Eat Pray Love (2010) - Drama, Romance

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A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey to "find herself".

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Ryan Murphy
Stars: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 107 out of 331 found boring (32.32%)

One-line Reviews (267)

*Emotion- An enjoyable 'personal discovery' saga for our modern times.

This is an entertaining movie with good performances and a positive vibe.

In the final analysis it is a, light, entertaining film that gives a pleasant summer evening.

yes its long and different and maybe too slow at some points with long dialogues and paused moments.

Not only was the plot terrible, it was also incredibly boring.

He was predictable and waited for her.

A bigger cliché ending one could not imagine.

Boring, boring, boring.

Dialogs are pathetic and the movie is so boring, terribly boring.

A couple of hours trimming out the cringeworthy moments in iMovie, or an excessive dose of anti-depressants, could easily turn this into an enjoyable film.

Written by the director and Jonathan Salt, Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert is an entrancing travelogue, a romantic comedy, and a spiritual adventure all wrapped in one engaging package.

It is obvious that the idea was totally cliche-romantic rather than the idea of finding enlightment by seeing the world.

Can boredom be a crisis?

Liz is bored with her marriage.

It runs a tiresome 142 min or so and feels even longer.

Boring Travelogue of a Shallow and Unhappy Woman .

Her journey is exciting, as she trips from Rome to India and finally to Bali.

While Eat, Pray, Love was not the best movie of the summer, by any means, I enjoyed it.

Julia Roberts trades boring spouse for hot husband .

For a spiritual story, there seems to be an awful lot of self-indulgence and privilege.

Read what happened to the real life Liz for an unexpected plot twist.

I suppose the real reason I looked at my watch more than once (my yardstick to measure boredom) was that I do not buy Oprahesque spirituality.

All in all I enjoyed it well enough.

Recently, I sat in another film, and by its exciting climax, after 90 minutes of subtitles and some tight writing, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest with all the emotion that was building there for a while.

There are moments but the movie is way too long.

It was completely self-indulgent.

Tear jerker that mostly bored me to tears.

Sigh Yawn Snooze .

How can we empathize with Julie's Liz who throws away everything good to chase an empty promise of something better?

More like "Sit, Stare, Yawn" .

Boring, long, mediocre in script....

The book was wonderful, funny, truthful, and of course self-indulgent, because you can't do self-help without navel gazing.

However, there is one big thing to dislike about this movie – it is slow, to the point of dragging at times.

By the time Julia got to Bali and was dancing drunk with some bongo drummer (and guffawing her loud he-haw laugh), my three girlfriends were begging to leave the theater, which we did.

At times, it's super and at times, simply dragged.

The film was slow and boring, the plot ridiculous and patronizing.

Whatever the intent may have been - the final theatrical storyline has very few redeeming qualities, comes across as contrived, disingenious and - bottom line - is just not entertaining.

The phrases are slogans, the title itself sounds like a fastidious mantra, an empty motto from a divorced woman that could afford to do all this.

But this is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Tedious and boring travelogue .

I just found this movie to be incredibly boring and I just did not get the story line.

The film is very predictable, and Roberts doesn't make much out of the already mediocre material.

Inoffensively Enjoyable 7/10

The ending is formulaic with no deep meaning.

What's wrong with the script is the horribly self-indulgent watered-down experience that passes for insight and spiritual development: when in Italy, you eat, right?

However, by the time we get to India all pretense is cast away and movie cliché's run amok.

I was already warned that the book is self indulgent and whiny and perhaps that is why I wasn't as "disappointed" as other viewers.

We know Julia Roberts well enough to know that she would not associate herself with a bad film, she looked stunning, all those close ups meant there was nowhere to hide, and her own character shone through.

By the time she was in Italy I was ready to leave the class just because this movie was that awful.

