Derailed (2005) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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When two married business executives having an affair are blackmailed by a violent criminal, the two must turn the tables on him to save their families.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Mikael Håfström
Stars: Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 90 out of 391 found boring (23.01%)

One-line Reviews (401)

It had some very unexpected twists and turns and I think that is what really made this particular film.

The movie is not horribly done and manages to thrill on a small level, however it falls prey to the "there must be a twist at the end" bug that has infected Hollywood for far too long.

"Derailed" was just the right amount of entertaining tension for me to enjoy without being anything brand new or spectacular.

This movie is compelling and a great movie to watch.

One of the most predictable movies i have seen in a very long time.

Save your money.

I found it still enjoyable.

Mikael Håfström does an amazing job here, with incredible camera work, fantastic angles, and keeping the film at an extremely gripping pace!.

derailed is an entertaining movie.

First, the most obvious flaw is that the film is predictable and without any suspense the film is kind of dull and pointless.

This movie's plot was so pointless and contrived.

This movie is very boring and about as thrilling as eating week old prunes.

It was suspenseful and interesting and worth the 10 dollars I spent to go see it.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to leave the theater with chills up their spine!

Cinematography was dull and colorless.

Xzibit was terrible and his character was kind of pointless.

His performance in this is riveting and chilling.

Spoilers: Ho-Hum .

Unfortunately, instead it's only reference, because "Derailed" turns out to be one of the most predictable, unthrilling noir movies to hit theaters in a long while.

Dialogue doesn't flow or come naturally, and things drag out where they could have been omitted from the movie entirely.

On the other hand, the lighting made everything look completely washed (not a good film-noir look), the plot was completely predictable, the edge of your seat feeling was only while you were waiting for the movie to hurry up and get to the action part.

Clive's character and even his storyline with the mail clerk and his wife is boring, predictable and missed the mark.

Great Thriller with Exciting Plot and Twists .

The manner in which the blackmail is drawn out with repeated threats and confrontations with both LaRoache and his hit man Dexter (Xzibit), Charles' confiding in an ex-con Winston (RZA) who proceeds to help Charles, and Charles' eventual loss of the money saved for his daughter's medical treatment make for the cat and mouse chase and game in which the true identity of each of the 'players' is revealed and Charles learns his lesson the hard way.

Owen is intense and so pitiful that you feel very sorry for him and watch his life spiral downwards.

The movie is too long and repeats itself.

Aniston is just not a sexy vixen, and she comes across so blah and boring in this.

the plot was soooo predictable and there's no surprise to it, how come anyone ever think about create such film???

Every development from that moment on seems forced, unnecessary, and the movie is essentially pointless from here on in.

Such a waste of time, and I really hope Ms. Aniston sticks with comedy, she's so much better than this.

Clive Owen delivers the goods as every good actor does even when they are in a boring and predictable movie such as this one.

Watch it if you're bored.

His life turns a most unexpected corner when he meets Lucinda Harris on a commuter train.


Everything about this movie is contrived and rings false the day after watching (at my girlfriend's, who rented it).

All the characters are wonderful, and the story is extremely gripping, plus Clive Owen and Vincent Cassel are simply incredible in this!.

Great direction; I applaud the director & the writer for creating a thrilling suspenseful movie.

However, since the movie posters in Hong Kon advertised that the ending was unexpected, and hence I thought laterally while watching the film.

I've seen this movie a couple of times, and I kinda like it, although I picked up on the plot line about half way through the movie, so I thought it was a little predictable.

Overall, the intriguing first half hour only makes the rest of the film all the more disappointing.

The middle part of the movie was bad, exciting and kind of scary.

This movie was unexpectedly entertaining and suspenseful.

Despite having to accept that a man in his position – a corporate account executive – would go along with blackmail, the final hour made it worth watching.

An exciting and original thriller .

Most of you will tolerate the slow beginnings and expositions because you know it's going to evolve very quickly into a knuckle-braced blackmail thriller ride quickly.

The story was complex enough to be engrossing and there were some good surprises.

The movie plays its cards well, but as I said, it's just a bit too predictable to be truly enjoyable.

Its fairly believable with a typical business man, his ho-hum life, family, work etc etc and then walks in Jennifer A.

