Disaster Movie (2008) - Comedy

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Over the course of one evening, an unsuspecting group of twenty-somethings find themselves bombarded by a series of natural disasters and catastrophic events.

IMDB: 1.9
Director: Jason Friedberg
Stars: Carmen Electra, Vanessa Lachey
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 157 out of 427 found boring (36.76%)

One-line Reviews (278)

Well, it's true, these film are so boring they actually will put you to sleep like a lazy student in a cartoon.

There is no plot.

" Next we are treated to a party scene that lampoons "No Country for Old Men", "Wanted" "High School Musical" "Juno" and "Superbad" (How these films could be considered disaster movies is beyond me), during which we see Carmen Electra playing the same character she has played in every other "Movie" film, a random wrestling scene that was supposed to be "sexy", a few more attacks on celebrities, seemingly endless homophobic/racist/sexist jokes, gross out "humour" a musical number that makes the songs from "Grease 2" worthy of a Grammy in comparison and then, after a half hour of pointless, mindless drivel do we start to see the parodies of disaster films, which includes bikini-clad women for some reason, Hancock hitting his head on a lamppost, a cow landing on Ironman (characters hitting their head on or being crushed by something is used in every other Friedburg and Seltzer movie, and it wasn't funny the first time either) and then Hannah Montana being crushed by a meteorite, in which we see a repeat on the Amy Winehouse burp scene only this time Hannah Montana dies, comes back to life to say something, dies, comes back to life to say something else, dies again and it just goes on like that...

It is poor and unfunny it is tedious to watch.

I was trying to watch the whole movie like 3 times - but every time i was falling asleep - stupidity of this movie it is incredible !

Rest of the movie: medium good: Hannah Montana dying was medium and the Sex and the City fight was good and funny, Chipmunks and Enchanted princess was funny and the museum sequence was somewhat boring and Dance off was funny, now F**K Song was funny and the movie ended good.

Stupid, inaccurate, boring, predictable, the only positive thing to say is this film seems to know that its goal is to entertain, which it does so by being so unfunny that you have to occasionally laugh at how poor it truly is.

A complete waste of money.

The jokes are pathetic (if you can call them jokes) there is absolutely no story line.

There is no plot.

Don't waste your time watching this movie, pick something more worthwhile to watch instead, or else go outside and enjoy nature.

Be warned,save your money.

I've found the worst movie ever made (in my opinion, that is.

Disaster Movie was a waste of time...

There is no plot, just chunks of movies being spoofed chuck into a one and a half hour movie.

If you go see it at the cinema, you waste your time and money.

At the top of the worst movies of all time list :-)

the jokes were not truly terrible the first time they threw it out there, but then they dragged it through the mud, killed it, then they resurrected it to drag and kill it again, then!

the film has no plot they basically take elements from every single film released this year throw in a disaster and just TRY to make jokes out of them its just some huge cluster of films that are not related in any other way with just terrible jokes.

If that's not the case, then it's just a phoned-in formulaic project that was lazily thrown together.

Parodies can be funny, but not if they are crude, predictable and down right shocking.

Save your money...

Try to imagine an episode of Family Guy with no plot, just one incomprehensible comedy clip after the other--that is Disaster Movie in a nutshell.

It is the same tired, drawn out old jokes from the last few outings of the Dumb and Dumber of the directing world, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

She had a part in "Meet the Spartans" as well, which is easily tied with this monstrosity as "Worst Movie of 2008", possibly even the decade.

This movie is so boring and stupid at the same time.

Easily the worst movie of all time!

For example, the High School Musical spoof sequence during the party is unnecessarily long and tedious.

Worst Movie??...

Disaster Movie to me was one of the worst movies ever made and it truly belongs at the Top of the IMDb Bottom 100.

The fact that there was outtake was mind boggling, that in the final edit they picked what they picked, its a sad day for the movie world and for the cast of mad TV Why did you accept this role, mad TV has better writers then this so called movie.

One of the worst movies I have seen in my life, I never wish to view it again.

The writers were obviously influenced by drugs and everybody else had the intention to create the worst movie ever, I'm sure.

It has no plot it just references to other movies there no real story it full of unfunny jokes that don't work.

I got a major headache and urge to purge in my empty drink.

Somehow, cosmically, every joke has its one point where it switches from 'ho-hum' to 'gutbuster.

To say this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my young life is a huge understatement.

Disaster Movie is a perfect example of how low cinema can go, and deserves to be regarded as one of the worst movies of all time.

