Extraction (2020) - Action, Thriller

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Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Sam Hargrave
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Bryon Lerum
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 146 out of 1000 found boring (14.6%)

One-line Reviews (465)

Full action pack movie and full entertaining good direction.

And the very, very end of the movie leaves room for an unexpected hope.

Great action which is fast paced and well choreographed.

I enjoyed it, great escapism & crazy situations.

You will enjoy the intense fight scenes, they are well directed.

Kind of boring.

I enjoyed it.

Watched on a Sunday afternoon expecting a big juicy burger with fries and a shake and getting instead, a bowl of pasta in a bland sauce with Diet Coke.

If you can't decide what you want to watch on Netflix tonight and you are deciding between a couple of movies, better don't choose this one, because you might get bored very quick and regret your decision.

An absolute thriller and breathtaking movie wow just woww

The only bad part about this movie to me is the smoke scenes that CGI was horrible down right mind blowing bad thats the only reason why its not 10 stars in my book I was omg omg wooooo wooow the that happen I was like ok now that was just bad.

The support cast with the exception of Rudhraksh Jaiswal (the young son Ovi) are very predictable and have no real character growth...

I went into this movie expecting it to be another one of those Netflix movies that are basic and have no story.

Some of the best sequences I've seen in a while in shoot outs and fights high adrenaline from beginning to end and perfectly paced.

I enjoyed it as will do others that aren't too picky.

The drug lords are way more intimidating than what we have seen in other movies, and some off their actions are so unexpected and unprecedented.

The only weakness is the first act while good goes a little to slow and gets a bit boring.

Unexpected "faults" in the way that the film progressed.

Give we Jason Statham any day over this dull lump of a man!

The action scenes, although very violent, are extremely enjoyable and gripping.

I gave this a 5 because it's only half a movie - all action and no plot.

I'm a fan of action movies and really intense movies.

It didn't really live up to this hype, but was still an enjoyable action film nonetheless.

Enjoyable in parts, it is let down by a poorly executed storyline, mixed dialogue and an average ending.

Tedious, noisy and predictable.

Hargraves stunt background definitely adds an edge to this film, he is able to satisfy us the audience through the intense fighting and excessive violence, similar to that used in the Asian action films such as the Raid.

This film from start to end fully engaged viewers by fast moving screenplay and thrilling scenes.

The amazing action packed solo with just the right of excitement and storyline brings this as Chris Hemsworth best movie so far.

Action Packed!.

The overall experience is like watching someone else play a tedious computer game whose sole object is to shoot anything that moves.

Storyline pretty bad and highly predictable.

Action packed with loose character build .

It gets a bit boring throughout the movie.

The movie had some twists and turns along the way, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's probably fair to say that if you choose to sit down and watch Extraction that you're unlikely to be blown away by its story; however if you are a fan of action films with plenty of shoot em up sequences then you should find this film to be relatively enjoyable.

I feel like the director never did much study on Dhaka before making this movie, otherwise why a Director debut with a film which can be called, "The Action of Errors"But having said that, If you love solid breathtaking nonstop action and Chris Hemsworth then this movie is enjoyable none the less.

Pretty Action Packed .

Finally, we should definitely see more of this young ravishing and most stunning woman Golshifteh Farahani (God she is beautiful).

Action was so intense kept me at the edge of my seat throughout.

so it plays like an over-the-top comic book action flick (think John Wick-lite) where the dialogue is sparse and cliche-ridden.

Absolutely incredible and entertaining the entire way through.


In some respects it felt confusing.

A relatively good action movie, very exciting, it is recommended.

Anyway, Extraction is a good action movie and although I will probably never feel the urge to ever watch it again, I enjoyed it for the most part.

Cliche, but Entertaining .

I could easily say that this is an above average action movie, it's worth watching.

Boring plot Have a great day!

What a cliche .

Just little bit lack of story otherwise superb movie in terms of action.

Overall it was predictable and used a bit too much "plot-armor" for my liking.

The relationship doesn't come across as genuine - but rather a sentimentality that seems falsified, contrived for narrative purpose, which makes this portion all the more boring.

Expected twists, a dumb plot, mindless violence makes this a dull watch.

This was an enjoyable movie indeed, the action sequences were mind blowing and provided an entertaining watch.