But it was an enjoyable movie with twists and turns in the plot, the violence was nowhere near what I expected after reading reviews - some were describing it in terms usually reserved for horror movies.

" I will tell my family and friends to view "Derailed," because it is one of the most fascinating films I have seen in many years.

All in all, wonderful movie, kept me on the edge of my seat, and will watch again, and again, and again, and so on and so forth.

The scenes with just Clive and Vincent were actually pretty entertaining to watch.

Aniston's expression and acting contributed to the wonderful confusion and inconception of the minds of viewers and kept the secret of the twist of this movie right till the end.

The first hour is slow and seems to be predictable!

A very satisfying and gripping pay-off to the thrills is marred only by one or two minor plot quibbles, resulting in an unpredictable thriller that will live in the memory thanks to Cassel's superb performance.

I left the theater completely horrified simply because I didn't let anyone else ruin the movie for me.

Misleading During Setup And Somewhat Predictable In Execution .

But things take an unexpected turn.

Derailed tries to make the audience go "ohh" at the end instead of truly thrilling anyone past the unexpected gunshot or yelling scene.

This film was actually enjoyable.

A complete waste of time.

i fount the beginning quite convincing, the whole story in the middle is dull and then in the end it gets kinda cool again-even though you saw the plot twist coming like half way trough the film.

It's well acted and well directed and it is really satisfying when you're looking for something suspenseful to watch.

It was tediously boring and dragged the whole plot to death .

predictable .

It keeps you on the edge of your seat much of the time.

A thrilling film, one to watch again and again .

The Ugly:--As I recall, and it was traumatic so I may have tried to block it from memory, extremely pointless Rap music during the end credits.

The film is filled with exciting twists and turns, and they are not cheap, empty ones that leave the story a mess (read M.

***SOME SPOILERS*** incredibly confusing movie that looks like it's two films in one with a totally unnecessary surprise, more like an alternative, ending that comes after you thought that the movie already ended and where on your way to the exit.

Now, if you like fast, exciting rides where you remain in the dark and eager to know, this movie is for you.

Instead, we were given someone as bland as Anniston.

The ending was well played and thought out with a few unexpected surprise, twists and lots of decent action.

Great Mystery and entertaining film to enjoy; especially since Jennifer Aniston is very sexy and hot in this picture.

Clive Owen is highly tauted as one of the next big things, but he is a moody bore in this movie, Jennifer Anniston should have stayed the good girl, Vincent Cassell plays slimy all too well, and two black rappers play parts made for two black rappers.

I was hating the main characters for cheating on their spouses, when all of a sudden it became a great, albeit predictable, thriller, with great acting.

At first getting into the movie it seemed like another one of those boring movies.

No, but it's a solid B/B+, worth watching or renting.

I found "Derailed" to be suspenseful and full of surprising twists.

Derailed left both me and my sister in awe, it was unpredictable, dark and exciting.

Not bad, but too predictable .

Nearly Unwatchable .

FINAL VERDICT: Too predictable, nothing special.

Excellent film, great plot, dark, eerie & definitely thrilling .

It's suspenseful, and action-oriented with the right timing and tempo.

Intense thriller .

Which may be realistic in a confidence game, but has to be a lot more lush to be enjoyable to watch (see "House of Games" for better "blank").

Other people feel that there are plot holes in this movie, but I feel that it just shows an everyman who is a slow starter, not the dynamic super-hero so many other protagonists turn into at the first sign of trouble.

People who like intense thrillers and pretty much anyone else in the age limit should enjoy Derailed.

The script also manages to take some really unexpected twists and turns as well, and while some of the plot twists may be clearly visible to some, I didn't see most of them coming, although I did have my suspicions.

In the end, it was the story's ability to surprise me and stay one step ahead of "predictable" that made me love it.

Adultery gets quickly punished when pub crawling Chicago adman Clive Owen meets Jennifer Anniston on a commuter train and after a few favors exchanged and secret dates they go off to a sleazy hotel to confirm their lust and banish their boredom.

In summary "Derailed" is partly entertaining but after you have bitten your every nail in boredom you will fall asleep and snooze so tight that it isn't surprising if you don't recall anything from the film.

) The story is predictable right from the start (you'd have to be PRETTY dumb not to guess what will happen!

