honour in an unlikely way was really enjoyable.

Like from the second episode itself the plot became so predictable.

It is a little juvinile and boring at times.

I know it's hard nowadays to make truly amazing shows, I think we have all been spoilt with Game of thrones, but I found it enjoyable and if you LOVE fantasy it's a great new world to immerse yourself in.

I did, and I enjoyed it.

His chemistry with Katherine Langford is so very bland too.

So far it's been very exciting and an interesting take on the MANY versions of the legendsand folklore of Arthur.

Waste of time .

If you have seen Excalibur by John Burman then this is total waste of time.

Fell asleep after 15 minutes...

Entertaining fantasy story .

And boring.

The pacing is good, the story is engaging (even with few simplistic turns) the characters are interesting and thing are more grey than the usual all or nothing for this kind of thematic.

Keep watching, it's rather gripping and there are some great actors here, known and new.. ***Black Arthur?

Waste of time...

Very entertaining.

D Feels very empty.

I could give this show a 5 but it was just a little bit more entertaining for me.

I found this show to be fun and enjoyable.

What a waste of money😂😂 .

There were so many times I yelled at the TV because the character were so dumb and predictable, this is nothing compares to GOT.

Sets were the only thing worth watching .

Mildly entertaining fluff .

Everybody's trying to hit the next Game of Thrones gold right, well cursed is not it, but all in all its an enjoyable turn on a familiar story with some stand out elements.

Suitable perhaps if you are a bored 16-20yo on quarantine lockdown, and you've already watched all the good shows.

Due to the reviews, I thought this would be awful, but I actually enjoyed it.

The way it's shot feels very haphazard and confusing, the choreography is laughable and the writing is utter tripe.

Script: non-existent Plot holes: more than you can count Casting: confused Characters: flatter than saucers Music: constantly horrible choicesOn the plus side Inclusivity: a good representation of groups that are usually non-present in medieval fantasy tales (although they all seemed to have been thrown in at random) Set design: pretty decent Costumes: a few were decent (though a lot were quite "off" as well) Plot: had a few good ideas (that never really payed off though)A 3/10, because I could actually sit through the entire series.

Like I've stated it's a freshman series, a different spin on the old tales and I truly enjoyed it.

It's enough to lighten the mood during some otherwise boredom inducing dialogues.

Enjoyable series .

Boring and a utter mess.

Really dull dialogue and acting, I couldn't stop cringing and wondering what on earth I was watching.

It's worth watching .

The plot is disjointed & pacing is often bizarre.

I am looking forward for a much better story telling Season 2 and more if the storyline becomes more intense.

I have completed this series in 1 day , it's stars very slow , last 5th episode it's all started totally mind blowing episodes , may be a little bit slow but the intensions totally there, worth watching , just judge this show by dirty reviews , it's a festival for fantasy series lovers

This show is definitely one of those that grows on you.. the how takes time to set out the characters and as the story develops it is enjoyable.

Don't waste your time, this is ridiculous.

Okay so it wasn't SO terrible, but it was so tedious.

Enjoyable fantasy with cool world building, I'd play the D&D campaign .

Mostly, it feels forced and confusing.

They find some footing in the last third of the series, paring down the characters a bit and narrowing the focus, though it remains mostly predictable (we figured it out three episodes ago that he's magic, okay?!

who knows acting and could have merged with the character, and Nimue she is beautiful but even she didn't came through with her performance, side characters were more enjoyable to say at least.

Enjoyable to watch .

Instead of driving the main plot forward the episodes waste time with boring filler scenes and side quests that have no relevance and no pay off later.

The characters are one dimensional, boring and the investment into their fate is zero.

Waste of time.

IMO-this artistry truly transcends an enjoyable experience ...!

Although it was promising in the initial episodes, Nimue's character looked dull and confused in a lot of scenes which is the biggest flaw.

Quite Engaging .

Ended up bored and finishing the season was painful.

May I remind you, this is a fiction show, meaning anyone can play any role and I am really glad I watching this for my self and really enjoyed it!

The choreography of fighting scenes is exciting, I love the sword fighting especially.

Enjoyable Fantasy .

It all feels a bit cliche.

Exciting, and interesting .

