Earth: Final Conflict (1997) - Action, Drama, Mystery

Hohum Score



When an alien species comes to Earth bearing gifts for humanity, a few suspicious humans seek to discover and resist the newcomers' true designs.

IMDB: 6.2
Stars: Von Flores, Leni Parker
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 16 out of 71 found boring (22.53%)

One-line Reviews (46)

Definitely no confusing alien invaders some of whom you were actually supposed to like and admire, and get rid of all that boring grown-up diplomatic activity when you're supposed to have heroes who only KILL all aliens all the time - in every episode!

E:FC was a fairly enjoyable science fiction show.

In the middle of the 2nd Season things start unraveling and the once terrific and fascinating series spirals downward, mostly because Roddenberry had died and was not around to guide the producers, of whom his wife Majel Barrett-Roddenberry was co-producer.

My only hope is that the next two season can be as entertaining.

It is a little sad to see such a good show on a slow downward spiral.

Season two.. A bland replacement for Boone arrives and the series seemingly struggles to regain its footing.

We have seen so many of these stupid hack scfi shows for such a long time it is becoming tiresome.

It basically goes from cool and engaging (ie Boba Fett) to many WTF moments.

Excruciatingly slow .

Their actions and reactions are wooden and predictable, often painful to watch.

Roddenberry's ashes must be turning in their orbit as this dull, cheap, poorly edited (watching it without advert breaks really brings this home) trudging Trabant of a show lumbers into space.

For its time the scifi was up to scratch and combined with the androgeny of the alien species you are dragged through season one by sheer fascination.

Being a big fan of this show since it started I can't understand why everyone liked the first season so much, sure season 2 was boring and slow.

Year 1: near genius, entertaining, thought provoking.

Liam and Lili became a "team" against the Taelons, with help of Augur, off course, great finale of season 2 was brilliant and unpredictable.

I finished not long ago watching all the five seasons of the show, and it was fun, thrilling, awesome, unique in more than one way, and evolved.

"These aliens are prissy, pretentious, and proud of it.

Unwatchable .

Equally superb vision and equally enjoyable.

For any adult with half a brain, distaste and boredom are the only possible reaction to what followed the superb first series of Roddenberry's sadly abortive last sci-fi series.

In season one, you had a good red line, it had all the elements to promise a good show : Taelons were fascinating, ill-wiled or benevolent,you really asked yourself the question.

The Taelons are gone, the humans no longer seem human, and the plot gets slower and slower by the episode.

Still, the first Season remains intriguing and fun to watch.

Impossibly trite storylines.

It's obvious Roddenberry's concept was fascinating as we can see in s1.

But do they have to be so darn fey and pretentious?

It does however, remain worth watching, as the series is due to run into another season, where we can only hope a bigger budget would help them out.

The first 3 Seasons were great, addictive and enjoyable, but th second have of season 4 and all of season 5 were a waste of time.

They were slow in plot & lacked good suspence.

It's clichéd and uninspiring.

Sandoval died an ultimately pointless death at the hands of one of the most boring sidekicks of all time (Renee)--Liam made a triumphant return and destroyed the Attivus population (only now he was considered a hybrid--if they could ever make up their minds about that character's nature, the series would have been helped immensely).

Of course, that would've make a pretty short and boring show; since it'd take out all the conflict from the title.

The acting is great, the special FX are marvellous, the music is beautiful and the plot intriguing.

What sets EFC apart from all other series is that it reflects real life to a degree unexpected and uncomfortable.

It's more like a slow and idea provoking poem rather than a bloody fighting modern story.

This was something completely different, deep and exciting at the same time.

I suggest you do the same and watch only the first 4 seasons as this was an overall fun yet bouncy ride that any sci-fi fan would do well to survey--after all, anything Roddenberry is worth watching even if continuity goes out the window.

Stories were predictable, with not enough philosophical depth.

The Taelons were a deft, sophisticated creation of a fascinating mind, while the atavistic hybrid that succeeded them would be more at home in a cheap horror story.

Season one started fast and got a little slow.

The arrival of Liam proved an interesting point but the writers kept the boring scripts going, making Liam not very interesting.

It was killed after Series 1, without even any pretence of plot or character logic, and some sort of Frankenstein's monster was cobbled together out of the mangled corpse, that bore no relationship whatever to the original - or even to anything resembling a coherent and well-written drama.

A yawning, trudging series of disappointment .

A story which had changing characters but whose underlying story line took us to unexpected tangents, thrilling twists and high points few expected - or frankly: were ready to experience.

Season 1 is standard and unremarkable but enjoyable, seasons 2-4 are where the series shines as perfected melodrama.

I really tried to warm up to them but boring to a fault even if they try hard to be convincing.