Emma. (2020) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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In 1800s England, a well meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Autumn de Wilde
Stars: Anya Taylor-Joy, Johnny Flynn
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 68 out of 315 found boring (21.58%)

One-line Reviews (222)

It was disjointed, seemed to focus on the sumptuousness rather than the arc and relied on music to convey tone.

Truth be told the story is dull as ditchwater, the dialogue corny, way to much reliance on overlong stretches of dance routines.

The story flow was somewhat disjointed and music was strange.

The rest is like watching paint dry.

But watching paint dry has more comedic responses than the entire dialog.

apart from being 30 mins too long it was in my opinion very very boring.

It really is tedious.

Bored out of my skull .


Will cure insomnia.

I watched this movie in cinemas with my boyfriend, of course I enjoyed it much more than he did, but unfortunately we both agreed on one specific thing - the plot of the story was rather hard to understand clearly, at one moment there's an argument between two of the characters and then the next minute they act as if nothing happened and somehow one has a crush on another and the other wants to marry this other random person.

I would rather have watched paint dry and that's saying something.

Bored to freaking death.

Sets and costumes all excellent - just let down by a dull story - sorry folks

Just plain boring .

Dramatic music swells in the middle of the scene as though leading up to a crucial event, except nothing happens.

Good rental -- on a slow night.

Most BORING movie i have ever seen,spent the whole time during the movie trying to stay awake.

For those unfamiliar with the novel, you may experience a slow build-up to connection with the characters ...

Everybody has a funnier personal story, everybody has likely experienced more tragedy, everybody has had more of an emotional rollercoaster at some point in their lives that would make for a more gripping, more cinematic experience.

If you're after something unexpected, look elsewhere.

This is beautifully filmed, with stunning scenery and costumes.

This movie is a good one that is worth watching.

Boring and painful to watch.

It's very disjointed.

It was a light-hearted, enjoyable romp, filled with great character acting performances.

This was an enjoyable watch with a bit of romance, intrigue, dancing and marriage proposals at dawn.

All those who say it's slow or dull.

Entire film full of boring conversation!

The same screenplay trick is used throughout to twist certain relationships, becoming repetitive and a bit dull.

The overuse of the song singing at the background scene, also make the film unwatchable!

but empty of soul....

I ended up fast forwarding through it, because I was bored.

The standout performance for me in this movie is Miranda Hart as Miss Bates as the kind hearted but overbearingly boring twittering Village spinster.

The movie is breathtaking with nearly every shot, as the cinematography captures some beautiful set design, giving a dream like state to each scene.

The film, while briefly enjoyable in some areas of comedy, is a complete bore that nobody should be forced to watch in the theater.

As cliche as it might sound, she carries the whole story on her shoulders.

too dreary for words .

Overall I think it's beautiful movie and definitely worth watching especially for Jane Austen fans.

Dull .

As viewers we find Miss Bates to be at least as entertaining as Emma herself.

Beautiful set in some stunning country homes The music really added to the polish of the movie it was like a character of its own Emma followed the book faithfully and was perfectly paced, and the humour was played to the max it was so fun to watch.

It was just people in mildly embarrassing situations, or Bill Nighy looking endlessly bewildered whenever someone did something a little bit pretentious.

Well-Made, Yet Uninteresting .

The costumes and sets were absolutely breathtaking.

The lavish food and set contribute to this feeling of bored vanity as well.

When I saw it, a woman walked out as soon as she saw Jonny Flynn as Mr Knightley - she was making a big mistake.

This was cold and disjointed and the ridiculous part where Knightley proposes compares to the version of Pride & Prejudice where Darcy jumps in the lake.

The dynamic between Frank Churchill and Emma is utterly confusing.

This movie really must be your forte for it to be enjoyable.

I thought the 1996 version was a bit boring.

It was colorful and SLOW.

Very enjoyable - 9/10

but a bit stodgy.

If the brief, admittedly pointless, scene of nudity bothers you then you must have been born & raised always fully clothed.

For example, the segment until the arrival of Mia Goth is a little boring.

