Dark Ride (2006) - Horror, Thriller

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A group of six friends on a road trip stop off at an amusement park attraction named 'Dark Ride', unaware that a psychopath who brutally murdered two girls, has just escaped a mental institution and is seeking refuge there.

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Craig Singer
Stars: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Patrick Renna
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 102 found boring (26.47%)

One-line Reviews (102)

The cinematography is lazy and the colors are bland.

- it's that pointless.

It was an exciting and entertaining hour and a half of pure slasher fare that had some real interesting surprises.

I think this will be the first of many entertaining offerings heading to the big screen from this promising artist.

These movies are suppose to be to gory and scary for theater, but they actually seem to be too boring and awful for theaters.

I was also able to say, "insert tedious cheap scare...

Shame on people for going into this movie expecting anything more than drugs, sex, pointless bloodshed, and a cheap laugh.

As for the "unexpected" plot twist: meh.

It's entertaining from beginning to end.

Boring Collection of Clichés .

The film starts off intriguing enough and is pretty direct as to what you can expect as far as the film's gore factor.

That is given a great work-over when they give the killer's backstory and history with the ride as it goes into the incarceration and everything involved with that in a great lead-up to the fun that occurs with them getting picked off inside which was surprising and enjoyable letting it work into a generally workable slasher routine.

Only one good scene and the rest was a waste of time.

There's a fine line between cliché and stupidity.

The final confrontation, taking place in a great setting within the building, is exciting, creepy and pretty action-packed, letting the huge hulking killer get some decent stalking moments in while generating some rather fun suspense with the entire situation playing out in the darkness which also works, making for a great finish.

It isn't a great movie by any means, but I have to give it a half-and-half rating at least because it was pretty entertaining for what it was.

This movie was entertaining to watch as it a mostly well written script that had some great jump scares and intense scenes along with a great ending.

Reminiscent of the old 70's slasher films, Dark Ride is, mostly, set in an abandoned amusement park ride and delivers a compelling (albeit derivative) story.

This movie is to slasher flick fans as a carousel ride is to roller coaster enthusiasts: sure, it goes up and down and around, but it's boring as hell.

A slasher film in the most cliché possible way.

Fits of screaming and sobbing, running into walls, shivering and blubbering, no histrionic emotion is left unused, and it soon becomes very tiresome.

Entertaining modern slasher .

It made it harder to care about anyone, I thought some parts of the movie dragged.

Campy And Formulaic Horror Flick, Similar To Tobe Hooper's "The Funhouse".

I can forgive a film for being bad if they actually TRIED to do something creative, but Dark Ride was a clichéd, tired, and tedious disposable project.

Terrible and Boring .

Teens with the typical cliché personalities go on the road to spring break, and stop by an old amusement park to stay the night at the dark ride there.

The character traits, situations, and dialogue feel formulaic.

It has no moral, It has no plot, It's rising action is just killing and killing and killing.

It was quite confusing & crap!

i cannot say i liked the end though because i didn't, i felt it was very predictable as i figured it out at the beginning.

It was fun exciting, and sick, although the ending did fall a bit

It had no story.

Once these idiots get into the ride it just turns into a formula yawn-inducing mess with the killer stalking and killing them.

The slasher "Dark Ride" is a boring collection of clichés.

The second thing only worth watching is the head being slashed in two.

This is an entertaining thrill ride that serves merely as a focal point for jokes and a few cool gore bits, and as that much, it succeeds.

So boring, it could've been good, with better acting, directing, dialogue...

There's some confusion with whether or not it's raining, there's some really poor choices of p.

Overall it was pretty enjoyable.

If you like slasher type movies with very little plot, then you might enjoy this; otherwise take a pass and pick up something else.

There's also a pointless nude scene which was so obviously and stupidly shoved in that I felt sorry for the actress.

There are a couple of death scenes that are certainly worth watching, If you are a horror fan.

Boring .

I saw it during Horrorfest right after Unrest - which was one of the most drawn-out, overdone movies I've seen since House of the Dead, so my expectations were low.

From the film geek who seems to have never seen a movie that wasn't directed by Cimino, to the horny guy with a van, everyone is stock and boring.

Whatever the viewer may expect in a B-movie of the genre, he or she will find in this flick: bad acting, poor screenplay and budget, breasts, screams, the victims splitting from the group and killed one by one, "unexpected" twist etc. In the end, watching this flick is a pure waste of time.

Also, predictable right down to the twist at the end.

But--all in all--this is a slow, boring horror film that you've seen hundreds of time before--only better.

Too much bore, not enough gore.

Also on the DVD that I watched there was a commentary track which is worth listening to along with two featurettes,a storyboard gallery and deleted scenes all of which are worth watching.

I see all the not so great reviews, but I actually enjoyed it.

But if you enjoy a good old corny slasher flick, this weird little throwback to '80s style splatter pictures might be an enjoyable find.

