Deadpool 2 (2018) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (a.k.a. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling cyborg Cable.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: David Leitch
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 141 out of 1000 found boring (14.1%)

One-line Reviews (462)

Enjoyable Second Film for Deadpool .

Dont waste your time this movie is deadpool 2 re-run

More of the same, means more predictable .

Returning characters are just as entertaining as usual.

So if you liked Dead Pool, you'll like this movie, but leave the theater wondering how they could do a 3rd film without beginning to either start revamping the same jokes or becoming a parody of itself.

Overall a great movie Enjoyed It.

Don't worry though, because "Deadpool 2" is funnier and more entertaining than my poorly written review.

The music is haunting and rousing and most of the direction is very assured and sharp, and more in control of the tonal balances.

Too poor movie.. All well predictable, as if that were not enough, Deadpool goes on to tell everything, to look cool.

Worth watching for a few laughs and some action.

It has the same flaws and qualities as the 1st: a relatively basic plot (villains are a bit better this time, though), breathtaking action, butt and dick jokes, 4th wall breaking jokes with tons of pop reference.

Deadpool 1 was hilarious, exciting and not what I was expecting from a X men film.

Don't waste your time on this.

Boring at times and predictable outcomes.

Guardians of the Galaxy has also done an amazing job with their soundtracks and the soundtracks make the films so enjoyable.

Hyper but enjoyable .

I laughed, I enjoyed it, I even almost cried at some parts.

The pacing, music, the unexpected twists, amazing fight choreography all are obedient to telling a great story.

I was bored the whole time.

This film is funny and action packed.

I though Deadpool 2 was a funny and enjoyable movie.

Exciting movie .

Almost all of the new characters introduced I did not care about at all, they were either unlikable or uninteresting.

I found myself bored and yawning at the thin plot and shallow characters.

There are plenty of action here, cool special effects, some unexpected turn of events and some heart in between.

The worst movie I have seen lately.

The first Deadpool movie was entertaining enough, but this sequel was unsatisfying predictable crud with a thick slathering of pathetic insincere preachiness on top.

Seriously worst movie of 2018.

Hell the End Credit scenes alone are worth watching.

I enjoyed Deadpool the first a lot, it was different and I believe really helped break the boring Marvel mold.

i thought story and direction is great same director who did Atomic Blonde, he was also Uncredited director of first John Wick (2014), so was one of stunt man in a lot of action movies so he knows Action well then to any another directors like Tim Miller but Tim kinda slow down the action in first movie.

But what a waste of time the sequel was!

Pathetic and Waste of time .

Overall, thoroughly enjoyable.

I could've just watched Deadpool 2 at home - Since there is NO option to vote for Once Upon A Deadpool - and there should be, sadly I'm going to have to come back and downvote this, simply because you made me waste 2 hours of my life and $24.00 for a movie ticket.

Verdict: Even with a few flaws, I still thought that Deadpool 2 was an entertaining film.

The first one was funny and on the edge with the R rating.

I don't easily appreciate profanity and gory stuff, even in comedy movies, but this one just hits the right balance, just making it enjoyable.

The lack of plot and the unnecessary use of 90% of the characters just did it.

When Deadpool wants to be Deadpool is a fantastic, funny and crazy film but when Deadpool wants to be a generic superhero film is a bored, cloying and obvious film.

dont make it deadpool 3.. its boring .

Dont waste your time.

Pretty consistently entertaining despite a few bumps .

Josh Brolin's Cable character was quite fascinating in terms of his background, his methods of accomplishing his goal and the little things that play with our expectations of this ethics.

Altogether, "Deadpool 2" is far more entertaining and uproarious than "Deadpool," and the writers create greater depth and spontaneity in this follow-up.

Finally, the soundtrack is generic and predictable.

It's one of the worst movies ever made.

Entertaining .

The movie and the character are enjoyable.

It was action packed, hilarious and endlessly fun!

The sequel is stiill thrilling and spectacular.

Don't waste your time with this garbage.

Too bad, don't waste your time watching this crap.

Me, being the one who never watched the first one, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

The script and storyline was made in a way that is impossible to get bored.

Pointless weak script and pathetic jokes!

For the 2nd time in 2 years, I walked in with average expectations but walked out AGAIN ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED.

It still enjoyed it, even though some of the jokes feel a little flat.

No plot, no story, just destruction .

It takes all the elements that worked the first time around - from a surprisingly layered screenplay filled with a veritable assault of one-liners to extraordinary action sequences, among many others - and manages to successfully replicate them here without being reductive, repetitive or predictable.

A completely pointless character other than as a political tool.