Whenever someone doesn't like a movie, a common go-to criticism to hurl at it is that it has no plot.

The worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

(We're supposed to root for our hero to get back his girlfriend even though she's some sort of serial cheater, and the main character is the single most bland, undeveloped person you could ever encounter.

stupid, asinine, ignorant, gross, humorless, incongruent, plot less, objectionable, senseless, dopey, waste of time, waste of money, ripoff, fake, poor acting, more fun to watch grass grow, more fun to watch paint dry, so loud, you might as well leave your cell phone on.. as you couldn't hear it anyway.

This "film", once again, has a lazy pointless story, terrible acting, cheesy special effects, dull sets/locations, and finally a cliched generic boring soundtrack to tie this diarrhea stain together.

This movie is terrible the actors SUCK at acting the only good part is when Nikki manage DIED and there is absolutely no plot just don't watch it I BEG of you

The reason: The worst movie ever that had any kind of budget!

For example:1.100,100 BC parody: Bad,plain boring with absurd characters like Wolf and saber-tooth Amy Winehouse burping at Will was boring.

There's no plot so no point commenting on that.

don't waste your money!

How this is supposed to pass for a comedy film when it has no plot, virtually no parody and fewer jokes than the most dirgeful funeral I have attended is beyond me.

The story doesn't exist, there is literally no story at all, it's nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully, even the worst movies can teach us a thing or two about what works and what doesn't.

This is by far the absolutely worst movie I have ever even heard of.

Those who watch Epic Movie and Meet the spartan, this will probably bore you.

This movie is a waste of my time, i highly recommend you watch another movie at the theaters than this one.

I will tell you this, I walked out of the movie after about 30 minutes.

There was also this pointless cheerleader scene which was utterly stupid, and unintelligent.

This is the only movie where I actually walked out of the cinema and asked for a refund, and guess what even the cinema took pity and gave me my money back.

What Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer find funny is the useless contrived potty humor and of course the ever funny gay jokes.

Hence, many of them turned the movie into a long boring trailer.

It takes horrible pieces of trash like this so people have something to compare an unwatchable waste of time to a decent film.

Matt Lanter and Vanessa Minillo were not only given next to nothing to work with, likewise with Tony Cox, but their performances went nowhere.

It's the same old tiresome formula: use a genre name in the title, reference recent movies in skits, hammer in some potty humor, have plenty of people get kicked in the groin, and call it a movie.

Even worse, those wannabe-jokes are drawn out much too long.

The part with Dr. Phil was excellent, and I enjoyed it especially when he got shot.

I'll also add that I have never walked out of a movie theater and i would have walked out far earlier if I were by myself.

there is no plot whatsoever all it is is a bunch of stupid parodies on pop culture that aren't even funny.

This has no plot at all and doesn't deliver any laughs at all throughout the entire hour and a half that it is on.

Waste of time .

One would think that because they spoof so many things you would get a whole bunch of laughs even with no storyline.

Like it's mocking them, like "Hey spoof movies, this is how pointless and nonsensical you are".

There is no story.

Was sooo boring!

As you watch you will go from sheer amazement that this was even made to complete disgust and boredom as you realize how truly unfunny these so called "jokes" are.

" What a waste of everyones time.

Spoof movies can be funny and entertaining, but "Disaster Movie" is a complete disaster that bores me to hell.

First of all: there is NO plot.

This mess makes "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (long considered the worst movie ever made) look like an Academy Award contender.

Cringe worthy jokes are used as padding between scenes of a pointless pot.

I hope everyone who saw it in the theater walked out and demanded a refund.

So it goes without saying that even with such misgivings for any sort of coherent, well thought-out plot, and lacking any compelling, memorable characters whatsoever, as far as dumb spoof movies go, it should still be able to make you laugh regardless.

Very ridiculous, but very enjoyable.

There is absolutely nothing to learn from this movie, no story, no message and no great comedy at all.

I actually got paid while I saw it on a slow night at work.

Please, save your money for anything else.

There is no plot in the film so to speak, and the jokes are stretched out for painfully long periods of time in order to compensate for the fact that without them, the film would be no more than a glorified television ad.

This film, and I use the term loosely, was so awful that it is one of only a handful I have ever switched off in order to be bored instead- as being bored is preferable to having your eyes gouged out by this dreadful piece of garbage.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

I don't watch movies like this to be moved by a deep plot line, to sweat on the edge of my chair by petrifying suspense, and to be stunned by actor's performances.

