Dumbo (2019) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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A young elephant, whose oversized ears enable him to fly, helps save a struggling circus, but when the circus plans a new venture, Dumbo and his friends discover dark secrets beneath its shiny veneer.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Tim Burton
Stars: Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 160 out of 740 found boring (21.62%)

One-line Reviews (401)

Despite this, the rest of the movie was wonderful, magical, heartwarming, and entertaining!

Went with children who found the sound effects scary and the movie boring.

It was boring.

They're just visually imaginative and stunning!

Unlike previous remakes Dumbo adds characters & new plot elements that expand a beloved classic into a new and more engaging story.

This was was so far off it was horrific and absolutely boring.

Graphics were amazing, story line was new and entertaining.

What a waste in budget, the narrative its ridiculous, the characters prefictables and the Tim Burton Magic is not there, i highly recommended don't waste yourr time in this disappointing effort to make money, very bad Burton!

Pretty uninteresting and disappointing all around.

I thought it was vety entertaining and would recommend.

Even though I am not a huge fan of the original film, I was looking forward to this film because it looked visually stunning and I personally like Tim Burtons work with this Disney remakes.

Does Disney hire boring directors or does their process make directors boring.

The children were great as well, and stunning visuals from the mind of Burton, without a doubt his best in years.

Even though it has a wide appeal for kids, I truly believe the majority of this movie would even bore them.

This movie was stunning in every way possible.

Watched with my daughter and we enjoyed it great film can't understand the negative reviews think some people just like being negative I know my films and this is a really good movie

However in my opinion the plot was very over stretched and actually got boring after a while.

Dumbo is about a mom that has a baby that's ears is too long for its body.

but some like this movie or maleficent do a retelling and change enough to make me feel like I'm watching a whole new movie and it the experience is much more exciting.

In spite of being filled with great sets and production design, a CGI elephant and somewhat bland direction, I was not expecting to be impressed - and nor was I.

I realise I spent more time hating than talking about this rather enjoyable movie.

This is as pointless as the Jungle book film as they both soulless.

I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

It's a entertaining family film which is exactly what it set out to be.

Watching the audience falling asleep was more entertaining.

not good either, Dumbo is spilt in the middle of all the Disney Live-Action movies, it's quite predicable, the effects don't quite blend in with the live-action scenes, the characters are boring and some acting is even more boring, but thanks to the enjoyable moments, it's heart, wonderful visuals, some stand out characters and pretty good acting, the film was watchable and pleasant to sit though, without them, this movie would be even worse, I mean it's not as amazing as the original movie but it's decent at least, so it's time to jump back into animation next time, with a certain stop-motion movie and a animated Nickelodeon Movie......

Wow this film is dull.

But in this movie they were replaced by boring characters.

But overall it's quite boring and unoriginal.

It's able to generate a good time in terms of entertainment but it lacks drama or suspense due to its predictable nature.

The story was pointless-muddled as to who the narrative is about.

Each one of these characters are bland, bland, bland and you can see each actor trying harder and harder to push some sort of character to the screen, but never succeeding.

Dumbo doesn't quite soar as high as it wants to, and isn't as fresh as it thinks it is, but it is an entertaining ride, and provides just the right amount of emotion and setup for you to care about just what you came here for; a magical flying elephant.

I have seen this Disney remake Dumbo and I was bored to for 2 hours.

I will admit the cgi was ok and dumbo and his mother were good but the human characters and the plot was total crap and a complete waste of time.

It is engaging and satisfying to watch, even though the pace is a little slow.

With the exception of DeVito, the characters were dull, unlikeable and uninteresting.

Visually stunning, well acted and emotional.

The whole film is an enjoyable nostalgia trip for us older generation and kids new to Dumbo (not having seen the original Disney animated film) will absolutely love this, or will they?

Political, obvious and boring .

The modern take is refreshing and my husband and I both totally enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it.

Tim Burton has made great children's films in the past, but unfortunately this one felt very bland for a movie under his name.

bland .

