Event Horizon (1997) - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned...with someone or something new on-board.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Stars: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 149 out of 952 found boring (15.65%)

One-line Reviews (496)

Fairly interesting and intriguing plot.

If you like dark and scary sf-movies,then you've got to see this one,it's very fascinating and makes you feel uncomfortable.

"Event Horizon" is a total waste of time and talent.

What really made me like this movie was the always thrilling atmosphere which they have really succeeded with.

In fact, this entertaining adventure in space is his best film.

waste of time, no effort was put into this film, huge disappointment .

While the descent from science fiction into horror might be considered a twisted corruption of science fiction, it might also be a fascinating fusion of the two in terms of how the interaction between the alien unknown of science fiction is manifested in the human mind and perception and behavior.

So you can see how the power imbalances, the inconsistencies between referential frames, and an ending of minimal consequence add up to a deceptively contrived narrative.

As a Science fiction movie this isn't great, but it's at least enjoyable.

still this SciFi in the film is worth the watch.

Very entertaining.

Couple this with the excellent set design - the ship is modelled on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris - and the pulse-pounding moments in the latter half when the chaos sets in and you have one tremendously enjoyable horror film.

I was "glued" to the screen in order to see when this movie would "take off", but nothing happened.

-- It was worth watching.

Some said it was a truly brilliant scare-fest, others thought is was a zero-star waste of their precious time.

The result is a sporadically interesting and compelling feature with stretches of ten or so minutes at a time that are practically flawless—and yet the material that binds such moments together is weak and overly bland.

And, the ship is conveniently designed to explode in the middle, which would split the ship in two, in case the experimental space drive misbehaved, but would also doom the crew to a slow, suffocating death.

I think, that the only one film as thrilling as this is Kubrick's "Shining".

The movie's portrayal of "hell" was riveting.

huge disappointment and a complete waste of time.

I just didn't get Dr. Weir's motivations, he barely does anything or has any meaningful involvement apart from talking about technical mumbo-jumbo for most of the film & then just suddenly loses his marbles or becomes possessed & until this point we know very little about him so for him to suddenly turn into the bad guy felt empty almost.

Most of the big scares are false ones – hands on someone's shoulder etc – but it still had me on the edge of my seat, as the cliche has it.

Don't waste your time .

Turns out it has brought some bad vibes back in it's drive, and our friend Sam is affected and becomes uncharacteristically evil, etc. The resue crew get visions of where the ship has been, and it is pure horror, quite compelling.

And then when he begins to kill the crew because they want to leave, all of a sudden he has superhuman power and easily overtakes a man with a sharp knife in his hands, not to mention he has no eyes!

If you aren't watching this on a DVD or VCR with the ability to fast forward through many minutes of gratuitous and graphic violence and inane dialogue, a terrible waste of your time.

Just when I thought horror films were becoming boring and predictable ala Halloween and Elm Street Nightmares, my faith in the genre has been restored.

Bland mixture .

Add some really good special effects and a very dark atmosphere, and you will end up with an enjoyable and unpredictable movie.

Worth watching!

Worst movie I've ever seen .

It's an entertaining movie with few artistic pretenses.

This film is pretty much your standard "Damn I´m bored.

This movie in my opinion, is incredible, and is worth watching again and again!

) Having each character stalked by a darkness from their own minds made real, allowed a wider scope of unexpected jolts to be sprung on the audience than if there was just your run-of-the-mill toothy monster.

Event Horizon is exciting and crisp original.

Anyway, the developing of Sam Neill's character and it's relationship with the Event Horizon is thrilling, and extensively creepy by the end of the movie, in such a way you can't turn out the eyes.

I was very disappointed, having expected much more than what was delivered in the second half of the movie- so disappointed, that I was shocked to find that more than a handful of people enjoyed it.

It is incredibly entertaining, with fine performances, amazing special FX, one of the best and creepy music scores ever, the best space production design ever, the best subwoofer explosions, the best cinematography, energetic and brilliant direction...


Event Horizon is innovative and a great and fascinating movie.

I should have walked out.

Although flawed, "Event Horizon" is still entertaining with great production design.

Slow creepy feeling that makes you wish it was a little brighter around you.

I highly recommend it.

It made all the characters be generic talking heads that only ever say the most necessary, obvious things, in the most mundane way possible, in addition to them having no personality.

If you are pretentious about film in any way, and cannot go about it with an open mind, PLEASE don't bother.

A moderately suspenseful "Alien" knockoff, "Event Horizon" is done in by excessive ickiness and a real downer of an ending.

Great actors, great direction, horrible story, no message...

It's enjoyable if you can overlook some of the highly unrealistic and poorly written "drama".

They are predictable and act irrationally which is expected in most horror movies.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Masterfully balancing sci-fi, horror and action, "Event Horizon" is a superbly made film that feels just like a thrilling amusement park ride.

In an empty theater, no one can hear you scream...

While this one certainly doesn't surpass classics like Alien, it is a suspenseful, creepy film that continues the genre's tradition of asking big, frightening questions.

The *only* way that Event Horizon works on any level whatsoever is as a sleep-inducing miracle cure for those who suffer from insomnia.

This movie has some intense horror sequences as well.

I thought it was an intriguing and scary film.

Too many empty-headed discussions about what man was or wasn't meant to know.

An utter waste of time, money and effort...

The scientific premise is by now a cliche.

It's a film and I enjoyed it a lot!

but it all seems so pointless, and thoroughly unpleasant to watch as well.

If you're looking for a scary and suspenseful 90 minutes watch it.

Any one who says this is a waste of time is too caught on bad trashy bloody gore flicks.

This was probably one of the worst movies I've ever had the displeasure of watching.

With characters you don't care about, a confusing plot, and bombardment with nasty imagery, the film simply alienates the viewer.

'Hollow', 'boring', 'overly depending on special effects' and 'not scary' were some of the complaints heard on the initial release.

A rescue ship arrives near Jupiter to find a long-missing research vessel empty, the crew nowhere to be found.