This was an unexpected character turn for Deadpool, it was quite refreshing to see him display remorse and go to such lengths to instill hope into Firefist (something Colossus had faith in for Deadpool), despite a few needlessly mean-spirited moments where he weirdly broke that character arc for no foreseeable reason.

If you saw the 1st one, enjoyed it and had a great time...

Quite boring.

Is fun, brainless, creative and surprisingly unpredictable as a film.

Thankfully, the sequel changes it up a fair bit and keeps the series fresh and entertaining.

I find it quite boring.

The script is very shallow and predictable and the action scenes failed to impress.

To the point where you might feel a hint of your gag-reflex kicking in; The movie is actually a bit entertaining

Indeed a new group of oddballs anti super anti super super anti heroes, it is entertaining and childish fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Deadpool 2" for what it was; which was an equally entertaining movie as the first "Deadpool" movie, so just lean back and enjoy the ride, have the laughs and learn new jokes as the movie progress.

Boring .

As for the rest of the actors and actresses, they are just dull and boring.

The first half was a bit boring, and the second half of the action was fierce and laughter-intensive.

As for the plot, I wasn't really into it, but the characters' personalities still made the movie enjoyable for me.

In fact, the story takes a fairly surprising turn, taking us in an unpredictable direction.

Boring and Predictable .

Reynolds and the girl are the only acceptable characthers, the others get boring too fast and they don't work.

The story seemed pretty mediocre and dragged.

Truly enjoyed it the whole way through

Don't waste your time on this movie.

Also the scenes where deadpool dies multiple times became just annoying and his quarrels with Cable made me check my watch, it felt dragged out.

Boring, junior high school level jokes and aimless movie.

This was mega boring and most stupit film i watched recently .

And while the first 30 minutes do become boring, overall this is a much better time than before, it even has some decent emotional moments (which could be completely undercut if the end credits scene is canon).

Let's be real, littleging12 is writing another wordy and pretentious review so he can pretend that he has a big penis, when in reality he has a chode.

A boring and lame movie that perfectly ruins sweet memory of first Dead pool.

It's certainly not better than the original, even if just because the first film was so fresh and unexpected and changed the entire superhero game for Fox.

I am not sure if the version shown the UK is lightly edited because of the 15 rating whilst the first was an 18 certificate, but still enjoyable and worth the price of admission, and buying on Blu-ray.

I became so numbed and bored I couldn't finish watching it.

for me this movie 9.10 it's worth of your time, it's worth for money, it's worth to see this sequel if you loved first movie to death or fan of X-MEN movies, i enjoyed it i am into dark RATED Comic Book movies for this was right one for me to see....

Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Instead I can watch Deadpool 2 two times in a row so I can pause it to laugh out loud aplenty and I've done that, it is just absolutely fascinating.

The movie capitalizes on what it did well in the first movie and the result is a riotously entertaining, surprisingly emotional, and satisfying second installment.

It still an entertaining film and keeps true to its style and violence.

Jokes were not funny, predictable movie altogether.

Spoiled by propaganda, reduced its quality to rubbish .

Deadpool 2 was an enjoyable experience at the movies.

Very funny and very entertaining and I'd go as far to say better than the first one.

Besides few good moments the movie is boring and not funny.

Overall, it's a rather enjoyable movie.

I consider most action movies with a lot of CGI to have boring action, so take from that what you will.

Found the self-humor enjoyable.

film(s), but for me this was pointless movie, much worse than the first one with no soul, not whatsoever.

Talk about confusing!

Waste of time .

Every scene is depressing, panicky, fake, cliche...

Both qualities coupled with constant flakes of Deadpool humor make those sequences enjoyable compounded by more enjoyment.

If he is the hero and we are supposed to believe he is really trying to be a kinder understanding person, why is he determined to undermine it at every turn or rather why are the writers trying to bring us closer to the mundane trailer trash mind while pushing an ending that is opposite and not believable?

Deadpool 2 is filled with witty punchlines, great action and entertaining performances just as the first one was.

no script,no characters,low-level jokes .

I don't find them funny or entertaining, I just find them stupid and dull.

In after credits scene, deadpool uses Cable's device to fix every thing and it was very cheap and makes movie pointless briefly this movie was like sit-com with Deadpool and story part is one of the worst I've ever seen.

Ah heartbreaking , and enjoyable , funny , this movie was great!

Movie was full of forced jokes and carried a predictable and simplistic plot.

It's entertaining in its own way.

" If he was anymore pretentious, he'd get nominated for an Oscar.

Compared to my first watch of Deadpool 2, I was genuinely bored in some parts, and had to resort to my phone so I didn't fall asleep.

And the character "Domino" made for some entertaining moments with her super ability of "luck".

I admit there were some good pop culture references and lines that gave me a light chuckle but overall DP's left wing schtick got tiresome fast.

Predictable, hollywood political, and just simply boring.