My clever 5yr old couldn't stay with it after Michael Keaton arrived (and I have to say that that IS when the movie went downhill) No fault of Keaton or Arkin, but the script was mediocre, all characters two-dimensional and the story changes were uninspiring - the whole thing was run of the mill.

Dumbo was so adorable, the effects were stunning and the cast was spot on.

The characters, despite acquiring some colourful attire, were abhorrently dull and one-dimensional.

I would watch this movie ten times over than watch the "powerful villain tries to take over world, hero opposes "and such bland stuff.

Slow in Parts But Entertaining Seeing Dumbo Fly .

They are that bad and deliver their lines in a kind of drugged monotone.


this movie just dragged...

Enjoyable family movie.

Save your money and watch the original Dumbo instead.

Terribly boring.

The new storyline worked really well and the characters were engaging.

The plot is a bit slow and boring.

It started off okay, and the ending was good, but overall just a snooze fest

7/10 - this Disney attempt to make a quick buck is surprisingly quite entertaining and a dazzling visual show

They killed the oroginal animation with this movie, it's sad,boring & i almost fell asleep in the movie.

This was the most mf boring thing I have ever seen.

This emotionally infused movie is delightful, exciting, and a worthy contribution to the stable of films.

The extended plot was entertaining and very genius.

Tries to be magical but is just empty .

With the live action DUMBO, you can add another word to describe a Tim Burton film: Bland.

Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito added a touch of wit to the film, but I struggled to find it entertaining.

I even enjoyed it more than the original film that I watched the other day.

I agree, the story of dumbo is lost amidst the dull storyline of travelling circus vs corporation theme park.

It was enjoyable.

Most enjoyable .

Biggest regret ever but my cousins are here and we'd hate to make them leave early.

It's honestly sad to see these "child actor's", if you can even call them that, try and horribly fail to deliver the lines so eloquently said by the original Mouse to cheer Dumbo up and to help him, but when these actors say the original lines it just comes off as flat, boring, and almost offhandedly said as if it really meant nothing to them, if fact it's not just the child actors who speak like they've never acted before, Danny DeVito makes it seem like he's new to acting with this film giving a lackluster, boring and dead performance that almost makes you want to laugh at some points because it's so pathetic.

Unwatchable garbage.

It is still way too long, it's filled with bad writing and acting, all the colour is washed-out and it doesn't seem to understand what made people like the original so much.

I give them points for the amazing visuals and some good scenes but the second half of the movie is boring.

Definitely miss Timothy in the film However, I still enjoyed it.

Danny Elfman's over dramatic score, another predictable staple of Burton's films, doesn't help.

Drags on for way too long and lacks any of the charm of the original.

Incredibly Boring and Unnecessary .

Besides being pretty entertaining, Dumbo the character itself it beautifully utilized to pull at your heartstrings and the cgi is done quite well, along with the cgi of many other animal characters.

All in all it's not a terrible movie but it's forgettable, a bit boring and if compared to the original cartoon, it is disappointing.

Depressing, boring and laughable all at once.

My whole familly enjoyed it, so if you are planning to watch a nice little movie, I really recomend this one!

There was something about that scene in this one that felt so awkward and just confusing on what was even happening.

Different but enjoyable .

Colin Farrell with a sweet performance, Eva Green stunning like always, Michael Keaton showing us his dark side and Danny DeVito stilling every single scene.

Boring, Disney stop making these movies please.

Has some of the best CGI scenes I've ever seen, is actually entertaining to watch, and is just overall very well made.

Pleasantly surprised and enjoyable.

What is so EXCITING about your life that you find this boring?

I highly recommend it.

And, for better or worse, his re-imagined version of this classic story does have several entertaining moments of pure wonder and joy that prevents it from being bad.

The film is just kind of boring though.

Once the third act comes around, there is little investment to continue on as everything becomes lazy and predictable.

A totally flat movie with some horrible CGI (Dumbo's bath scene) Don't waste your time or money.

The human characters are uninteresting, and the acting overall is ok and does not stand out that much.