It's a pity then that the slow burn approach never really builds into anything great - it essentially cobbles together elements from many other films such as Solaris, Black Hole and Alien to name but a few making the film both generic and predictable.

The captains story about the crew member he lost in a fire was a bit cheesy, and the doctors hallucination turned out to be quite dull really, she was really scary, I'd hoped she'd turn out to be something more disturbing than a wife who committed suicide.

Don't waste your money or your time.

I reckon the commentators who call this movie boring are just acting tough.

Intelligent references to classics such as Kubrick's "2001" and good storyline make it a worth watching effot, but the "standard" climax make the end quite predictable to the more experienced watchers.

That's an intriguing idea which unfortunately doesn't go to the peak it could've.

Style over Substance is the Word here as the Movie Looks Stunning, Sleek Chic, and the Gore is Gorgeously Grotesque.

) For me, the most intense scene is when Justin is in the airlock without a suit.

Forget "Scream", forget that snoozer "I Know What You Did Last Summer", forget all those stupid attempts at "horror"...

I've always liked the Alien/Outland-esque "we're working class dudes-and-gals in a tin bucket who could die no less in space than if we were in the middle of the *ocean*" trip, and Laurence Fishburne is one of the most quietly compelling actors of the nineties (let's not *just* count The Matrix, okay?

The storyline is the worst, but is still enjoyable as long as you don't take it too serious.

Anderson misses the mark for a dull 96 minutes that doesn't point to a longer, better cut lost to time and space.

However, Event Horizon is so confusing on so many different levels that it may leave you totally devoid of the ability to make a solid judgment on it (as it has left me).

A few gruesome, bloody scenes are thrown in for lets-shock-the-audience-before-they-fall-asleep measure and some pointless running around in dark corridors from a evil space ship mind.

But if y'all are looking forward to this movie then by all means go for it because I highly enjoyed it.

It was just stupid), no engrossing, engaging "OK, I'm into this story...

The first half of the movie is brilliant: we are enjoying very good effects (especially in space, and Neptune), nice acting (by Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne especially), an engaging setting, and an interesting plot.

Those bits aren't scary, and you soon get bored (and a little deaf).

But it is entertaining, to me.

There are some very suspenseful scenes that made me quiver.

Enjoyable plot with dated action .

This is, without a doubt, the worst movie I have ever seen.

The special effects haven't aged very well, but the premise is still intriguing and when you do get practical effects, they're pretty good.

What a waste of time .

Waste of Time?

Sometimes the film gets so thrilling that you even forget to breath.

You'll get more out of watching paint dry than watching this horrid waste of good film.

To me that is not horror, rather horror is something that makes me scared or makes me jump – this movie did neither, though I will say that it is quite suspenseful.

Despite all of the numerous problems that are present in Event Horizon, I still maintain that it is an entertaining science fiction movie and it provides several good thrills.

To me good science fiction must have enough reality in the story line to be enjoyable.

" The only things infinitely horrifying are this movie's stupidity and its incredible waste of money on special effects.

It's also very fascinating as well.

Although we are given some brief hints of the Event Horizon's journey into hell with the final, squirming log entry, it never develops into the true nightmare we so wish it to, instead opting for done to death 'eerie' corridor walks and some grisly but boring 'Hellraiser'-style make up effects.

There are scenes so slow and brutally honest where I had to cover my eyes still.

Things like that always spark my attention, and for the first half of this, as derivative as it is in some of its look and the fact that, in its way, this time the alien/aliens ARE the ship itself, it's different and compelling in how it traces the inner fears and phobias of the characters, reaql traumas (i.

*yawn* .

It is so formulaic as to be funny.

Here's the deal: *most* sci-fi/horror movies rely on a handful of tactics to build suspense, but the longer a particular series of sequels or franchise builds, the more contrived those techniques seem.

Fine visual effects, a good cast, and intense scare scenes make this film watchable.

The reasoning behind this is simple; to get the balance between such polarising genres fit enough to overcome the hard-sell nature of each, such a movie's script needs to be intricately developed and picked apart in order to nail that fine line between crass genre movie and entertaining crossover romp.

It's scary, fast paced, futuristic and horrific.

And after an interesting build-up, the story seemed to crumble; the frantic sequence of events at the end felt like a poorly contrived attempt to wrap the whole thing up.

The few violent images that remain (in twitchy, disjointed visuals culled from the 'Event Horizon's' log), while intense and violent, are also a fascinating tease of what could have been.

Not a must-see, but reasonably entertaining.

It's short, interesting for sci-fi fans and totally mind blowing.

Now the vessel has been relocated out amongst the gas giants planets on the edge of the solar system.

Admittedly, quite a bit of the dialogue here is hammy, the theme music is simply a mistake, the plot realisation is at times predictable, and quite often members of the "Lewis & Clark" crew seem to act in slightly unlikely ways (the traditional sin of withholding information from Captain and crew being quite well at work here at regular intervals, for example).

Because the director and his creative staff are Unimaginably Uninteresting Drones Without A Drop Of Creativity In Their Tiny Little Uninteresting Brains.

The plot seems simple enough but becomes very twisted, straying from the 'alien' cliche and striding into a more 'biblical' revelation (not giving away anything).

Worth watching for the scare.

But they just made the worst movie ever in the history of Hollywood or whatever that has nothing to do with the event horizon or anything that makes sense whatsoever.

Still, Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill are no strangers to film work held together by more money than brains, the Matrix sequels and pointless 'Under The Mountain' remake being more recent examples.

There might just be an exciting directors cut on the way, or hopefully over the horizon.

But is Event Horizon really empty?

The actors do a passable job for a horror film but any intense or "scary" scenes are undermined by laughable CGI and the sheer ridiculousness of the concept.

Uneven but entertaining enough .

This is an entertaining film with awesome special effects, however it's a bit confusing with a muddled story.

Predictable storytelling that executes morons in gory techniques.

I for one cherish the unpredictable and this film delivers with a great atmosphere.

To summarise: It's confusing pseudo scientific nonsense trying vaguely to justify a formulaic slasher horror film.