The balance of the film is taken up with the least exciting material and when something sexy or violent happens it is over far too quickly to actually thrill or engage you.

A well-executed entertaining thriller .

So as long as you go see it not expecting anything over the top, I think it will be an enjoyable experience.

I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see where this "train ride" would take me next.

The affair couple have the same expression on their face the entire movie; dull personality and dull expressions.

In truth, I didn't even stay for the whole movie, my boyfriend and I actually walked out.

This is one of the most intense, gripping thrillers i have seen in a long time, with incredible performances, and some fantastic shocking twists!.

these must be planted by professional PR people, the writing is too clear, the spelling too good to have been posted by some couch potato with the brains of a turnip - the only possible type of viewer who could rate this waste of time highly.

It's certainly entertaining though and worth a look on DVD.

The "twist" is predictable, half of the audience will get it ahead of time, the other third will wonder if it's coming.

She's just another urban-dwelling turd with no story worth hearing.

I highly recommend it and don't know why it didn't do better in the theaters.

Still, it was a tight, intense and thrilling plot that deserved applause.

Well worth watching!

I had such high hopes because the book's story line was compelling.

To my surprise, I found "Derailed" to be a solid and suspenseful thriller that never really caught much attention from me until I decided to rent it one day on impulse, and I'm glad I did.

You will really root for Clive Owen's character, and i was quite pleased with the ending, plus the film is unpredictable throughout!.

I was so satisfied with the ending I left the theater feeling triumphant!

The first 30 minutes of the film; nothing happens.

Besides the somewhat predictable plot line, the film's main weakness is in its direction and cinematography.

Overall, this movie, despite being well made and decently acted, is little more than a merely entertaining thriller.

This movie was predictable, silly, and boring.

Very thrilling .

Hard to believe because this "film" is 100% predictable with almost no redeeming quality.

"Derailed" will keep you poised on the edge of your seat and guessing right up to its hair-raising finale and serve as a sobering warning against cheating for couples no matter how matter-of-fact your marriage has become.

The movie was stylish, the acting okay, the premise predictable.

The trailer for it really doesn't do it justice for what the movie really is; a dark, suspenseful, edge of your seat thriller.

Unfortunately, the movie is very bland and very predictable.

This gripping thriller, as all thrillers should, twists and turns and runs along at pace and is totally watchable.

Its a great suspenseful thriller, the performances are satisfying, direction fits the scenario and the screenplay is good as well.

Clive Owen is incredible here, he is extremely charismatic, all charm, had very good chemistry with Jennifer Aniston and Melissa George, had a great accent, was intense, had a very sympathetic character that you can root for, was vulnerable, and reminded me of Nicolas Cage a lot!

Charles Schine (Clive Owen) finds himself living an UN-exciting married life until a day in which he meets Lucinda (Jennifer Aniston) on a train.

The middle of the movie did go a bit too slow and stalled a little.

a total waste of time .

Jennifer Ansiton and Clive Owen deliver a riveting performance in this romance/thriller.

so pointless....

But then the second hour the movie shifts into gear and really gets exciting!

DERAILED The only thing that kept this movie from being flat-out terrible was an interesting first third and such non-stop twists that (though tiresome) kept the film from ever feeling too boring.

It is not a perfect film by any means, but it is a good psychological thrill ride, with some unexpected moments.

The first half of the film is pretty well done, but it only is dragged out from there.

It is an exciting, entertaining, standout film.

While the plot becomes predictable after the first half hour or so the final scenes help to salvage this picture.

'Derailed' is a classical extortion flick in that every decision the protagonist makes is nonsensical but somehow incredibly predictable.

All the same I partly enjoyed it.

Still, it's worth watching, just to see Owen's character's tormented squirms, and most of all, Cassel's brilliantly wicked LaRoche.

Clive had very good chemistry with both Jennifer Aniston and Melissa George, and i thought Vincent Cassel, was extremely menacing, and creepy as the main villain, plus there are plenty of shocking and disturbing moments, that will keep you on the edge of your seat!.

Otherwise, the film was an unexpected treat-- a noirish movie made in the new millennium!

But that opinion soon changed, the situation they are put in is beyond anyones worst nightmare, and the sense of reality makes it even more thrilling.

I thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable thriller with some quite hairy moments.