The blog culture is also responsible for movies like "Eat Pray Love," a pointless movie about an affluent, privileged woman's quest to "find herself," which really means eliminate from her life anything resembling a responsibility and go off to enjoy everything that's cliché and trendy about world culture -- eating a lot of good food in Italy, meditating in India, etc.I think people should be free to do whatever they want with their lives, provided they don't hurt other people along the way, and if they have the free time and the money to go travel around the world doing nothing, more power to them.

In brief, a self-indulgent piece of claptrap.

But it was a bit long, and again, so much whining was unbearable after a while.

From the beginning to the end this movie was enjoyable from all the gorgeous food to all the meaning in the story.

Is this the worst movie I've ever seen, no.

*Special Stars- Julia Roberts, James Franco, Bill Crudup, Javier Bardem*Theme- If you're not happy, life is empty.

(he can pay the water bill) Boring sex follows.

Yes, it is a very long and uneventful movie.

So all those who dump on this film because it doesn't live up, your reviews are empty to me.

This film treats forced, child marriage as just another chance for stunning wardrobe changes and shots suitable for a National Geographic spread.

First off, the opening and closing narrative voice-over is the only link to tying the cliché messages the film has to offer.

I'ts partly one big ego trip from Julia Roberts (me me me look at me) and for the rest a series of clichés seen from the perspective of a bored, blasé American woman.

Eventually, after an empty relationship with a guy(James Franco), in which they have a weird moment of smiling, she decides that she need to change her life.

Eat Pray Love is enjoyable for the male acting in particular, Javier Bardem is a joy per se and some of the scenery in Italy India and Indonesia is just great.

It's like looking at a spiritually pretentious, multi-culti American Express commercial for two and a half hours.

She met friends and for once was able to slow down and take in the graces of her life.

So don't waste your time & simply Trash it!

Like "there are so many poor people around us and Liz complains about her feeling blue and empty.

I rarely leave before a film is finished, but I walked out of this one.

The story was painfully boring with no clear direction.

This makes Eat Pray Love a psychologically intriguing movie that develops a deeper personal message for the audience.

It only got interesting in the last ten minutes, the time before that it was agonizingly slow and the mind wondered.

Story line is either very slow or very fast.

Overall it gets better in Italy, I started to enjoy actually but then she leaves for India (WTF) it gets boring after forwards.

These are peppered throughout the narrative and as you navigate through the story, which I have to admit does become long drawn out at some points quite unnecessarily.

I find the movie to be quiet boring and superficial.

So this movie wasn't as super terrible as I thought it would be, but it still took a lot out of me to finish watching this tedious movie.

Worth a watch if you're bored .

I say "empty promise" because the movie fails to convince the audience that the journey was worth the sacrifice.

" Surprisingly, "Eat Pray Love" remained an entertaining adventure of the spirit that got through ALMOST all the annoying sappiness and overplayed elements.

I think Richard from Texas attempted to be this voice in her life, but his advice feels empty.

But I found it strangely lacklustre and even boring.

"Sit, Stare, Yawn" one of them claimed.

This drab story fails to connect on any level except for pointless self-indulgence.

It's an enjoyable experience tromping along with a breathtakingly gorgeous Roberts and imaging what that pizza in Italy really tastes like.

Overweight lonely secretaries that have read the book MAY make it through to the end, but everyone else will either be in deep REM or left the theater.

This forty something married New Yorker decides to end her marriage since she is bored because that is what you do.

When you set out on the path of seeing a movie in theaters (unless Harry Potter or one of the Twilight movies) you usually do not want to sit in a chair for somewhere around 3 and a half hours watching a movie that lost your attention somewhere around 2 hours ago, can be the night that most wouldn't want to waste their time and money on.

She reeks of an awful case of selfishness but as she is played by Julia Roberts the whole thing becomes rather confusing.

The scenery across three countries is breathtaking, the true story in great.

There are also a few intriguing minor characters that I wish were better developed.

She was happy when she first married, but now, Liz is becoming bored.