Also all of the other villains came across as cheesy and dull to me especially the king, who is so over the top he feels like a part of a different show.

I like Netflix but some of the shows are very disappointing and boring before it was warrior nun that I didn't like it and now this one and I don't know why now a days the main characters are so stupid!

Everyone else is boring.

Its such an amazing show with Beautiful story telling and unpredictable plots.

However, it is entertaining and even though it is based on the legend of Arthur, the story is quite original.

In addition, the romantic sub plots felts raw and engaging.

Firstly, I want to praise the beautiful practical effects, make up and costumes, they made this show very vibrant and beautiful to watch as well as using stunning scenery and sets.

Man was this show dragged out.

The musical scores throughout this series Cursed, are so beautiful and at times riveting.

I like this type of film, but Cursed with 10 episodes is enough to make me bored to follow the story.

Or maybe they explain it, but I was looking at my mobile phone because it's very boring when you grow up.

The pacing is so slow and the acting so bad that it becomes unwatchable after a few episodes.

I really enjoyed it, don't understand the negative reviews...

Quite boring and bland .


What a waste of money.

Acting gets a bit better after the first episode and Gustaf is always entertaining.

While there were definitely some parts of the show that were slow, I still enjoyed it quite a lot.

I stopped watching after 2 episodes and wont waste anymore time.

Cliche Series, Cliche Charterers,Overall Disappointing .

It's entertaining and the acting consistent.

) actors to make it seem compelling.

Very good series with a slow start .

I found it very refreshing and entertaining.

Let the producers waste their money on this garbage, you don't need to waste your time.

I decided to give it a try despite all the negative reviews, and I actually enjoyed it.

Worth the watch!

Watching a bumbling, moronic unrealistic idiot teenager stumble from one drama to the next got tiresome quick.

*sigh* what a waste of time.

It's really mind boggling NetFlix cancel very good series for this type of poor material.

I did like the story but it was kind of predictable.

This series is worth the watch!

I hope they slow down a bit in the next season.

I loved the idea that there is a female lead and the story is exciting.

It looked great, imaginative, and visually compelling.

Now having nearly binged the whole show in one sitting(oops) I can say its definitely worth the watch!

This recent wave of bland movies & shows which always has a female protagonist with a male villain with a bigger female villain at the back has becomr all too predictable and boring tbh.

They seem to be dragged along with whatever is going on no matter how ridiculous their "choices" seem.

In Cursed, the characters are all bland, have no personality and no goals, so most of their actions feel really random.

Tiresome .

Agree with most of the reviewers that it is somehow being politically correct by engaging untalented, lousy looking actors in the name of diversity.

ended on a cliffhangerCons: a bit slow in betweenfey clan having powers were easily beaten by the red paladins, there was no fight at all.

I've watched the whole thing and can honestly say it was enjoyable.

The last few episodes make it worth watching.

I loved the idea but ruined by an uninteresting screenwriting that i couldn't bare to end episode 2.

yet entertaining en even promising .

common sense) and the first 5 episodes being very boring.


I rated this show a 2/10 for another reason; the story is unoriginal and bland.

The VFX, pace in the beginning, and some cliche scenes are the weak points of this fantasy world where having a bit of magical power is a sin.

Everyone around her will try to convince her to stop and she won't listen, It's happened at least 3 times in the first episode and it's pretty unbearable to watch.

They should have taken things slower and builded up the Atmosphere.

Waste of time .

Takes the names from the mythology and just mixes it up to make a boring story.

This show does have an original premise and twists in the basic characteristics of its characters, but their personalities are stereotypical and boring.

The premise was interesting, but the execution was BORING

It's like watching someone who is full of them self and the most uninteresting person you've ever met.

There are long stretches of the show that are really boring.

Boring, no chemistry between any characters, bad storyline, bad acting, bad effects, just pointless

One disturbing aspect of this dreary fantasy is the veil attack on Christians.

Don't waste your time.

The beginning was exciting.

Ohh man another boring show!!.

I did find the first episode boring, I could not recognize any of the characters.

It had poor acting; the main character was embarassing; the story was boring.

Finally, I would like to say the last two episodes for me, were outstanding, it really started to find its feet even if it was a little too late, and what the did with a classic yet consistently boring character in many legends, they made them interesting and layered.