It is an enjoyable film that I recommend.

Irritating, infuriating, amazingly predictable and absolutely unsatisfying, it makes me wonder how little it takes to make it as a screenwriter.

So hacked and predictable, so worn out this seems like a shot for shot remake of 3 other movies????

"Derailed" is a very compelling mystery, and one which deserves viewing.

Taut if Predictable .

for the film itself,i enjoyed it.

This is a finely crafted thriller with a great story, believable characters, evocative settings and scenery, and yes, even a few well-placed chuckles.

My interest never left the screen, and the characters were riveting from the start.

With a minimum of work, a terrific, exciting, scary story could have been made into a fantastic movie with just a little restructuring and some stronger motives that made sense.

The scene where Cassel 1st enters the Hotel room, is very chilling and suspenseful, and the character development is pretty good, plus all the characters are very likable!.

As dull as the life of Charles .

After a while it gets a bit fantastic with classic cliché portrayals of the bad violent guy.

The movie keeps you on the edge during the whole thing.

It's extremely well written and made, and who cares about logic just sit back and enjoy this extremely thrilling and gripping thriller!


It's a film that will surprise you, it's full of unexpected events and twists, and in a way it is very realistic.

So we go in, besides us there're 3 other people in a huge empty and cold theater.

Meeting in the train becomes a habit and when they chat, they seem to have stressed and empty lives - and they both seem to be attracted to each other.

It definitely has an unpredictable and original story which is still easy to understand.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend it to those who have a free evening and are in the mood for an exciting ride.

What a heaping mess of garbage this movie is, with sub-abysmal acting, totally predictable plot, and (to tell the truth) most of the movie makes no sense at all.

Don't waste your time on this one .

Most of the people in the class enjoyed it very much.

Matter of fact, I want to make an awards show that makes films with adrenaline action & raucous comedy or with the lowest box office are appreciated than the punk'd movie like some movie.

Vincent Cassel's pantomime villain performance is just embarrassing and the violence is simply tedious.

However, at a certain point I realize what is going on and it becomes predictable, to a point.

Also, the plot seemed very predictable to me, which certainly didn't help matters.

Overly formulaic, highly laughable (especially the rape scene), Jennifer Aniston as a powerful executive?

I'll be honest i took my partner and there was about 5 to 10 minutes in the film where it was quite intense and violent when a rape scene happens.

The dialogue was predictable, the acting so-so: Clive Owen had some good moments in spite of the totally unbelievable dialogue, and RZA was rather good.

Is what I have to say regarding what was a great,suspenseful,can't put the book down very sexually graphic book by James Seigel.

Everything that might seem confusing all works itself out in the end, everything is tied up perfectly.

The plot twists are completely unexpected and surprising.

I felt that this movie was OK at best, it was very predictable and melodramatic.

Even if you figure out what's going on, the story is engaging.

Worked okay, but some plot holes, a little slow at times .

I had not heard of this movie, and I checked it out tonight from Blockbuster because the description seemed intriguing.

-The slow pace, a bit too slow in the beginning for a thriller.

Then it kept getting more and more cliché.

One Of The Most Intense, Gripping Thrillers I Have Seen In A Long Time, With Incredible Performances, And Some Fantastic Shocking Twists.

But Vincent Cassell is the most entertaining in an evil way.

I've seen more compelling porn in my life.

I'd give this film a 5, but I'm tacking on two extra stars for Vincent Cassel's intense performance in this.

Don't waste your money.

Predictable rubbish .

The robbery results in a black mail plot with twists along the way, albeit a little predictable.

The director Mikael Håfström does a good job of making a solid thriller with some moments of suspense and some engrossing characters.

The plot is full of holes, and the storyline largely predictable, that suspending disbelief into the way it unfolds is difficult to do.

Derailed begins at a slow pace.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't waste your time on this one.

A suspenseful "thriller" that could have been a great movie.

This is definitely not the best movie of the Holiday season, but it is exciting enough to hold my interest (despite almost beating me too death with some pretty graphic violence and depressing situations).

I was a little worried to see this film, because the interviews done on it had not been much, because they couldn't tell you much, or they would give a lot of the exciting story.

What I liked: -The slow development of Charlie, and how he learns from his enemies to overcome them.

I did not comment during this period because it is simply and plainly boring.