The references are lazy, insulting, stupid and tiresome, the production value looks like it has a fungus growing on it, the visuals look incredibly cheap, the acting is beyond terrible, and the 'writing' is abysmal.

I do not recommend this movie because it is an enormous waste of everyone's time, except if you're writing up a review of it.

It was so bad, I half-expected to find out the whole thing was some sort of Andy Kaufman-like prank - because it is impossible to believe that someone would actually waste their time producing such dreck and even more difficult to believe that some fool in Hollywood would review it and sign off to fund the production!

And if they intend their films to be that way, that just makes it even worse, so they intend to make off-topic, unfunny, parody-devoid, boring, unpleasant films?

this is the worst movie i've ever seen.

I mean, it really is the worst movie ever made and released.

Undoubtedly the worst movie I have ever had the misfortune of watching in my life!

This compelling story with it's jaw-dropping dialogue (and surplus grain) just leaves the viewer in awe and wanting more!

This movie has no plot!

That scene would have made the production #1 of the worst movies ever, as it still (mysteriously) has trouble getting to that spot.

Worst movie of the decade,worst parody movie ever.

stop reading this review its a waste of time...

One of the worst movies ever made by far.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

Needless to say there is absolutely no plot or even remotely like one.

All of them are in my top 10 worst movies i have ever seen and Disaster movie is one of them.

It was so horrible that it had absolutely no plot nor a logic sequence of events not mentioning the bad cast (Paris Hilton ,Kim Kardashian ,and Carmen Electra are already awful enough...

But someone who's dressed like Amy Winehouse standing there farting for well over a minute isn't funny, it's boring and a really poor attempt at humor.

Bad news: it's still crass, stupid, and boring.

This movie is truly awful and unwatchable, which is not something I can often say about the movies I see.

They are perceived as too subtle (boring), are character driven (characters don't tear up the screen), have a message to tell (don't lecture me) or have a strong cultural theme (REAL American life is not interesting), don't do well.

If you watch it for free online, you waste your time.

This movie is the worst movie ever made.

Just shorten it A LOT--this skit went on way too long and became 100% stupid.

On a plus side, I did like this better than the last two mistakes they did, Epic Movie was unbearable and I feel that should be lower than this.

This movie plunges so deep down in to the ranks of awful films that it is unwatchable even to for the seasoned ironic moviegoer.

The jokes - when they finally come - are lazy, obvious and drag out way too long.

Look at the wrestling match, the dance duel, or the monotone - supposedly sarcastic - performance of Juno-look alike--to see that clearly and badly!

This story-less, headache inducing excuse for entertainment made me want to leave the theater and I wish I had.

Discussing lot, acting and whatnot is pretty pointless given the low plot to joke ratio.

Bref, as one of users said just save your money for anything else.

There were two instances of the film that I felt kind of dragged on: a)the musical scene where the high school group was singing during the Cloverfield knock off and b)the whole Hannah Montana being crushed under the meteor.

From the intro with Amy, the extremely drawn out 'curve the bullet' skit, the standard two girls fighting bit, (only good if you pause it)through to the end.

I have never been a fan of the "Movie" films that have been coming out non-stop for the last 9 years, as i don't think any of them are even remotely funny, the films have no story, make no sense and the gags are almost all the same.

This was by far the worst movie i have ever seen.

The sets/locations look dull and boring, and most of the interior scenes were obviously filmed in a studio.

This film has no plot.

Of course, instead of achieving what any decent spoof does in managing to make you laugh at a movie even if you enjoyed it, Disaster Movie instead only achieves in demeaning itself to point of embarrassment.

The movie was titled disaster movie, but I believe the title would be more appropriate if it was "Randomly Throw in Irrelevant Pop Culture References and Movies that Have Nothing to Do With Disaster Movies" Movie, since thats all that I got when we walked out after 10 minutes.

Possibly, the worst movie I've ever seen.

There is incoherent storytelling, bad acting, unfunny and tasteless jokes galore and enough confusing stuff to make your head spin.

Total waste of time, the plot is set around Cloverfield which was a terrible movie in itself.

The ranking as the all time worst movie on IMDb is well deserved.

Just pump 18 millions out of the 20 million budget into the promotion of your massive waste of celluloid, and you won't get awards or good reviews, but by the time this hits the video stores, at least you'll make a profit.

