Down to Earth with Zac Efron (2020) - Documentary

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In this travel show, actor Zac Efron journeys around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien in search of healthy, sustainable ways to live.

IMDB: 8.3
Stars: Zac Efron, Darin Olien
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 9 out of 142 found boring (6.33%)

One-line Reviews (43)

Enjoyable and Informative .

The hosts have some pretty good jokes and it is very entertaining to witness all of the small things they are impressed by, makes you think about all the things you take for granted.

I think Iceland is fascinating; I have been there; too much of that episode was about Efron being so happy with himself.

boring hosts .

However, Zak and his friend are so boring and uninterested, they are spoiling the documentary.

Working with Super foods guru Darin Olien just made it that much more interesting and enjoyable.

An unexpected masterpiece .

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This unexpected duo has been so amazing to watch, they work perfectly together and show 2 sides to the coin of life.

Very fly on the wall, natural and engaging series with great banter between the two leads.

Fascinating .

It could be more entertaining to a person who has seen or knows very little about the world.


Worth Every Minute of Your Time: Inspirational, Informative, Entertaining .

The bottom line I enjoyed it.

Quite entertaining show - that's it .

Unfortunately the factual inside and the two protagonist are making the series unwatchable.

Curious, Fun, Enjoyable .

It was both entertaining while simultaneously informing.

They discuss sustainability while exploring some fascinating and beautiful locations across the globe.

Great series but boring hosts .

Don't waste your time.

Along with having two great hosts in Zac and Darin who are entertaining to watch, the message from this show is so powerful.

Otherwise it is ok to watch if you are bored or to put on in the background.

boring and more boring .

Very informative, good show, brings light to things we should all be doing, also entertaining

It was super entertaining and pretty interesting and informative.

Mind blowing .

I found this surprisingly entertaining, and while not highly informative, it gave just enough to make me want to learn more.

An unexpected journey.

On one hand - I really enjoyed it.

I gave it an 8 because one of the episodes was pretty much boring while the rest was amazing.

Anyone with an basic level understanding of geography, don't waste your time !!

Fun, entertaining travel show with valuable information (and mixed lessons for each episode).

He and his co-idiot make this unbearable to watch so I could only watch the first episode.

Another liberal hollywood star trying to push his politics on everyone, its boring and git through on episode

But everyone else with higher intelligence level will find the series deeply uninteresting because they can tell the difference between quality and quantity.

You can tell Zac really cares about what he is learning and with Darin by his side they make learning enjoyable to watch, since they have a real chemistry.

It's a waste of time.

And in general the show is enjoyable to watch.

The best part so far was the water tasting with Anna Kendrick as she made it more entertaining.

The show itself is very good and entertaining.

I can't sit through very produced documentaries on these topics so I appreciated the more honest, engaging approach to the places and people met along the way in each location.