Well, this is a very good work, and this movie leaves you with a very bated feeling of disillusionment and slight boredom - what, is that all that this is?

One for Boring and one for stupid.

Interestingly, this creates a tonal clash between the first half and the second half whereby the first half is slow and pretentious (which are things I hate) and the second half is whacked out, ridiculous and quite fun to watch (which are things I love).

The movie is suspenseful, with some gruesome deaths, and solid performances by the cast.

When the lights have gone down a bit, when a character is alone and anxious, the interior feels oppressive and sinister and there is more than a passing resemblance to a torture chamber; this becomes bluntly obvious later on as it literally becomes one, but for now, it is an impressive world of functional and intriguing design.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen, well that's of course second to only Godzilla.

The psychological aspect is much too intense for words.

I'm sorry, but up to that point, the movie was somewhat enjoyable.

Violence with very little plot attached can basically summarize the last 45 minutes of an otherwise perfect film.

It might not seem like a very important movie based on ratings or it's own trailer but I felt there was a great mix of atmosphere ,survival, horror, suspense with Sci/Fi bridging a gap to a touch of super natural(depends on how you view the outcome as it could just be Sci/Fi only) I felt the movie didn't go crazy with jump scares , it creeped me out but provided an entertaining premise as well.

The atmosphere is cold and uniquely horrifying, and the story is surprisingly engaging.

Good, suspenseful music, visions of dead people, all the usual stuff in an immersive sci-fi setting and the film does it all well.

I liked the early sense of mystery and atmospheric feeling of confusion almost like some of the characters were private eyes, trying to discover what happened and untangling a mystery that has been made up.

Event Horizon is a entertaining, suspenseful and very intelligent and imaginative film that is guaranteed not to disappoint.

In fact, up until Alien which came out in the late 1970's, the horror sci-fi flick was one plagued with dead-pan or over the top acting, formulaic plots and dialogue fit to be spoken only by pieces of furniture.

" In the end, this movie seems to rely more on shock and terror than suspenseful horror, which is disappointing - it had the potential to be an intelligent thriller.

The original techno-medieval style, molded after Notre Dame Catherdral, is both fascinating, beuatiful, and horrific at the same time.

The premise of having the ship traveling to a strange, chaos dimension and bringing something 'evil' back with it, is intriguing.

And even after it flies off the rails and starts to resolve its situation in typical fashion, it's entertaining.

I recommend this movie to any horror movie fan where the movie takes it time building suspense and horror that leads to a pretty gruesome pay off at the end honestly this movie is worth watching even if just to see Sam Neil play a skinless monster with no eyes.

" The creators have managed to make it as unbelievable and confusing as possible.

There are predictable horror elements and a few surprises and lots of blood and gore.

From there, the film goes slowly downhill.

well, there was no plot, except to waste 96 minutes of my life.

A lot of older films are worth watching again in Blu-ray on these new TVs.

We're introduced to the generally bland crew of the rescue ship Lewis and Clarke, some of whom have the nerve to rhyme when working at their stations ("Everything's green on my screen, skipper"?

Creepy and Entertaining .

Like everyone else says: it started with some promise, but shot after shot after shot of nothing but torture, dismemberment, maggots, and sharp spikey things made this movie unwatchable.

And yet, director Paul Anderson manages to give us the requisite chills and leave us on the edge of our seats.

I just saw Event Horizon on DVD, long after it was finished bombing in theaters, so if I were jumping on a bandwagon by calling it a banal sci-fi/horror misfire, that bandwagon has already left without me.

Many film viewers see the future as being more akin to a Star Trek-like existence, with humanity achieving an almost Utopian society and venturing to the stars unified and harmoniously, and quite boringly.

Director Paul Anderson has created a gripping, superbly photographed science fiction horror film that will linger long in the memory after viewing.

This movie is unlike any other scifi horror film I have ever seen, it mixes the thrilling parts of "alien" with the same lonely feeling of infinitive space you have in "2001 a space odyssey".

The film just feels cheesier and dumber as it goes but still entertaining throughout nonetheless.

is still a fascinating thriller that will keep your heart beating in anticipation.

The movie has a slow build up with a lot of dialogue and hallucinations that set up the movies climax which takes the movie from a quiet and intense space thriller to a full on horror movie with characters being cut open disembowelled and hung from the ceiling eyes being torn out and skinless people with cut up muscle tissue the movie changes a lot in it's third act going from 1 to 100 in a short space of time.

Intriguing premise, poor execution .

I disagree - the violence is all central to the plot, which is enjoyable (in a "give you nightmares" kind of way) and engulfing.

There was some tension at the beginning but once things get going it just gets boring.


Like the bad boy that I was, me and two friends decided to tackle this piece of pulsating adrenaline inducing project at the latest hour.

As I noted the story is really good, it offers a lot of bone chilling scares and understandable, yet unpredictable plot twists.

The psychological horror was intense, depending on how and where you watch it.

The story isn't as strong, for one thing; at times it seems a little (okay, I digress, a lot) contrived.

There's a reason "Event Horizon" eventually found its audience and is still a relatively popular and entertaining bit of sci-fi horror...

6/10 - The unconvincing science fiction build up lets down what is actually quite an exciting little horror movie.

Bad points are too much gore, too much blood and it's a little confusing.

one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The beginning WAS promising but that first impression quickly dissipated once the characters started dying, characters we hardly knew or cared about (again, they're just "types"), all of them butchered in some typically spectacular way, in order to hide the fact that the writing was shallow and the film needed something to prompt the audience from falling asleep or walking away in disappointment.

I think that this story could have gone in so many different directions but in the end the writer basically got bored and used a better films plot.

Aside from the--yawn--okay special effects, this movie has nothing going for it.

You can always try to make it more enjoyable by spotting which chunks of other films they've ripped off (especially notable is the scene almost identical to Sigourney Weaver poking her head through a hatch in Alien).

Enjoyable movie .

I have walked out of less than 5 movies in my life and this was one of them.

This is an intriguing and interesting sci-fi/horror movie that initially feels like an ALIEN clone before becoming something else quite different.

