Employee of the Month (2006) - Comedy, Romance

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A slacker competes with a repeat winner for the "Employee of the Month" title at work, in order to gain the affections of a new female employee.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Greg Coolidge
Stars: Jessica Simpson, Dane Cook
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 50 out of 165 found boring (30.3%)

One-line Reviews (125)

in a way a waste of my life and i love Dane Cook and Dax but really wait till it comes out on video if you NEED to see it please help todays Hollywood and let them realize that this isn't what we want to see give Dane Cook more of his own character next time we all know that Dane Cook is a funny guy and knows his jokes hire a different writer next time cause this one wasn't cutting it...

Instead of mining, the film's writers have basically taken every cliché of every movie with a slacker pining for something more just because of the possible prize at the end, and mixed them into becoming something that is barely their own.

Really enjoyable comedy .

This movie is a complete waste of time.

I can't even hate him, he's just too bland.

There was a chuckle or two and Jessica Simpsons breasts gave a stunning cameo as themselves, otherwise this movie is just another poorly written, directed, and acted cliché fest with no heart, truth or humor.

It was ab enjoyable movie, all the actors seem to play off well.

Boring and a waist of time!.

A funny cast with a fun story, even if it is a little predictable and choppy at times.

Other than my complaints, I found the rest of it fun and entertaining.

The reason i give the film 8/10 is because i did enjoy the actors/actresses who stared in the film but they could of made the story lines a lot more entertaining.

If you want to see an unexpectedly funny movie, don't waste your time on this one, rent Grandma's Boy instead, it is a riot.

We all enjoyed it.

Employee of the Month had the potential to be a decent comedy, however the entire movie was just pointless and unfunny.

Acting was very weak, unrealistic & predictable.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It's the type of movie that's totally predictable from the opening scenes - the main character loser will end up getting the new girl.

I left after 20 minutes before the end of the movie as I did not care for how this pointless movie ended.

Everything about this movie is just way to formulaic and narrow, where almost everything about it is predictable and not funny.

Instead what was presented is a series of contrived plot points pulled from every teen movie and apparently written by a twelve year old imagining what it would be like to have a job.

Dax's sidekick was rather bland in comparison.

This film was a massive waste of time.

it was a bit predictable that he would win, even if in the end the ,,bad guy'' was actually the winner...

Thankfully, even at its worst times, the film's story is watchable and mildly enjoyable.

The movie was very cliché...

However, for some reason i enjoyed it, at least most of it.

In one scene, the most cliché thing happens.

Andy Dick, Brian George, and Harland Williams round out the supporting cast as Cook's predictable partners in crime and slacking complete with racial stereotyping and Andy Dick with coke bottle glasses which you can see the jokes coming from a mile away.

Very Enjoyable.

Also the soundtrack is pretty enjoyable.

Just entertaining and ridiculous .

Dane Cook does a somewhat mediocre job, and the rest of the cast, including Dax Shepard, act as if a high-school Physics teacher was attempting to teach them the momentum that life takes when filming the worst movie of all time.

Don't waste your money .

This is an American slow moving comedy.

funny very entertaining and enjoyable .

Surprisly I get hook from the start, the movie is light and entertaining, the story is good ,the acting is good, the humor is good.


Dane Cook plays Zack, a classic underachiever who just wants to hang onto his job and content to be a box boy -- the one who gets empty boxes and brings them to the check-out area.

But it's a trite message and rather than backing up the protagonist, Dane Cook's geek buddies in the film actually hold him back from achieving his potential.

Children should see this one, because they find it entertaining and they may think that's how people work at supermarket.

Its more the support cast that make this enjoyable, mostly Dax Shepard & Efren Ramirez seens together that put a real smile on my face

In my opinion, well worth the watch.

She has no chemistry with anyone (not that any of the other actors do, but she's definitely the worst), in the minimal lines that she has she still manages to come off as vapid and pointless.

As it turns out, though, the film is a surprisingly amusing – albeit formulaic – piece of fluff.

Its difficult to enjoy n movie that's so predictable that this movie.

Also Vince's awkward courtship of Amy, played by Jessica Simpson, really made his character enjoyable.

Oh and by the way **Spoiler** incredibly predictable fart/ sex jokes and horrible romantic scenes.

There isn't a whole lot new or fresh with Employee of the Month, but its enjoyable.

I must say, that this is by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The entire film felt contrived, including the romantic plot.

I did try to watch this thing with an open mind but this was so boring and long.

If you must see it wait for the DVD, don't waste your money on tickets.

First off, the acting was pretty bad (especially Jessica Simpson), the jokes and gags were not funny, the characters were boring and annoying and the plot was very simple and very predictable.

Andy Dick is pretty good in his small role but I still only cracked a couple smiles through the entire boring, pointless movie.

Dax Shepard's character was annoying as the villain while Jessica Simpson was terrible, her character was boring and just used for her looks.

this looks like it could be entertaining i mean look how serious and dramatic and well laid out the movies plot is laid out" then i am sorry you are just plain stupid.

Their are a few laughs and a good bit of interesting dialogue, but it is very predictable.

What a waste of time and money.

A pretty dull, boring and pointless movie .

The relationship between "Pedro" and Dax was just awful boring, unnecessary, no idea why it was not cut.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

I could have scored it better, but the tedious romantic thing didn't let me

I watched this movie with my sister-in-law and we both enjoyed it.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

Several times during the film I found myself drifting away because a joke had been dragged out for so long, I didn't even care to hear the punch line.

