El Dorado (1967) - Drama, Romance, Western

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Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for hire, joins forces with an old friend, Sheriff J.P. Hara. Together with an old Indian fighter and a gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Howard Hawks
Stars: John Wayne, Robert Mitchum
Length: 126 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 116 found boring (4.31%)

One-line Reviews (52)

Harrah (Robert Mitchum) confronts Cole Thornton (John Wayne) a point is made about the sheriff's rifle (which plays an important role in the thrilling climax).

It's got great characterization, entertaining dialogue, effectively choreographed gunfights, poetry, evocative music, and John Wayne.

Not a bad movie, I rather enjoyed it.

Very entertaining, if extremely similar to Rio Bravo.

One would expect The Duke and Bob Mitchum to shine, but the supporting cast is equally entertaining.

FINAL WORD: "El Dorado" is an entertaining John Wayne Western.

El Dorado has a lot going for it that makes it worth watching even if it's not a true classic IMHO.

Followed by a second reworking titled ¨Rio Lobo¨ with Wayne , George Rivero ,Jennifer O'Neill , Sherry Lansing ,Chris Mitchum , Victor French and Jack Elam playing a virtual retreat of the previous role played by Walter Brennan and Arthur Hunnicut and of course the great John Wayne who repeats in the excellent trilogy , an exciting , witty and deeply moving masterpiece .

Involving and fascinating Western in which John Wayne helped by a motley group taking on a corrupt land baron .

Today though, this movie stands up as a very enjoyable western with some great dialogue.

Fast paced, snappy and entertaining without a single unnecessary scene or a dialog.

Although it is essentially a close remake of Rio Bravo, Howard Hawks' El Dorado is still an interesting and sometimes exciting Western that boasts a very fine cast and some dramatic moments.

The film is a bit slow up until the shootout in the church, and even then it is very "old school" because you can get shot without bullet holes or blood.

The film is relentlessly entertaining with lots of cool one liners.

It is elegiac, always entertaining, skillful and I think warm-hearted too.

It is a well-made and entertaining western overall.

The production has a fine title sung by the great Ed Ames, titles by noted western artist Olaf Weighorst (who also appears as a gunsmith),; and its technical production is truly outstanding in every department Other actors contributing to this near-masterpiece of entertaining film-making include Arthur Hunnicutt, R.

It's not exactly rocket surgery, but putting a bullet in Wayne's back to push on his spine, just when the wolves are circling, keeps the movie from being generic mac and cheese--you know, the stuff that requires your wife to mix in some extra Velveeta to keep you from falling asleep and landing splat face-first right in the pasta.

This overlong, too much-acclaimed and very gripping Western will appeal to John Wayne fans .

Caan's Mississippi is much better than the kid in Rio Bravo and he is much more enjoyable to watch.

The dialogue is a real plus point with many funny one-liners which make this very watchable, witty, exciting.

This is a warm-hearted entertaining movie of action and humour, directed with a good pace and skilfully by Howard Hawks.

By far El Dorado is the most entertaining western from an era of unforgettable classics.

The laidback yet unfrivolous tone prevails in scene after scene - right from Mitchum's initial interception of Wayne, the relationships are based in deep mutual knowledge, instinctive professional appreciation and courtesy, and imminent confusion and bemusement (spawning both comedy and anxiety).

A tame, but very entertaining, western .

Despite some very contrived impediments to make the good guys appear vulnerable on the surface, at no time do we believe that any of them are coming out of this thing with more than a scratch and a few stories to tell their buddies.

A well-made and exciting western.

John Wayne plays his usual solid role, but it is the surrounding cast and Howard Hawks' direction which really make this an excellent and very entertaining movie.

Enter John Wayne with his fast draw and sense of fair play to even the odds in a good but predictable movie.

As entertaining as a western could be.

For the first hour the film's relaxed pace is a bit too relaxed and was a little dull at times.

If you have seen Rio Bravo, much of the action as the movie unfolds is predictable.

First rate photography combines with enjoyable atmosphere, some fun lines of dialogue, and plenty of Western violence in the "clutch yourself and fall down" tradition, which all help to make this a wonderful viewing experience.

An enjoyable film.

Not a great western, maybe not even that good a western; but, in it's own way EL DORADO is a classic and one of Wayne's most entertaining movies.

Hawks works from an engaging screenplay by Leigh Brackett, who (loosely) adapted the Harry Brown novel "The Stars in Their Courses", and gets excellent performances out of just about everybody.

His brief impersonation of a Chinaman is bound to offend some, but it's actually quite entertaining.

It builds up to a weak ending where the bad guys are supposed to be slayed in a very noteworthy and exciting way.

Although EL DORADO has a leisurely tone, but it never feels in the least slow--largely due to an unexpectedly witty script that crackles with memorable dialogue (at one point when Mitchum asks Wayne what he's looking at, Wayne responds "A tin star with a drunk pinned to it") and unexpected situations (such as Caan's unfortunate way with a shotgun.

My only and small problem with this film is that i think that the last 30 minutes are way too slow for this film.

Entertaining and well-made western .

Hawks really knows how to make his westerns intriguing with great dynamic between our main characters.

But, it is still a darn entertaining Western with John Wayne as outlaw Cole Thornton coming to the aide of drunk Sheriff J.

The dialogues, that glorifying friendship and responsibility, are comical, gunfight are very exciting and, unfortunately, two romances remain suspended in the air.

All of them fighting for their lives against the baron land and his hired killers (Christopher George , Jim Davis)Action western, snappy dialog , shoot-outs at regular intervals, and humor abounds in this magnificent film whose roles are splendidly portrayed .

Caan has a likable charisma whereas Nelson was okay but bland by comparison.

Nelson Riddle's score is pleasant too, while the film is brilliantly directed by Howard Hawks, the script is thoughtful and entertaining, the story never loses momentum and the pace while deliberately elegiac is spot on.

It is attractively shot, competently acted (Robert Mitchum is particularly good as the broken-down alcoholic sheriff Harrah) and has a fast-moving story.

Entertaining 1967 Wayne Western with James Caan and Robert Mitchum .

As I said before, this is a remake of Rio Bravo, which I prefer due to the more exciting final shootout and the tender and heartbreaking performance of Dean Martin.

Wayne & Mitchum already were at twilight of their long career,this masterpiece there are so many fresh characters, one is James Caan as Mississippi a fabulous performance having a silly hat as trademark, also Arthur Hannicutt as Bull on a wise funny role let the picture a slight humor, the chemistry in all four quoted capitalize on a enjoyable and priceless piece of art, the amazing lanscape around the creek with several rocks extracts displayed over this place arising in a faraway geological past, wisely shown cleverly by Howard Hawks, the sexy Charlene holt shaken everyone, it drive me crazy when l've try figure out what Mitchum and Wayne were waiting for, Christopher George as a scarface hired gun and their fellows gang made this picture an unmatched huge success!!!

A typically entertaining John Wayne western.