U start getting boredom in the show, storyline is flat in parts

Low scores are very propaganda-based here .

There in no plot, no character development, and poorly scripted scenes that leave you scratching your head.

Hands down the most engaging and well made fantasy TV series made in recent years.

Real bad real boring .

I usually like this kind of series - but after watcing five episodes i gave up.. I was waiting for the story to get antying but boring.

Episode 10 was my favorite as it was quite action packed.

But in General the series is worth watching and it is entertaining.

like I said good so far, the dialogues sometimes are boring sometimes interesting.

Judge for yourself if you are insanely bored.

Fun and exciting.

Overall some good moments help carry me through, but overall two boring lead characters and a very messy plot drag this down a bit.

Enjoyable watch .

This series are pretty entertaining and well written.

4) Often confusing and muddled interactions.

I must say i enjoyed it.

The plot itself is confusing in places, many things either happen or don't happen because of plot convenience and it doesn't particularly make sense, especially with Nimue's powers, I want to mention that character's seem to make stupid decisions just because they do too.

More accion, more rythm, more surprises than this boring TV series

Your original shows used to be excellent, they've gone downhill drastically to the point of this unwatchable crap.

This is actually a very entertaining series.

This doesn't kill the story as anybody whom watched _Breaking Bad_ or _The Last Kingdom_ might attest (two awesome shows), but it may just slow your fantasy down.

It is very exciting.

Story is decent, acting is believable and compelling, and style is clean and well done.

I might have given the weird propaganda a pass as I did with the Witcher, if it had been good (the witcher was good, the actors were great and made you forget about the bullsh***), but this was embarassing, boring, vapid, cliché.

It is because it is fun, clever, beautiful and exciting.

The show is not very accurate to the original arthurian legend, but as a whole, the series was entertaining.

Plot slow, script a everage, retelling of a classic a stage at best.

Don't waste your time.

It's so BORING!!!

Plenty of compelling characters and acting here.

It starts out sort of slow, and of course everything isn't explained right out of the gate.

There's no significant reason to change history, other than to push propaganda or to erase history.

intriguing new fantasy series .

It came with the pretense of being good, but the clothing doesn't look authentic, shallow and predictable dialogues, effects, choreography of the fight, editing, performance of some, like Arthur - without chemistry with Nimue and facial expressions do not match the lines.

Boring .

After you get through them, the story becomes highly engaging and makes you very invested in the outcome of the characters.

The writing was not that good, but overal I enjoyed it, there are some really interesting characters, and I can't wait to see more of it

Enjoyable .

The storyline is predictable, the dialogue is a writers beginner attempt, the camera work is boring, the actors have no chemistry & were definitely miscast & clearly the Directors had no clue, production was done on the cheap.

Enjoyed it.

A bit cheesy and ropey in places but still entertaining .

Total waste of time.

Entertaining & Adventurous Fantasy .

And, oh boy, was the execution unoriginal and boring.


Enjoyable fantasy .


This movie is pure anti human an cabalistic propaganda.

Very slow tedious dialogue.

Gustaf Skarsgard is a gem, but Nimue is kinda bland, and Arthur is written in a pretty unlikeable way.

gripping story.

I judge what i watch, and from what i've seen, it's worth watching eventough it may seem going slow at first and confusing just give it a go to the end and you will be surprised by how good it gets.

Entertaining and worth the watch.

Its becoming tiresome at the amount of PC, SJW's destorying old stories.

Yes the show takes some leaps, but it ends up with real grit and exciting scenes.

Dont waste your time with this if you're older then 12.

I enjoyed it.

The Arthurian Cycle is surely not really considered, but, honestly, not a lot of stuff produced in the last years really follows the written sources we have from the medieval Age, so, I wouldn't really blame the show for that, as long as they are continuing with such an enjoyable production.

Zzzzzzzz .

There's nothing new in the story, they could have made a movie instead, still it'd be boring too.

Gets slightly confusing sometimes.

Waste of time don't bother to watch.

The acting is bland and the script is predictable.

I get the feeling that they were trying for a sweeping Thrones-esque epic with the one or two characters scattered all across the map, but it just feels disjointed and confusing.