The film shines in these 2 parts, and they set it apart (temporarily) from other banal chick flicks.

The pace of the movie was very slow.

Contrived story line, average acting, and silly melodrama make this a must miss movie.

A waste of time, effort, film stock, cinematography, mega-money...

But even that was contrived, just thrown in so that you couldn't say that the whole movie and everything she said and did was all about herself.

Many unrealistic situations and very pretentious 'preachy' tones.

)Save your money...

An enjoyable 'personal discovery' saga .

One of the IMDb reviewers described this movie as boring as watching someone's home slideshow of their European vacation.

The rest of her stay in India is bit of bore in my opinion.

Pretentious, Glossy Travel Ad; Bardem Esp Bad .

Because Liz is "finding herself," as they say, I suppose such languid reflection is necessary.

So the question is, how could someone go so wrong, someone with resources and (I assume) friends capable of great stories, engaging films?

Overall, it was long and I was ready to leave, never felt an emotional connection.

The Movie Equivalent of a Self-Indulgent Blog .

Pretentious and whiny, "Eat, Pray, Love" ventures into the area of really grating and annoying.

Italy is so intense, and this was pretty tepid.

A writer who is totally confused and bored about her life, wants to find answers from within herself through a journey of far away land.

Every scene, there is a slow pan of her face - frontal, profile, etc.I haven't seen so many closeups since my last colonoscopy.

The 'Pray' part is actually a brief moment earlier in the movie, in India the movie just drags further with the introduction of new and uninteresting characters.

entertaining .

Although everyone does a good job in this film, and the scenery is breathtaking -- now I want to go to Rome!!!

Iberic tones in Italy, Brazilian in Thailand, this is irrelevant, as if justifying, the globality of confusion.

This film is much more effective and engaging than its male counterpart film, 'The Bucket List'.

Really pointless, boring movie that really will waste 2.5 (seemed like 10) hours of your life.

And that takes some doing, considering she has a handsome husband, an exciting job as a writer, and plenty of money.

This movie romanticized running away from your boring humdrum life to live in a dream world.

Absolute waste of time .

An unexpected surprise (for me) was actor Richard Jenkins (Six Feet Under) who added some major heft to this already good cast.

This film feels like sitting through such an evening, if your friend were self-indulgent and a bit narcissistic, kept bringing up her broken marriage and her justifications for a fling during the slideshow, gabbed on and on about the wonderful people she met as if you knew them, and took way too long to show her admittedly scenic slides.

really appears as banal, in the way this journey develops and her inner evolution happens, if it does.

Eat, Pray, Love is extremely tedious, boring, and an utterly selfish venture into finding yourself .

I think I fell asleep half way through.

140 minutes of unnecessary boredom.

I asked my wife what she felt about the movie and she agreed it was bland too.

all cliché, and easy spirituality .

My sister nearly fell asleep in the theater.

seems to be intended as a 'feel good' movie that just left me feeling bored.

) to find a long lost Italian lover but that film is infinitely more enjoyable.

I had visited India and Italy,that was the only reason why i decided to watch the film but a lot of scenes were dragged too long,the movie should have been at least 45 minutes less.

This is the WORST MOVIE I've ever watched.

Everyone's life gets boring.

So don't waste your time & simply Trash it.

But the story and her character feel pretentious.

I actually find this more tedious - what traveller would bother going to Italy and take multiple photos of a plate of SPAGHETTI?

So, when all is said and done, this "liberating" and "inspirational" tale is about someone who gets bored with a conventional marriage, where hubby Billy Crudup's worst sin is that he can't get a high-powered job and is in love with his wife.

There was a major detail left out of the movie that I feel should have been included, this was confusing as it had been a main element in the original story.

This is right up there in the five worst movies I've ever seen.

Watch it for the travel but the story is ho hum .

Julia Roberts is inside the psychology of a woman that has an empty space inside her and in a search of filling it.

