Dhadak (2018) - Drama, Romance

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Set in Rajasthan, this love story explores how the protagonists deal with issues like differences between castes and honor killings.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Shashank Khaitan
Stars: Janhvi Kapoor, Ishaan Khattar
Length: 138 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 27 out of 211 found boring (12.79%)

One-line Reviews (56)

The original is way more emotionally intense.

He knows to how to set a fast paced story in a colorful environment and therefore Dhadak starts off spectacularly.

Don't waste Ur time seeing this garbage.. Better see antman..don't encourage these crap actor's who are flag bearer of nepotism...

waste of money.

First half all fun, second half serious with unexpected ending.

of Boredom .

Fourth- breathtaking capture of the of the locales and the essence and flavour of Udaipur and Kolkata- well done.

Overall the movie is entertaining, with some true life reflection and social message.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

Jhanvi needs some improvements but still made the movie enjoyable.

Don't go by the Negative review as i did, Surprisingly Its a nice & entertaining Movie with shocking ending.

And its also boring.

Rating - 2.75/5Positives: 1) Ishaan and Janhvi's Performances 2) Social Message 3) Music 4) Cinematography and Production DesignNegatives: 1) Clichéd and Formulaic Storyline 2) Mundane Screenplay 3) Unmenacing AntagonistSummary: Overall, Dhadak had a significant message to share in the climax and the superstar kids Ishaan and Janhvi were a delight to watch.

Awful, terrible, waste of time, money, mind.

Don't waste your time and money worse remake instead you should watch sairat again!

Her confrontation scene with Ishan in the second half was mind blowing and outlines her capabilities as an actor.

"A Mundane Bollywood Cliché!

But, the generic storyline and the tedious screenplay made it nearly unwatchable as I found myself cringing and regret watching the majority of the film.

Enjoyable movie with a shocking ending .

Worst Movie Ever.

Unexpected .

Janhvi Kapoor is stunning throughout the movie.

Worst movie ever.

Worst Movie of 2018.

It is an adaptation and is an engaging and well made Bollywood film.

Just when you know life is taking a turn for a good, then comes the unexpected, thus the climax is as shocking and kind of unexpected.

Complete waste of money and time.

Waste of time .

Some breathtaking shots are taken & by seeing this you will be amazed.

Worth watching as a message .

Worst movie ever .

Waste of time .

Add to this some wonderful cinematography and editing, voila you are in for a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience.

fantastic performance by the lead actors, great locales, thoroughly enjoyable

Even in most intense scenes, the audience were laughing and giggling because there was no real suffering and emotion.

Movie is very slow and didn't appealing at all.

Pathetic Waste of Time, money and Energy

NASA launches rockets satellites, and Karan johar launches star kids and rich kids, who doesn't need any launchpad already.. I'm annoyed that this movie had crossed 4 stars, which a false propaganda and paid ratings done by dharma ofcourse.

An entertaining movie with an interesting plot of young love birds.

It was entertaining, i didnt get bored.

Direction is also good, some scenes are whistle blower & mind blowing.

Worth watching .

Brilliant performances and breathtaking drama.

Don't waste your time and avoid Dhadak & save money.

Total Waste of time .

Worth watching.

Please Do Not Watch This Movie, Just a waste of Time!

Yet, the final minutes of Dhadak still look like it was contrived in a parking lot by a man who had to submit the script to the producers in the next five minutes.

The movie dragged on and on.

Some parts were too fast and some parts too slow.

The same old story is repetitive.

Director Wasted his time and audience time by not at all having been able to make a basic movie, story is unnecessary boring and especially end of movie should have proper scenes related to honour killing, and message of deterrence for it for audience Portraying India to be a banana republic does not make a basic movieNo message from movie, disorganised story, and no entertainment, it finished w/o completing its story or topic.

There was a twist in the end and that was also predictable as it unfathoms!

But the movie, as it is, is enjoyable to watch and worth the investment.

Waste of time and money

At the very end of the movie, I was actually hoping that Madhu and his kid would end up with bullets in them, because it they didn't, what was the point of watching this horrifically boring movie?