Extremely Entertaining .

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's much better than the first one.

Those scenes serve absolutely no purpose for the plot, so the only logical conclusion is they are deliberate propaganda.

Moments like that make Deadpool 2 momentarily worth watching.

The action looked way better, every action scene was funny and entertaining to watch.

This must have been the greatest Marvel Movie so far, full of wit and laughter, superb music choices and breathtaking action, all the ingredients of a great night out at the Movies

Ryan Reynolds is clearly in love with this character and is a big reason these movies work, and with this being a large step up from the boring, formulaic first instalment, hopefully part 3 will top them both.

Starting with several "X-Men" (2000) epics, sequels and prequels, "Spider-Man" (2002) sequels and reboots, "The Fantastic Four" (2005) and its sequel "The Rise of the Silver Surfer," and then "Iron Man" (2008), "The Incredible Hulk" (2008), "Thor" (2011), "Captain America" (2011), "Guardians of the Galaxy" (2014), "Ant Man" (2015), "Doctor Strange" (2016), and "Black Panther" (2017), the Marvel Cinematic Universe has outperformed its venerable rivals in the DC Universe, spouting risqué humor with PG-13 restraint, engaging characters, all swirled with sensational CGI.

American cliche comedy .

While Deadpool and Domino fight Cable on the fast-moving convoy, Russell frees mutant inmate Juggernaut (voiced by Reynolds), he agrees to repay Russell by helping him to kill the abusive orphanage headmaster (Eddie Marsan), Juggernaut destroys the truck and he and Russell escape.

There is far more story to sink your teeth into this time around, and there are unexpected emotional beats for a character who is essentially a pop culture joke machine.


Filled with the same level of violence and gore as the first movie, this action packed comedy superhero movie is the best release of the year that I have seen so far.

Deadpool 2 is funny, touching, action packed, and crude.

The parachute scene was also entertaining.

The movie is packed with jokes but most of them are misfires, and of course they tried to turn the ending into a joke as well but it just drags on and never delivers, and left me bored and even a little sad.

So predictable.

Just seems a little repetitive on the humor at times, few scenes that seemed unnecessary and overdone.

It's just great until a certain point, then it starts to be repetitive and at the last third is absolutely totally crap.

Really enjoyable, I kinda liked it better then the original Deadpool movie.

Ho-hum .

On a very base level this is an enjoyable comedy.

no story line at all.

What's fascinating this time is that while the original Deadpool was a love story, the sequel is definitely a family story.

There are plenty of jokes and actions but the jokes seemed to be a bit meh, I only remembered laughing out loud twice and story line is a bit disjointed.

Although Deadpool 2 was just under two hours, I did want it to go longer; it was just an enjoyable film.

This is easily one of the most entertaining Marvel movies ever made.

Boring .

People who say there is no plot watched a different film.

An amazing improvement and a good and enjoyable movie.

It's very funny, action packed, and entertaining.

For a "film" just less than two hours long, it dragged on forever!

Every bit as aggressively irreverent and wildly entertaining as its predecessor, "Deadpool 2" is a perfect superhero sequel.

In this movie his character was deepen and we discover more of his personality, confirming once again what I had already expressed in the review of the first movie: there is no other character like Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for me these two movies with Guardians of the Galaxy are the only ones that are really worth to be watch, because they are different and really intriguing.

Also personally found Julian Dennison on the annoying side and parts of the story are disjointed.

Save your money.

This delivers as you'd expect in an action packed sequel full of @&@£ words and bloody action.

That being said, besides the few times that it circumvents its own plot, Deadpool 2 follows a hackneyed, cliche plot that doesn't stray far from typical beats, and the "sad part" at the beginning feels incredibly shoe-horned in and weak.

OK, it's probably not on the same level as the first Deadpool movie, but it's still enjoyable.

The slow death of R .

Domino's character is the best in the entire film, even if she is a walking contrivance by design, and I thought her performance was the most enjoyable as well.

It's totally unwatchable for me.

Adrenaline, endorphins, it's like an orgasm times one million.

It feels very much in the genre which contributes to a more engaging experience.

First half was the most boring thing i have ever seen.

The storyline was okay if a little mundane, the effects were pretty good though, especially the scenes in slow motion.

It's ok but it's a bit bland and a bit 'meh' in places.

No story, no story no story .

It keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and keeps you guessing because of how spartically it jump cuts.

This is how a fan movie should work - irreverent, entertaining and leaves you hoping for a sequel.

I was bored, dumbfounded, confused, and deeply disappointed.

Though some of these moments dip a little deep into the CG budget and, as mentioned, the most tangible are reduced to blink-and-you'll-miss-it montage segments, the clashes with Cable and a late second-act chase are rather thrilling.