Clive Owen was quite intense and restrained in other scenes and played his role pretty well, Jennifer Aniston was surprisingly and Vincent Cassel was great as the nasty villain of the piece, Laroche.

Hafstrom's interesting suspense about a businessman (Owen) who has an affair with a fellow commuter/woman(Aniston) he meets on a train, and manages to get blackmailed while attempting to have this affair (he actually gets mugged before he can actually commit adultery) is both entertaining and well directed.

Another reason that makes it a failure is that much of the foreshadowing in the original novel is not in the movie, making it dull and well, just dull.

After which Charles gets an unexpected phone call from are rapist/beater.

This is not one of the best written movies, but is entertaining for what it is.

Of course with this type of movie although Hollywood traditionally goes to extremes to depict the victim, in this case a hapless Clive Owen, as your ordinary average guy, realism flies out the window with the innocent bored-husband's first encounter with femme-fatale Jennifer Aniston.

If that was supposed to reflect the inner spirit of Charles, it was right on the money, otherwise it was just plain boring.

It made me gasp outloud when I found out the twist and I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout.

Then the rest was just too funny (rather than scary) and predictable.

He is a bored man who is yearning for some sort of spark.

, plus the finale is especially intense!.

How exciting!

Enjoyable rental, Clive Owen shines .

That said, it's an interesting ride, with the requisite amounts of twists to keep things entertaining.

Other times I was squirming because I was too bored in between the action.

What a waste of time.

This film starts you off on a slow ride not quite knowing what is going to happen, then BANG, THE RIDE DOES NOT STOP TILL THE END!!

Each scene had an unexpected twist as the plot proceeded.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, Clive Owen plays the desperate husband very well.

Chances of the male falling asleep are about 65%.

The cast was all very good and the film was just completely riveting, it holds your attention beginning to end.

It is riveting from beginning to end.

It was suspenseful without being gory.

The surprises are all telegraphed well in advance and anyone with even a passing knowledge of film noir or thrillers will be safely secure in their boredom.

In addition to being very entertaining, I think Jennifer Aniston does a very good job in her role.

We're given a few unexpected twists and although their outcome results in a somewhat questionable (ethically speaking) ending, the film at least closes on a note of satisfaction in that the guy who's been getting screwed over throughout the entire film gets his and learns "not to be the nice guy all the time" by finally standing up for himself and doing what he feels is necessary to survive.

I was not expecting the plot point of the story, which in my opinion was totally unpredictable.

Likely predictable to many people.

The setup for the affair is compelling, the building tension palpable, and the payoff...

The chemistry between Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston is nothing incredible, but at first it is certainly serviceable and intriguing.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat, the acting was good, the plot was incredible, and Charlie was scripted in a way where you could feel sympathetic and angry at him at the same time.

If you really want to see something suspenseful, something engrossing, something that will make you sit up and take notice, this is the movie for you!

Gripping slow-burner .

Owen and Aniston are very effective here as people who appear to both have decent, but uninspiring lives, hence they give themselves license to do something stupid to spice up their humdrum existence...

It kept me literally on the edge of my seat from the minute it began to the second it concluded.

Overall the movie was entertaining despite the slight problems with it.

This movie was incredibly predictable, and required way too much suspension of disbelief: "Hey, honey, I'm going to teach at a prison so I can murder the guy who ruined my life after I had an affair with his girlfriend...

It can be violent, foul-mouthed,and at times really thrilling.

It was so enjoyable.

A nice surprise, quite engrossing .

Suffice it to say, if you walk out of the room because the last fifteen minutes is boring, the film is a complete and utter waste of time.

It was suspenseful, entertaining, and had very good twists.

What a waste of time!

And one of the few times a scene opens out happens in the now empty apartment that Owen believed was owned by Aniston and her supposed husband.

The supporting cast is strong, and while this isn't a great movie, it certainly is a well-paced gripping little bit of entertainment if you allow yourself to flow with it.

I like the main idea of the movie, but it's way to predictable.

The ending added a lot of action and suspense into the movie, including an entertaining fight scene.

How much more cliché can you get.

They should have just left the lame-o wanna-be twist out of the movie..twists are so cliché these days among seems like every movie that comes out has to have one.