It may not contradict it with enough conviction, but it was respectable to find a movie which is endorsed by a different perspective which goes a bit further than the trite "girl power" or the typical "big gesture" with which many chick-flicks conclude in our days.

Amazingly, this film doesn't give us anything but some beautiful takes, some very boring scenes, a couple of tears for no reason at all, and lots of time to pray that this mess ends quickly.

The movie created a character who was so man- crazed that she required intensive psychotherapy, and it was hard to see her as anything other than a one dimensional character throughout the whole 2 1/2 hours of the film.

I felt like the movie was pretty good but lacked the emotional dimension and intense perspective the author so generously gave us in her writing.

Slow .

" Eat Pray Love is engaging and inspiring for anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of what makes life work.

Slow paced, no joy.

Yet it is tremendously evocative and beautifully captures the common trap of being unable to forgive ones self for failed love and the sad result of remaining protected from being open to love again.

Contrived and disengaging storyline .

This movie is a monument to both feminist narcissism and boredom.

Movie is just boring as the flight.. Robert's play is very one-dimensional for her roll of a women in her forty.

I realize this was an Oprah-blessed book, but the amount of whining, self-indulgence and narcissism was beyond my tolerance level.

The movie is too long.

The only bits I found enjoyable were the ones with Javier Bardem, (the always handsome) and to say in the least this is not his best work.

For starters, we have a complete lack of coherence and inspiration, and for a non fiction account which is based on the up and downs of someone's accounts in one very crucial year of her life, we are presented with a shiny package with nothing in its core, a flatline, a boring piece that doesn't even have enough of the usual glow in the leading lady's smile.

I liked the film overall, but for me there were some slow moments.

I didn't really pay attention for the next one and a half hour (I watched it when it was aired in local TV), but even I could get the impression of Liz being the arrogant, self-indulgent, whore, and whiny woman.

I guess the great food and scenery were compelling to some extent--or easy and dull, like flipping through an old issue of 'People' magazine at the dentist's office.

And yes, it is very enjoyable.

This is a very enjoyable movie.

I cannot speak for the other reviewers, or for the movie's user rating, but I say it is worth watching.

It's too bad that the shots were clouded by bad dialogue, somewhat entertaining acting, and annoying themes.

Filled with every PC talking point you can think of each cliché is delivered like the drips of some cruel Chinese water torture ...

Felt sorry for the 'middle man' David who just failed to 'ask her to stay' and she walked out on him without a moments thought.

Yawn .

She was utterly unsympathetic and utterly uninteresting.

Otherwise, its just another big waste of Hollywood talent and money.

Illumination and faith is a continuous so just going to another country to look for guidance is a naive cliché, only people with some money can afford this!

When Richard confesses his marital failings in a drawn-out monologue, delivered perfectly like a stage pro by Jenkins, the movie hits its first big false note.

It causes you to be introspective after you've seen it, so I warn you of an adrenaline rush after viewing.

Life is too boring to be stuck at one place doing the same thing.

And I did want to leave, badly.

This movie is about self-discovery, hearing great truths from unexpected sources, opening your mind up why you are here on earth, and learning to release control of your life.

Though the movie was quite enjoyable and entertaining, as an Italian- American, I feel as though this movie didn't accurately portray modern Italy.

The "eat" part of the journey flounders and the "pray" aspect is shallow and uninteresting.

This was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.


The cast is well chosen, even in the small roles (one would expect only the best from the all star cast assembled), and the direction keeps the at times confusing back and forth process of storytelling fluid.

Basically, Liz has a very nice life that is already pretty exciting.

Roberts plays Gilbert a woman who has everything she ever wanted but is bored, confused and craving adventure.

But I believe the lack of 'sincerity' made me bored.

Awful - what a waste of money, energy, money, energy .

Can you say self-indulgent ?

The whole thing was pretentious.