Even that film doesn't have too much re-watch value, though it remains an enjoyable watch for what it is, so I can't imagine what this will be like on a second go.

Many major plot points as well prove to be unbearably cliched predictable.

Russell possessed this haunting StephenKing-esqe sort of character about him of the likes of a demonized problem child immersed into witchcraft occultism, the kid was marvelously persuading indeed.

A wildly entertaining sequel .

Everyone wants the best for him, but he stuck in everything bad about his life then wallowed in it, then justified the wallowing with a cliche instead of bouncing back and moving on.

Good music background picks, I enjoyed it!

no story, no sense, no good jokes.

Confusion, bewilderment, and boredom carried the day.

It is more for a brainless laugh, than for an adrenaline fuelled adventure.

Deadpool 2 is as funny, action packed and self aware as its predecessor.

I loved the trailers and got me going for the movie but alas I found myself getting a bit bored and not as engaged as I hoped I'd be.

This movie has no story.

Ryan Reynolds confirms once again that he is the best actor to play the hilarious, vulgar, violent, irreverent, unpredictable Deadpool (here even more in depth, revealing his more human and, if we want, deep side that makes him even more an interesting and appreciable character) thanks to his great feeling with it that allows him to interpret it with a lot of naturalness and spontaneity.

Still, it was a 7 or a 7.5/10 for me and I enjoyed it.

The whole movie to me looked like all the worst parts of every superhero movie I've ever seen mixed together and combined with the deeply ironic "Meta" character of Deadpool, hoping to create something that in any way resembles the innovative and entertaining first part which just didn't work at all.

The story itself is more thrilling.

All the characters are pretty much bland with no depth and the plot is paper-thin.

Still fun and enjoyable, Juggernaught was great, Cable was done well.

The gambler character played by the actress from Atlanta is great, and I love her character, but every thing other than that is straight boring.

Waste of time

Funny, action packed and entertaining from start to finish.

This movie is totally pointless.. :(

Boring boring boring.

All the best moments were in the trailer, for sure, including several alternate ad-libbed lines and a few set-pieces committed to montage in the final result, but there are moments where our central character, and those behind the scenes not related to anything visual, shut up and get out of their own way to allow for some decently enjoyable action sequences.

Hilarious and entertaining.

For example, the first half of Cable's storyline feels a bit disjointed from the rest of the film.

Overall, highly entertaining and a sequel and overall film that ticked most of the right boxes.

I found the film to be raunchy, vulgar, action packed and deliciously funny.

1/10 waste of time

Josh Brolin creates an interesting antagonist as Cable whose back story and depth feel much more entertaining the the first film's generic villain.

The plot, what little there was, boring and forgettable.

Nonetheless, the story, a domestic drama filtered through the Deadpool parody of superheros, is engaging and actually touching.

Domino has the power of luck, which sounds kind of lazy as Deadpool puts it, but its so fascinating.

It's not very smart, but it's coherent enough if you're willing to go along with the pace, and it's full of entertaining moments.

The story is still nothing special, and still falls into the trap of being exactly like the cliché comic book movies it ridicules, and is no where near as meta as it thinks it is, or needs to be, in order to be something really different, especially when all marvel movies mock themselves anyway.


The jokes don't work anymore, too much repetitive, they over use the meta to try to cancel the bad writing by saying it is bad.

What we got was overglorified origin story with limited budget, disjointed plot and a humor like it was long episode of "South Park".

That is worth watching all this for that alone.

Like 'Deadpool', 'Deadpool 2' was very entertaining, and again credit is due for trying to take more of a comedic edge to a genre that can be taken seriously (sometimes overly so) and for taking risks.

A pretty enjoyable film and cinema experience!

The action is still fantastic, but even the action is more enjoyable, because it isnt non stop as it was in Deadpool 1.

First off, I felt like Vanessa's death in the beginning was so dramatic and intense that it distracted me from the movie.

I know it is hard to believe in this era of liberal (message) movies and tv but this one was actually enjoyable.

A soulless and boring sequel.

Totally useless and boring movie !

I enjoyed it less than the first movie.

And what comes on top, he knows he is inside a movie, turnes everything Into something silly, meaningless and boring.

Acting is good, however plot is leaf thin and the one liners are a bit boring after have seen the first film.

The problem I had is in the DP 1 you had the shock factor of a tongue in cheek marvel character but in this movie that's already gone, so you have to rely on a good plot but unfortunately it lacked that, so I felt a little bit bored by it.

No plot Jokes not funny Lame characters Disgrace to superhero moviesWas expecting better after DP1Not this crap!

Not as good as the first one, but still entertaining.

Conclusion: A completly ridiculous, violent, funny and entertaining superhero-mov....