Aside from being a total rip-off of the Halloween series (escaped mental patient returns home; a sibling is attached in the plot line; the killer wears a mask and coveralls, doesn't talk, appears and disappears, gets purposely rammed by a car, etc), the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the whole crazy hitchhiker part; the main character escapes by jumping out a window), House of 1,000 Corpses (the neon lighting and the whole "horror ride" setting, the hitchhiker looking like Baby and wearing a cowboy hat and having an annoying laugh), the movie itself was cliché to hell!

The ending was so cliché, a "twist" that has been done thousands of times in horror movies, and before it, I was actually really liking it.

Overall, Dark Ride was a much slower paced movie that the preview made it seem, the characters did all of the stupid things that you would expect them to, there was gratuitous nudity and blood (in a few parts) and the killer and setting were very creepy.

The whole thing is extremely clichéd and takes obvious influence from just about every other modern horror film about a bunch of kids and a maniacal psychopath; but the script has its moments and the horror is at times inventive and suspenseful.

About half the movie is set in a "ghost train" funfair ride at night, and the location provides some neat, if rather predictable, shocks.

The dialog is neither snappy nor hip and the characters are unlikable, which make every scene leading up to the bloodshed incredibly tedious.

Nobody expects Oscar-worthy material from a movie like this, but the flick should at least be entertaining.

But it still manages to be entertaining and fun aside from it's downfalls.

I fell asleep trying to watch this movie, twice.

There was some pretty entertaining dialogue in the first half, which was probably the highlight.

Most people call it cliché.

In the end I liked 2 of the kills and the killer, the twist ending was another that I called very early in the film and like Reincarnation fans of horror will more than likely see it before the ending to but I really hated the long dull ride to this Dark Ride.

It starts out great, and throughout the whole movie it turns out to be very exciting and thrilling!

Every classic slasher trope and cliche imaginable was used in this film.

Yah, the plot is predictable and the characters are sort of cookie cutter.

One of the best aspects is that this is incredibly creepy and suspenseful due entirely to the beyond- spectacular ride building where this takes place in.

This cliché-ridden mess should never have received wide theatrical release, and instead lingered in the forgotten bargain bin of Wal-Mart.

The killer – named Jonah – is very colorless & uninteresting persona and he definitely lacks the charisma to become a new legendary icon to follow up Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.

Something unexpected.

There are some unexpected twists, and the script breaks up the tension with some real belly laughs.

It's abit camp, and abit tongue in cheek, but it's quite entertaining to watch.

It's formulaic, clichéd, and predictable in quite a few ways.

no not really, but its far from gripping simply because its so similar to stuff we've seen before.

I'm not exactly sure on which criteria the titles of this festival were selected, but originality definitely can't be one of them, as "Dark Ride" is hugely derivative of Tobe Hooper's "The Funhouse" as well as a dozen of other mundane 80's slashers.

Add into that a generally twisted and confusing layout and a generous helping of off-screen noises and this goes a long way toward making it creepy and suspenseful.

Cliché premise with -some- surprises .

An enjoyable slasher flick .

Overall, "Dark Ride" is an enjoyable little slasher fest that isn't much more than that.

Part of the popular After Dark Horror Film Festival (which included the remarkable horror film, "The Abandoned" among seven others), "Dark Ride" is a weirdly entertaining little slasher film heavily reminiscent of Tobe Hooper's "The Funhouse".

I understand that they needed to set up a lot of back story but in doing so they made the last portion of the movie very predictable.

There is some tongue-in-cheek humor that's enjoyable.

I definitely enjoyed it.

To my mind, the most enjoyable slashers were those that managed to have relatively likable characters in peril without being overly mean-spirited, all the cast played they're parts well in my opinion Jamie Lynn made a very likable heroine and not your typical virgin character either, and Alex Solowitz who plays the film geek also gives a standout performance although he does disappear for a big chunk of the movie.

(very original part, never heard that one before)On their way, they get sidetracked and decide it would be awesome to spend a night at an amusement-park's horror ride, so they could save the money for the hotel.

They're going to go for the cheesy, cliché' attempt at irony.

boring flick with only two good moments .

As many flaws as there are with this movie I did enjoy the atmosphere of it, as stated earlier it seemed to have a more slow creepy aroma instead of the pop up every minute that these movies usually contain.

Don't waste your time.

The attractive young cast all contribute solid and engaging performances.

We saw DARK RIDE as a part of Horrorfest and found it to be entertaining.

The only thing I enjoyed within the first fifteen minutes was the slow scare theme that seemed present in the movie.

Likable, Yet So Formulaic .

However, for the most part it is a typical slasher movie with a bit of a predictable twist at the end.

Including the bad acting and bad quality, the feel of the movie felt way to cliché.

"My whole situation reeks of cliché.

Whomever conceived this abortion lacked the ability to create suspense, though, and instead you are simply bored to tears waiting for some sort of blood, mayhem, and pain.

Besides this, "Dark Ride" is still an enjoyable little blood-soaked horror flick.

Above that, it was a little entertaining, and i ain't sorry for having seen it.

Nowadays, it seems that the once fascinating rides through dark rides have been followed by horror movies under use of extensive special effects.