Bland Boring Forgettable Not even worth seeing One of the worst remakes by far Do not see this film it is so bad

Too sad and scary for kids, too dumb and boring for adults, no heart at all.

The most entertaining scenes are the scenes where the viewer gets to see the circus performance.

My problem is how unnecessary, obvious and cliché it was.

Dumbo is probably the most visually stunning and incredibly realistic live-action character Disney was able to produce so far.

That was a little too cliche and did nothing to boost the story.

They are so dull and and robotic it makes me cringe.

Little slow for me liking.

The children were engaging.

A Yawn Fest .

Don't waste your time with this one.

Surprisingly dull .

A dull dose of Burton magic .

The dialogue was dull and unoriginal, the action lent lazily on an over used formula, goodies were good, baddies bad.

Enjoyable .

The cinematography is absolutely stunning, some of the aerial shots are incredible and the acting is fantastic.

Movie moves at a slow pace and lacks any real story.

Why is Timothy the Mouse replaced with two bland kids who have some of the worst acting ever?

Dumbo is as boring as possible...

The decorations, by the way, were stunning: the époque of after-World War 1 was catched well, and so were circuses and so on.

Overall feels kind of empty and never reaches and real emotional depth.

She's nowhere near enough to carry the dead weight (especially the dull/arrogant children who fail miserably).

Fell asleep, kids didn't like it, barely a few scraps of the original songs .

It's a shame that this movie is not that good because I actually enjoyed looking at Dumbo and Devito and Keaton do their roles pretty well but besides that this is a boring movie from Tim Burton.

My 7 year old enjoyed it and he couldn't even sit through star wars.

Disney believed that if you're only catering to children then you've already failed at entertaining.

Dumbo himself is a cutesy CGI grey blob, supposedly endearing but not even close to realistic, and the other CGI effects are typically bland.

A good kids movie but a slow burn for everybody else .

With this film, Tim Burton has created an entertaining family fantasy version of the classic Dumbo animation film.

I grew up on the original so it's already an uphill battle for yet another remake of a classic film and with that being said I just found this remake to be flat, uninteresting and unfortunately my heart strings went untouched (I remember the original when they first took Dumbo's mother away and the pain I felt for them both) I just couldn't connect with any of the characters and I think having humans playing such a prominent role in the film really hurt it.

However, his character was pretty bland in the film and didn't provide that much depth to the film.

But not in the least bit magical, or entertaining.

The human characters are filled with cliche storylines and child-written dialogues.

I fell asleep .

The cast is good, the story is familiar, and the overall effect is quite entertaining.

There's a few little cutesy moments with Dumbo here and there, but it's all just dragged down with such mediocrity and lack of heart and emotion.

This movie was like a banana split for me the human characters we're dull and lifeless the over use of CGI the best thing about this movie was dumbo flying and that's it.

Very cute elephant, the movie has entertaining actors, and a happy ending!

This film deserves an 8/10 and I highly recommend it.

I often times felt myself getting bored and wishing it would end.

bland and that makes for a lackluster film.

") and poor character development leads the modern take on Dumbo to be a boring and plain children's film.

A completely empty film.


The movie feels half finished, weird, without a beginning and an end, rushed at times and dragged at times.

If something has Tim Burton, is that he knows how to build sequences that culminate with an exciting event.

Review: Although this movie looked great, I found it to be quite dull and depressing in parts.

The movie is great, it's exciting.

The potentially fascinating supportive characters (including ALL the circus artists) are wasted, the references towards the brilliant '41 original (the pink elephants sequence, the music and the little circus mouse) are seemingly thrown in because it was mandatory, and the primary moralizing messages (the ugly duckling variant and trust in oneself) have been replaced by imposed compulsory messages, like "Free all animals!

There are some jump scares and intense images that might really frighten younger kids.

I didn't, I thought this film was bland.

I thought "Dumbo" had terrific visual effects, it was full of heart and featured breathtaking scenes.

A pointless rehash here with no discernible points at allmost of the money went on the stars and CGI.

Bad casting, boring story and horrendous pacing really lets this film down really bad.