I don't know how to express my self ,but simple its idiotic film that only kids who like alot of blood and CGI will like it story line ZERO, movie didnt make even to smile it was just so boring and for me most strang part is i see 8/10 in IMBD did they pay it becose most of comments are like me .

However it has its slow moments.

Depressing, dark, no story line, what does all this violence even mean?

Funny, Action packed...

The plot was engaging and thrilling at times.

Entertaining if quite a bit too long.

Formulaic, phoned-in, not funny.. unimaginative.

Just like the first film Deadpool 2 is exciting and funny.

It's not perfect, but it's very funny and enjoyable.

For me was a completely boring movie !

The excess of jokes, extreme violence and politically correct policies spoils so much the movie that they become unbearable.

After an entertaining, violent, and profane action sequence, the film takes a dramatic side for a few moments, only to return to whacking off more heads.

It makes you wish that you get up and leave the theater because there is nothing that can make Deadpool 2 worth watching.

There's even wise-cracking and jokes in the middle of intense action scenes, never falling short on laughs.

Watch it and you will find out the exciting connections he makes with all these characters.

I've tried a few and they bore me to death within 10 minutes.

So I went into this movie expecting something that would made me laugh and entertain me, of course knowing that second parts in generell tend to be more dull and less surprising.

)Okay the characters can be a little sketchy in back story, but with movie goers complaining of long running times and drawn out sequences, I believe it's handled well here.

Storyline is also boring, predictable and already seen in tons of previous movies.

While it may not be as funny as the first one & the characters & the script are pretty cliche, it's still a fun movie & definitely worth the watch.

There was really no story to this movie and the XMen cameos, although funny, are just getting so confusing.

"Deadpool 2" by David Leitch unimpeachably dynamizes only some of the features which made the first movie so freestanding, unusually special and extravagant while neglecting aspects of cardinal importance as a good approach to the characters, a stunning visual section and a deep, conscious development and treatment to a powerful villain.

The narrative never completely ventures into serious territory, but the more compelling parts were pretty moving, despite the fact that there were gags around every corner.

When Josh Brolin said in an interview that Deadpool 2 was funnier was the first Deadpool I thought it was some promotion BS but was i glad I was wrong Deadpool 2 was funnier and more action packed than the first Movie.

It's different.. It's entertaining.. It's a must watch!.

Enjoyable journey that will leave you overwhelmed- though the storyline was a little weak and Juggernaut wasn't used wholeheartedly.

When you give a movie a one that means its one of the worst movies you've ever seen, I find it hard to believe that this is a one even if you didn't like it.

Well with added scenes and a torrent of more side splitting gags The Superdooper cut seems to flow much more naturally making for a more enjoyable experience.

Yawn .

fun and entertaining to watch, some violent and the jokes only american can understand.

Reynolds is again fantastic as the wisecracking anti-hero, he does many more fourth wall breaks, send-ups of clichés and in-jokes, Brolin (who is also Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, released only a month before this) is also great as the complex and compelling antagonist.

Bored, pointless, worse marvel, out of my expectations, bye deadpool i dont like you

Waste of time .

The opening song is boring, and does not fit the story.

The story in Deadpool 2 is hugely better and more entertaining than the previous one, jumping straight in with full-on Deadpool action and leading on to a genuinely engaging narrative.

Despite all the humor, there's a layer of attractive and compelling depth that's not hard to find if you look closely enough.

So Deadpool 2 was not as amazing as the first movie it was still fresh,enjoyable,funny and i cant wait for more.

Much care to create a really enjoyable, watchable movie.

its sad moments and even some boring moments.

On the other hand it does try way too hard at being like the first one, it feels very rushed at times, some characters are pretty difficult to follow and the other half of the humor is either way too much in your face or it just doesn't fit in the moment.

It hurts me when all the cliches are thrown in the plot, and I've literally fallen asleep on a few occasions during intense fight scenes.

In this superhero film, Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Deadpool, making this movie generally enjoyable, as he seriously pokes at the superhero genre.

Felt pointless.

Don't waste your time and money.

It's hard to follow a movie like Deadpool.

Boring,predictable and cliche.

Don't waste your time.

Yes, it gets tiresome.

whiny, boring and not funny

dont waste your time .

Story was boring!

These jokes make the otherwise breathtaking and exciting fight scenes that much more enjoyable.

SPOILER the killing of DP's girl sent this film into a bore.

The finale becomes a little over-wrought, though, despite some entertaining moments, and the ending is an elongated sour note, to say the least.

Don't waste your time on this movie, I know I wish I hadn't.

The emotion behind the whole of the movie is incredible and it just shows that Deadpool is willing to do whatever to stay with Vanessa after her very unexpected death, which may have been reversed in the after credits?

Pure fun, as well as an engaging story.