I would highly recommend that you ignore the low score and give this film a chance, i'm sure you will find it as entertaining and powerful as we did.

This movie leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Still, it is a film that one can lose oneself in and appreciate as a suspenseful cinema experience, with some excellent performances.

Thrilling .

It is an engaging film that brings you into a dark and gritty underworld that actually can feel quite real at times.

The rape scene is tiresome and drawn out.

Well, Charles is also bored with his marriage.

And by then, it has gotten so dragged out that the audience wants it to end quickly and less painfully than the previous minutes were.

This criticism seems to be rooted in the preconception that any actress who plays in unfaithful wife in a film of this type should model her performance on Barbara Stanwyck in "Double Indemnity" or Kathleen Turner in "Body Heat", and Aniston was defended by Roger Ebert, who pointed out that a man like Charles might be more susceptible to an intriguing woman like Lucinda than a sexy slut.

The remaining cast come across as dull, washed out and wooden.

That last twist is unexpected, and a bit of a joy because the folding is so literal.

"The movie is convincing, yet a bit on the dull side to begin with, just showing us the everyday life of two ordinary people whom are falling in love, only they are both married - so it would be cheating.

Predictable Thriller (Spoiler Warning) .

Thrillers tend to start off very slow.

Then, all a few unexpected completely unrealistic twists occur near the very end which kind of sully the entire experience.

They were unexpected and kept you on the edge of your seat.

The elaboration of the central scheme, and the ending sequences, were perhaps a bit contrived ...

The film is rather intense with some twists.

Directed by Mikael Hafstrom with flair, but his screenwriter cannot match him and instead opts for formula driven drivel that is a yawner.

Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston head this one up with stunning performances that really give you the sense of empathy for the characters that you need to make a thriller like this really work.

I want to say much about the plot but for someone who has seen a fair share of thrillers, this one certainly kept me riveted to my seat, was unpredictable and had a very good twist which I did not see coming.

I am really starting to hate these predictable pieces which have so little action or any charm.

In fact I enjoyed it very much because there were many twists and unexpected turns.

Mikael Håfström is a Swedish film director making his English speaking film debut with a atmospheric little thriller that, despite the gaps in the screenplay by Stuart Beattie based on the thriller novel by James Siegel that allow the story to become predictable, gives us a solid bit of entertainment as escapism.

Keeping this in mind, I will say that it was certainly exciting and worth one's time.

Obvious, dull and quite forgettable (SPOILERS) .

Yes there is a lot of foreshadowing, but if everyone who says it was predictable actually figured it out by the end, then I guess I'm losing my touch.

I thought (even though I know otherwise) that Aniston and Owen would be flat, and tied to a dull script and predictable story (not knowing anything about the plot either).

It starts off pretty slow.

There are several scenes that feel like they're set up wrong for one reason or another, like looking at the back of a character's head while they're speaking, and the production as a whole is a little on the bland side.

Sure, some of the twists are predictable ...

Derailed took me by surprise as an exciting and original thriller.


That said, this movie was entertaining, and while I felt at times I was watching a remake, there were enough twists and turns to keep me interested.

One slow moving train .

A good, predictable film.

However, it becomes riveting and suspenseful when everything changes in a hotel room.

DerailedVincent CasselClive OwensI've seen this flick several times since it opened several weeks ago and have enjoyed it each time.

I found myself on the edge of my seat and enjoyed every second of it.

It starts out slowly, seems predictable and then ZAP, here come the surprises.

This predictability though was, "intriguing", to be borrow from Derailed when Foreshadowing and irony came very early in the movie when Charles was helping his daughter Amy with her book report.

The movie of coarse, was very contrived in parts and had some of those twists that couldn't happen unless they were in a movie.

so boring.....

An unexpected treat-- a noirish movie in the new millennium.

for me to watch that movie is total waste of time!!!!

If the beginnings have little new to observe and feel plodding, then the film has darted from exactly that to a procession of scene in which trying to guess what happens next is an exercise in futility.

However, there were some slow moments and the plot is so contrived that at points it seems ridiculous.

An exciting movie I will recommend to family and friends .

Which only made the dirty scenes more intense.

Once again, here is a Hollywood movie that is so utterly predictable that the audience, instead of being spun in various directions by a twisty plot, figures out the whole endeavor in minutes and then just bides time waiting for the characters on screen to do the same.

