Excision (2012) - Comedy, Drama, Horror

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A disturbed and delusional high school student with aspirations of a career in medicine goes to extremes to earn the approval of her controlling mother.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Richard Bates Jr.
Stars: AnnaLynne McCord, Roger Bart
Length: 81 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 24 out of 120 found boring (20%)

One-line Reviews (71)

The rest of the movie was actually pretty boring.

With an interesting cast including AnnaLynne McCord (90210), Traci Lords (Zack and Miri Make a Porno), and Ariel Winter (Modern Family) attached to this story that seems way out there could this be one of the intriguing ones that delivers?

Yet the film is oddly compelling with its mix of dark humor and shocking imagery.

Trust me, it's terrible movie and boring all the way through it.

It's a tough nut to sit through (excuse that) but is almost hypnotic to watch as it disturbingly places this utterly bizarre narrative in an all-American suburban setting of middle class housing estates, high schools and pretentious social cliques and pursuits.

Pauline's journey is an intriguing and disturbing venture sure to connect with many, while others may not grasp the nuances of Bates's artistry and guile.

We like everything from gore fest to comedies this movie was just boring leaving us both in a discussion afterwards.

The plot is riddled with a predictable story line.

Based on an earlier short film of the same name, Excision is director Richard Bates Jr sometimes mundane, sometimes twisted look into the psyche of a fully deranged young girl lost in a sea of apathy and neglect.

In summary, if you can stomach the surrealism of the style and characters, it could be a great watch for you, thought it could bore or repulse you too.

Strange but somehow compelling .

Overall strange, weird, exciting movie so give it a watch.

The director does give us cliché archetypes in the family structure (parents that hate each other, father who just says "Listen to your mother.

The movie suffers on all other ends: story is weak, with very little plot; little development actually occurs for the family members.

Though it's not a classic like the films mentioned above, it still has a really engaging story and cool direction.

Super boring .

For most of the film despite the wacked out dream sequences the film doesn't really explain the direction it is really headed, but once it gets there it delivers an unexpected payoff.

TL;DR Very stylised to the point where some people might not enjoy it at all, but to me it was a very entertaining at first, and profoundly disturbing in the last minutes.

It's a stunning debut.

This movie is drawn-out and ends with the character trying to perform surgery without the proper equipment.

"Carey" fans will be pleased as AnnaLynne McCord delivers a stunning performance in what is sure to become a cult classic that catapults mother and daughter relationships to a new and chilling level.

A crash mix of surreal and extreme, with large heaps of insane snappy wit thrown in for spice.

This movie was a waste of time.

If you aren't too sensitive to taboo topics and are looking for something different than the usual boring film that big-name directors like to hock up, this is definitely worth watching.

) At the same time it is very much a drama (one that is actually engrossing, relate able, and does not drag.

Don't waste your time.

I was expecting that there would be some sort of revalation concerning this girl and lets just say it didn't end the way i thought it would, it was quite breathtaking and the ending was one of the best endings I've seen in a while, it woke me right up and i had to turn on smoe family guy to relax me and clear my brain.

Excision is the type of movie that could easily have gone off the rails; it balances disturbing and dull with little room for error.

It's about several themes like sexual curiosity, confusion, hormone surges, low self esteem, lack of confidence, problems with trying to cope with society – ergo: relatively "normal" teenage problems.

Whilst the dream scenes are visually stunning, the cinematography and editing of others appropriately evoke the genre of the movie.

Excision is thrilling, a movie that will resonate with anyone who's felt unloved and with anyone who likes tales of revenge and redemption.

weird, dark and original, definitely worth the watch.

Extremely boring movie.

It's brilliant, interesting, different, fascinating, smart.

This story of a troubled teenage girl is an interesting study and while at times it may not be realistically accurate, it is entertaining and pleasantly disturbing.