A supporting character dies in a relatively pointless and stupid manner, eliminating any chance of knowing more about the character's personal dark background.

Indeed, the film's early scenes give it a gritty realism, as the characters genuinely act like members of the military on an unexpected mission.

Nearly everything in this movie is a cliché that you've probably seen elsewhere, and if you're not able to fully predict how the second half is going to play out, then you've never watched a horror movie before.

Before cuts, which were extremely rushed, the film was far more violent and contained all of the scenes that, in their absence, left me feeling empty and disappointed by this film.

It both frustrating and yes becomes boring.

Infinite Boredom .

I just didn't give a … Practically all of them died and they died horribly but as they practically prevented the audience to get an emotional connection to the characters, it just made the movie pretty boring.

What truly makes this film is the fact that the ship, after engaging this black hole, or Gateway as it's called in the film, it disappears, and 7 years later appears mysteriously.

The entire crew experiences intense hallucinations that seem to be catered to their own fears and emotions.

While visually stunning at times, you keep asking yourself a) what the hell is going on, b) why the hell you rented it and c) why your girlfriend is about to rip your arm off out of fright.

This exciting picture contains thrills , chills , plot twists, action-filled and lots of gore and guts .

It's a fairly predictable slaughter-by-turn with nasty fates for those earmarked.

Sphere (1998) even with its much more tame and for some "boring" scenario seems to able to more effectively capture the alien-horror-sci-fi fusion or Sam Neill's struggles that were more sedately and cerebrally captured in the remake of Solaris (1972) by George Clooney.

Laurence Fishburne's acting was slightly over the top and Sam Neill did not suit the part as the psychotic, obsessive whatever-he-was, but apart from that, I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the whole film although certain things were cliched, and had certain references to films like 'Alien'.

I suffered from insomnia after that.

Terribly done and about as visually stunning as an Ed Wood film.

And just when you think you've pegged it as Alien meets The Shining meets The Black Hole, suddenly a character turns up in make-up inspired by Pinhead in the Hellraiser series, spouting the same sadomasochistic bull about how, when you're separated from matter and energy, pain and terror become the most intense sensations, creepy sentiments also expressed in director Stuart Gordon's From Beyond.

) tale with an engaging plot where, refreshingly, most of the true horror occurs in the minds of the characters, rather than in the blood-soaked machete' of some mute killing machine or some wise-cracking psychopath.

I can't believe that people say that they don't like this movie,because I facking enjoyed it.

A waste of time, especially since one practically has to force onself to finish watching it.

End of SpoilersThe deleted scenes (some of which exist in low quality video) would have helped the film providing us with more background info but, as is, it's still entertaining with a brisk pace.

oh, don't stop reading now, that was pretty boring.

Literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

This is one of the best horror movies i've seen in a while, it's genuinely suspenseful and creepy, and isn't afraid of being gory when it needs to be.

The premise is also intriguing.

And with that, the intense buildup of fear that is at it's peak at the climax of the film, never really leaves us!

Personally I think the movie deserves credits for being creative in producing horror in a different and unexpected way.

It's got an intriguing enough plot, wonderful direction and freakish visuals that will stick with your mind, and a really great cast that give it their all.

The story-line is leaden, the characters are uninteresting, I really hope they all died and the alien was worth waiting for.

That said, Event Horizon is worth watching late at night if you don't want to be able to sleep for the rest of the night.

Enjoyable, sit down and just watch type of film .

With great anticipation we watched it and his reaction was that it was nothing more than a sound and light show, with a non-existent plot, and minimal character development.

I really had to laugh at how hard this film tried & tried & tried (ho-hum) to shock the socks right off of me.

I describe it as one of the most boring.

I sat through an hour of it and got bored with same old same old.

Decent enough Sci-Fi Chiller that's a fairly entertaining watch.

Potentially interesting premise deteriorates into a rather tedious blood and guts fest.

The final act, which should have been shocking and macabre, is daft and way over the top, and although it's action packed, it's pretty boring in the end.

I enjoyed it for the most part and would say it has a decent "rewatchablity".

Event Horizon has an intriguing storyline (if a little simplistic), the action is relentless from start to finish and you are left feeling that you have just had a rollercoaster ride to hell.

After all of its faults I must say that I found it to be very entertaining.

The film is very scary and its very unpredictable.


The special effects are good, the story line could be better, but overall an enjoyable movie.

Just an enjoyable genre movie that has some forgivable flaws.

Then again there seems to be plenty of people who though that this too long and boring so perhaps they made the right call.

The movie was hard to follow at times.

Its actually the most disturbing and gory film i've ever saw; bloody, scary, thrilling and really horrible.

Unwatchable .

Striking set-designs, impressive visuals, and an intriguing premise do nothing to alleviate the sheer boredom, and laugh-ability, that quickly sets in with this decidedly weak, Sci-Fi entry from 1997.

Did it just get bored after seven years and wanted to ruin more lives?

It is a well-cast, solid, and intriguing haunted-house (or should that be spacecraft?

There great performances all around in particular Sam Neill and Kathleen Quinlan, it's not overly reliant on special effects, although the effects that are used are timeless, excellent makeup and pyrotechnics (apart from the dodgy early CGI engine coolant), it's excellently held together with timing and pacing which always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It is based on Lovecraft, possibly the most psychological of horror writers, and, like "In the Mouth of Madness," another underrated Lovecraft ripoff (sorry, homage) stars Sam Neil, perhaps best in the world at conveying slow-burning insanity.

Top-drawer actors and well-crafted flashy effects are used to gloss over a meaningless plot and a wasted opportunity, for 'Event Horizon' explores some intriguing concepts and has several elements of a decent film.

The horror pieces are effective and entertaining, complimented by a cool story and great visual effects/set pieces.

It left nothing open, it was extremely predictable, and there was no suspense.

I still enjoyed that part, however I preferred the slow-moving atmospheric sections as that's the kind of horror that resonates more with me.

Another thing that made me dislike the movie was the fact that there was a lot of comedic relief, especially in really intense scenes and that just didn't work well with this movie at all.

