Daydream Nation (2010) - Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



A city girl who moves to a small town and becomes entangled in a love triangle between her high school teacher and a stoner classmate.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Michael Goldbach
Stars: Kat Dennings, Reece Thompson
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 44 found boring (34.09%)

One-line Reviews (31)

None of it adds up to anything, however, and other parts of the movie are either pointless or disappointing.

There are also slow scenes and slightly annoying first person narration.

I guess this feeds the CIA propaganda.

There is enough in the movie to keep you interested and watching through the slow parts, and after the ending you will be glad you did.

Typical CBC/Lifetime boring movie, made by too many actors and crew who spent too much time hotboxing and not enough time writing, directing, filming and acting.

In final word,Daydream Nation is a flawed,but entertaining film thanks to the performances from Kat Dennings and the rest of the cast and the direction of the film and you can watch the movie based on the performances and direction.

Totally unpredictable.

The Cast:all of the actors were nice to see but Josh Lucas & Kat Dennings do their best despite the bad script,pointless dialogs.

That was the worst movie I've seen since Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

From the Point Of View of a Smart, Bored, Jaded, Well Heeled Woman over 40 .

As somebody else was saying, there are quite a bit of scenes or events in the movie which seem a little superfluous or pointless, at least in the sense that they don't lead anywhere further and thus become weird mere "decorations".

The truth is somewhere in-between, but I'm giving it a high score because it cleverly subverts the coming of age genre by taking the clichés -- sex in cars, power games, wild teen parties, crushes on teachers, etc -- and then turning them on their head, or in some cases even letting bits of plot drift off into oblivion.

Daydream Nation is one of those coming of age movies, which seems so real and beautiful that you want to watch it for longest you can.

Overall a gripping coming of age movie, which will leave a good long lasting effect.

The slow reveal of this character is great and Lucas really plays the oddity of this weirdo well.

The director has nicely incorporated coming of age drama with serial killer on the loose and industrial fire burning.

Daydream Nation is a flawed,but entertaining well made Coming of Age film filled with great performances and great direction that is dramatic and sometimes darkly funny.

Fast paced, realistic & relevant.

the mood of the film was very dreary.

She becomes involved in 2 very different relationships with men, out of boredom, and the rest of the film explores the insecurities that everyone, young and old, experiences in life.

Don't let the trailer fool you, it will deceive you into thinking it's an interesting, exciting, smart, sexy story when it's a collection of groan-inducing, contrived clichés, "set against a backdrop of an industrial fire".

This is just one more in a long line of boring, filmed-in-BC, movies-with-a-message.

This film managed to take a lot of elements you've seen before and mashed them together in such a funny, sweet and unexpected way that it came out the other end as what will probably be thought of us a modern teenage classic.

Mike Goldbach's heart-rending dialogue and dreamy directing style resulted in a delicious, hot, compelling, and generally stunning film.

For some reason it reminded me of a cross between "Juno" & "Donnie Darko", I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Overall this is a good movie, but not great, definitely worth watching though.

She's a high school girl who's widowed father has dragged her from the big city to a small town, although that's one of the biggest bits of stuff that doesn't stick to the wall.

Really unique great coming of age film .

Kat Dennings's stunning performance just blew me away as a city girl who ends up in a strange small town for a year when "everything happened".

Needless to say it's all a lot of fun--albeit dark fun--and things take some wild twists that suspend logic but are all the more enjoyable for it.

The first half was pretty slow, the second half picked up and the last 20 min was great.