Edge of Seventeen (1998) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A teenager copes with his sexuality on the last day of school in 1984. It shows him coping with being gay and being with friends.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: David Moreton
Stars: Chris Stafford, Tina Holmes
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 74 found boring (25.67%)

One-line Reviews (46)

The acting was natural and realistic and I could feel Eric's pain over his confusion and anxiety.

One of the better "coming of age" films about gay youth.

The confusion, hesitancy, bewilderment, anger, melancholy, joy and sadness typical of the "coming-out" process in contemporary American society is all there.

Worth the watch for any gay person (especially boys).

in terms of recent gay cinema this is one of the best examples of "coming of age" films.

This film is so realistic in it's portrayal of a young gay male coming of age that is was almost painful for me to watch.

We get no insight into his school life except that he's admired by girls, and the mother character is a bland cliché (she waits up all night for her son to get home sitting straight-back in a living room chair--and later, when there's confronting to be done, she plays the piano).

It is thrilling to watch him make it through it all and find a nurturing environment that will let him live as he is.

Believable, tender gay coming of age story.

Lackluster, but may be relatable or at least enjoyable for some young gay men.

On a thematic par with the Brit import GET REAL, this film touches on the reality of coming of age in 1984 mid-America, though I suspect it is pretty much the same in any American suburb.

Just an entertaining film.

I would also agree that the movie has a good point in not wrapping up all the resolutions at the end: does he go to New York, does the mother deal with his homosexuality or not, how does the father react, what happens with his childhood friend, Maggie, etc. However, contrary to what someone else note, the filmmakers did go for a feel good happy ending in the bar scene, more so underlined because they dragged an older, Ohio State boy (the Jonathan character) back to a bar on coincidentally the same night that Eric finally decided to reappear.

With a weak storyline and a dull ending, this movie thrives on the performances of two actors: Lea DeLaria and Chris Stafford.

More diversity is needed in portraying a gay population, and the endings should emphasize continuing change and acceptance rather than bland happiness.

"Edge of Seventeen" takes a look at a late teen's coming of age in the mid 80s in Sandusky, Ohio.

"Get Real" or "Beautiful Thing") and are getting tired of the whole cliche-ridden genre, then I urge you to take a chance on "Edge of Seventeen".

Its script is a bit soggy and at times the film is a bit slow.

While this movie is supposed to be a huge "coming of age" movie, particularly for gay teens, I left the theater angry with wasting money on this movie.

) and the lack of plot structure -the randomness of certain scenes.

Though a plethora of coming out/coming of age films seem to abound these days, I think "Edge" is worthwhile and unique in several ways.

Just a nice story about a young gay man "coming of age".

I highly recommend it.

The better things about this movie were some of the performances (I would agree that Tina Holmes as Maggie was one of the best, a proved rationale for the reason that she, among all the principals, has the far larger list of credits), but the plot had many weak moments, and many predictable ones (such as the mother waiting all night for the boy to come home) and some unrealistic ones (that the father would be either oblivious, uncaring or unconcerned about his son's dress, demeanor, or potential homosexual.

There are movies that try to get it right and movies that don't try and movies that are not at all about getting it right and movies that do get it right, and when "it" is "coming of age" the number of movies that get it right is even smaller and EDGE OF SEVENTEEN is one of the few.

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN is by far the more realistic and enjoyable "coming of age/coming out" films to hit cinemas in a while.

It is, by far, the most enjoyable of the ones that I have seen during this year's mini film festival.

Stafford's confusion, angst, vulnerability, denial, and acceptance all ring true.


Living on the EDGE .

At least two scenes are confusing in continuity leading us to wonder whahappened???


Edge of Seventeen is an above average coming of age film with a fine performance in the lead.

There are much better coming of age movies.

It travels more dramatic and different ground to the UK "Beautiful Thing" and "Get Real" (both favorites of mine) but this provides more real life drama, is more erotically charged and sexy, and is more daring in its portrayal of the anguish and confusion faced by the young gay boy.

Gay or straight, first love and coming of age are themes that hit home.

just plain awful and boring .

It neither succumbs to cliche, nor does it it pander to the audience's expectations.

Unexpected and Heart Breaking .

It is worth watching for her performance alone (not to mention the chance for her to show off her thrilling voice and jazz timing in the closing song).

I was very disappointed with Edge of Seventeen as a coming of age, or a coming out film.

The film doesn't flinch in its look at the wonder, confusion, and deception associated with the coming out process, and despite some awkward direction, Edge of Seventeen succeeds at opening the eyes of its audience, both gay and straight.

Definitely worth the watch.

Very good, "relatable" coming of age film about a teenager discovering his homosexuality in 1980's Sandusky, Ohio.

Coming out and Coming of age in the Midwestern 80's .

Lea DeLaria's portrayal of Angie, the boss at the summer job, is a much needed boost for this movie with a hideously boring storyline.