Boring and acting is bad by Nimue.. also the name Nimue seems so dumb and odd.. could have been so much better.. LOST POTENTIAL..

Shame there are some good actors in this that got caught up in yet another pointless project by Netflix.

But this TV show is not boring, its so intriguing, mysterious, and i wanted more and i still want more, hopefully it will get season 2 and it will be renewed, one of the rare TV shows that i like this year, i dare say even better than the witcher or maybe on the same level.

thankfully it was predictable enough that you can haphazardly watch and still be able to fill in the plot-holes.

So dull and uninspiring, I just couldn't watch it.

It's all very predictable and it's a show that's simply trying to be too woke.

It's been a while since I saw something interesting for that realm and the characters written are quite fascinating.

Really enjoyable show!

I enjoyed it for what it is and I how it continues.

It has merit, but fell flat on the acting and was repetitive of the basic tropes we get from Netflix/Hollywood.

the show also is very poor at engaging the viewer with the world were in, i cant remeber seeing a single map of any kind to make it easier for me to understand where these places are in comparison to one another, everything seems like its a days ride.

Script, actor performance is so dull and artificial i can barely stop myself from pulling my eyes and ear out.

If you are expecting a lot like the other series came based on this genre before you'll definitely get bored.

I personally thought it was worth watching and look forward to a second season .

This is an enjoyable series.

I enjoyed it.

Highly disappointing when all you want is watch a good series and stumble upon Netflix's propaganda again.

The actors are terrible, the story line is boring, and the segways between scenes are just cheap and cartoonish.

The only thing to me which wasn't believable was the romantic chemistry between Nimue and Arthur but I was willing to overlook that because the rest of the show was so enjoyable.

The description of NImue is boring and too out of context.

after few episodes you get bored..and just wanted to finish ASAP

Total waste of time...

It's so utterly boring.

I really tried to get into this but the story doesn't really have any rhythm, pacing is off and it seems to jump around quite a bit leaving you trying to figure out what's going on.

This in my opinion merely makes it all the more intriguing, if you choose to, you are really able to dive in the setting/world the writers created.

It's good, enjoyable, and the plot is interesting.

I was getting bored.

Entertaining .

It's an good series, but sometimes a little boring and there is no chemistry between characters.

Boring and .

for instance , you can't completely relate to some of the characters , lack of back story some times has made them appear dull.

Really enjoyable show.

The pace is very slow and all over the place.

I have to say that I enjoyed it from Episode 1 and whilst intending to watch it over a couple of days binged it straight through.

the mid and last part boring.

Some TV/Movie Series die out because of prolonged/stalling tactics by writers to make it so drawn out.

Entertaining .

This show is fun, interesting and gripping till the end.

The over-acted, exaggerated, deliberate writing of "woman power"; the predictable and requisite lesbian couple; the silent brooding Witcher-like monk.....

Boring .

Far too many inconsequential characters, scenes and slow tedious dialogue.

Don't waste time, aresources and money when you could invest in any other type of Witcher or any other decent Ranganork fantasy ...

I get he's supposed to be likable but the man was about as exciting as watching paint dry, even he looked uninterested to be playing his part.

The pacing could have been better, the fight scenes are sometimes terrible, directing and dialogue is meh, but i find the story quite entertaining.

Really enjoyed it!

Otherwise enjoyable!

I'd like to say exciting.

At first I was put off by the negative reviews, then it became clear it was due to diversity in the show which is the dumbest reason ever when the show is truly well made and action packed, full of suspense and interesting characters.

RIVETING if you enjoy this kind of thing .

Very entertaining.

I read the reviews that say the show picks up after a couple slow episodes.

It was so exciting with brillant actors, good writing and exceptional visual effects!

Its really very bad omg I watched the 10 episodes bad and bad and bad don't waste your time plz don't do my mistakes

Luckily Skarsgård and all the supporting actors help the story being interesting and the whole series is definitely worth watching just because of them.

This series starts off excellent then in the middle, for me, It got really slow and suffered from some very poor script writing almost to the point where I was going to stop watching - as some of the scenes almost seemed amateur to the point of cringe (the curse of filler episodes as usual).

The dialogues were boring, and you can't connect to anyone through them.

