Death Wish V: The Face of Death (1994) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Paul Kersey is back at working vigilante justice when his fiancée, Olivia, has her business threatened by mobsters.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Allan A. Goldstein
Stars: Charles Bronson, Lesley-Anne Down
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 91 found boring (21.97%)

One-line Reviews (52)

"Death Wish II", an exploitative and blood-soaked revenge-fest was nothing near the original, but still a highly entertaining must-see for fans of the great late Charles Bronson.

Anyway, 'Part 4' was silly, entertaining fun that is definitely worth a watch.

it was incredibly dull .

Bronson, in his last cinema released film, still does okay as the smooth and determined good guy killer, and one or two of the deaths may be alright viewing, but as overall film, it was boring, predictable and just not worth the effort, a silly crime thriller sequel and conclusion.

The plot twists & double crosses are very predictable & feel very familiar especially if you have seen the other previous Death Wish films.

The script here is pretty slow going, technically speaking Bronson doesn't kill anyone until at least an hour in which is just too long, the attempt at some moral message as seen in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown is absent & the sheer over the top exaggerated fun of Death Wish 3 is also missing so what we're left with is a passable if forgettable & somewhat dull thriller with a couple of action scenes & Bronson by which to call it a Death Wish flick.

Sequel to successful crime thriller that created the Vigilante genre with Bronson as the main star as architect Paul Kersey (wooding acting by Bronson who looks bored and tired with this rehash material) turned the one-man vigilante when his sweetheart , a clothing manufacturer (Leslie Anne Down) , has her business threatened , being attacked by mobsters , one of whom turns out to be her sadistic ex (Michael Parks) and a hired killer (Robert Joy) hitting her on a mirror .

The deaths scenes are at times wickedly inventive (well it beats going up to someone and just shooting them) and rapid stunt work is exceptionally pulled off with such thrilling poise.

Trademark sadistic violence and revenge meted out on cartoonish mob villains runs to a predictable conclusion and no danger of plot twists.

It's also a little repetitive for his girlfriends to always have problems.

Charles Bronson is still remarkably game for his age, though looks bored in the film, which, despite some potential, is just tired and uninspired, though Michael Parks is good as the mob leader.

How you could turn great and thought provoking original into a mindless franchise – with each next sequel more and more mindless, cheesy and empty ?

Luckily, however, the movie has a really good pace and is entertaining, so it goes by in a flash.

actually, nothing happens to the maid.

Apart from a strong supporting character role in The Indian Runner he seems to be resigned now to sleepwalking through bland, poorly written & flatly directed rubbish like this.

I remember seeing the original trailer for this in theaters and it was thrilling.

Having a smaller body count also means it's a much slower paced film that is borderline boring in the first half .

Even with Parks' entertaining performance, you'll likely be squirming in your seat with impatience for Bronson to get it on.

Then the fourth installment came along and that was entertaining.

Rocky V failed because of continuation problems and the ending, Death Wish V failed because it was Death Wish V, made 7 years after Death Wih IV, and if having a 7 year older Charles Bronson wasn't enough, absolutely nothing is added, the action is the least since Death Wish 2, and since Death Wish 3 came out you knew the sequels had to have immense action to makeup for repetitive plot.

If you've seen the other Death Wish's then don't waste your time, unless you are like me.

When different amounts to pedestrian and formulaic, though, and you can't think of a novel angle instead, it's not a bad idea to give viewers more of the same, as contradictory as that sounds.

Despite all my praises, because it is indeed a highly enjoyable film and better than I was expecting, it doesn't come off as one of the best in the series.

They were the epitome of Cannon films, and because of this, these were the most enjoyable.

What can one say, this is a pointless entry into a dead franchise.

It's certainly thrilling , though the morality may be questionable , even in this time, as the spectators were clearly on the Kersey-Bronson's side .

Bronson is barely even in this movie, he looks bored out of his mind and probably did it for a house payment.

And then there is something confusing.

Still it is Charles Bronson and any film with him is most likely worth watching, this is no exception.

Now any movie ending with a Roman numeral may put off some people, but this movie is totally enjoyable and you'll cheer Charles everytime he guns down members of the mob headed by a very nasty mob boss.

Initial excitement at the welter of violence son palls into boredom , only intermittently relieved by the preposterousness .

They're just boring.

Its a boring wreck that just involves Charles Bronson.

The script the dialogues are terrible, the plot is confusing.

This time around, Paul Kersey is engaged to a woman (the very dull Lesley-Anne Down)) whose business is being threatened by a mobster (the seemingly perpetually stoned Michael Parks).

The whole Death Wish franchise is good old school B-movie fun, each solid movie is entertaining in their own way & I've watched each film too many times to count!!!

At this point, this film has gone from boring to right where I want it to be.

The first was a good,entertaining film with real insight on the character of Paul Kersey.

"Death Wish V" is about as good as a fourth sequel to a movie that barely even needed one can be, it's entertaining without being anything special.

honestly,you'd have to be pretty bored to watch this thing.

The beginning of this final installment of the long-running "Death Wish" series is shaky with inappropriate humor (even the title comes off as a tasteless pun, as a central character is disfigured by having her face bashed into a mirror) and a lot of mobster-movie clichés (the henchmen to Michael Parks' villain are howling stereotypes), writer-director Allan Goldstein transforms "Death Wish 5" into a surprisingly entertaining little crime thriller.

This movie is a total waste of time and makes no sense.

Still, there are one or two surprises here, the "set pieces" are all very well constructed, there are a couple pretty brutal scenes, and a few action sequences are intense.

But i'm not giong to say any mre because it's film worth watching, buying.

Since the first movie it just sunk into endless boring violence with no point at all.

The first film was a reasonable and successful film, so it was inevitable there would be sequels, the problem is they are all awful and a complete waste of time, and this was the final one I had to sit through.

The character's are alright, again anyone close to Bronson is killed or abused while the bad guy is rather dull & although we are told he's this mean mob boss we never see him do anything other than walk around & act tough.

it slow and ponderous.

There is nothing worse than a bad action movie, and that is a boring action movie.

Michael Parks is a very entertaining actor, he gives the movie that spark of life that Charles Bronson couldn't really deliver in the later sequels.

I finally got around to seeing 'Death Wish V: The Face of Death' and it was a total waste of time.

No story, very little Charly, even less of a budget, and some stupid crime scenes equal a one out of ten.