So my brother-in-law and I are bored: 'Hey, why not go check out that movie Event Horizon?

I highly recommend it for a good scare.

The film had some stunning visuals, and while effects don't make a film they certainly help.

This movie combines Horror and Sci-fi great and gives you an entertaining story.

enjoyable experience for the most part.

Some of these scenes are so long & drawn out it could almost be a snoozefest!

But yeah, definitely worth the watch.

about as suspenseful as watching the grass grow .

Laurence Fishburne is SO cool as Miller and Sam Neill dellivers a stunning performance as the man who is about to me consumed by the evil of the ship.

Not that it's terribly original in that (or anything else for that matter), but its gothic sense is pushed into overdrive later in the film, expresses some simple, not too challenging but interesting ideas, gives you an action climax which is loathable for it being an action climax, but entertaining in its setup and execution, interesting designs (I like how the ship is shaped like a cross) and some extreme imagery and style.

Frankly, it was pretty annoying to have his humorous character popping up with dumb lines during extremely intense situations (especially one in particular at the end).

The unoriginality wouldn't matter were this an effective or entertaining film, but the script is banal and muddled and the direction is uninspired; Anderson draws on horror clichés like constant lightning flashes...

It is also quite genuinely disturbing at times, through the contrast of suspense techniques such as empty corridors and clattering noises, with outright gore (the guy suspended above the operating table actually made me go "eeeurrrgh" which no film has in quite a while).

That said, however, Anderson does manage to conjure up some truly intense moments, and there are some inventive special effects that help make the whole thing (just about) worth sitting through.

Top notch cast and stunning special effects couldn't save this movie.

At some stage one really gets bored as it seems that there is no real goal or solution of the plot.

A waste of time.

-Superb actors and actresses;-A sturdy, engrossing, and powerful plotline that is BELIEVABLE;-Special effects that are NOT in search of a plot;-A fascinating twist on the idea of hell as an actuality;-Action interspersed strategically with plot, giving the viewer one heck of a MEANINGFUL ride.

Even the end is confusing where it can't quite decide wether it's trying to be a twist, a pray for a sequel or just a dumb ending.

Waste of time .

You get to see that there is artificial gravity (something that isn't always on), sleep chambers to hibernate travelers on long journeys, a brilliantly scripted lay man's explanation of FTL travel (bending space), and even one I've never seen before: the sleep chambers are water tanks, to cushion the frail humans during the intense G forces of acceleration and deceleration.

I found it intriguing, scary (at times) and genuinely creepy.

But I would have enjoyed it even more (even though it might have revealed too much to early in the movie) if the black hole generator would have been one of those boxes from Hellraiser.

At only 91 minutes & the fast paced feeling I did quite enjoy how fast it moved, though for the sake of seeing prolonged gore & bloody extreme violence I would've wanted it to be longer & wouldn't have minded despite it being Sci-Fi & slightly confusing.

The point is not to suggest that anyone should have lapsed into a Carl Sagan lecture on the nature of the universe - those who have sat through the works of Dan Brown will, if still awake, be all too familiar with storytellers more interested in being didactic than genuinely entertaining.

She manages, where the others fail, to almost make her character three-dimensional and believable, despite (or perhaps because of) the lack of a trite back story that the other main characters have.

It's enough to make a man want to leave the nation...

), mundane acting by the cast, and the most awful cliches e.

Overall, a film worth watching.

Nevertheless, it is worth watching as one of the better science fiction/horror hybrids out there.

The explosion airlock scene is a particularly crucial scene where the screenplay and director is able to retain a believable, comprehensible consistency, a scene is actually seems to barely steer away from stereotypical overly dramatic standard of sensational horrific gore like like that observed in Outland (1981), though the final climatic scenes do have a compelling sense of suspense and drama.

Not surprisingly, the mission doesn't exactly go according to plan, and the crew is thrust into the unexpected and unknown.

Unfortunately the ending is also quite predictable and gives you no satisfaction of discovering something interesting or an unexpected solution.

This is a soulless, inept, disjointed, senseless piece of derivative trash.

Sure, it builds up, but then it shows pointless images of messy, mucky people, which really ruin the feeling of aprehention the movie tries to build.

The more gore, the more bore.

' But I found it very creative and very entertaining.

Only when a movie is so boring that I have nothing else to focus on do I worry about what's next.

) is just silly and repetitive which is a shame as the first film is a pretty descent thriller, which seems to be another problem for horror films is that there are too many sequels with each film becoming further and further detached from the original making the whole premise and idea of the film pointless and boring.

It's all very unpleasant and uninteresting.

That was honestly most unexpected since I sat back waiting for each person to be knocked off in turn and really just expected the whole new crew to die screaming.

-- Everything scary happens in extremely predictable ways.

"Really, the only thing the film suffers for are a few contrived sequences that feel artificial and over-written and for some admittedly dated sequences that just don't hold up quite well.

Nothing happens.

The plot was straightforward and at times, predictable.

We don't dwell too much on the science, it's just made as evocative as possible for the story to work.

This movie used every horror-film cliche known to human-kind!

I enjoyed it as that.

Fishburne plays a really good authoritative figure in Miller, though he plays it smart and gives small hints of pathos and self- doubt that become apparent more and more as the film moves along, and it gives what could otherwise have been a boring Mary-Sue character a great deal more depth as a result.

It definitely works best and is most enjoyable as a horror film.

Many critics were especially concerned with this ambivalent second half of Event Horizon; personally, I found it hard to dislike it, because it was entertaining, given that the movie didn't itself too serious.

"The Event Horizon" is a stunning ship and the Gravity Drive is a stunning looking device to go in its heart - it's no wonder that Dr. Weir became obsessed with it.

Very quiet scenes, with the "Something is going to happen" atmosphere, and then, either nothing happens or only for a second.

The music is poor, the "special" effects are laugh-out-loud hilarious, and the editing made a fast paced story seem slow and bogged down in irrelevant detours.