I saw every episode but its a waste of time :(

It's like the typical horror movie cliche where a girl makes stupid choices the whole time.

There are too many other good shows to waste my time with.

Unwatchable supposed to be sword and sorcery series which just does not come off.

VERDICTDamn, Cursed, she's really bad, pretentious, looks cheap (although they sure have spent money) and on top of that it's not clear what it's really about.

Dull and boring.

Enjoyable Fantasy .

She's such a weakling most of the time it's unbearable to watch.

I like the Arthurian mythology/Merlin etc and am ok with a bit of twisting the fantasy Merlin tv series was an enjoyable adaptation but the cgi action scenes there I think were more entertaining especially with a bit of comedy whacked in.

Besides Merlin and The Weeping Monk scenes, the show is unbearable to watch.

For Me, It is an enjoyable Watch, Still dont understand the negative Reviews the story development was not bad at all and neither was everything Generally about this series .

Don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time.

The storyline is painfully predictable.

Fresh graphic novel style makes it really interesting twist and the story is quite engaging as well.

I'm also very bored of this forced diversity it smacks of laziness and an actual consideration to potential world building and character ethnicity.

Halfway into episode 1, I found myself waiting for a hook, and felt very bored.

Enjoyable Series .

The characters are bland and boring and you never learn anything about any backstory of any kings or even the red paladins so you dont care about what happens to anyone.

Only managed 25 minutes absolutely awfull dont waste your time

Netflix please stop the propaganda and make good stories .

I really enjoyed it :) .

The narrative does slow down here and there.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining Fantasy.

The last episode of the show was engaging, and the only saving grace for the show to have bit of hope for season 2.

No matter how good a cast you have without an exciting ,entertaining Or captivating script not even they can save a bad production

Sincerely acting is quite dull, I can't feel any emotion from actors, sadly.

Audio-Video -Good CGI - better than expected Story - ok , predictable Acting - ok Character decisions - usually dumb and predictableI would watch a season 2 !


Only gets bored from episode to episode.

NETFLIX'S CURSED is a great slow burner .

There was no "awestruck" moment, very predictable.

Some of the forested locations, waterfalls & background props were quite stunning & relevant to the shows mythological time era.

Its quite difficult to pull all the threads together in the right chords even when time, distance and velocity are disregarded as the story escalates quickly however there are enough layers and intriguing elements to keep your interest and most of the main roles are filled with top tier acting talent to help overlook the occasional naff script.

First off, visually it's pretty stunning.

Netflix does it again: Dull fastfood fantasy series .

Although, I have to say, Merlin's character is intriguing!

Leave your propaganda out of entertainment shows/movies because we don't want your political views (Conservative, liberal, progressive, centric doesn't matter which side it is) shoved down our throats.

Overall though, very entertaining and the last five episodes really pick up the pace and leave you wanting the next season.

The cinematography was done well w/ the vibrant colors and intriguing shots, especially during the fight scenes.

Devon Terrell who plays Arthur is just dull, so dull.

I really expected this to be like The Witcher but Netflix made Cursed a boring series for teener.

However Cursed is a waste of time.

Not quite the caliber as The Witcher or Game of Thrones, but very enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

There's also some pretty cool political messages in this show, especially with the current events, but its very lost in the dull plot, making it feel underdeveloped and sucking me back out.

Total waste of time.

Something to watch when you're bored .

Visually lovely and the set design is enjoyable, but the writing, and therefore acting is immature and uncomfortable, the relationships and character builds are clunky and the storyline inevitably boring with very little nod to the original Arthurian legends.

I really found it quite entertaining.

But the world is beautiful the costumes are nice and it's a very compelling concept that could have been better executed.

2) Enough plot twists to keep it from being predictable.

Cursed is very boring and not at all entertaining as these types of shows should be.

Entertaining .

I found the series lacking in excitement and it seemed extremely bland.

Forced Diversity is Propaganda .

Merlin is even more dull.

So rebel teen got power, fighting against parents, want to run, then "unexpected" twist, ...

I am not sure if this is maybe aimed at the Twilight-tween audience, as it seems to come across as a coming of age teen drama type thing.

The story is a bit predictable and we almost assist the writer to pen the script.