As a result, there's little suspense involved, everything is very predictable and you also get a finale like every other Disney movie.

Boring .

The original Disney cartoon Dumbo is without a doubt a classic, it's a tear jerker, thought provoker, enjoyable and very memorable.

After all the boring live action Disney cashcows, this is another low.

The kids all fell asleep.

Very entertaining, gives you the "feels" in a good way!

Please don't waste your time watching this.

It was amazing me and my daughter went on mother's day poor lass did cry a few times but we both enjoyed it.

First of all, this version is way too long at almost 2 hours.

Dull boring and would not recommend

These a lifeless, souless waste of time...

When "Baby Mine" is sung it's not even to help Dumbo or comfort him, it's sung by random Circus folk as he walks over to his mother to recreate a beautiful scene, that again comes off as unimportant and boring, like many memorable scenes from the original film that Burton, and all the actors butcher.

Boring, boring boring .

Quite boring and too dark.

I couldn't find any 'Burton'esqe' touches in what seemed a life-less, bland, magic-less green-screen exercise.

Unfortunately, it does so in what seems such a forced way and what's become such a cliche way in Burton films; and it doesn't even really fit the story line.

It's a Tim Burton film so it isn't going to appeal to everyone, but I enjoyed it.

This movie delegates the Title character to a supporting role, brings in unnecessary and unwanted new characters and their trite uninteresting stories and Eliminates Timothy entirely.

now I'm sure they'll be in better future projects, but in here, they are so bland, not a lot of energy or like-ability, they are the worst actors in the film and I know they are trying but it's not enough, with bland and forgettable characters, dull acting, a few stand out characters and some pretty good acting, the characters really don't offer a lot in quality.

These remakes of animated classics are quickly becoming tedious.

Burton, Disney and whoever else came up with this crap and allowed it to go ahead should be ashamed, it's just a money printing movie with no plot and this doesn't bode well for Aladdin and the lion king and based on the strength of this I won't bother with the latter two.

Also, they changed the plot entirely where instead of Dumbo finding his purpose, to a cliché plot where the they have save Dumbo's mother from an evil circus.

The characters have no flaws and the one that does doesn't have any real growth, which leaves the already boring story with even more boring and useless characters which in turn significantly diminishes all of the supposedly heartfelt moments.

The music score was very dull,as was the boxing commentator which replaced Danny Davito half way through movie.

I found this movie a bit of a bore.

There are a few moments of wonder, but they are far too few in between predictable tropes.

It was boring and was not entertaining.

And after having seen it, I will be honest and say that I enjoyed it.

The problem in some part is that it feels like it tries to be less of a Disney film and more like The Greatest Showman wannabe, but still an entertaining film.

Stunning visuals?

I watched the cartoon movie of Dumbo and I would say that the new version is quite boring and everything happens fast and I don't like the ending.

The plot was plodding and slow moving.

I think the shots were boring and this is one of the Burton weakest movies.

An exciting film for adults and children alike.

A very enjoyable movie.

Ok I watched this Film and it made me want to Fall asleep.

It depends on each and everyone's review but for me it's an heart warming and entertaining movie.

I actually found myself yawning and drifting off during what should've been the climax of the film.

Good family entertainment, no reason to pay attention to reviews that say "Avoid at all costs, don't waste your time" because those are clearly bogus comments.

Visually stunning and very well directed!

No, but it is a beautifully shot and very enjoyable film.

However, it is so different from the cartoon and a little slow in parts.

He bore a striking resemblance to his portrayal of "Frank" in "Always Sunny".

This movie is nothing like the original story, it is boring and bland, my daughter fell asleep it was so dull.

The children are some of the worst actors I've seen in a Disney movie since the original Pete's Dragon, but at least they cared in Pete's Dragon and tried, these kids try but don't really act, and when they do they deliver monotone and boring lines that could lull you to sleep if your not careful, it's just sad to hear and see.

I was depressed and bored watching this movie, and all I can say is tread lightly if you actually want to see this.

