Everly (2014) - Action, Thriller

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An action/thriller centered on a kidnapped woman who faces down hitmen sent by a mob boss/her captor while trying to protect her family from his wrath.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Joe Lynch
Stars: Salma Hayek, Hiroyuki Watanabe
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 100 found boring (21%)

One-line Reviews (76)

Entertaining, gritty, funny, violent action packed & gory.

Despite its flaws (and it has a lot of them) it was an entertaining movie.

Throw in a few unexpectedly touching moments, some rather clever lines, and you have a rather enjoyable movie.


The story felt like something out of a Japanese anime gore fest so if you are an anime fan, I would highly recommend this.. This movie was an intense rush with unique and unexpected twists at time, and just looked very good...

It's a very simple but entertaining premise, where Salma Hayek is stuck in an apartment, while she fights off waves of bad guys coming in trying to kill her.

The movie is very graphic and intense, much like the original Oldboy, the movie is hard to watch in some parts.

"Everly" is bloody, gory, very disgusting at the times, boring, uninvolving, badly acted by all involved (including Salma Hayek), terribly directed - add here a very poor script you have "Everly" - a very uninvolving mess.

Enjoy Everly if you like gritty, gory and suspenseful action thrill ride.

There is no real plot, no real storyline, just one dumb scene after another.

"Everly" (2014) is a big waste of time, money and so on.

Completely Boring Poorly Acted .

Check realism at the door and strap in for one hell of a bloody action packed ride .

Always love seeing Salma but this film becomes predictable and boring way too soon.

They make for a good motivation for Hayek's character but fail on being compelling by themselves.

the worst movie i ever rated .

A little bit of comic relief (à la Kick Ass) with creative characterizations to make it entertainingly unpredictable.

The film's cinematography (courtesy of DP Steve Gainer) is as breathtaking as Ms. Hayek.

For me it was just non stop pointless extreme and senseless violence and then to top it all off, a very poor story line.

the location is very very boring.

In this case, the main character Everly faces clichés of female characterisation: the double-crossing friends, the unexpected sympathy, the nagging mom...

I thought the first 20 minutes were both suspenseful and sexy.

For a film to be entertaining it should be (1) solid action scenes (2) have superb background sound-effects (3) interesting characters.

Anyway, it's basically a big shoot out in a apartment were a woman is fighting for her life so prepare for intense action without much drama.

That really is the only word for her performance: intense.

The storyline and the action was pretty unrealistic but I did stick with the movie because I found the concept quite intriguing.

Nevertheless, if one overcome watching almost two movies in one, with one almost a X-rated violation of human nature, then this movie is worth watching for both its inhuman and human nature exposed large.

Everly is a tight action thriller with a fast pace, heart pounding suspenseful moments, shocking scenes, and the odd funny one liner.

In the first ten minutes we are set in some sort of a cliché - bad criminal boss, child daughter in danger, bad ass chick alone vs the world.

For those of you who like stylised violence for the sake of it, you might spend the time, others just go straight to Kill Bill and don't waste any time on this unless you are really a Salma Hayek fan of course...

It's shallow, it's not all too smart, and for people with weak stomachs, it's pretty much unwatchable.

It's very action packed and humorous, just filled with total amusement.

There are many action movies that start off slow, they have almost a half hour of character development and story to get you invested in the movie, then end with the action to keep you watching.

Overall a very well put together film, some very clean CGI when used, a few interesting characters and pretty good pace..Enjoyable and I would definitely watch a sequel.. Nice job

Overall, the movie is a surprising action packed thrill ride that's fun to watched increased by the fabulous eye candy of Salma Hayek.

A movie, so random, so pointless, and disturbing, that all it does is it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and the painful sensation that you will never get the time you invested watching it, back.

There is no plot.

The musics here also play a role in making the fight scenes more gleeful and entertaining to watch as well.

"Wrong Turn 2" helmer Joe Lynch co-wrote "Everly" with freshman scenarist Yale Hannon, and they have fashioned a gripping as well as ghoulish action yarn that confines Hispanic starlet Selma Hayek to an urban apartment complex where she shoots, slashes, and blows up dozens of armed and dangerous adversaries that are determined to kill her.

The storyline, for what there is, seems quite contrived and nonsensical and is really just a device for a series of action scenes.

Don't get me wrong, she really did a great job of portraying a one dimensional cliché of a character.

Then is started to slow down and I was like "Oh, well I guess it is about time for the finale!

One of the worst movie ever, all you see is blood and boobs

The darkly comedic moments are awesome and were enjoyable even for a non-gore fan like me.

Apart from a few notable highlights, including the battle of the prostitutes and the sickening games of the aptly named The Sadist, "Everly" is mundane and passable.

Enough is enough, movies are not just about blood, effects, random crazy people, and pointless endings.

It has Christmas music (because the film takes place at Christmas), and as cliché as shooting people to Christmas music is (cauchcaughWildCard) I enjoyed it.

This film has its haters, and some have already come forward to decry it as "boring" (it is not) or that it does not have enough nudity (really?

it's the worst movie that i ever rated in IMDb.

Despite its flaws (and it has a lot of them) it was an entertaining movie.

Until the very end, which is done quite well, this movie thrusts the audience into a roller coaster with the wheels coming off and destroying what might have been a fabulous, entertaining movie.

Honestly i enjoyed and looks entertaining to me.

Salma Hayek is always worth the watch.

To me this is the worst movie I have ever seen, and I regret the fact that it is Salma Hayek who stars in it.

It's shallow, it's not all too smart, and for people with weak stomachs, it's pretty much unwatchable.

The reason I call it a fast paced slog is because the action is brisk and competently filmed; albeit relatively unremarkable in its choreography.

Moreover, despite all the action and bloodshed, these films are actually sort of boring, because they constantly repeat the same old "bang-bang-you-are-dead" routine.

Rather boring.

"Everly" is very entertaining, although not entirely satisfying.

The movie had no plot or storyline that the audience could follow.

There is no plot, just Salma Hayek shoots a bunch of people and gets slightly wounded.

After many explosions and dead bodies, she finally comes face to face with her ex, which leads to a showdown worth watching.

And she deserves it, even though I doubt she had a lot of fun making this, with all she has to be going through wearing very little clothing.. She is stunning and gorgeous and covered in holes, blood, grime and gunpowder and she sure as hell deserves her paycheck.

So yeah, the pace is SUPER slow and makes the film seem 3 hours long.

Non-Stop, Bloody Action, some very Dark Humor, and a Sexy Star with a Breathtaking Pace, Glorious Gore, and a Goofy, Nonsensical Plot.

As much as it's enjoyable to see casual carnage, Everly is harassed by a good deal of flaws, preventing it to be more than mindless fun.

It came completely out of left field and was pretty entertaining to watch.

Certainly not a thriller, as the outcome is predictable from the beginning - I understand why it has low ratings from many reviewers.

Like something out of pulp comic, Everly is positively absurd but entertaining nonetheless.

It was silly and very, very cliché'.

Joe Lynch did an amazing job directing this masterpiece; the action scenes are over the top and the intense scenes are heart pounding and will keep you on edge.

Dialog formulaic and clichéd.

A rather pointless string of kills.

The action scenes aren't that bad, but ultimately it all seems predictable and unoriginal.

Joe Lynch has hit a home run here and it will be exciting to see where he goes next.

Everly is a tight action thriller with a fast pace, heart pounding suspenseful moments, shocking scenes, and the odd funny one liner .