No plot whatsoever...

This is the worst movie that I have ever seen in my life.

Unfunny Dancing,celebrity Impersonations And Unfunny use of language, in my first 82 minutes i noticed that this was the worst movie i ever purchased at HMV.

worst movie ever .

I respect opinions of people who liked this one, but for me it the worst movie ever; personally I probably needed to be 12 or 15 years old to have a more positive opinion of it.

It is, without a doubt, one of the worst movies I have ever seen, it actually was a contender for my top 10 worst movies list, but didn't quite reach the mark.

If you want to see just a few of the worst movies of all time this is what I recommend is you watch Epic Movie, Superhero Movie, Meet The Spartans, Disaster Movie.

The plot is conventional and boring, the spoofs of current cinema releases are inaccurate and too crude and every other joke drags and drags until you can't look at the screen any more.

I found them a little enjoyable,even though they had scenes that really didn't belong in the first place.

This misstep most firmly resonates during the many instances where Diablo Cody's Juno script is called into question by the writers, spoofing its quirky, culturally referential dialogue and trying to pass it on as pretentious and overwritten of all things.

No plot, no funny jokes, just an empty shell of a movie.

The burping lady made me laugh at first but it got boring really quickly.

Disaster Movie is hands down the worst movie I have ever seen.

No plot.

Vanessa Mannillo and Matt Lanter are such great eye candy for you and your girlfriend to watch during any lulls in the movie that you can't give this less than 8 stars out of 10.

but no no no its nothing like that,bad story bad actors it was so boring that I've had to sleep every 10 minutes.

It had no story at all throughout the movie.

When I walked out of the theater, it was like someone killed my dog.

This was the only movie I ever walked out of.

Each minute of this film it's funny, entertaining and well done considering the low budget.

it is not worth the time, money and boredom it will cost you.

There is no plot to this film - people run around on the 29th August - as I said, not a plot, and because of this Disaster, ahem Movie (can it really be called a movie?

If so then you HAVE to be a pretty lame person this along with: Meet The Spartans, The Comebacks, Epic Movie, Date Movie, Another Gay Movie and Superhero the Movie were all very stupid movies if you actually get a kick out of repetitive spoofs mostly making fun of a crappy actor or Micheal Jackson then you must have the brain of a tick.

I had no idea what was going on, it kept skipping from one sketch to another with no plot, no reason and NO POINT!

Don't waste your time.

The story, or lack thereof, is just a cliched plethora of subplots with a cliched boring narrative and cliched snore fest that goes absolutely nowhere, again.

Normally, you can actually expect a film parody to be declared the worst movie ever by many people.

It's the worst movie I have ever seen or will ever be made.

As a result, the film feels thoroughly disjointed, to the point where it becomes entertaining just to see what's going to happen next, regardless of how funny it is.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

Enjoyed it.

I commend you, and I only recommend watching this in bits or if you are bored to absolute death.

I found this movie disjointed and it just basically struggled.

Spearheaded with tired, overdone writing; predictably crass, shallow characters; a meaningless, lobotomised plot; mundane dialogue; dull, lazy, downright childish humour; lacklustre performances and the production value of a shoestring, Disaster Movie did eventually manage to provoke one moment of joy; when it was all over and I realised I could go home, far far away from the evil torture that had just unfolded in front of me.

Still better than watching paint dry.

I have seen some terrible movies in my days, including Meet The Spartans, Delta Farce, Snow Day, Ice Age, and some other unbearable movies.

Did they try to win the award for worst movie.

Initially from the title, I thought the movie would parody movies like Godzilla, or The Day After Tomorrow, Twister, etc. Instead it was a dismal, dull, unfunny, shameful excuse for a form of entertainment.

So, if you can possibly lower your IQ by a few points for an hour and half, I'm sure you'll find this movie very enjoyable.

It's far from the worst movie ever, and those courageous enough to brave the critics' venom will find quite a treat.

I was also slowly moving away to the exit cause it was so boring to watch.

A couple of good songs and that a guy being a underwear model is the only things that I found enjoyable.

But you have just starred in the worst movie ever made.

The single worst movie I have ever seen.

For the sake of your sanity, don't waste your money on going to see this terrible film.

All of the "jokes" were forced, and many of them were dragged on for several minutes at a time...

Suffice it to say, Disaster movie is plot wise a pointless 20 minute short, filled up with about an hour of cringe worthy jokes for padding.

And then the unbearable redundancy.

