Demons (1985) - Horror

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A group of random people are invited to a screening of a mysterious movie, only to find themselves trapped in the theater with ravenous demons.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Lamberto Bava
Stars: Urbano Barberini, Natasha Hovey
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 20 out of 191 found boring (10.47%)

One-line Reviews (117)

If that's the case then true horror fans love terrible acting, awful dialogue, cheap special effects, pointless events, plot holes the size of the Sun, no character development, obvious scares telegraphed minutes in advance, and gratuitous 'gore'.

Well worth watching especially if your an old movie fan

I loved it on VHS years ago its how i dicovered Dario argento, who produced this mind blowing fun not (for the squeamish i repeat!!

The paced is very fast but there is a fair amount of suspenseful scary scenes.

And out of all the many and varied poor unfortunates who meet their demise down at the Metropol, my favourite is the big bald and black 70s disco pimp complete with hookers, he's so hilarious and entertaining to watch in action, and I really think they missed out by not having him be the film's main hero!

It has an appropriate hard rock soundtrack and wildly grotesque make-up effects, however there's confusion in Lamberto Bava's direction right from the start.

The pace is rather quick and there are few dull moments, although there is a nice establishment of atmosphere in the old-fashioned cinema house that becomes increasingly claustrophobic once our characters realize they've been walled in.

While there are certainly better genre films out there, "Demons" is a solid and incessantly entertaining zombie flick.

This gives the film a strangely global quality - this could be happening anywhere, things and places seem familiar, but disjointed and wrong.

I can never forget DEMONS it's apart of my Horror DNA & my Nostalgic memories of watching it even with my amazing grandad rest his soul, this is a great fun, thrilling & scary ride through hell & a ride so much fun when your with the cool hero George on a motorbike while holding a samurai sword!!!!

8/10* Terrifically entertaining!

The score by Argento regular Claudio Simonetti (of Goblin fame) manages to be exciting, creepy, and perfectly suited to adrenaline-soaked visuals.

Divertingly entertaining.

So all in all I give Demons **1/2 out of **** It's really cool, but only worth watching for cool visuals, soundtrack, and gore.

I'll watch pretentious European art-house cinema of the most stereotypical variety without even a hint of irony.

He seems to show a bit more talent than Lucio Fulci, which makes it odd that this film is considerably far more dull that Fulci's Zombie, a guilty pleasure.

Anyway, this rant has gone on for way too long so I'm going to end it here.

This film further adds to the confusion by occasionally being titled 'Demons 3' internationally.

Dumb dialogue, no logic, no characterizations, and poor acting, but somehow extremely frightening and intense with good special effects and lots of color and style.

), and the stealing of a few bits from Romero's zombie movies, this is a hugely enjoyable gorefest.

Though plenty scary and very entertaining, the dubbing is very poor and some of the characters lack the common sense that a two year older possess.

Demons is a wonderfully enjoyable film to watch.

Virtually everything about this movie cries out for it to be declared "So bad" and that is what probably makes it so interesting and entertaining, and in some viewers eyes so good.

very entertaining .

The awful script, ropey acting, heavy metal music just make it all the more campy and entertaining.

The cinematography produces a feeling of claustrophobia; as well it should since the entire theme of the film is about being trapped in a normally mundane place twisted into an insane prison.

But although Lamberto Bava does certainly not manage to reach his father's brilliance, "Demons" is definitely worth watching.

The main set seems to stay the same dull red for a long while, which is quite unappealing.

The acting is on par with any of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This gory horror film is entertaining for fans of the genre.

Just dull, lots of screaming and running around.

This means that things start getting a little boring towards the end of the film - it gets a little repetitive.

Bava creates an entertaining film, although he overdoes the 80s thing.

It might turn out to be pretty entertaining if watched with a group of friends though.

The story is quite scary and entertaining, especially when you see this one in a theatre.

Even Tony, the (hilarious) rabble-rousing pimp can't save them.

A complete bore.

The cinematography by Gianlorenzo Battaglia is truly stunning and the film is a feast for the eyes, with maximum use made of shadows and creative lighting.

"Demons" is one of those films which, as a film, pretty much SUCK, but still are very enjoyable and have a great rewatchability factor.