The pacing in this film felt slow until the end where it picked up way too quickly that it felt rushed.

Why did you replace good ole Timothy Mouse with these two boring kids?

The girl speaks in monotone and never smiles!

Yet it was worth watching and had some delightful, heartwarming moments.

However the second half felt like a completely different movie and felt boring and slow.

Now that I beat the daylight out of the weird setting and drab color of the film, the story and characters were not good either.

With that aside, I did fall asleep a couple of times because it all seemed a bit too safe.

Overall the picture is entertaining and fun with cute scenes watching this baby elephant fly with such big ears and the cast is in all pro form as the chemistry works and the film still sends a message like the classic that is love and connection is found things happen when one believes and it's okay to be different, well done live action take that soars high with fun loving entertainment.

The core story of the original is learning that this young elephant may have the ability to fly, but he can pretty much fly after birth here and the movie takes itself in a completely new direction, which also created a slow pace and an uneventful story.

My daughter was so looking forward to this, but wanted to turn it off half way.

It was kinda slow and a little boring.

I really enjoyed it.

Only downfall was the child actors, very bland.

Dumbo is great for all ages, but I do feel that many adults, and even some children, will probably find themselves bored throughout the majority of this movie.

Our boys seemed thoroughly bored throughout.

From flawless cinematography, engaging and self-less performances, this truly stands on its own.

The story is very underwhelming, it just has very little to it and is pretty bland and generic.

Too intense for small children.

The only emotions the kids showed were grinning but they just looked bored throughout.

The daughter (Nico Parker) in particular comes across as annoying, pretentious and not likable.

The plot was tedious.

I kind of found that at some point, it's a little boring.

Enjoyable family flick .

Due to that extensive runtime, several scenes felt repetitive and acted as filler.

Got bored towards the end and that happens rarely with Disney films.

They looked as if they were always bored out of their mind, did they even go through an audition process to be cast in this movie?

Slow and worst Disney Movie .

Dull additional narrative, dull wooden acting.

I am an adult and enjoyed it very much.

I love Tim Burton, but this movie was boring.

The said, being Dumbo it is pretty tame and all is well in the end - it was entertaining, and the 5 year old with me enjoyed it.

He restrains himself to the bland middle and it shows.

The rest were bored to death.

The script was very dull and it seemed to rely on CGI way too much.

I found myself very bored most of the film.

" He's one of those directors where you can tell when he's feeling it and when he isn't, and this is definitely one where he was fully invested in the production of it and you can tell he enjoyed it.

It was just a bit boring, I never really engaged.

Facing facts, this film is just boring.

They tricked me again, I thought "let's try again", but my conclusion is that almost all these Disney real life remakes are so boring, uninspiring and totally not magical...

So sad to see a classic remade into this CGI intensive train wreck.

Save your money and watch the classic.

Overall, Dumbo is a dull movie with good visuals.

Despite the predictable and shallow plotline, still it gave me a few laughs, and I still enjoy the characters.

A classic masterpiece turned into boredom fest

When he flies it's stunning and catapults me back to my childhood.

Totally boring!

An entertaining live action update of the 1941 animated classic, despite some missteps .

I'm not a big Disney fan-unlike my wife-and I thought it was a little slow in parts, but it was entertaining seeing Dumbo fly.

This film was, for the most part, dark and somber from beginning to end, the plot development dull and predictable, and the acting awkward, wooden versions of characters we've seen in hundreds of other films.

Also, despite having great CGI in the animals, the overuse of green screen and saturation over most of the film make the locations seem unreal and at times dull.

It's extremely slow moving.

Keaton to Keaton only has his own success as references with the best picture wins, the hamburger guy, Birdman, the Spider-Man villain; so the quotation is reflecting some psychosis megalomania of characters scheming and plotting from green screen environments, pointing out at empty fields and saying 'there is the future.

The result is basically much like one of those transformer movies: flat characters developed through cliche's with a lot of bombastic CGI and dramatic music to give us the superficial sensation of something engaging, even though this movie fails to actually engage.

