Due Date (2010) - Comedy, Drama

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High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child's birth on time.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Todd Phillips
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 56 out of 318 found boring (17.61%)

One-line Reviews (160)

The movie turns slow and it is really constant played at the first 30 minutes.

I was wrong I'm glad to say and he was totally engaging in this film.

I don't want to tell you anything to give away the story, but it's a story about two guys, who were seriously unlikely to be friends taking an action packed and hilarious journey together.

monstrous waste of time.

Otherwise, save your money.

It's a waste of your time and if you paid anything, it's a waste of your money.

Good cast, but dull writing.

Due Date is one of the worst movies made.

A very, very boring film would not recommend to anyone.

Even in the worst movie possible, he would be a pleasure.

In reality, that's not too far off a statement, especially when you roll in the inevitable "zany secondary characters" or predictable escapades the find themselves into or the foreseen "twists.

While its plot was definitely unique and entertaining, it wasn't anything extremely special.

Outstanding, hilarious, engaging.....

What is clear is that you put a great actor with an established brand in a contrived plot film that compromises his ability to remain credible so that you could cash in on his name.

So much of the movie relies on tired clichés -- especially buddy-movie clichés and cliché travel scenarios.

Few surprises exist in "Due Date," which sticks to a conventional "road trip that keeps getting worse" formula, but the dynamic between Downey Jr. and Galifianakis make it an enjoyable cross-country romp through familiar territory.

A comedy road trip movie only needs four things: funny gags and lines, an interesting story, enjoyable characters and committed comedic actors.

Storywise it is exciting enough.

I enjoyed it.

The story with Jamie Foxx lacked substance, his character confusing.

Story is boring, nothing extravagant, has no funny scenes besides the ending, which is the first time I've actually laughed at this movie.

Falling asleep at the wheel, skipping the car over and causing it to crash on its roof top isn't.

This film was truly unbearable.

While iron man's character is pretty much a normal guy who is unsympathetic, like most normal guys: he is boring and hence performs the role of the straight guy of this show.

If you just relax and watch this film without trying to be critical and picky, it is very entertaining and has some good laughs.

Robert Downey Jr. has said this movie is one of the most enjoyable acting experiences of his career.

Despite the great performances by Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis as well as direction of the jokes they still turn out flat and pointless during the first and second half of the movie.

They make the movie totally worth watching; the way they play off and react to each other is perfect.

During one scene, there is a strange exchange-come-instance of confusion on whom it was that wrote a passage from The Godfather, leading to the invitation of laughs at certain characters and their idiocy.

This movie isn't the perfect road trip comedy, but I did have a really fun time and in the end enjoyed it.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, the classic John Hughes film which stars Steve Martin and the late John Candy and Phillips' unexpected 2009 success film The Hangover.

Far from the 'Masterpiece' people keep calling Todd's current movie 'Joker', but at least it's got a few funny moments making it enjoyable.

Like The Hangover it is one entertaining misadventure, I say don't listen to the critics, see this movie and form your own opinion.

The Storyline going crazier after 45 minutes and I'm really exciting watch a police's trailer robbed..so damn crazy.. So my verdict..If you're looking a movie with: - Smart dialogues - Not too long duration - Harsh jokes - a good looking of Robert - psychological jokes - No Nudity/violenceGo with this movie!

Like Road Trip, It's just a scribbled laundry list of uninteresting, trite nonsense and du jour cameos.

Only go and see this film if you really are bored.

It's definitely worth watching for a laugh.

Director Phillips keeps the dark light, and in so doing gives us an enjoyable bromance to counterpoint a callous election time where there is little love or humor.

The director, a certain Todd Phillips, makes a point to shoot Ethan's ugly and somewhat unglamourous arrival through the languid, disgusted gaze belonging to that of Peter: a looking down at the proverbial curb-side trash; this frizzy haired and unshaven composite of all things Peter goes out of his way to avoid crash landing into his world for the briefest of moments that is still too long to bear.

A good cameo from Juliette Lewis as the drug dealer, Jamie Foxx's cameo is mostly pointless, only seems to be there for the joke with Galifianakis' dads ashes in the coffee tin.