Certainly not the film-makers, who seem interested only in milking the concept for the maximum amount of gore and pointless shocks -- you know, the sort that make you jump in your seat for a second, and then you realize that's all it was: no concept, just another "Gotcha!

I love the parts of this movie that are horror heavy and am bored by the parts that are action heavy.

This was really mind blowing when i first watched the movie.

No matter this opinion, very much worth watching EH just the way it is.

Decades later, returning, empty, and with no crew members.

The acting was atrocious, and the dialogue was simply cliche and boring.

An eerie feeling was cast by the space ship, which as mentioned before, looked like a torture chamber.

The mix of hellish imagery and futuristic sci fi is a fascinating clash for me personally which is why I found myself loving this film.

It was lonely at home & late in the night, I decided to watch some TV & doze off.

By taking unanswerable questions of physics and applying theoretical possibilities, one may craft a compelling story.

Definitely worth watching.

The idea of the film is unoriginal but entertaining.

Relies more on shock and terror than suspenseful horror .

Event Horizon is a thrilling movie that scares you out of your mind!

Sam Neill is exceptionally boring in everything he's ever been in, including this - please, film producers, stop casting this man!

This intense and psychological driven sci-fi thriller has kind of languished obscurity, which is kind of unfair.

This combined with some Hellraiser style splatter and gore - a truly enjoyable experience!

The thrilling nearly got me out of my seat.

Infinite Boredom...

Don't waste your money; do what I did and get it for free at the local library.

What started out as a typical Black Hole, Alien, etc (as noted by my fellow reviewer) to me took a completely unexpected turn when we find out where the ship has been.

This shouldn't be construed to mean that the first hour of the film is boring.

The characters are intense.

I liked Event Horizon- at least visually but it suffers from the same problems that plague many average films of this sort- a bland screenplay.

The design and visual effects are stunning (although the techno-gothic look of the Event Horizon's interiors gets to be a bit too much - exterior-wise, though, it's one my favourite SF ships ever).

Anderson (formerly just Paul Anderson, but he changed due to confusion with P.

Enjoyable Rental .

This movie is incredibly atmospheric with stunning physical sets (including the mind blowing engine of the ship).

Truly terrifying, but still entertaining...

This one moved along briskly, and lulled at suitable moments to allow viewers to catch their breath.

The cast is good and the direction is fast paced, it needs just a few more original ideas to set it apart from the rest as it is certainly a rip off/rehash of Alien, The Shining with a bit of Flatliners thrown in for good measure.

Definately worth watching if you like semi-horror / sci-fi and with surround sound the sound effects make the movie.

"Event Horizon" came into theatres in 1997 without much fanfare and disappeared in about a week, but when I rented it on video (back in the VHS days) I found it to be a very enjoyable blend of science fiction and horror with great special effects and set design, creepy atmosphere to spare, and decent performances from veteran character actors like Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne.

This is the only movie I have ever walked out on in my life.

Such a promising and intriguing premise is brutally ruined with over the top gore and violence.

It is mostly a film to be celebrated for its intense terror, powerful direction and high production values.

maybe Paul got bored half-way through, and subsequently made whatever was left of the flick the way those of us who've seen at least two are used to him doing this.

In a running time of over 95-minutes, 'Event Horizon' turns out to be a eerie and fascinating journey!

The notion that ship actually travelled to some other hellish dimension, or perhaps Hell itself becomes more compelling with each subsequent gory set piece.

Boring and predictable, was my first thought.

Don't waste your time on it.

Scream, it was okay, but IKWYDLS was just totally and utterly boring to me.

In short the film is a dull, borderline incomprehensible mess.

Miramax/ Palace put out a similar schlocky but cheaper turkey 7 years before, called Hardware (1990), which is the only movie I actually walked out on in my whole life.

It's just a mind-numbing video sans story-line, sans character development, sans emotional connect, sans thrill but with predictable and stereotypical characters who manage to irritate the hell out of you.

The CGI effects are some of the best I've ever seen and the sequences where the crew first enter Event Horizon are exciting.

The camera angles used add to the intensity; the dark, empty hallways and rooms create a menacing feel, and you definitely feel that there is something lurking beyond, which leaves you in a state of unease.

It was also entertaining for me, a huge Harry Potter fan, to see Jason Isaacs (aka Lucius Malfoy) in a completely different role.

I assure you that if you slow it down, you will see things that you did NOT see when the scene flashed by.

There is a large amount of slow burning tension, and the looming threat of the unknown is strongly present.

By the end it seemed that their horrible ideas finally ran out and decided to fill the last 20 minutes with gratuitous, utterly pointless blood.

Paul Anderson's best here, Very Entertaining .

The result is scrappy, incoherent, immature, ridiculous, boring and not even frightening piece of crap.

The movie was entertaining and gripping at all times.


First off, the character development here is so dull and sometimes dumb with a script that doesn't seem to reach to its full potential and just falls short.

There were illogical action elements that seemed to be thrown in to keep the audience from falling asleep, such as the entry into Neptune's atmosphere, that just seemed to become a non-factor when the director got tired of worrying about them.

An engrossing horror and science-fiction amalgram with plenty of scares.

"Event Horizon" is a surprisingly intriguing and scary picture.

It's a shame this so called 'psycological horror' turned out to be a plain, boring gore fest.

As it is, it does tend to head off at a rapid rate of knots towards its rather inevitable and slightly predictable conclusion far too early.

It's action packed and not for the faint of heart.

While the plot is fascinating and forces me to think deeper than just the bloody murders, the dated cheesy action that was the norm of the time, makes me chuckle and become emotionally detached.

uh, want to waste a perfectly good hour and a half of your life?

Don't hesitate and watch "Event Horizon", a breathtaking, deep film with awesome atmosphere, one of the best I've ever seen in the genre.

Lots of gore, and intense horror.

Yes, it takes inspiration from greats of sci-fi and horror, and quite unashably in many ways, and the science and ship design are a bit flawed if you're interested in spacecraft construction, however look past that and it's a really entertaining film.

Cheesy and uninteresting.

This film has a decent blend of intriguing back-story combined with gore effects that continue to look impressive more than ten years later.

