Detention (2011) - Comedy, Horror, Mystery

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As a copycat killer named after movie villain Cinderhella stalks the student body at Grizzly Lake High School, a group of co-eds band together to survive while serving detention.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Joseph Kahn
Stars: Josh Hutcherson, Shanley Caswell
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 86 found boring (27.9%)

One-line Reviews (61)

It's made by Music video director Joseph Kahn (he also directed Torque - there is a joke in the film referring to it) and you can tell coz this film is fast paced and has lots of cool shooting angles and scene transitions and has a very colorful look.

You should watch it on a rainy day or just when your are bored.

Confusing .

It comes to my attention the fact that some of the reviewers mention the fast pace in the film, cause, to me, it was slow, maybe cause it never really intrigued me.

I give this a seven because I have to round up, but its the archetypal 6.5There are a lot of references in this that are worthwhile, but they are so disjointed it hard to make anything of them, in fact its hard to really take anything from this one.

So, watch Detention if you so wish, but be prepared for shockingly poor acting, predictable story progression, nonsensical plot, serious plot-point abandonment, and really BAD character names.

It was like a bunch of 80's and 90's teen comedies and horror films rolled into one fast-paced entertaining movie.

Nothing more than a bad hybrid of the overused teen slasher movie ("Scream," "Friday the 13th," "Final Destination," take your pick) mixed in with "Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer," "The Breakfast Club," as well as bits and pieces of "Donnie Darko," "Back To the Future," "Saw" and other better cinematic endeavors, this is a total waste of time and brain cells.

The typically psychotic, boring old killer who talks too long before deciding its time to get on with the business and put us, as well as the victim, out of their misery is apparent AGAIN!

I enjoyed it.

A waste of time and brain cells .

I was laughing along with the jokes, the quirky fast paced references got me interested in this film.

Serious contender for worst movie ever made.. .

It's not really funny, or scary but mostly: Confusing.

It's hyperactive, yet stationary, contemporary, but desperately nostalgic, always moving, but going nowhere.

Detention is worth watching a second time.

Which is odd because there is no real plot in my mind its just a bunch of random silly funny scenes thrown together that somehow work.

The characters were unlikeable, and unbearably predictable.

A fast paced Genre jumping Comedy/Horror.

From the visually complex, yet clustered and confusing opening credits sequence, you might be mistaken to think that you are watching a TV movie directed by Edgar Wright.

I would rather watch paint dry than watch this movie.

That's the reason entirely pointless things often seem to have a deeper meaning, if they're put into focus.

Everybody is talking fast about uninteresting stuff, like the 90ies.

This Movie takes Excess to, well, Excessively Entertaining levels of Hyper-Absurdity.

Shanley Caswell and Josh Hutcherson do a great job, but still, I was left a bit "empty" at the end, because of the wasted potential of their development.

Its fun, fast paced and never takes its self too seriously.

The film moves at a breakneck pace, and I found it wittier and more entertaining than Scott Pilgrim(63/100).

You have to admire the movie for refusing to ever slow down.

Detention is a sharp, extremely fast paced parody/homage/comedy/slasher/WTF?!?!

Take in mind this movie is crazy, fast paced, and random.

Secondly, the characters are soooo boring and yes, that includes Josh Hutcherson.

A highly stylised, fast paced, perky, dynamic film that keeps you on your toes.

Halfway through though the movie seemed to lose steam and I was getting bored.

take this movie off the shelves, don't show this anywhere, at any time because counting the leaves on a tree is more entertaining than watching this movie.

Extremely boring trash marketed towards nineties kids who jack off over corded land-line phones.

It starts with a murder, and goes straight to the main character, which is this boring loser girl, so stereotyped it looks always fake, and then she is attempted to be murdered, and then we imminently know who the killer is, but since the writers made this so weak and obvious, they start adding stuff in, what I think was sort of an effort to make the movie worthy, but it never takes off, they try and try to make it fun and dynamic, but it's just chopped in disjointed pieces that never match.

Embracing every tired cliché and exploiting the hell out of them Detention is a hard movie to even sum up.

The story lines (not 'storyline', because to say this has a singular coherent story would be a lie) are just insane messes, and while you'll keep waiting for things to 'get good', the only reward you'll get for continuing to watch this movie is that it'll get more and more confusing.

Its stupid, unfunny, generic, boring, and makes no sense.

It's not made by the big guys like Warner Bros, Lionsgate etc. Still it is one of the funniest, and entertaining movies I have seen, and good enough for its film title.

Well that was one of the worst movie choices we ever made.

Surprisingly Complex yet Enjoyable, if Unevenly Paced.

what makes this a comedy is the fact that the acting and screen is confusing at one point you r watching a movie they are watching a movie that movies is watching a movie and that movie is watching a movie it is weird and confusing which makes you laugh even harder1 jtlyk Principal verge is the director (dane cook)

Mediocre and boring .

This is a fast paced comedy/slasher type film.

But, this is what makes it just a little bit more worth watching.

Eventually the relentless culture references become tiresome and I found myself disengaging from the movie.

This is a fast paced "Student Bodies" meets "Scott Pilgrim" type of movie.

It's messy, drawn out and boring.

Witty, but too cheap to be thoroughly enjoyable.

No offense, the scream movies are iconic but that series sent that cast on a roller coaster ride that made even me want to leave that town.

I wouldn't have any trouble recommending this to movie-buffs, teenagers, or just about anyone under-40, but it might prove to be a little corny and disjointed to appeal to an older crowd.

(which by the way I adore) Now THERE is an example of funny, quirky, etc.The plot of this one (what there was of it) was difficult to follow, kept jumping about and left me feeling very irritated.

Still, the acting is engaging, the dialog is fun, the scenes are well shot and lit, the music is fantastic, etc. All things considered, it's a movie worth seeing.

Characters were intriguing and had elements of depth - even when they (literally) materialised out of thin air.

Horrific Waste of Time .

All in all, this is the worst movie that I've seen in years.

Starts out smart and funny, but right after the titles, it slows to a crawl and gets really tedious.

The plot was confusing and it was difficult to keep up.

This movie, while it is extremely fast paced and may overload many people's brains, is refreshing.

Sorry but this movie is just a waste of time.