Nevertheless, no matter how many times you have seen this story on film or re-read the book, this stunning new addition has earned the right to be considered one of the best.

It's extremely over-acted which is very annoying, they've chosen an almost Versailles-like pastel palette, which doesn't match Jane Austen's 18th century gloomy, gothic England, also the movie drags and gets really boring after the second half, it could have been much shorter.

Don't waste money or time on this .

This version of "Emma", for all its stately beauty, is such an unnatural take on Jane Austen that it comes off as grotesque -- and certainly uninteresting to anyone accustomed to good period pieces.

Once again, the lack of comedic zip does mean that the film's themes on high society are less entertaining, but when it comes to romantic intrigue, Emma is a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

The acting and the scenery are ok but the pace is painfully slow.

Don't get me wrong, I personally love this genre of film, but I found it quite hard to follow on with.

Otherwise, still a magic and very entertaining movie, the director did a very impressive work of her first movie!!!

An entertaining two hours.

I enjoyed it .

Visual beauty but empty .

glacially slow...

Throughout the film I thought that this resembled nothing of the heart and true moral education at the forefront of Emma, and so must only be entertaining to those who do not know Austen well and approach this story for the first time.

All in all, I must recommend this as a visually pleasing but emotionally shallow and logically confusing adaptation of Austen's comedic masterpiece.

It was a beautiful fun movie but it was kinda boring in the beginning and then it gets better and better

Visually Stunning Not Enough .

the you-are-what-you-ride theme was enjoyable.

This new adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel seems to be getting mixed reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

More importantly, the mansion and its grounds are about as lush and painterly as ever has been shown on a period piece, and the costumes are beyond breathtaking.

While this is not the best adaption of the novel, it is probably the most enjoyable.

There are movies I love that aren't particularly thought provoking or dramatically original, but are enjoyable as basic entertainment for me personally.

Having seen the uninspiring Little Women (2019), I went into this with low expectations.

I highly recommend it.

Furthermore, the scenes with his wife are repetitive and the humor doesn't always land for that reason.

But, once the film gets into its stride, it really impresses with enjoyable and pleasant romantic intrigue, backed up by engaging characters, great performances and utterly gorgeous production and costume design.

The actors amd outfits were great, the whit throughout was very comical and enjoyable and mostly it stayed true to the novel.

Good Version of Emma, enjoyable and funny.

Excellent Production in a Somewhat Boring Story .

Slow burn about a rich woman in England meddling in the relationships of everyone around her.

Zzzzzzz .

It holds true to all the important and celibrated aspects of Jane Austen's novel, while injecting a fresh and very entertaining air into the classic story.

Don't waste your money.

Loved: Great, entertaining supporting characters.

stunning .

Quite enjoyable .

Also the pacing of the film, the film is 2 hours long but I swear feels like double that, I was so bored I cannot explain.

This really isn't my kind of thing, but I enjoyed it all the same.

was an enjoyable movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon.

This was one of the worst movies I have seen for a long long time.

Slow, ponderous, devoid of any humour.

First Hit: This version of the Jane Ashton tale, isn't very funny, somewhat long at over two hours, and, at times, oddly entertaining.

The scenery and costumes are pure eye candy, it's worth watching it just for those, and the acting is very good, exceptional mostly.

Visually and Entertaining Cinema.

Add to that the fact that the acting, direction and camerawork are wonderful throughout, the writing is razor-sharp and the whole thing is wonderfully tongue-in-cheek, and you have an extremely enjoyable up-to-date adaptation of a much-beloved novel.

all of it is all good and well but yawn!

The first act is a tad confusing, with too many characters getting introduced too fast.

Fluffy and empty.

As movie moved on, I kinda enjoyed it.

If you are a fan of this period of time, this movie is worth watching.

I really enjoyed it.

This is an unclassificable boring parody without any depth.

This was a pleasant and entertaining film which is well paced.

I expected boring local story about love.

I didn't finish it, couldn't stand what I read, and wrote a scathing critique on how dull and not really feminist by today's standards it was, and it ended up one of my best marked essays throughout all of high school.