Luckily not a moving scene where she starts to pray to God for the first time, a really breathtaking scene I loved the most.

Don't waste your time.

Instead of finding Liz intelligent and thoughtful, she seemed selfish, boring, and obsessed with men.

The worst part about this movie is that by 15 minutes in you are completely bored and you know that you still have to suffer as she visits THREE different countries.

The bravura cinematography is breathtaking (especially during close-ups of the food!

I can relate to Liz being selfish, she felt empty inside and when you are empty and have no love for yourself I don't think its possible to love anyone else, you have nothing to give.

self serving vehicle that left me bored and disinterested .

Should have been called something else, perhaps "How I Dragged my Miserable Flaky self to Three Continents and Had No Real Fun.

She has an uneventful trip, doesn't seem to learn much, or transform, or even find happiness.

What occurs in these travels is often tedious, except perhaps for eating pizza in Naples.

Throughout this tedious film, Liz's actions seem to reflect the influence of the person or persons with whom she has been with most recently; she doesn't seem to have a mind of her own, or heart, for that matter.

The film dragged interminably, and not much was happening.

Julia Roberts' character Liz gets a bit fed up and so gets a divorce and then feels empty and sad.

The movie had a slow pace,therefore a lot of people may not have enjoyed it so much.

James Franco pops up as one of Elizabeth's lovers, but his entire, tedious and uninteresting segment could have been deleted, and nothing would have been lost.

Again a boring and disgusting romantic comedy from Julia Roberts .

Next, India - Nothing happens here.

The character she plays is boring and normal, and even when she travels across the world Roberts does little to show the changes her character experiences.

By far the worst movie ever .

I read some reviews of this movie here and couldn't stop wondering, why the most of people say this movie is boring, bad etc. I think that's due to the side effects of being constantly fed with "classic" Hollywood blockbusters or highly over dramatized movies, so if it is not burning, crashing or nobody is dying - boring.

Based on the best selling novel of the same name by Gilbert, what appeared in print as an authors heartfelt journey to find herself, through a cathartic writing experience, here somehow translates into a self indulgent odyssey through over eating, comic meditation & "Karate Kid" style Balinesque soothsaying.

The 2.5 hours just DRAGGED by.

I got sick of close ups of Julia Roberts trying to act, and the predictable and clichéd script.

I'd give it one star, but the cinematography is stunning .

A wretched waste of my time.

All in all, I found the reviews here on IMDb far and away more interesting, insightful and enjoyable than the movie itself!

But, feeling bored and unfulfilled, she leaves her husband to eat, pray, and love her way around the world, spending time in Italy, India, and Bali.

The writing is very well done too, it's engaging and it's intelligent.

A sappy, soapy melodrama about successful New York Sex-in-the-City Carrie-clone and reporter with no special insights into modern living Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts, who once again gives such a bland performance that it leaves me wondering how she ever became a superstar), who takes a sabbatical from her boring marriage and goes to Rome ("eat", what else does Rome stand for?

I would say it was a waste of time but I've spent so much time thinking about why I thought it was a bad movie I've actually had some self-discovery moments.

Fair enough she is meant to be going through a very troublesome time, but this film just dragged on and on and on after the first hour!

Besides Roberts, what really sticks out are the marvellous sights such as the delicious Italian meals, the wonderful landscapes and places of Italy, India and Bali, and a great use of colour, it may have slight predictability, but it is an enjoyable biographical drama.

Bland and Annoying .

contrived, simplistic, touchy-feely ...

This is a Roberts's vehicle, but her character is so hard to sympathize with, it ruined everything, as well as the incredible slow pace.

So I guess it's back to the True Love theme, at least in this boring American middle class scenario in which love can rear its ugly head as long as Her Highness makes her man (Javier) more or less swear that he'll never grow a pair; that would disturb her feeble storyline that Love Is Okay As Long As I Don't Commit.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***It's a waste of time.