The movie was pretty entertaining though.

Often jokes will be dragged on and on incessantly and infuriatingly to the point where the initial disappointment of another bum-note turns into a cacophony of middling annoyance.

All and all save your money on this one.

This could be one of the worst movies ever along with the other Friedberg Seltzer movies how did this not win the Razzie for worst movie.

This is the #2 worst movie on the IMDb Bottom 100 charts.

It doesn't have any merit whatsoever and is simply Friedberg and Seltzer, who are now my least favourite directors even though I've seen just 2 of their movies, forcing their juvenile, lazy, ugly and pathetic humour down our throats in the most boring, lame and unbearable way imaginable.

There are a couple of highlights- the Chipmunks scene made me laugh- but aside from that you're left agog in wonder at how rushed and bad everything feels, which in turn makes it entertaining.

Definetely the worst movie I have ever been forced to sit through.

This Is The Worst Movie Ever.

One of the worst movies ever -an embarrassment to humans ,what the heck is this awful crap?.....


There are people out there who actually thinks it's a enjoyable movie and actually can't understand why people don't like it.

Worst Movie Ever.

No one else would be stupid enough to go with him and I didn't want him to go by himself because I expected the cinema to be empty.

Since this film doesn't technically spoof disaster films, it renders it a pointless exercise.

To sum it up: the jokes aren't funny, there is no storyline what so ever, there is nothing interesting in the whole film, the trailer is 1 000 000 better than the actual filmand finally: -DON'T WATCH IT!

All I can say is that this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

The only other people there was a family of about 5 (who, I might add, walked out not even halfway through) and a couple of teenagers who somehow managed to survive it all.

I wouldn't say you should avoid it like the plague, because the plague is funnier, more enjoyable and has a better thought script than "Disaster Movie".

It was so boring the 90 minutes seemed like forever and I couldn't wait until it's over ...

Disaster Movie is a slimy lump of snot that has been birthed in the depths of hell and dragged itself out to the land of the living to corrupt the moral fiber of humanity and leave a trail of quivering horror in its wake.

Disaster Movie is a disjointed collage of scenes put together in an effort to make us laugh.

Number 25 On The Worst Movies Of All Time List.

no plot, no jokes just bad references and cheaply remade scenes from other films.

Disaster movie is the absolute worst movie I have ever seen, and this is coming from someone who thoroughly enjoys the entire Scary Movie franchise- this just isn't even funny.

The Worst Movie Ever made in the history of Movies .

Ever year, I sucker myself into seeing these "Movie" movies, and I've walked out on two of them already (Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans).

and the award for Worst Movie Ever goes to...

Literally no plot.

He came late in the movie, though, and by then I am sure most of the patrons left the theater or killed themselves and never saw him.

It plays out like a series of cutaway gags from Family Guy, only they last way too long and never cut away.

Even when she first appears as the gasoline gulping Amie Winehouse lookalike the scene becomes enjoyable in a weird way.

Finally, the musical score is boring, predictable and forced.

the acting is horrible, the direction of the movie, i mean these damn movies have no real plot at all.

Maybe the movie makers goal was to make the worst movie ever, well job well done.

Disaster Movie takes the cake as the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

That being said, I found this movie to be very quirky and entertaining to the fullest extent.

Worst movie I ever watch.

Worst movie ever .

This movie is the worst movie ever to exist.

The two worst writers of ''Scary movie'' have come up with something extraordinary; ''Disaster movie'', quite possibly the worst movie ever.

I would rather erase this "movie" from my memory because this movie is a pathetic waste of money and time and is just the worst attempt at making a film.

No story and not that funny .

Overall, not a terrible movie, and really quite entertaining, especially all the musical scenes.

I wanted to leave almost 5 times during the movies.

The whole story (If there was one) Was confusing and stupid.

Scary Movie 1 and 2, I thought were funny and enjoyable.

Though there were several laughable parts, it was overall just one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

To put it more clearly, this absolutely WAS the worst movie I have ever seen in my life!

I saw that film and thought that it was going to be the worst movie of the year.

Worst movie disaster ever!

So it's not enough that the poor viewers had to suffer a weak work that disappointed them as a movie and a parody, but they had to suffer more from the bluff of it, and its propaganda, as a thing about certain something, while it isn't.

2nd worst movie of 2008 after "Meet the Spartans" of course.

Tomorrow I am going to watch paint dry and grass grow...

This deserves to be in the top one worst movies of all time.