It seemed to be veering towards almost a slapstick, with the running "joke" of Mr Woodhouse's "do you feel a breeze" boring and unfunny.

Fascinating .

4/10 - this one was overwhelmingly dull and jus wasn't my cup of tea

If you suffer from insomnia I recommend this film .

Billy Nighy has a role in the film and he is basically the comic relief in the film with very little character, still he was entertaining in his role and it is nice to see him in this role as I haven't seen Nighy in much recently.

This film will cure your insomnia and send you to sleep within 30 minutes, was very slow and acting felt like they were performing a pantomime

I found myself getting a little bored at points with it getting slower and not caring too much about some characters.

A very funny and enjoyable rendition of the book on the big screen!

Plus I know it is based on material but this film is really predictable, the film ended exactly as I expected and there was nothing to suprise or interest me here.

However, the script was too bland for it to be memorable.

Not funny at all, most characters are dull, unlikable, or boring.

Pointless scene followed pointless scene.

" It eventually got to the point that I was close to falling asleep due to being so exhausted, even though I was watching this during the day.

Perfectly Formulaic .

Most entertaining and amusing .

It's silly, too long and boring.

Don't waste your time.

I felt really bored.

We both feel indignant at Knightley for speaking to Emma in such a way, and yet know he was right to do so as the secondhand embarrassment for the viewers after seeing Emma's cruelty to Miss Bates is practically unbearable.

(I found myself bored at many many times in this film due to the lack of proper emotional tension.

For anyone else, I fear it will either mildly entertain you or leave you bored.

Even the witty banter is plain and dull.

The result is a confusion of ideas, weak characters and a less than riveting movie.

Other than that boring film

Apart from stunning visuals, this adaption lacked heart.

) and the thing that Billy Nighy always does is somehow bland.

Absolute bore, fell asleep twice and walked out.

Great cinematography (Christopher Blauvelt), and an enjoyable score (Isobel Waller-Bridge and David Schweitzer).

And when she inevitably shifts her feelings and outlook on life, it's both predictable and also somewhat out of left field.

I think this 2020 adaption will bore those not familiar with Jane Austen's works , and divide those that are familiar.

And the costumes are stunning.

I would rather watch paint dry and that's saying something.

It was a terrible mistake going to watch such a boring - nostory- nocomedy noaction nodrama movie.

The actors, the scenario, the houses, the furniture, nature, and the sceneries are breathtaking.

Was a waste of time.

The dialogue is, at times, a little pretentious and forced.

This is a slow movie as several scenes are long, drawn-out conversations.

Overall Overall, if you like period dramas you might like this film but to me it is just a boring film that is just not worth a watch.

utterly stunning.

Emma as meddler made more sense: she is painfully bored, has limited friends (most of whom are quite silly), and is incredibly vain.

The styling was stunning.

Nothing happened (except for the last few scenes) and the story seemed to be in a loop - disappointing.

It is a major snore.

such a dull, witless waste of time and talent.

Too long, slow, and not laughable!

Disjointed mostly charming mishmash .

"Emma" is slow...

Save your money!

Watching the servants mutely obliging their masters was entertaining on its own.

This is all very confusing as it happens on the way home from the ball - this is when Frank decides to return scissors to Miss Bates?

The costumes and scenery of this film are lush and rich, and the cinematography is fantastic, but there was something about this film that made its pacing plodding when compared to the Gwyneth Paltrow/Jeremy Northam version.

Well done to Autumn de Wilde for her first directing gig and a very entertaining cast and crew.

An average story played out badly at an interminably slow pace.

It was slow and nothing happened and the conversations in the movie was almost painfully boring.

Boring .

Overall it may have it's faults and it will probably be forgotten about by the end of the year, but it's definitely one worth watching

What an excellent surprise - it's snappy, it's bright and amusing with a perfect cast and Bill Nighy stole the show with about 6 lines in total.

There's very little, if anything wrong with this movie and I would highly recommend it.

The dreary lighting often associated with period pieces is non-existent, and the costumes and set design are extraordinary.

This was really boring.

How dull and terrible

Enjoyable .

