Don't Let Go (2019) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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After a man's family dies in what appears to be a murder, he gets a phone call from one of the dead, his niece. He's not sure if she's a ghost or if he's going mad, but as it turns out, he's not.

Director: Jacob Estes
Stars: David Oyelowo, Alfred Molina
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 118 found boring (17.79%)

One-line Reviews (84)

I enjoyed it.

Except for the little bit of action, this was one boring movie.

Anyway the plot was meh, cliche plot of time travel to save the future.

The most intense moments of the film are the phone conversations between Uncle Jack and Ashley in which the time-traveling uncle is two weeks in time head of the young girl and desperately attempting to prevent her murder.

Save your money .

I needed to know what was going on in a very unpredictable and messy first 20 minutes.

The film jumped around a lot confusing me a bit.

I ended up enjoying this movie, but it was hard to follow at first.

It was boring.

the worst movie ever .

It is quite thrilling and engaging, both because of the suspense of who the killer is, and because of the warped time.

Although both the original Frequency and the remake were a lil better than this, it's still well worth the watch, a solid 7/10.

I was bored and irritated at the same time, I had no affection for any of the characters as there was insufficient development.

Great film, on the edge of my seat.

Good plot, a little hard to follow and slow moving .

The worst movie ever.. i didn't understand it at all

Very intense thought provoking thriller .

It was very entertaining.

Where the film lets itself down is a little dull patch right in the middle.

Go watch it for something different instead of the predictable stuff.

It falls into the trap of having its key reveal be relatively predictable precisely because it's trying to be so unpredictable.

is a fascinating idea.

Loved this film,gripping great story very entertaining.

Interesting, surprisingly exciting to watch .

It's a cool concept and all but they needed to slow it down for everyone too enjoy.

It ended when and how it should, the plot was engaging not revealing what was around the next turn, and David Oyelowo and Storm Reid put forth commendable performances.

like frequency,it'll have you on the edge of your seat...

Thank you for making this movie I really enjoyed it and I'm sure everyone else will as well 😊

The film speeds up (your adrenaline) in its final showdown.

It was very well done w unexpected twists and an ending that actually left me in tears.

Once I did that, the movie was enjoyable.

Unexpected .

We had a labyrinthine plot and repetitive scene after scene of the same and largely similar dialogue and action.

Gripping from start to finish!

I can't say I have the same love for this film, however, I was entertained by the movie, I enjoyed it, and its a good watch while on quarantine.

I saw the trailer for Don't Let Go maybe once and it looked intriguing for the time traveling aspect.

Intriguing Mystery Thriller .

Just continued to get better and better from an initial slow burn.

Entire film quite slow and full of boring conversation!

Overall, worth watching the first hour, and then turn over.

Don't Let Go is a flat out dull mystery thriller about a guy trying to solve a murder from his niece who is calling from the past.

Plus the villian turning out to be the partner drug dealing corrupt cop of the hero is very cliche.

Got a little confusing.

The plot starts out great with the mystery but eventually falls into a cliché murder cover up kind of a story.

This was an interesting sci-fi crime drama slow burn.

It only got thrilling towards the end.

Tje movie slowly dragged me in and kept me interested the whole time.

It's kind of like a modern day version of the film FREQUENCY.. Action packed with lots of twists and turns...

However, the strength of the performances primarily that of David Oyelowo is what makes for a semi entertaining watch.

And then, it just balls up into a confusing mess of alternate timeline b.

I really enjoyed the movie, I highly recommend it.

The film suffers from a boring direction.

It's suspenseful thriller and fun watch.

A bit mystery, but overall quite slow and bored!

A bit twisted and thrillingly, future and past Unexpected killer till the end of the scene Worth watching 👍

Also, the action in the movie is very slow at first, my date fell asleep because of it.

Enjoyable movie.

"Don't Let Go" is most definitely an engaging film with really good performances from the actors.

Suspenseful, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat entertainment .

The acting by everyone was amazing, the movie was thrilling and the writer deserves a standing ovation for a different type of movie.

It's worth watching.

I found the story incredibly compelling for a multitude of reasons.

Directing is solid, screenwriting solid apart from predictable ending.

Worst Movie Of The Year .

Don't buy the hate, a masterpiece.. incredible masterpiece that keeps you at the edge of your seat.. great concept.. very enjoyable film

It just became too predictable.

It's so unique and fascinating and unlike anything I've ever seen or read about.

" It is a gripping thrill ride and endearing also because as an aunt I can relate to being the solace for my brother's child as he and his significant other navigate life as perpetual screw ups.

Total waste of time.

From the cliché plot to the boring characters and a direction that just makes this film forgettable.

It was so good and entertaining to me that I walked away completely satisfied and was talking about the plot with my friends for a while afterwards.

With the superb actor David Oyelowo in the lead role of Uncle Jack, "Don't Let Go" was a compelling mystery film infused with the paranormal.

Story could have been tighter, but over all very enjoyable and surprisingly well done.

The script is somehow both the best and worst thing about "Don't Let Go", it offers exciting themes, heartfelt relationships (helped a LOT by the very fine and devoted performances by the whole cast) & an uneven pacing.

But then about 15 minutes later and a confusing depict of the movies time passing, it is said that its the 26th and its a Thursday.

A psychological thrilling mystery that has your heart pounding and your brain guessing at every second.

It will keep you enthralled with its masterful storytelling and on the edge of your seat with psychological thrills.

The first hour or so is just flat out dull and the characters are written poorly.

However, the way they edit the film, some scene are confusing.

The cause and effect of each past and present time scenarios, which climaxed to a very decent predictable ending.

A dark, oppressive, sometimes confusing story with a sad ending .

The direction and script of the film is so flat with boring characters and a dull direction which makes this one very forgettable.

Alas, one of the slowest weeks of film releases of the year is here; Labor day weekend.

The premise was intriguing, albeit not all too original, and although it seemed quite rushed especially in the latter half of the film, it was still quite enjoyable.