I suppose in the entire 90 minute running time, there are a few select suspenseful moments, such as a crawl through a vent that pays off with a not-so-pleasant surprise.

It's not a brilliant film, but a greatly enjoyable one nonetheless.

Unintentionally funny and therefore quite entertaining (!

Great 80's music set the picture up and the fast paced direction by Lamberto Bava get the scene going.

Strange eyes, scary noises and fast and unpredictable movements.

It is an entertaining film with some good special effects.

In this one it's even more intense because all methods to stop the demons seem to fail, and because there really is no means of escape - because of the disappearing exits.

Throats getting ripped open, scalps getting teared off, puke and pus splatter continuously,a huge tongue sliding out one of the demons mouth, demons getting hacked with a sword, the most gruesome scene is definitely the blind man getting his empty eye sockets gouged out..HARSH. The characters are so hard to tell apart and we don't evn see some of the patrons faces.

A wildly gory and entertaining movie .

Just expect a very stylish, gory and extremely entertaining Horror flick, and your expectations will easily be fulfilled.

I wouldn't call this a classic by any means but if you want to see a BAD movie that's enjoyable to watch and make fun of, this one fits the bill.

"Demons" directed by Lamberto Bava("Macabro","A Blade in the Dark")and produced by Italian horror maestro Dario Argento is an enjoyable,fast-paced gore-fest.

Many scenes are noteworthy: the glowing eyes of the demons as they come near their prey, the sick, disgusting, oddly fascinating scene of a demon losing its front teeth and having them replaced with fangs, and, for me, the whole opening sequence on the train and in the train station.

The gore is intense, lots of slicing, stabbing cutting and biting.

Demons may be laughed at by today's standards – it hasn't got the characters of The Walking Dead, nor the coherent story of any recent zombie film, but it does have a weird feel about it and is definitely worth watching if you're a fan of the genre (and like eighties music).

Probably the most intense scene is when the first person to become a demon grows a set of demon teeth, in extreme closeup.

The acting is hammy at times, and some of the decisions of the audience are, well, not thought out very carefully, but the very constant sense of dread, albeit not exactly terrifying, keeps the film entertaining and you on the edge of whatever you're watching this on.

Somehow this gory pointless flick got a second outing and given it has no atmosphere or point I am audaciously surprised with the high marks this movie has.

Well Lamberto Bava(son of Mario Bava)makes his stunning effort to a world of violence and depravity reenact demons from hell going for blood.

The premise of the story is fairly simple, but it is the adrenaline of this film that does not let up.

This is an extremely entertaining film, for fans of the horror genre.

very entertaining itallian horror has ample gore although weak acting it has impressive visuals stylish direction and a decent script to make it a fun and enjoyable romp i highly highly recommend this movie too you ***1/2 out of 5

There is no message her, no real substantive meaning, no ulterior motives other than to scare you, repulse you occasionally, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The confusing mess that is the 'Demons' series .

Horrible acting, bad dialogue, and extremely confusing situations make this a film that you won't soon forget.

Demons rises above many of the more unwatchable films in the 80's horror genre Italian or otherwise.

At times it was comical and at others dull.

the movie is entertaining,especially when you see these demons/zombies chasing people around to the the beat of some hard pumping metal tune.

Other gory scene were mostly entertaining for a guy who isn't easily impressed by gorefests.

I don't mind a little imitation, as long as it's entertaining and not a bad carbon copy.

Once there is a lull in the menace, the hero returns to the status of a normal person.

If you're a hardcore horror fan and enjoy this kind of stupid movie just for the gore, it's worth watching.

Pretty pointless, if you ask me.

Its derivative and drab, only appealling to the kinds of goofy horror fans who are more interested in modes of death than genuine thrills and movie craftmanship.

Poorly Made but Worth Watching.

I actually scared my friend by pretending to fall asleep and when he tapped my on the back, I jumped up and growled like the demons in the movie.

One of the most entertaining splatter movies ever.

Lamberto Bava's Demons is one of the corkiest but thrilling movies to watch out there.

It isn't scary at all, but it manages to deliver a lot of fast paced action.

Demons is a movie that has no sense of pacing, no idea of what it wants to do or be, and it's certainly a film that succeeds on no other level other than as a gorefest, though a dull one at that.

Nevertheless, it is an extremely entertaining Horror flick that doesn't scant with blood and gore, and especially the gory sequences are very stylishly made.