Bland and forgettable.

This is one of the most entertaining movies I've watched in a while!

What a waste of time!

Just when you think you'll see something even remotely breathtaking, you're slammed by a misplaced joke which is not even funny enough to make it worth the turnover.

The first film was funny, action-packed and fun, well this sequel is even better, many more explosive moments in the many fight and chases sequences, and visually stunning special effects, and it is hilariously funnier, with its black comedy violence, more vulgar language and bitch-slapping of past superhero movies, the highlights are an opening credits sequence with "Ashes" by Celine Dion, spoofing James Bond opening titles, and Flashdance (with bullets instead of water), and the genius end credits sequence and end song, overall it is a brilliant fantasy action comedy.

This movie is not recommended for kids not only because it's anti-God, profane and pro-homo but totally boring and unentertaining from the get go..So the two stars go for Morena and Zazie.

The first Deadpool is a better crafted movie overall, but the sequel is still entertaining, despite all its flaws.

Depression, panicky, cliche...

Mass produced pointless absolute garbage.

Entertaining couple of hours .

What a torture was to watch it.

At times it's a laughable mess that's absolutely unwatchable.

And regrettably, the script DID feel poorly developed, the X men WERE uninteresting, and any potential for good drama or humor seemed to get lost in the bloody carnage.

Not only was it hilarious and action-packed, but it had a lot of drama, emotion and an engaging story with lovable characters!

There are entertaining moments but much of the flick is kind of bland and most of it just isn't funny.

As bad as first movie..maybe worser..waste of time..he is most overrated and unnecessary superhero of addition his is not funny at all..

This movie had #predictable and #mediocre written all over it.

Domino's care free way of being and her ability was hilarious and entertaining.

Really enjoyed it!

Attempting to go bigger, louder & darker than its predecessor yet feeling overstuffed & empty at the same time, the second instalment in the Merc with a Mouth saga tries so hard to be funny that its attempts only come off as desperate & off-putting.

After the slow rocky start, you will be served up heaping piles of melodrama.

-My opinion about this film it's : I like the movie but DeadPool 1 is beter; for me deadpool2 is very boring the story is very simple unlike Deadpool 1.

Deadpool 2's jokes are as crude as ever, thats why the film feels weird when the story and the plot is something so mundane.

Every bit as enjoyable as the first movie...

A complete waste of time, at least 30 minutes of my time.

I was blown away from just how thoroughly entertaining, funny and investing it really was, by far one of the best sequels that has been done in awhile, it manages to go bigger without getting carried away with itself.

What then follows is a rather messy finale with Reynolds giving a death-bed monologue which went on for far too long and stopped being funny after about the first 30 seconds...

This is one of the funniest and most action packed movies I've ever had the pleasure to watch.

But there is that unexpected marvel ingredient of comedy.

The beginning was so slow and the plot didn't really need Cable.

Overall, Deadpool 2 is an amazing action movie, with entertaining and funny choreography, and the comedy was hilarious.

Waste of time .

It's worth watching twice at least, even if, the second time around, you see all the best laughs coming.

But worth watching.

I think that this movie did an evenly good job being comedic and action packed and the acting in it was A1.

So overrated.. A waste of time and money .

The one real enjoyable part is catching the Easter eggs that are all through the movie.

The forced drama between Deadpool and the kid is absolutely horrible in how tone-deaf and pretentious it is, and the structure holds together just barely, but in the end it was a lot more enjoyable than it had any right to be.

A strong showing of great CGI, tremendously funny and action packed.

I gave it a 9/10 an i though it was an enjoyable watching experence and i can't wait to see what Ryan Reynolds will come up with for the 3rd movie or maybe a X Force movie.

Pathetic and pointless.

It got a bit boring in places.

This movie is very enjoyable, action packed and full of jokes...

It has way more entertaining characters, definitely a better story and an absolute brilliant Ryan Reynolds.

It lacked a good sense of humor, the story was kind of empty.

I enjoyed it .

Another boring and not funny marvel movie.

Don't waste your money.

It's poor atemot of parody, lame action, boring...

Throughout the movie I found myself checking my phone due to boredom.

Gay propaganda again .

Such a dead boring sequel.

Too many boring and sad moments to counteract the funny moments.

IMDB FANS SHOULD KNOW THIS and if you've seen '2' then DON'T waste your money to see the same movie over as I did.

Entertaining .

The cliche of Killing off the romantic lead at the beginning of the movie made my mom turn off the movie

A waste of time.

Many of them are referential so they do depend on a certain degree of audience knowledge, but otherwise it's still packed full of more straightforward jokes like Wade having legs the size of a toddlers, Deadpool failing to die repeatedly throughout the whole film, unexpected side-effects of a superhero landing, and so on and so forth.