Both stunning.

Predictable from the get-go, confusing first act, and very hard to feel invested before the one-hour mark.

Pretty yet boring .

Particularly in its second half, when we see the meddling Miss Emma Woodhouse meet her match, the film develops a number of pleasantly entertaining romantic storylines that all tie up wonderfully come the finish.

And I can't really judge if what I was watching would make sense to an Austen virgin, shall we say, so what seemed disjointed and rushed to me might work perfectly for others.

Good movie of a familiar story, I enjoyed it.

I disliked the knightly Emma scene when he comes clean and she has a nose bleed and i also felt the Jane and Mr Churchill story wasnt as clear and maybe confusing for someone without prior Emma knowledge.

This has so much potential and may visually stunning with some cool cinematography.


However, my only two negatives that bought this film down slightly for me was its occasional slow pacing and its choppy editing.

Another enjoyable moment was the introduction of Mrs Elton dressed as a wasp and (gasp) occupying the front pew.

It's enjoyable to watch adoption when you have no idea what will happen next.

Worst film ever, no story to it at all.

Compared to the other Emma films that have been made, this is a drag, fell asleep in the cinema.

Fans of stories from this time period that are prone to liking movies like this from time to time will probably love this film, because all the elements that these movies usually bore me with are extremely well done, admittedly.

This is far too long and On the whole the film struggles to find its footing.

It's well-shot and visually stunning.

Moderately succeeding as it tries to find a middleground between modern-day comedy and sumptuous costume drama, Emma is an enjoyable and undeniably pretty watch throughout.

Enjoy the slow!

All in all, an enjoyable romp.

The film is somewhat slow and dull till halfway, when it begins to get more interesting by the clumsy situations that Emma creates.

I enjoyed it, and I intend to see it again soon.

She has never loved, despite the persistent presence of 'family friend' George Knightley (Johnny Flynn), but finds it entertaining to engage in matchmaking, particularly in respect to her somewhat lower class friend Harriet Smith (Mia Goth).

It moves way too slow.

Admittedly if you don't know the story, it can move fast, but to be fair, the book is long and tedious, with a lot to fit in two hours, which is one of my problems with the 2008 movie.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning.

BORING,good sleeping pill.

I loved the actress who played Harriet she is stunning

is absolutely breathtaking.

The costumes were stunning, the settings sublime, the music interesting (old English folk tunes in the main) and the script crackled things along well.

Good actors are waste in a beautiful but totally meaningless movie.

There are no cardboard sets, sloppy table designs, or boring men.

Me, and my four friends were extremely bored, i went out one time and almost fell asleep.

In terms of conveying the overwhelming manipulation that Emma exerts with every visitor she comes across, some who know her well and others who are unsuccessful in trying to make a move on her, the film is effective at echoing the layers of confusion and zaniness that our titular heroine is responsible for initiating.

This film fails to entertain even the most avid romance fans such as my sister and girlfriend who both fell asleep during the viewing.

Boring boring.

And a few others still, specifically Miranda Hart as Ms. Bates, long wear out their welcome with their repetitive habits.

In addition to the script, the production values are stellar, while movie is visually stunning and impeccably researched - it really felt like an authentic window into the 1800s.

A Below Average Boring Period Drama .

A very clever treatment of the cliche of an Austen proposal scene - breaking it up with a bright red reality check.

Knightley lives in a vast empty estate by himself.

Boring boring boring.

Overall: Despite the brief moments of hilarity, it was painfully long and contrived.

It was too slow & failed to draw me in.

For the other 99.9% of viewers, it's as confusing as having walked into a room of people speaking a different language....

2 hours of boredom.

Based on a timeless novel Emma by Jane Austen, this latest movie adaptation of her book is a beautiful, gorgeous and entertaining re-make that should easily please Austen fans old and new as it looks phenomenal.

But it was totally unique and enjoyable.

I am not a massive fan of period dramas but I will give any film a try and write often like them, however I just found this film as dull as dishwater.

~The ending is predictable despite the chemistry between Emma and Mr. Kneightly (Johnny Flynn).