This was the worst movie I've ever seen.

The set up for the film is very intriguing and I was hooked from the first few minutes.

James Siegel's riveting, taut, explosive drama of a man named Charles Schine getting involved with a blackmailer and an extra-marital affair had so many ups and downs it was more like a roller-coaster than a train.

It starts out slow and builds at a geometrically increasing frenetic pace, with so many shocks and surprises that I cannot mention any of them here.

Don't waste your time.

Derailed (2005): Dir: Mikael Hafstrom / Cast: Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston, Vincent Cassel, Melissa George, RZA: Standard thriller about circumstances that take unexpected turns.

Derailed attempts to go for the somewhat rapid fire exchanges between characters, but comes off completely nonsensical, and dull.

Vincent Cassel also is note worthy and delivers a "star quality" performance in an otherwise mundane film.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Also, most of the characters are so flat that they're simply dull to watch.

The movie goes into a number of sub-plots that have some scenes look like their out of sequence with one of the people in it reportedly murdered and then showing up as if nothing happened to him only to get murdered again!

This movie was hands down on the worst movies, I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot.

The twist is totally unexpected with a well deserved ending, especially for Charles(Owen), one of the main characters.

His job is getting dull.

When in the movie comes that unexpected turn everything falls apart like the big pancake.

Great movie, Clive Owen was brilliant and its a good change for Jennifer, pure fast paced entertainment, just what it was meant to be!

The character development was superb, the story was interesting, with multiple twists and turns, and the finale was unexpected.

(Spoiler warning) This movie is Extremely predictable!

The film is fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable, with plot twists galore and at least one bit that will make you jump out of your seat!

It was trying to be a Hitchcock style twist type movie but failed somewhere along the way and became very predictable.

It was an unbelievably suspenseful movie that had my heart pounding to the very end.

The twists and turns were excellent and certainly unexpected!

The film starts off slow in the beginning and begins to pick up some speed after the affair between Charles and Lucinda.

I found this movie to be engrossing - kept me interested until the end.

I will say that what starts out seeming like another con artist movie turns into an unpredictable movie with plenty of surprises.

While some might call is ludicrous, I would say it's smart and compelling.

) Surely this is no Hitchcock masterpiece, but it is an entertaining and twisty thriller.

Colin Farrell always seems on the edge of lapsing back into Dub-speak.

Worst movie ever .

The film started with a crackly edge, Owen and Aniston were instantly watchable, and as soon as the plot unwound, unwound some more, got very exciting, had a twist, and unwound again, I was really impressed.

Now, how any man could be bored with being married to a girl that is hot like Mellisa George is beyond me.

It was so realistic and looked so painful and sad, I sat there and just felt "empty", like what she must have felt like.

This is dull noir.

Ultimately idiotic, mostly dull and thin .

Save your money, don't watch it.

It has a wide appeal and keeps your adrenaline pumping to the end and beyond.

Overall pretty enjoyable stuff with a tense and violent finale which made a lot of sense.

INTENSE SUSPENSE; a movie with intelligence and disturbing psychological twists.

Then, just as abruptly, around the 1 hr mark something pretty unexpected occurs that changes the atmosphere once again.

I was on the edge of my seat for the last part of the movie.

Fine Saturday evening viewing, but, gripping though this may be, Hitchcock can rest easily.

Carrying on into the daily commute by train to his large office in which he works as an advertising executive, Schine meets Jennifer Aniston's Lucinda; the introduction of whom is a focusing on her legs and high heels later masked by a routine and, if we didn't know any better, tired formulaic romantic content of meeting with one another before going out for the first time and apparently slipping so comfortably into a connection.

Got a very big twist to it, which is highly unexpected!

Clive Owen, as the rather bored, under appreciated husband, is a great match for Aniston as the early train scenes lead to the horror which is to follow.

Yet, Charles is bored with her, and she is bored with him.

Themes bypassed for its strong sexual peepshow that is only a tad more entertaining than the average porn presentation.

The twist is signposted for all but dummies and as a result it offers little to engage with, leaving a dull and forgettable film.

he was extremely boring to watch, and is no way worthy of his top list actor title.