No doubt, this highly-anticipated sequel never loses sight of its raison d'être, providing an authentic, entertaining story, which is open to receive the incessant jokes coming from the screenplay.

There is no plot 3.

The jokes just get boring and repetitive after sometime, seriously lacking any variety or originality.

Deadpool 2 was a hilarious and very entertaining movie.

All told, a pretty consistent and enjoyable film which steps up from the first film while still keeping what made it work.

I loved DP1 but this was a waste of time.

Well worth the watch thoroughly enjoyed!.

The first one was fine but this is just pointless heavy violence and action set pieces.

Definitely worth watching.

This sequel is very entertaining.

The writers are very clever in making her superpower (she's got luck, kinda like Disneys Gladstone Gander) a pretty enjoyable cinematic experience.

This has stretched so far from the fresh, funny, irreverent and energetic approach of the first movie to a boring jumble of drivel.

Trying too hard to match the first one; while unsuccessful, still very entertaining .

In all seriousness, "Deadpool 2" is very entertaining, hilarious, and one of the better sequels in recent memory.

All in all, the goods parts of this movie were quite exciting and fresh.

I was hoping for a less obnoxious plot and maybe some more time from just Deadpool and not the overreacted supporting charters, but this is an enjoyable sequel that should hopefully end this franchise for good.

But no, hardly any memorable jokes, just lots and lots of CG action scenes which seemed boring.

But perhaps the worst of all is that they bore with their childish and semi-televised dialectic - from the TV of yesteryear - oriented to reproduce ad infinitum the same antics.


The action sequences in Deadpool 2 are super stylish and super entertaining to watch.

Clever, snappy, laugh-a-minute dialogue.

Overstuffed & Empty At The Same Time .

Still the movie is entertaining and I still give it a high score because of the first 30-40 minutes.

I watched DP2 for the first time in 2019 on HBO immediately after watching Captain Marvel in theaters, and it honestly made me appreciate Captain Marvel (movie that I consider aggressively mediocre) significantly more than I did when I left the theater.

It has a dull and cliched story, subpar acting, and a generic, boring and predictable soundtrack.

New characters were a bit slow and whole movie was a bit of a let down.

Individually they're fine, and enjoyable.

Worth watching it to the movie.

Do not believe the hype.. do not go and see it because it's a complete waste of time and money.. it doesn't make any sense, boring, pointless, lame jokes, awful acting, terrible storyline (if you can even call it one!

Jokes are all either boring, racist, or shameful .

It's such a boring Film, i couldn't watch it till the end.

Very entertaining, yes.

Don't waste your money.

I felt the dialogue and thin story line was self indulgent and a stale repeat of the original formula.

Outrageously funny, original and entertaining.

Do yourself a favor and go see a movie that was throughly enjoyable.

Iffy start, but ultimately hugely entertaining .

An entertaining if somewhat disappointing sequel.

They are all so boring and not cool.

I gave Deadpool 2 a 7/10, this movie was an incredibly fun ride and an amazingly enjoyable experience.

If your looking for a action packed and laughter this is the movie to watch.

Lazy, simplistic story line filled with juvenile humor stretched over what should have bee nan hour and twenty max, but instead goes on for two boring hours.

Its a good movie but the jokes get sort of boring after a time.

This can make action scenes rather pointless from a dramatic standpoint.

There is no story dialogues are overrated, everyone seems want to be consider as hero..Well, i'm not expected this piece of crap from Marvel.

The in-jokes and breaking the 4th wall is boring now.

Fun, entertaining, and just plain brilliant.

The first movie was far more engaging while this seems like a half-baked effort made by someone on hormone therapy.

I, for one, left the theater chuckling at the many, many easter eggs peppered throughout the movie, including the Logan death (oops, spoilers) theme and the clearly James Bond-inspired opening credits.

This was just super entertaining!!!

Some elements of this film is very unexpected and others are painfully predictable.

also the scene bout cleaning timeline is stupid and still not clearing everything ,confusing.

Totally worth the watch!

It's absurd, but it results in some fast-paced, wildly entertaining action, and even some decent laughs to spare, namely Deadpool's confounded reactions to her success in combat.

The main issue with Deadpool 2 is that it struggles to hold on to what it is, and it often comes off as pretentious, especially when it was fiddling with some more serious themes or trying to tug our heart-strings.

Full of political correct and propaganda.

" It was funny and action packed.

If you compare this movie with the first one, then you can see that movie is extremely boring.

The cameos were awesome and unexpected, Josh Brolin and the woman who played Domino were great, and the action scenes were decent.

Deadpool 2 is a forth wall breaking exciting thrill ride best seen on the biggest loudest screen.

This "film" is literally one X-Force sequence away from being unwatchable.