The guys are sleeping in the car outside and Ethan decides to masturbate to fall asleep while peter is trying to sleep, and the dog is masturbating in the back seat.

His coming around is alluded to, and then dragged back, and then alluded to again, before being dragged back in a to-and-frow manner too inherently unbalanced to be moving; the arc of the character's feelings lacking an even, authentic transition.

Funny, but contrived .

It keeps you on the edge of your seat at times, and never ceases to be entertaining.

may be if u watch the real movie may be you can laugh like hell or you get boring...

I got bored.

Good performances, easy script and clever lines are combined nicely by the director, who tries to make a road trip interesting and exciting.

Many recent comedies lack true satire and rely on banal themes that society keeps paying good money to see.

The story, and thus the film, flows from start to end with very little in the way of 'boring bits'.

" is heartwarming and engaging at its core, "Due Date" is marred by too many mean-spirited moments: Punching a kid in the stomach just isn't funny.

A very enjoyable movie from the beginning till the very end.

Ethan (Zach Galifianakis) is introduced as obnoxious and rude, and I think that the viewer is supposed to end up loving him at the end (possible spoiler), but I walked out rooting for Peter (Robert Downey, Jr.), who seemed to still harbor feelings of loathing even at the end when they are "friends".

He is trying to make it home on time for the birth of his son/daughter because his wife, Sarah (Michelle Monoghan) is expecting him to show up at the hospital, but an unexpected problem surfaces when Peter has a discussion with one of the passengers of the plane, Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis), and both end up on the no flying list.

Because of the unexpected success of The Hangover (at the time of writing, the highest grossing R-rated comedy ever), people were reasonably excited about Todd Phillips's new project, road movie Due Date, which blends an established genre with the director's un-PC approach and the acting talents of Robert Downy Jr. and Zach Galifianakis.

Sow, this is just a masterpiece, first, I can't look at this movie without laughing, when I see Galifianakis on a scenes, I just can't stop laughing, this road-trip movie is just hilarious, entertaining and much better than some recent comedies, in a minute you will be watching a thing in it, and in the other scenes you will be watching a totally different thing in it.

As I was watching Downey Jr. loose his complete mind riding with this moron I was totally convinced some of the things that Ethan does like falling asleep and driving off a bridge and miraculously surviving, shooting Peter in the leg with a pistol and bugging him with annoying questions helps draw the audience into the charade.

They're acting is great and believable, intense and heartfelt at times.

I have had no such nice time with a movie since a long time ago but I think this is a historical day for me watching this movie and I am not trying to make it the most perfect but I gave it 10 out of 10 because it's entertaining, amazing and the most important is the attraction of each moment and action.

I'm not suggesting that this movie is not funny, on the contrary, it had some nice jokes and physical gestures that were hilarious in the first stage but then everything just became dull, pointless and usual.

As mentioned, not the best film in the world, but still an enjoyable waste of two hours.

Due Date is on par with those in its genre because it is purely entertaining and nothing else.

DJR boring and brooding personality made the movie quite a drama than a funny comedy.

The direction where the film is going is also very predictable, no guessing is really needed for the end.

It's Downey's signature sarcasm and distinctive slow burn that make the movie.

Save yourself the confusion, watch something else.

A fairly unoriginal movie which exasperates any opportunities for comedy, with the end results being run of the mill and slightly contrived.

By no means a comedy classic, a cult classic or even one of the funniest movies of the year, but some parts are enjoyable just because I like road trips kind of movies.

Of course to drive a story forward they had to get this odd couple into proximity with each other but here this is so contrived.

I caught a pre-screening of this in Michigan and it was highly entertaining.

What follows is a road trip movie full of ups and downs (mostly downs) which involve their car flipping off a bridge in result of Ethan falling asleep at the wheel, drinking coffee made with Ethan's father's remains, Peter breaking an arm and Peter getting shot in the leg just to name a few.

It was sort of a fun film to watch but totally totally predictable.

I have only walked out on a movie one time in my life, up until "Due Date.

Well, "Due Date" does the job, it is no Hangover but it is quite funny, entertaining and has two hilarious dudes that we all love.