The general spoofs throughout are uninspired, cliché, and poorly executed.

the Alvin and the Chipmunks scene was funny at first, but it went on way too long...

If you saw this movie through to the end, you must be: mentally handicapped, hiding from the police in an empty theater, homeless not looking to be hassled by any member of the public, suffering from a massive head injury or perhaps you were actually in the movie or worked on it.

Save your money, time, and dignity; don't even consider seeing it.

No, this movie isn't great, it was never going to be, but there are some very entertaining and hilarious moments in it, which kept me in my seat wanting more.

This massive waste of time and money is just an array of unfunny jokes, without a consistent plot or charismatic protagonists.

While the appearances of familiar faces from other similar comedies such as Epic Movie will create an atmosphere of familiarity, you not feel at all as though you were part of the action, and be fully aware that you are wasting time sitting on your couch watching the worst movie (with little doubt) of 2008.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

After seeing this one, I can say "Disaster Movie" is quite possibly the worst movie ever.

The only spoof targets should be the actors and the directors themselves, making fun of other movies and creating the worst movie ever made in the process is quite painful.

Some of those items were themselves a waste of time and attention, and it's not like these filmmakers have much to say about them anyway.

Worst movie i've ever watched .

Total waste of time in fact....

Seriously, this was the worst movie ever .

The Best Worst Movie of the Year .

You CANNOT treat it as such, have intense expectations, get disappointed, come online and badmouth the film.

this is making bland jokes and pointless (as I may say "comedy) with fart jokes and people being hit with objects...

its not funny, has this idiots thinking they can act and apparently love to waste your time!

The very worst movie I have ever watched that wasn't helmed by a female director.

I thought this movie was going to be very entertaining and funny.

Everything was so disjointed it was merely a series of badly written skits, not a movie.

Clearly not satisfied with Epic Movie and Meet The Spartans, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Alarm bells) take us even further down the cinematic hell hole with Disaster Movie: A vile, putrid, excruciatingly unfunny, painfully awful comedy catastrophe which is a contender for one of the very worst movies ever created.

When I was putting my list of the top 10 worst movies I have ever seen, I was debating whether to go with this one, or "Epic Movie".

No plot, characterization, or acting exist in these black holes of all things mind-numbing.

This movie is really hilarious, funny and entertaining!

I got tired of seeing movies that were clearly better than any of the movies by these two jokers will ever be get dragged through the dirt with stupid, ill-written, badly performed, mindless comedy.

Disaster movie is the worst movie I ever seen in my entire life.

So natural that there probably was no script.

Don't waste your time, just do not watch this messy crap.

I guess that losing the money and the time isn't enough, I felt so embarrassed that I flushed and I had to leave the theater I couldn't take it anymore, And I still can't , please don't show this movie anymore all of those "jokes" I've heard them like a million times my grandma could write better comedy lines while cookingdon't even read this review everything about or related to this movie, is a disaster for a better future, may this be the last time we heard about this movie please, no more

They further estimate that any single monkey in front of a standard QWERTY keyboard with input limited to 100 keystrokes has a 99.9999998% chance of writing a more logical, coherent, entertaining & lucrative screenplay on its very first go.

To be fair Superhero Movie wasn't horrendous, it was just bland and uninspired, however Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans are the two worst movies I have ever seen.

I have to agree with everyone else that this film is just a complete waste of time!

These movies offer nothing new, there is no real story structure, no character development, awful acting, jokes you can see coming a mile off which are dragged out and outstay their welcome (if they were welcomed in the first place) and 6 months down the track you can expect to see the DVD copy for 50 cents in a cheap shop or sold along with a more popular movie.

It's as if Lion's Gate rented out a camera with a "Insert 25 cents for 10 minutes" slot on the side, then the director walked over to the first empty field he could find and shot a movie.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen, avoid it at all costs!

These actors should feel ashamed for selling themselves out to star in what could be the worst movie of all time.

Disaster movie is I think the worst movie ever made.

The humor is about as funny as being diagnosed with cancer, the acting is as great as getting hit in the head with a baseball, the references to all of the movies are pointless and add nothing to the story, the story is non existent, the effects came straight out of a green screen website, and there is a 1% that the people involved in this movie actually tried.

There is literally no plot at all.

It's like they found every single pop culture reference they could get their hands on that year and just blended it together into a feature-length slew of terribly pointless "jokes".

I like many other people at the cinema with me walked out before the end.