What an unbelievable waste of money and talent (a-list actors)!

Overly long and slow, still a bit better movie than its "5" rating would indicate.

What a waste of money and talent.

Worth watching!

) were very entertaining and were, in some ways, highlights of the film.

Equally baffling is how her rather mundane experiences in India and Bali could have brought about her spiritual awakening, if there was any.

Slow paced, no surprises.

Slow pace can be very good, if it makes the audience think or empathize.

I kept falling asleep and Julia Roberts was annoying.

Engaging and inspiring .

It is just boring and tedious.

it is not an award winning movie, but it is rather entertaining and it is softly trying to be spiritual.

In one minute my feelings went from "ho hum and this is okay" to "now this is a man and he can act.

But it was worth the watch and Julia Roberts is always amazing.

Off to India for more insight; after all, it's the homeland of the spiritual in the limited Oprah-level assortment of stereotypes (not to slam Oprah too much, but daytime TV where she reigned was the spiritual homeland of the bored middle class suburban housewife).

Julia Roberts was far from convincing, the script was trite and in its attempts to delve into the issue of a woman looking for spiritual enlightenment falls flat.

This is one of the only films I've actually almost walked out of near the end due to boredom.

Ostensibly about searching for love and meaning this slow moving story gets terribly bogged down.

It's hard to complain about having sat through this movie, when many elements of it are enjoyable to look at or listen to...

The only way to make a movie with an unlikeable, selfish, self-absorbed protagonist worse is to make it WAY too long.

The idea sounds pretentious.

Based on Gilbert's 150 week New York Times best-selling memoir, this travel romance is slow going largely due to the intrusion of voice over narration and director Ryan Murphy's love affair with Julia's face, which has the most close-ups so far this year.

The movie is overblown and exhausting; it has moments but it's way too long and boring.

Indeed, the entire movie is just an excuse to set up this trite conclusion.

One word to sum up this film: Yawn.

In conclusion, this is an overlong,shallow, and boring film.

Overall the (C+) respectable rating is only because of stunning locations & cinematography & Julia Roberts (Obviously) because she was great in the entire long (2hrs & 25mints) movie.

Perhaps a storyline like this may have been handled better by a European filmmaker because it was, to me, a complete mess and far too long.

3/10 Again a boring and disgusting romantic comedy from Julia Roberts, Out of the blue she find out she's not happy with her marriage life.

I left the theater deeply dissatisfied.

Although for this type of movie, one where the only action is that of internal growth, the slow pace is not completely unexpected.

There are some very pretty images on screen of beautiful people lounging and engaging in shallow, narcissistic, pseudo-spiritual preening and posing, some nice, crunchy, flowing, draping, tie-dyed, robes and scarves, and some heaping plates of pasta gorged down by people with perfect teeth.

Costumes, too, are quite nice, as Roberts, especially, looks stunning, as do the others.

It must have bored a lot of viewers since the rating for this movie is so low.

The Bali portion (love) portion left me again somewhat ticked off as it too was very pretentious and boring, although this was the most 'realistic' of the three sections..

I haven't seen such a patronizing, boring, alleged comedy in years.

The pluses: breathtaking cinematography, a great elephant, James Falco, Julia Roberts' beautiful face (yeah, even with the bot ox), the line -- (when, with her girlfriend, Julia sees a beautiful piece of lingerie in a shop...

Very boring prayer and meditation stuff all day long.

The story line was so weak and the screenplay goes so slow that people started getting restless and literally were yawning.! The characters in the movie are portrayed in such a way that you forget them easily when she moves on to another destination.

Eat Pray Love, and Fall Asleep .

Shallow, and boring .

But that's all part of the fun I guess, when one is looking out for adventure into the unexpected.

So to call the book and/or movie self-indulgent is rather unfair.

) is way more exciting and complex.

I've enjoyed it from the begining till the end..even seen the second time, what happened to me almost never..