They were all incredibly clichéd and dull, once you've seen them, you already know their motives and how all of them are going to end up.

Okay so I went on buying tickets to see this quite unsure how I'd feel about it the movie made me smile laugh it moved me such a fun heart felt experience I highly recommend it

I must say, it's a very entertaining movie.

The tone of the movie was too intense - hope Burton got paid up front.

Tim Burton movies can be magical, or they can be tedious.

It isn't Dumbo, it's a completely different movie and it's cliched and boring.

Personally I thought it was quite enjoyable.

The story is pretty standard and a bit boring.

I literally just walked out of this movie with about ten minutes left to go.

Have to thank the bland overproduced movies in vogue for that.

Disney movies are mainly for children and all movies are enjoyable...

It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

" On the other hand, I highly recommend it to those who might find it pleasantly refreshing that the Medici Brothers Circus is not unfairly typecast as cruel to its animals!

Instead of slow burn focusing only on Dumbo's conflict of being an outcast within the circus because of his big ears.

Disney does engaging, colorful, thought provoking entertainment well.

I know I said there is stuff the family can enjoy, and there were parts I thought to be very entertaining.

What it is, is a beautifully crafted film that looks stunning, and the version of Baby mine is glorious.

An Engaging Family Drama for Children .

Boring, bland, blah, ugh.

The CGI was great and Dumbo was cute, but taken as a whole I was bored through most of the movie.

Overall 4 stars, as the show itself is iconic, even if the take on it was banal, boring, and unimaginative.

Vandevere (a miscast Michael Keaton) who is ready to exploit our elephant hero and a beautiful aerialist named Colette (a bland Eva Green) into the story, doubling this movie's length and laboring its charm.

With a solid score by Danny Elfman and some unique flare brought by director Tim Burton, this is a film that has a lot of potential, but the script took this movie in many unnecessary directions, creating a very boring experience.

Nevertheless, just the opportunity to watch such a gorgeous, magnificent, and visually jaw-dropping live-action elephant come to life is absolutely delightful and entertaining as hell.

Colin Farrell and Eva Green deliver good performances, and their character arcs, cliche as they may be, still carry some efficiency.

The original was a short, cute Disney animated feature with a minimalist story but engaging imagery and some good songs.

It's fascinating that this movie was directed by Tim Burton, I didn't peg him for a project like this.

Unfortunately Dumbo did not spend that moment of affection with his script in that failed in this part, he is a superstar in his new version, was preparing to be exciting to see a cute elephant being badly treated by ruin humans, Dumbo's CGI can get us emotional and has its Exciting moments.

There isn't any easier way to say it than, 2019's Dumbo is utterly dull and boring.

Starring Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton, and Eva Green, it is an entertaining live action update of the 1941 animated classic, despite some missteps.

There happened to be minor plotholes here and there and some character's chemistry not fitting the way it should, but besides these minor negative details me and my family thought it was an extremely enjoyable movie and worth watching a 2nd time!

Nico Parker who plays the young girl Millie is so bland and wooden through her role, that I thought she was just reading lines in a monotone voice instead of actually acting.

Really enjoyable.

Watched it today and i like it story was good, specially effects were also good, i enjoyed it

Boring .

My 2 and 4 year was sitting still and enjoyed it as much as me.

The story is predictable but enjoyable.

I found this movie enjoyable and cannot understand all the negative reviews.

Boring for kids, passable for adults .

HOWEVER, it's also one that doesn't quite blend CGI and live-action well, okay sometimes it can work, but sometimes it doesn't feel like they are in a real world, which is pretty weird and as much as Dumbo is adorable, he can get somewhat creepy when close up and some of the other CGI animals look quite standard, but with Tim Burton, most of his films are stunning and this is one of them, so with all the flaws in the visuals, it's still a stunning and somewhat impressive looking film, complete with a cute looking elephant.

But SHE lost interest an hour in, and when she finally fell asleep, I called it quits.

The script managed to take everything special out of a Disney film and turn the movie into a bore at times.