The problem with the film is that the plot is too much unexpected a la Hitchcock, which means that even the surprises are expected after all.

it has a slow start, giving you a chance to understand the situation Owen is coming from.

His character might not be that sympathetic, but Owen makes him a compelling person, flaws and all.

Worst movie this year .

Worth watching for one reason...

Stinking poor movie with awful acting and predictable plot .

The plot is fairly entertaining and the film does spend some time developing the central character, which is to its credit.

but you need some predictable twists so that the less-predictable twists are more surprising.

Waste of talent, celluloid, screening venues and money...

Exciting and a twist I never expected.

The story had a lot of potential but the slow start and really weak and unrealistic ending really brought the movie down.

From this moment on audiences are primed to expect more twists than a Curly-Wurly, and the consequent deceits become predictable and disappointing.

A roller coaster of intriguing plot twists .

and it is there where it gets really intense.

In the end, this bland thriller is better left on the shelf.

Save your money and rent the DVD if you have to see this.

DERAILED introduces a brand new model of Jennifer Aniston to the screen and she is more than up to the role in delivering a chilling and very unexpected twist to the film in which our "Good Girl" learns to be a bit more adventurous and complex in Lucinda.

The whole time I was in the movie theater I sat on the edge of my seat, because I wanted to know what else was going to take place.

The twist in the end, of course, not spoiling it, is one of the best mind confusion so far in the genre of thrillers that I've come across.

but what i will say is that it was very predictable.

Miscast (Owen's character doesn't fit the brawny, no worries persona he brings to the table and Aniston is not of mettle for her tricky role either), too-clever with its own good in one twist too many in its pedestrian plot and easily predictable turn of events are just a few of the many problems with this suspenser wannabe with flawed direction by newcomer Mikael Hafstrom.

Clive Owen is a fantastic leading man and he portrays very well a man under intense pressure, as well as being confused and remorseful.

This is about as compelling as IMDb's threat to add you to a blacklist if you don't point out spoilers...

It is true that many points of this film are similar to the Michael Douglas/Glenn Close classic, Fatal Attraction, but Derailed is still a very exciting and satisfying thriller.

This movie will definitely have you on the edge of your sits as it did me because the plot is superb.

Aniston keeps the movie compelling and Vincent Cassel is a good cartoon villain.

It was, sadly, a complete waste of money.

Derailed is Predictable and Improbable: Spoilers Within .

Few things are more engaging than knowing that the investment you are making in the narrative is frangible, and will be broken in some unexpected way, planned by a noir-like force outside your control.

He's also bored.

This dark, suspenseful film is rather enjoyable, although not in a league with best-in-class thrillers for key reasons.

This movie has many twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and has a great story line, along with great performances by Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston.

" I'm sorry to say that he is out and it's due to the poor, predictable script.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The movie started interesting, a bit slow.

This is one of the most intense, gripping thrillers i have seen a long time, with incredible performances, and some fantastic shocking twists, and if you haven't seen it go check it out right now at the theaters, it's well worth your money!.

Extremely predictable yet still enjoyable thriller .

When a movie gets you on the edge of your seat like this one does, surely it has passed the effectiveness test.

Jennifer Aniston co-stars as Lucinda Harris: a sophisticated and direct business woman, married and bored, who is bound to find herself splitting motel bills with Charles Shines (Clive Owens).

The good side of the film is that it's fairly unpredictable and has more than just one twist.

Don't waste your money – oh to heck with that, don't waste your TIME; the title directly refers to the plot.

, this guy does not mess around, he was so intense!

This film is predictable from the start...

The story was so predictable.

Overall not a terrible film, but don't waste your money, wait for the DVD.

But it was highly entertaining....

This is a suspenseful movie that isn't always about what it seems.

She also has an intense look to her although a little empty at times.

it is an exciting movie....

I debated to go and see it, I went and I actually enjoyed it.

The movie was terribly slow, and the storyline was all over the board.

Ends well over a slow start .

The plot is OK, quite believable, even if some details feel a bit contrived.

Her wholesome image works for her here, making her immediately intriguing to the also-wholesome Owen character.

Dark, Suspenseful with Unexpected Twists and Turns .

I checked the spoilers box when I posted this because I wanted to say how predictable the twists in this film are; that you can see the main surprise coming a mile away kind of ruined the film for me.