It's shot in a very classy way -- slow, well composed moves -- which makes McCord's performance at even more right angles to the film.

so boring

Its boring and drags on the fantasy sequences are very repetitive until the end and in my opinion waste of 1 hour and 21 minutes of my life.

I have to say this movie left me feeling empty.

There are also appearances from John Waters, Malcolm McDowell and Marlee Matlin, which was entertaining to see them in the film.

Saying that though, it's a fascinating journey into someone's delusions, someone who thinks they are superior to the majority of people, and eccentricities are garnered from her parents struggles and possessiveness of their youngest.

While the characters lacked development and dimension, 'Excision' is a quirky domestic comedy with a healthy dash of David Cronenberg-style body horror that surprisingly thoughtful, genuinely disturbing, and riveting to watch.

it really waste of time thinking that your watching a horror movie there is not even a single scene you get afraid.

An occasionally lurid quirky-indie of a troubled, borderline cray Catholic girl's angsty coming-of-age in a stereotypical indie suburban hellscape, EXCISION is, by turns, undistinguished, uninspired, and uninteresting.

I guess it has a horror spin to it but more of a dark slow burn comedy.

I was drawn in to her part and as a result she made the film enjoyable for me.

Excision is disturbing, exciting, engaging and insightful.

Anyway, McCord and Lords do a fine job of carrying the movie, and their scenes are uncomfortable as they're clearly meant to be yet undeniably compelling.

Complaints are duly noted elsewhere as to the general unlikability of the protagonist, and they're hard to argue with, but I still found this demented character study to be compelling.

There was just a bunch of weird, gratuitous, seemingly pointless gore throughout the film; so far-fetched that all I could do was laugh and ask myself "why is this a thing??

A well written and enjoyable debut which manages to balance a sinister side with a tender character study, resulting in an exceptionally strong feature, Excision is well deserving of the praise which it is currently receiving.

Absolutely a waste of time .

All in all a waste of time and effort.

It may be wise to leave the theater at this point and just keep those disturbing images in one's mind.

The one bright spot about that part, the need for her career as a surgeon, not only makes these scenes so easily foreshadowed later on but also adds delusional to her list of credentials due to the increasingly bizarre self-destructive qualities exhibited here that allow for her to throw them away despite her continuing pressure to become one which is what really tends to make this one feel so empty-headed and lame that it would've been totally justified for physical abuse at the hands of her parents to get her in line in life.

This was a really different movie and i highly recommend it.

Perhaps that would be fine in the short film, but this is unbearable.

Bizzarly Entertaining.

The whole story line is predictable and the gory bits for me were a bit PG when you have seen films like irreversible, martyrs and so on.

The next day the mother leaves and Pauline drugs her father with a cup of tea to fall asleep, and with him tied and gagged she goes to lure the jump rope girl to the backyard with a fake promise to give her jump ropes that her sister can no longer use, she uses a cloth and chloroform to knock her unconscious.

Waste of time .

But whatever genre you want to label it as it's a shocking, strange but also riveting watch.

Stunning Movie with a lousy ending .

A couple of supporting performers like Traci Lords and Roger Bart stand out, there are cameos from John Waters and Malcolm McDowell, and tabloid favourite Ariel Winter is here too, but it's a very boring film and even some stark and graphic gore scenes fail to ignite the interest.

Bates must therefore be heartily congratulated in successfully drawing out his seemingly slight narrative to feature length, this 81-minute version being a thoroughly entertaining horror experience from start to grisly finish.

Lacking & Boring .

Okay, story-wise, this seems to be going slow and / or nowhere for most of the while.

Unfolding amidst the perfect banality of middle class suburbia, the stage is set for a savage assault on your sensibilities.

If you can tolerate the repulsive then you are left with a rather engrossing performance by AnnaLynne McCord as Pauline.

Check out Excision, for an entertaining black horror film.

If you want to see another repetitive, boring, CGI bloated movie, this masterpiece is not for you.