If you're not a horror fan, this is the worst movie ever.

Sounds good in theory but in the hands of Giallolilians it just ends up as another dumb Italian con-job with amateur actors, lousy dialog, boring characters and plenty of close-up ketchup gore.

As the summary says, this is a horror for a bygone era when movies had very little plot and even less plausibility, unlike horror movies of today.

It borrows from a lot of other 80's fare, but it's fast paced and there are enough victims with innovative deaths and latex gore to make this movie work as a document of its time.

Demons was different from some of his other work, but let me tell you, it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

Senseless and ridiculous but also massively enjoyable .

'As if you haven't gathered already, Demons is a monumentally silly film but a massively entertaining one.

Demoni is a heady mix of Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead and just as entertaining, albeit in a fun, comic-book kind of way.

It has to be said that Demons really isn't a "good" film by any standards, and it's clear from this and other Lamberto efforts that Bava Junior doesn't have the talents of Bava Senior, but not to worry because while Demons may be crappy, it's also hugely entertaining and the fact that it's absolutely stuffed with ridiculous lines, awful performances and buckets of cheesy gore means that it's likely to please anyone that decides to watch it!

This exciting picture contains thrills, chills , graphic violence , action-filled with fierce fights and loads of gore and guts.

This highly enjoyable and unique plot is just the right cue for over the top gore and excellent comedy values.

Self indulgent work from master Agretino.

"Demons" of 1985 is a gory, stylish and very entertaining horror flick written by the master, Dario Argento.

I saw this film about 3 weeks ago and was very surprised by how entertaining it was.

However all in all, the horrific acting and stupid plodding adds to the fun of Demons.

A good and inventive 80's horror film directed by Lamberto Bava, the son of the late great Mario Bava, succeeds on pure adrenaline of ever-increasing doses of action and gore.

Demoni is one of the most entertaining, wonderfully over-the-top horror films of the 1980s.

Fast paced, fun 80's horror with lots of demons killing people trapped in a theatre in gory ways.

This one is really packed with tons of outstanding action scenes which get really entertaining and do a lot of good for the film.

Demons has great music throughout & the atmosphere is full of dread & really suspenseful & like i said terrifying, these creatures was the scariest things i had ever seen growing up & even now they're scary as hell!!.

Once everyone is settled in the half empty building, a random horror film is shown on screen, a woman in the audience turns into a demon (I can't tell you how, you gotta watch for yourself) and chaos ensues (the rule is that if a possessed person bites or scratches you, you become a demon as well).

It manages to be interesting for the most time, but uninteresting characters and usual overreacting wear it down.

An action packed thrill ride.

The execution is sadly lacking however, after a promising start it quickly descends into a string of pointless gory scenes with absolutely no suspense whatsoever.

I absolutely loved everything about this movie, it's fun action packed, exciting, gory and action packed.


A student named Cheryl (Hovey) finds herself being stalked by a masked man in a abandoned subway station in the films exciting opening.

If you like pointless films, with lots of dripping liquid, no plot, bad acting, and with no proper resolution as to what was really going on, then Demons is a must for you.

Evil Dead rip-off, but entertaining .

Enjoyable fun 7/10

Intense though it shows the qualities Italian horror is often subjected to in America (dubbing is one), you can actually follow this movie and get involved in the action.

It also has a downside though; it starts to make the movie a bit of a repetitive one after a while.

Its titular demons are an obvious inspiration for 00's love-or-hate fast-moving zombies, while the deep rooted concepts still gleefully resonate.

Whilst the screenplay offers the exciting chance of seeing a gang of mismatched characters take on Stivalettis blood thirsty monsters,the writers disappointingly never allow any of the audience members to be given "their" moment.

Dèmoni is cheesy & silly & absurd but it's fun & entertaining & gory so I guess if your looking for something deep or meaningful then give this a miss but if your after some so bad it's good Italian horror film fun then Dèmoni is worth watching.

I think the best I can say about Dèmoni is that it's fun & entertaining in an absurd sort of way, the complete lack of any kind of underlying story is quite striking here as nothing has any reasoning behind it.

Pretty much we get the usual characters we see in most standard horror flicks, but these characters are plain unbearable and with their continuous extreme screaming.