"For those who can get past that the movie itself is frequently very entertaining, especially when the humor is injected.

Yet still, it is an enjoyable second entry into the "not really a superhero" superhero genre.

He can't die, well that makes everything pointless and crushes any tension...

Worst movie .

Got bored 49 minutes in to the film the jokes were poor overly long and dull monologues plot was weak only reason for the 2 stars is because i enjoyed one of the fight scenes

" line, was funny but trying to rehash variations of that same joke time and time again, became tedious.

Boy this movie is another predictable movie with the most predictable story.

This movie is boring leftist dribble, Hollywood is ruining another franchise.

There are some tints but maybe that's the entire point as this is not the glossy, intense superhero like the first one , which many of the lead actors already portrayed in the past so there will be some mild confusion at one point.

Re-run deadpool2 dont waste your time and money.

I thought this movie was kinda boring, the first one was way better then this one.

was too much boring film this was...

It is hard to give a comment about this movie without using any F word (Fantastic, Fine, Funny, Fabulous, ..) or an S one (Smart, Super, Sarcastic, Seriously Entertaining, ...

Literally there is nothing new here, the jokes are stale, the action boring, and the acting pathetic.

I heavily enjoyed this movie, I found the story much more compelling.

End Credits are enjoyable as well.

One of the most boring movie Marvel ever made!

Waste of time.

Not better, not worst, but just as entertaining as my last outing.

Somehow this works, thanks to the smart, snappy dialog and constantly motoring action so that you never get a chance to stop and think -- you're just reacting to the next clever gag, setup, or action scene.

I escaped from China because I'm sick of China Communist Party's propaganda.

Things like the 'Rule of Empathy' moral message felt like confusing regurgitation half-digested rehash.

Whoever wrote this mess of a plot should pay me my money back, it was like every existing cliché of this genre was just mixed together to prevent making anything of value or essence.

This could have been an awesome movie with awesome characters, but it feels like a boring movie with boring characters.

The most negative note can be given in the attempt to add a more serious nuance in certain moments of the movies and that some action scenes are extremely long and slow the narrative rhythm.

Still entertaining, just been there done that.

Boring .

In the age of "Black Panther," "Avengers" and a thousand different Spiderman movies, it's nice to have a raunchy, bloody comedic anti-hero put the other boring, stagnant superheroes in their place.

It's just silly, dull and a dreadful waste in every respect, The only real Marvel is how they managed to screw this up so badly.

Always entertaining .

Unfortunately, propaganda scenes are so impregnated into the movie that they can't be removed.

Cliche, dumb, unfunny, so much cringe, stupid plot

There is no plot what so ever.

Your typical superhero cliche movie where the hero is stripped of his powers.

The trailer does not spoil anything, and the movie is hillariously enjoyable.

The method of narration is pretty much exactly the same, so it comes of as repetitive.

Entertaining .

"Deadpool 2" (2018), after the unexpected pleasant surprise of the first movie, I thought: "how can they possibly top it with a sequel?

A solid and enjoyable film for adults.

The final act is much better here, more exciting, less muddled and doesn't feel rushed.

Don't get me wrong, it is a film worth watching, just not the belly full of laughs I was expecting.

As the movie went on it got a little more funny and I did think the story was enjoyable.

Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a lot more humorous and enjoyable than the first movie, better cast as well.

Why confuse us with a real story when it's so much more entertaining to kill more people and drop more 'witty' oneliners?

CONS: Sometimes the humor is a bit forced and unnecessary;The final act is too long;Some shaky CGI.

Upon conclusion I was left wondering where else you could take the character of Deadpool, while also keeping up the humour and giving us a compelling story.

They also throw in a relatively pointless lesbian relationship between Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yu-Gi-Oh (both characters have next to no development, why even put Yukioh in there).

When action sequences kick in, they're thrilling and exciting with hardly any dull moments.

Overall, the story is funny, entertaining, and unique.

A complete waste of time, low-level jokes.

If you dont wanna waste your time just watch another movie.

The rest of it all sees him try to seek some kind of redemption, but the stories are too disjointed together to work as a whole.

Lacks the impact of the first one and the high level of swearing is boring.

Save your money and watch it on cable later.

The action is dynamically choreographed and exciting (the parachuting is unforgettable), the scale bigger and bolder, and the romantic and emotional elements just about avoid the mawkish sentimentality trap and instead give 'Deadpool 2' its heart.

However, if it's only good the first time it's used, and you do it again, then it's just simply formulaic.

Funny action packed movie .

In his review of "Deadpool," littleging12 stated that "what holds it back from greatness is its superficially structured story, unimpressive CGI action, ineffective resonance and bland one-dimensional characters excluding the titular character.

Kinda boring .