Laurence Fishburne is better, but the characters are mainly 1-dimensional and uninteresting.

One of the most entertaining movies ever made.

It becomes predictable.

I saw this on a bright sunny afternoon and left the theater jumping at my own shadow.

A rescue crew is dispatched headed by Laurence Fishburne (whose Shakespearean voice can make even the most empty headed science-fiction techno-jargon dialogue sound deep and meaningful) and Sam Neill, the scientist who designed and built the Event Horizon.

It is still beyond me why it was necessary to turn a first-class sci-fi shocker into a rather bland and second-hand horror, a sort of (very inferior) Hellraiser In Space.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen in the theater, and I say that having seen it the week after I saw Batman Forever after losing a bet.

An action packed, sci-fi horror thriller .

Instead we are forced to watch flat characters stroll around an empty ship where the actual "horror" aspect of the film takes nearly an hour of the movie's 96 minute run to take into effect.

As with most space related films Event Horizon has an intriguing premise and is also a film that opens up promisingly; albeit it is a tad slow and does set itself up as being more worthy than it thinks that it is.

What I personally found quite compelling was the design of the Event Horizon - the gravity core and all the other obscure dwellings that score with their enigmatic nature.

Directing by Paul Anderson is uninspiring.

It is just barely entertaining.

It follows the by then familiar formula: in the not so distant future, a bunch of astronauts (as expected, they're all "types") on a rescue mission in deep space to find a derelict empty spaceship with something terrifying on board.

The only one that fails is Laurence Fishburne, who looks "bored" where a normal person would be screaming histerically in horror.

But those are really just minor issues in an otherwise fun, engaging and often freakish and frightening tale of terror.

And tough you might find it hard to follow or even believe the story, it's quite enjoyable.

Event Horizon was extremely boring and barely scary at all.

The film has some flaws.. but an overall really enjoyable and scary experience.. 8/10

)and I got the impression the cast were uninterested and bored with their roles.

The spacecraft designs are truly stunning, and the acting was GREAT!

This movie is a total waste of money invested and time spent watching this crap.

Starting esthetically coherent and becoming more and more redundant up to the predictable Closing Surprise.

In saying that, the beginning is relatively enjoyable although I found the rip-offs of Alien much too obvious to the point of actual plagiarism.

Is the film gripping, believable and frightening?

Waste of time .

Cliché, trite and a waste of good special effects/acting potential.

what a waste of time.

The special effects are very good, and this film has a surreal, imaginative atmospehere that gives a breathtaking albeit claustrophobic fear.

For me the movie was gripping the whole way through!

In a nutshell, Event Horizon is an enjoyable rental in the suspense/horror genre.

It has some fascinating and thought-provoking lines that just transfixed me.

This is an intense movie.

An intriguing amalgam of ALIEN, SOLARIS, and HELLRAISER, EVENT HORIZON is less of a science fiction yarn, and more of a haunted house in space epic.

So Event Horizon may not have the most complicated plot or work on character development but what it does achieve, is creating an intense atmosphere in a confined space.

Entertaining With Awesome Special Effects, However A Bit Confusing With A Muddled Story .

The plot is predictable, like most horror movies.

Waste of time .

The plot revolving around Sam Neill was contrived and had no direction, what did his dead wife have to do the ship?

I can see this as a kind of slower psychological horror about space isolation with a tint of supernatural.

Lawrence Fishburne is wonderfully intense, and the photography is excellent.

This movie can be vaguely interesting, but it completely throws you off with its, let's be blunt here, boring plot and grotesque violence.

This, in tow with an ending as anti-climactic, predictable and utterly un-engaging as you could possibly imagine, ends up turning an otherwise decent and claustrophobic Alien wannabe into something akin to a 1950's exploitation genre movie with superb visual effects.

You would think that this would make for a gripping, terrifying, unique film.

A creepy and enjoyable storyline...

Check out Levithan instead if you want an enjoyable B-movie variation on the Alien theme.

Most of the events are predictable and instead of holding us in suspense, there is an attempt to sicken us with gore and a poor portrayal of blood rushing over everything in sight.

It's very eerie, intense and leaves you very freaked out by the new dimension of hell this movie creates.

Started a bit lame, but proved worth watching & buying .

This movie is a horror movie, but it is boring as hell, and not scary in the slightest.

By the end of the movie, even the bio-detector devices used earlier in the movie seem to have been forgotten as the descent into an exclusively horror movie genre takes over unlike their use in the more intense sci fi emotive scenes from both Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986).

"Event Horizon" is a truly fascinating film, and an incredibly frightening one at that.

Nice and intense.

The turning-evil of the scientist is very predictable.

Perhaps I'm being too critical of Paul Anderson but all his films have left me feeling empty and cheated e.

These are a few gory scenes and if you want to see the true gore in this movie watch the scene of the final log in slow monition, not only is it gory violence its sexual gory violence.

The performances are brilliant with an awesome storyline and a thrilling ride from start to finish.

A Lovecraftian blend of the spiritual and hard science would have made this movie more thought provoking and encourage intense conversations among the viewers.

I'm not a fan of horror movies not because they scare me but because of reused clichés and cliché characters.

I actually forgot to be scared, it was replaced with disbelief, and finally total boredom.

The thought of a ship built with an artificial black hole as an engine to bend time and space in half, thus reducing the distance between two points is very intriguing.

The design is good, REALLY good, unique and compelling.

The story is good enough to keep the viewers attention and adrenaline pumping and the special effects have held up surprisingly well for a film that was filmed back in 1997.

Sam Neil is EXCELLENT here, he is extremely creepy, unpredictable,and is a wonderful actor, he excels at roles like this!.

Formulaic But Enjoyable .

However, I reckon they could've gone deeper into the whole hell-dimension issue, since I found that idea quite engaging.

Usually, horror works best off-screen, but some of the shock effects, ranging from empty eye sockets to a horribly twisted sado-masochistic home video, are the stuff nightmares are made of, and deserve to be shown in full g(l)ory.

The plot was predictable and very dumb.