Also the film is very predictable from start.

It was highly entertaining.

There are parts which come off predictable & a few surprises along the way.

This guy is just a boring far-too-real stoner type in everything he does.

Actually Due Date is one of those comedies like Knocked Up that's about the main character growing up and adapting to boring mediocre family life.

If you want to compare it with the Hangover, the first is, that this film is in no way different from The Hangover, in that the key to both their plots comes from the recipe unexpected + crazy.

Jr. was spot on in his role as the angry, up-tight, sarcastic cynic while Zach Galfianakis was superb as the innocent, slightly slow eccentric.

He's a horrible actor, and plays the same brainless, boring character, over and over again.

While not for the kiddies, this movie is solidly entertaining for me on a first viewing.

What a horrible misfire we have here: clichéd, mean-spirited, as amusing as a bed-locked fart, and tonally all over the road – swerving like a narcoleptic driver (or four scriptwriters) between lanes of slapstick, contrived pathos, and misguided gross-out.

I will get past that question first – Due Date is not, and likely was never meant to be, anywhere near as funny or enjoyable an experience as The Hangover.

But even then it might be more enjoyable to just read the in-flight magazine.

While Downey doesn't get the majority of the funny lines, the situations he finds himself in and the chemistry with Galifianakis' character are entertaining enough to keep you watching.

Overall, this movie is just what it promised to be, a movie that makes you laugh, and gives you that feel good feeling when you leave the theater.

The movie has a different formula than Todd's previous, it is more engaging and intellectual.

The scene when they are just about to have a car crash because the ''silly one'' fell asleep was so predictable!

He has established himself as a zany unpredictable type in movies like The Hangover.

RDJ is quite a boring actor with nothing worth wondering about him .

This movie was a typical American comedy - big on the physical comedy, but with very few witticisms and a dull script.

One of the differentials of this comedy are the fact that Zack's character is more compelling than your typical set of characters in these comedies, although they are still far from being truly human characters: Zack's character is childlike and very naive, which helps the viewer to root a little for him.

But, pointless as they may be, these gags are tolerable due to the light-hearted context of the film, even if some jokes are hit and miss depending on your taste in humour and sense of political correctness.

It's all so routine that the movie seems uninspired, and even boring at times.

Due Date is little more than a feeble attempt to reprise Zach Galifianakis' character from The Hangover for some very cheap and predictable laughs.

Worth watching all the same for the fantastic Zach Kalifianakis.

I want a comedy with these guys to leave me with a good feeling.

The success of "The Hangover" seems to have turned Todd Phillips into the next Judd Apatow, and just like that filmmaker's offerings Phillips movies are equally flawed: occasionally funny, they are often disjointed by crude scenes that include unfunny vulgarities and/or inappropriate violence.

I walked out of the theater after seeing this feeling agitated and wanting to just beat the crap out of someone...

Robert Downey Junior looks so annoyed and bored all the time its obvious he had zero interest in it.

A very entertaining, amusing road trip:D .

Downey Jr. in particular gives an engaging performance.

If you want to waste your time be my guest.

Today I got the pleasure of watching 'The Hangover II' and it was the first time that I had ever reviewed a movie because it rated as the worst movie for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

but there are MANY places where the situations are SOO contrived in order to get to the next section of the plot that it's just completely stupid.

This movie is very enjoyable and entertaining, and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a good movie.

Awful, Unfunny, Save Your Money!!.

Rather than being two warring personalities, their relationship remains dynamic through the entire film and keeps that storyline interesting enough to the point where the predictable gags don't run (or ruin) the show.

The production is great the acting is top notch, but by the end I was bored.

It is worth the watch for a laugh, it's a funny buddy comedy with heart.

It really was an enjoyable experience.

Due Date has to be the worst movie of the year and maybe the decade.

In reality, that's not too far off a statement, especially when you roll in the inevitable "zany secondary characters" or predictable escapades the find themselves into or the foreseen "twists.

Yet, I shouldn't be this bored.

Its not something I would pay for to go, but I found it still entertaining.

I laughed a lot more than I thought I would and the film as a whole is a lot more enjoyable than I'd anticipated.