I watch it 1.1x fast, cuz there are many scene like freeze and nothing happens you just stare at one think.. After all we don't watch drama this should be a funny movie not a drama movie with some fantacy.. They loose a lot of star here.. Anyway i would give it 6-7star like regular movie.

I would have liked a little more nostalgia, but it was still enjoyable.

Second, because he uses his "characteristic environment", dull and sad scenes and a lot of sound.

Which I don't blame them for because this film is so boring.

This had got to be one of the most painfully boring films I have had the misfortune of having to sit through!!


Unnecessary, and contrived subplots, including a little girl who "wants to be valued for her mind", and uses "the scientific method".

Really boring.

Bland to be honest.

He has assembled a strong ensemble of actors to populate this world - Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Michael Keaton and Alan Arkin are all in this film - and are all bland.

In a cliche summary: this is two hours of my life I will not get back.

This 'new' message of 'large corporations bad/underdogs good', followed the cliché that all successful businessmen are greedy, heartless, power-hungry monsters who'll do anything to get what they want.

Kids will fall asleep, not enough "magic".

I think it's worth watching.

Cute, Original and Entertaining.

At first it is slow and boring, and I almost fell asleep; at 35 minutes it takes off and it gets a little bit interesting.

Very slow.

Finley Robbins and Nico Parker are rather bland, with Parker being particularly one-note, while Michael Keaton is a one-dimensional cartoon.

So it is quite predictable plot for audience.

On some moments I even cried because of its heart-warming and exciting atmosphere.

Mouse (who is reduced to a minor character at the start), we get two human kids who are basically generic and boring.

They were a bit wooden and dull in their performances.

The setting and color of this film is dreary, spooky, and sad.

The worst movie directed by Burton.

Something being cliche just means we've seen that before a lot of times, it doesn't mean we've seen it performed better or worse.

I found it touching, made me cry a couple of times, exciting, and well acted.

Snore inducing.

Boring, no emotion, too political and why Tim Burton.

Would recommend this to people who wants a thrilling ride through the entire movie because its god damn amazing!

Except when Dumbo is in the mix, Ehren Kruger's screenplay is lifeless and, on occasion, logic-free - possibly a holdover from his similarly bland work on three of the Transformers franchise's worst and most bloated films.

The familiar trappings put this squarely in the comfort zone of Burton fans, but this Dumbo retelling is plodding, bland and devoid of any memorable splendour.

Really looked forward to this but it was a waste of time.

Snooze fest .

An intense Dumbo for a new generation...

Disjointed Disney .

However the last act of the movie was enjoyable.

Bland and overly-sentimental live-action/CGI remake .

This is just a borefest for both kids and adults.

Also to see Dumbo gets risen up to perform his flying trick for like 4 times in a row got really boring at the end.

If Danny DeVito figured this movie would recreate the magic of "Matilda", he was sadly mistaken; even his performance was subpar and bland.

I was so excited to take my nieces to see this and it was so boring and a huge disappointment.


This is not a bad movie by any means, in fact there are many positives to be found, but this remake commits one unforgivable sin that trumps all else: it's boring.

The remake forgoes much of what made the 1941 film charming, and instead offers up a moralistic 'capitalism is bad' story, a bunch of uninteresting human stereotypes, and a predictable attempt to superimpose modern sensibilities on a depression-era film.

This technicolor pachyderm tries to soar, but Dumbo is filled with a jumbled and empty script that can't juggle .

But it was engrossing in a trainwreck kind of way.

It veers so far to the left that it's just unbearable.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie for all the family, and it was so refreshing to watch something a bit unique and different from the usual films that are released these days.

Also if they were meant to be brother and sister they needed to slightly resemble each other so this added a layer of confusion that was unnecessary.

There's a wrong vibe surrounding the word "cliche", like it's a bad thing.

Felt really predictable, and just really averahe cinematography and screenwriting.

It's just an incredibly safe, predictable and one-dimensional approach for Burton, which occasionally forces Dumbo to fall from grace.