It it worth watching, as I said the rest of the cast is just about perfect and the acting is spot on and funny.

Obviously, nothing remarkable about it, but many movies in this genre are *much* worse -- they are just annoying and downright unwatchable, but this was actually mildly entertaining, which, like I said, was more than I expected, so I was pleasantly surprised -- hence the high rating.

Woolly and a tad-too-'heart-warming" final act by scribes Don Calame and Chris Conroy - who collaborated with novice director Greg Coolidge - keep things moving with fine sight gags and snappy one-liners.

Needless to say, it's stupid and pointless.

More we went further in the movie , I was realizing that the movie is pointless so I stopped watching it before it ends

This was an enjoyable comedy.

Very Funny, enjoyable .

I would definitely recommend this movie to any couples out there that are looking for a nice relaxing comedy that will have you laughing right before it starts to get boring.

boring film .

Fast paced scramble to become employee of the month at a typical "box" store .

pretty unwatchable.

Waste of time .

Cliché, stupidity, bad acting....

I can go to this movie any time and it won't let me down, very enjoyable.

He face is expressionless and boring, and she never seems comfortable in the role.

Very few comedies feel the need to step out of the predictable line, and just follow the steps to be a so-so, could've been better comedy.

Pointless and unfunny.

This type of comedy might not be for everyone as it is a bit on the raunchy side, but I found it enjoyable.

Her bland performance doesn't help her on screen chemistry opposite Cook.

The movie is clearly pitched at a certain section of the American demographic {you really don't need me to spell it out for you}, with its shallow worth and attempt to win favour with slapstick, it winds up instead as a collage of boring and witless.

Although it is not great, it is quite enjoyable and entertaining as a light hearted feel good comedy.

His boring, monotonous life is finally spiced up whenever Amy, played by the wonderful(yeah right)Jessica Simpson, comes to his work and he finds that she has a thing for the Employee of the Month.

There is more of a plot (as formulaic as it is) than one might expect from such a seemingly mindless comedy.

We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

hilarious, funny, stupid, enjoyable .

Definitely worth the watch if you like this kind of humor.

but the honor of the worst acting in this movie must go to Dax Shepard aka Vince Downey the best male cashier It amazing that some people enjoyed this movie,but if you like boring predictable movies,full of lame acting aka Jessica Simpson and dax Sheppard kind of bad acting you will enjoy this.

One of the worst movies that I have ever seen.

The film is amusing enough if rather predictable, you know that once Zack goes all out for the award his relationship with his boys will become strained.

I found the plot very confusing.

While I admit there were a few funny moments, it's the same pointless humor that you see in an average comedy.

Quite Enjoyable .

Boring, cliche, laugh-less, poorly scripted utter nonsense.

If you don't like Dane Cook, don't even bother watching this but i found it to be quite humorous/good at times, albeit boring and stupid at times too.

The story line was predictable, about 40 minutes into the movie I knew the ending.

This movie is pretty much a waste of time.

Purile rubbish, poor script, predictable storyline and mediocre acting, don't waste your time with this film, its 90 minutes you will never get back.

I am really struggling to give this review enough content, it is a waste of time, just as the film itself.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a rather bland comedy which was only enlivened by the presence of Jessica Simpson who looked quite sensational.

The mere word cliché does not even do this movie justice, as it seems to go above and beyond the obvious nature of films that resemble this scheme, and seems to just revel in being just like every other movie like it.

Overall, not the best comedy I've seen in years (the antagonist, a pretty blond check-out with a Hitleresque ego, is really annoying), but on its own terms, it's entertaining.

There was funny jokes and enjoyable slap-stick.

So basically, Employee of the Month is a really banal, useless comedy that looks to cash in on these times of bulk consumption and Texas Hold 'em.

This was funny back in 1992 when Mike Myeres did it and it was still funny when Adam Sandler did it in 1995 with Billy Madison, but now it is so bad that we have a third rate knock off like Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson doing it and it has just become to dull.

It was a very silly, simple, and (apparently) cheaply made comedy, but one that was enjoyable to watch, nonetheless.

The first half hour is boring.

Overall, Employee of the Month is a bland and harmless comedy that's only worth checking out if you're a huge fan of Dax Shepard or Dane Cook.

There are some sharp observations about such institutions, but does not waver into outright parody, some funny character interest,(but not all successful, especially the hero's slacker mates), some comic jokes at US corporate life and a romcom relationship that meanders to a successful end, despite Jessica Simpson only managing to match Jennifer Aniston's bland screen persona and performance standard.

Complete waste of time.

It just feels like it took few aspects of other comedic films and mashed them together a bit in the most formulaic and narrow way possible.

All movie was very predictable from the first scene.

I thought that it was a cute storyline, had some funny jokes and was an enjoyable experience.

Which were the worst movies i could come up with in five hours.

an entertaining comedy movie.

I would have like to have seen more offbeat characters, as the fillers in this were a bit dull.

Saying that this is a cliché is a understatement.

She was bland, boring, not funny and even unattractive in this movie.

I actually was watching the movie because I was bored on a Sunday and it came on Comedy Central.

The main person who made this movie enjoyable for me though was Dax Shepard as Vince the antagonist of the film.

Quite Confusing Storyline .