It is no Planes Trains, but enjoyable enough.

For an unexpected birth like that, would you think to call your best-friend who lives miles away?

So overall I give this film a 7/10 for being repetitive and at the same time having laughs with a pug being thrown in for cuteness.


I really enjoyed it, again!!!

She is very dull in the film and does not work well with Downey at all.

The entire movie is unbearable.

Playing highman the way Downey JR, does is the ace in this film, as comedies are getting boring with a nice guy in the lead.

No climax, no well thought situations, extremely flat and even boring sometimes.


I wonder if Zach will build his career further acting the same guy over and over again because I must notice that there will be a time, and that could be sooner than we think, when people will get bored by the same interpretation.

But, both are witty & engaging none the less.

The film has plenty of engaging elements to attach you to the characters and situations caringly, so you will not be laughing at their expense the entire time.

The plot seemed disjointed causing it not to flow very well.

It was full of dull, tired, half-hearted jokes that were barely funny the first time around and not at ALL funny the second time around.

McBride as an Iraq war veteran working at the Western Union was one of the better moments in the movie, but his moment's over and done fast before we're back to the mundane.

It has a great storyline and it was deeply entertaining.

The road trip is made exciting and eventful, by the bizarre things that happen on the way, and cameos by stars like Jamie Foxx, Juliette Lewis and the director himself.

from the start it's a predictable film you know whats gonna happen even before the opening credits hit the screen this is a train wreck of a film i tolerated it only because of Robert Downy Jr i don't know what was he thinking desperately trying to prove himself that he is better at doing comedy too well off course he is no doubt about it the thing i like about in his acting is it involves a lot of hidden sarcastic tones he uses it very well in many situations if you listen to him a lot you will see what i mean his dialog timing is flawless take any of his films serious or fun filled i mean it he can do all types of roles his range is massive it was simply embarrassing to see him here.

It's a very funny movie, which will come as no surprise as it is directed by Todd Phillips, who had huge success with the Hangover the previous year, here he brings us a funny and original take on road trip movies, many hilarious antics ensue and the story even takes some unexpected turns.

Hopefully, The Hangover 2 will will be superior and far entertaining than Due Date.

I'm giving the film a mediocre score because, while it's not good enough to find it's way onto any top ten (or fifty) comedies list, it's still a mildly entertaining hour and a half.

Although my one negative was that the end was very and quite typically American in that 'everything works out' kind of way, but even that is a tiny moan on an otherwise very entertaining film.

Boring, predictable and unfunny .


"Due Date" is entertaining for as long as its running.

You can skip to those scenes but actually watching a movie that goes for over an hour and a half is tiresome and annoying, because you have to put up with the obnoxious character Ethan (from the Hangover)who always acts like Drop Dead Fred except his the total opposite and is just plain annoying without any of the humour.

Also, you shouldn't have to sit thru many many many horribly unbearable scenes before getting to anything funny.

It was also predictable how Peter was going to make it on time for his wife delivering their child.

While these gags can still make you laugh, how many times can we laugh at the same thing, and when it's surrounded by a standard, cliché story that is light on any real consequence or conflict, you wind up with Due Date.

If I had been in a cinema i would have surely walked out and that doesn't happen very often - even if the movie is truly dire.

Ethan is not an annoying character to watch, he is an enjoyable character to watch.

The base of the story is empty and, once again, fails to provide viewers with any thought-provoking material.

Sadly, one of the worst movies of 2010.

If you lower the bar a bit and simply want to grab a funny, enjoyable movie to watch, then choose your Due Date!

What happens when a series of wacky unexpected events throws two perfect opposites together?

One of the worst movies EVER.

You just leave the theater with your head down and try to forget everything that just happened...

Some of his antics are quite funny, but others are again just predictable and after time can just get quite annoying.

But Downey Jr. is well worth watching.

It's a road trip with an obvious end in sight and somewhat unpredictable wacky hijinks in between.

Waste of time.

A specific scene involving something Ethan does to fall asleep (that his dog somehow has the ability to repeat) comes to mind, and I am unsure if it was a genuine wacky Galifianakis moment, or just something the writers threw in because they felt it was right up his alley.