And rarely have I seen something such as this.. Event Horizon is addictive, intense, creepy and gloomy.

The film also contains some of the most unpleasantly realistic scenes around (slow decompression anyone?

Anderson also does a good job of crafting suspenseful scenes involving the character's visions.

The cast are actually good here and work well to make the second half of the film fairly intense and enjoyable; this is hampered slightly by a rather lame and predictable twist later in the film.

Not great, but pretty entertaining .

Loses it's edge on repeat viewings but it's enjoyable to watch with someone who hasn't seen it before.

Don't waste your time or money.

What we are left with is a movie that is too entertaining to pass, especially for fans of horror and sci-fi.

It is full of tired stereotypical character profiles (the gruff captain, the odd doctor, the yucking-it-up Chris Rock/Eddie Murphy wanna-be, the eccentric scientist who speaks in mysterious scientific mumbo-jumbo, the hardened let's-get- the-heck-out-of-here pilot, etc ad nauseum), weak acting, and an endless series of predictable disasters.

Somebody said (in his comments, complaining) that the EH ship looked like a torture chamber, well I believe that this was made on purpose, my friend, that's exactly one of the many ways the movie is supossed to treat the fear, with those creepy and spooky elements, equal to a new kind of terror.

Yet the film is still entertaining, and we are least given a juicy, explosion fuelled climax.

Enjoyable Horror Sci-Fi .

Event Horizon is also incredibly entertaining and never gets boring once throughout the whole film.

With no plot and no character development (and some idiotic characters, to boot!

The acting is fantastic, and Event Horizon is full of suspense that will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.

The ships are great, the set design is fascinating, the ideas about space travel are new and even thought provoking, the scares keep you on the edge of your seat, and its really spooky.

I got really scared with unpredictable scenes and a terrific cast starting with Sam Neil.

This served well in the film's overall theme and the filler tracks are suspenseful and heavily suggesting of just how crazy the film gets as it progresses.

It is very fast paced especially when they actually get to the Event Horizon.

When the rescue ship arrives, they find much more than an empty ship.

A dull, derivative screenplay that rips off elements from several other sci-fi films.

Hated this film first time I saw it; once I realised its just the film-makers larking around with the genre, I really enjoyed it - complete with its cheesy CGI and modelwork, and the wacky, overwrought score by Michael Kamen.

Don't waste your precious time with other terror-wannabe movies...

This movie is intense, and some of the scenes are (eventually) shocking.

I just want to tell the truth about Event Horizon, personally I enjoyed it and I'm not just saying that because I like blood and gore, the plot made you think also.

There are areas that you will be immersed in and then left wondering what happened with a previous portion of the set that wasn't there before.

"Event Horizon" is the creepiest and most suspenseful horror movie I have ever seen.

However it does have it's good bits and Lawrence Fishburne makes the whole thing worth watching with a performance that holds the whole damn thing together.

What begins as a seemingly innocent and boring science expedition quickly degenerates into a white-knuckled frightfest, and the scares are genuine and continuous.

This scene really had me on the edge of my seat.

Don't waste your time...

The only thing I found remotely enjoyable was Dr. Weir's (Sam Neill) explanation of his "dimensional drive".

Event Horizon doesn't have any, so claiming that all the boring filler (approximately 87 minutes of this movie's 92 minute screen-time) exists for the sake of suspense isn't going to cut it.

Frightening, but also entertaining.

This makes it a frustratingly predictable movie to watch.

Beside just said, the movie is pretentious a bit, with too much of everything.

Then, when they want to leave, the ship doesn't want them to leave.

I was gearing up for some boring, rip-off of "Alien".

Intense .

It would feel overly contrived to have every single member of the crew wandering around and pontificating to each other the whole movie about the plight of existence and the terror of the unknown just as it would feel untrue to have them all strutting like Space Marines gunning for another trophy.

The dark, empty hallways and rooms are menacing themselves, and that helps ratchet up the tension.

Quite an enjoyable horror movie .

The plot is very trite and does not leave any thrill or mystery very soon.

The film starts well, and is enjoyable up until right after the crew boards the Event Horizon.

Maybe it will be worth it - or it may cause you disgust or nightmares - or you´re too dull to feel anything...

Irrational "acting" is something that you are used to in horror movies (most of the thrill will happen, just because of that behavior), but what happens here is just about every bad cliché thrown in.

Too much is left unexplained, and the whole movie is too disjointed : that's a pity because there were a few choices that I really appreciated, like Sam Neill's character slowly revealing himself as the villain, or the ending that leaves some sort of ambiguity with the last shot.

The term "from hell" or anything like that has gotten so increasingly cliché that it becomes stupid.

Infinite Space, Infinite Boredom .

When someone sat down and wrote the script for Event Horizon i have no idea what was going through their mind, however, what came out was purely evil, entertaining and extremely frightening.

I have never walked out of a movie, because I figure that there must be something better coming up.

Hugely entertaining script .

Gripping and entertaining.

"Event Horizon" has no action, no plot, or even a reason to horrible violence, and the actors are all on the same level of acting.

This movie is not for everyone, but if you like dark, scary movies, then I highly recommend it.

The other stand out performances are from Kathleen Quinlan and the criminally underused Jack Noseworthy: the latter's performance in the airlock scene is simply breathtaking.

Repeated viewings show that the film has very few dull moments.

A classical "Gothic novel Haunted House"-tale being transferred to a science fiction background with an empty, haunted spaceship - that sounded quite interesting and new.

Worst Movie Ever!!!!!!!.

The choppy editing, pointless Dutch camera angles and crash zooms, and the constant, cliché score take a lot of the tension out of the film, and each jumpscare is incredibly predictable and ineffective.

It is a scary, creepy movie that if it had been done to some high ideal of "perfection" in what it tried to do might be nigh unwatchable.

In the second half, the script dispenses entirely with the mildly absorbing haunted-house-in-space conceit and delves into the murkily opportunistic realms of psychological horror, a get-out-clause by which director and writer alike are able to incorporate any arbitrary plot twist and remain unaccountable to the audience's incredulity.