Just a waste of time.

Go watch King Arthur with Charlie Hunnam and don't waste your time with this one.

The series is quite entertaining where Katherine, Lily, and Mullan are almost perfect for their roles.

While that might be disappointing for some, I think once you come to realize this then you can find the show to be enjoyable.

What a waste of resources and time!

The performances are strong and it is filmed in a way that creates a very engaging, folklorish mood.

Worth the watch .

After the first episode I found myself bored by how bad this show was.

This and the fact that special effects were terrible made scenes that should be epic become boring and underwhelming.

I thought it was very entertaining, decent acting and well made.

Very Entertaining .

The pacing is off and there's something missing, maybe it's just too generic.

It's definitely a slow start, the first few episodes are admittedly clunky.

The series is also very predictable.

This series had potential but ruined by slow pace and poor direction in a few episodes.

The story is so so slow, acting is childish and fight scenes are laughable.

How boring is that?

I do agree that there is something missing, but it's still an enjoyable story.

Are there some slow parts?

Boring and a waste of time .

Great acting and a fairytale you read as a child comes alive with amazing tv graphics and stunning visuals from trees coming alive to magical powers.

Total waste of time .

While I admit the show has its flaws, a relatively disappointing start despite the hype and not much depth to some characters (especially the main- Nimue) and the dialogue/writing could definitely have been better, it does get much better if you give it a chance and from the end of ep 7 to the last ep, I felt it got really good and exciting and I was very happy with it in the end.

This is the worst piece of propaganda I've ever seen on Netflix.

This show is worth the watch, make up your own minds and let those who lack one continue to give it a 1 star rating.

Since I was a child, I always liked tv shows and movies with knights, cloak and dagger style, with men of honor, blades, vicious schemes and thrilling fights.

Worth the watch.

Enjoyed it.

Credit where credit's due though- I somehow did still find it entertaining and watched the whole season.

To cut the story short , apart from some beautiful landscapes, this is a genuine waste of time.

Her character is really boring here and I didn't find anything remarkable about her at all, also at times it is actually hard to root for her or care about her which becomes an issue as the show goes on.

Waste of time!.

But her performance here is dull.

Waste of money by dkmoibg a poorly executed drama like this.

I grew up in communist country and i know PROPAGANDA when i see it.

Bland boring characters and random fantasy elements mushed together .

I find this series quite entertaining.

Very enjoyable!!

Don't waste your time.

Definitely different from the traditional Arthurian tales, which makes the characters confusing because they use the same names.

Good actors and exciting plot.

Very enjoyable and I hope for a season 2

The Weeping Knight remained intriguing, despite the constant shadow over his face, (I think there was just one scene in ten episodes where he wasn't hooded).

I tried to watch this, but it was just so boring.

I was dying for some more fantasy-esque shows to state my loving hunger for such things but this one is just so disjointed and awfully put together.

The first issue is pacing-- plot points that are obvious or relatively minor are drawn out excruciatingly (seriously, that one relationship reveal was hammered over and over again, like it was the biggest shock since Luke Skywalker's father) while ones that are more complex or important are rushed.

It is worth watching and hoping that the second season will be better.

While the beginning is a hard "ok", the second half is very enjoyable.

Majority of the low reviews at this time are complaining about a black man playing Arthur and the show somehow being liberal propaganda.

What a waste of acting talent and money.

The storylines are full of big holes and confusing turns of events.

The CG isn't great, but I could live with that if the story were in any way engaging or compelling.

At this point, things like this is similar to propaganda.

The most unexpected (and therefore the most anticipated) revelation was right at the end.

It is fairly entertaining.

If I'm reading some reviews, I think we have a problem - people are getting to easily bored.

I think we need to slow down both in movies and TV.

Please don't waste your time watching it.

just a complete yawn.

She's dull and the acting is just bizarre.

Entertaining eyecandy .

It is enjoyable and refreshing in its own way.

There is no story, not one single good looking face and only one interesting character, Pym, as everyone else are unlikeable or bland at most, including the main protagonist.

Although I didn't care for the book that much, thought the story was a little dull, and wondered why Netflix would pick this story of all the cool SYFY fantasy books out there, I thought the show followed the book almost to a T and was very well done.