The visuals are easily the best thing about this movie, it's colourful, visually stunning, the effects and CGI are decent, Dumbo looks incredibly cute and I just want to pet him, and with the circus scenes it makes it so wonderful to watch, so this is easily the best looking Disney Live-Action film to date...

The feeling was monotone and even the so called exciting parts were flat.

It has almost nothing to do with the original (witch was so mutch better by the way), the characters are so bland and forgettable I'm almost unable to remember halv of them minutes after the movie ended and the plot requires coincidences and characters doing idiotic things to function.

3, we had no humour whether in the dialogue or situational, indeed there were no funny sections in the whole movie and this contributed to it becoming as times both heavy, dreary and even tedious.

Burton's exciting set pieces and eye for gorgeous production value enable that famous Disney magic to come bursting off the screen.

The formulaic Disney plot arc is here from joy to despair to joy at last, from motherless kids and ruthless showmen to home again and a prosperous circus.

Fascinating amazing flawless .

It's obviously for children, but it is enjoyable for adults too.

Let's hope "The Lion King," and my personal favorite "Aladdin" are more exciting.

Suffice to say, it's as safe as you expected it to be, given the results of 'Alice in Wonderland', but an enjoyable flick for the entire family.

In the end, cliche as it might be, 2019's Dumbo improves on a lot of aspects of its predecessor.

Dull as hell.

The first some minutes are very boring.

Tim Burton produced a stunning visual and heart felt family film with Dumbo.

Wasn't magical or entertaining or feel good, was self indulgent on burton's behalf and should not of been classed as a remake.

A Big boring mistake .

I could go on for days but I'll wrap up with - Don't waste you money guys; stay at home and watch the original!

I loved it so much and highly recommend it.

Dumbo is literally adorable, and the movie was really enjoyable to watch!

Zzzzzzz .

Either way, this story was much more interesting and engaging.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

One of the most monotonous and mundane movies I've ever seen, and one that I will probably forget in a few hours.

This story is very long boring and confusing and it's almost 2 hours long.

because this film is rather dull, and the direction is certainly dull, and 10 years ago I would not have called Tim Burton a boring director.

But for what it's worth, as a fan of the original, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

They're just boring.

This film was breathtaking both visually and emotionally!

Great breathtaking story .

Just don't waste time and money to see DUMBo

After reading some of the reviews on here I was expecting a terrible movie, but I've gotta say it was a wonderful movie I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Due to my experience with Disney's many new reimaginings of old animated classics, "Dumbo" could well have become another uninspiring, money elephant - I guess - for the conglomerate.

The movie tell over the place and was such an utter bore.

Being a Tim Burton movie, the sets, colours and costumes are stunning.


For everybody else though it's a slow burn at best.

One or two very fleeting moments of magic in an otherwise tedious.

So slow we lost interest .

The plot was disjointed and more about a love story than Dumbo.

I really enjoyed it, I liked the style of the film and the performances.

Looks great but the storyline was dull!

I felt the plot was hard to follow and acting not good.

My kids (7 and 6) really enjoyed it.

I will admit, the children seemed lacking and a little dull.

A surprisingly bland retelling .

Meantime I'll forget this dull remake ever existed.

it was very enjoyable.

I watched it with my granddaughter, aged 10, and we both enjoyed it.

It just got weird, there's was so much extra stuff to take out, and it was kind of boring.

Usually in strangely entertaining fashion.

The first part of the movie is OK but a bit slow.

And while Dumbo isn't quite as charmingly great as the original (or as racist), it's a sweet and exciting twist on the classic that shows plenty of soul and admiration without being panderingly reverent.

It's a satisfyingly dark movie, similar to the original, with some twists and turns and a nicely evolving plot with some solid supporting cast and a bold arc in lead role Nico Parker who goes from stoic, dull-eyed and ingratiatingly smug, to warm and likeable.

Also, I hate hating on kid actors because they're kids but the daughter in this film was just bland.

Boring, dull, uninteresting...

It was cute but drawn out throughout the movie .

Boring like I wanted to stop watching.

This was a shameless ripoff of Dumbo, Terrible movie, and a total waste of time.