Extraction has an unrealistic but acceptable plot, a few decent characters, lots of enjoyable fight scenes, ok visual effects, and a solid pace throughout.

This movie was extremely entertaining from start to finish!

It's a beautiful action movie with lots of budget that is definitely worth watching.

Slow to start and even slower to end; I would say I guessed the ending but it also didn't surprise me in the least.

The action scenes were intense and thrilling and left me on the edge of my seat.

expected and kind of boring .

The end become a little anticlimactic as it's more towards the cliché direction (one being tying up loose ends).

Chris Hemsworth definitely steals the show with stunning action scenes and dialogue deliveries.

CONS: Very weak and predictable story;Guilty of white-savior narrative in a mainly Bollywood cast movie;Lame and generic soundtrack;Tin-foil, one-dimensional characters.

It kind of got repetitive after a while, I blame it on the legacy of John Wick...

Despite all the crashing and banging on screen it actually started to get boring and caused my mind to wander off into thoughts about whether too much action is a bad thing.

You've killed just over an hour of your otherwise dull day ( I hope it wasn't dull and if it was, here's to a better tomorrow, you deserve it ).

Gripping action .

Story is simple, bt the acting, cinematography and action make it worth watching.

Extraction is one of those really stereotypical action movies where you know what's going to happen, but it's super entertaining.

The action sequences were enjoyable although it was nice for every soldier to allow the protagonist to deal with them one at a time.

From beginning to end Action packed and excellent content Loved the ending!!

There is no plot, just shooting and kicking each other without any stories!

Why waste the time on those meaningless conversation?

Buy all in all, it was worth watching, just don't get your expectations too high.

When it comes to the action it's great until the last act for me because of how repetitive it becomes.

What follows is an intense series of action scenes with few breaks for exposition before wrapping up in the final act.

Zero plot waste of time.

For some people who don't really into action movies, you might find this sort of boring.

All the actors did a great job in making this film very entertaining.

Some complain there's a lack of plot and no given reason for the kidnapping...

Its not revolutionary or ground breaking in the genre, but is a good two hours of entertainment and well worth watching if action films are your thing.

I don't know why on earth I decided to watch this film, there was nothing that would say that it's worth it, anyway, I did and now I'm sure that it's a waste of time.

Fast paced and good action other actor is given good on screen time like the lead actor

This is probably one of the most pretentious, silly and plain stupid movies I've ever watched.

I'm reading the reviews about no plot...

Mind blowing .

I'd give this film a 9/10 because well there is room for improvement and I'm also feeling really good about seeing a thoroughly engaging action film, that isn't a super hero movie.

Besides that, it's the typical average cliche american movie.

But for 2 hours this kept us very engaged and on the edge of our seat.

Um just frustrated, tired and bored.

It's super predictable, no character development and the bad guy wears ridiculous suits.

Hemsworth's character, although a stereotypical Australian cliche, was enjoyable to watch.

What a boring action movie.

That's 90 minutes of very well choreographed mayhem including a delicious 12 min "one take" that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

but expect no plot or character development.

The plot is nonexistent and the non stop action gets pretty boring after the first hour.

This movie is an action packed film overdone to the point of ridiculousness.

It ends up being a chase and run fest and ultimately boring which saw me fail to watch until the end it was that bad.

Other than that, it's a highly enjoyable and well made action film.

The others characters were really bland.

One of the most boring movies ever made, nothing adds up and theres not a single emotion in any of the characters.

Instead of adding this pointless emotional motivation, they could easily install operational complications and still keep him motivated to finish the job and save the boy.

Everything was shot well and the choreography was super impressive, and those few fight scenes where the most entertaining scenes in the movie.

Reviews have been mixed Rohan Naahar of the Hindustan Times praised the performances of Hemsworth and Hooda, and wrote: "Featuring one of the most stunning action scenes in recent memory...

Very enjoyable action movie and nothing more .

Don't waste your time..

This is action packed, guns blazing, black ops style warriors movie.

A waste of time watching this.

Moreover, it was a sheer waste to give Pankaj Tripathi such less screen time.

Some nice Cinematography in a bland copy paste thriller .

Crappy boring bs movie .

Extraction (2020) is a good action movie and action fans will enjoy the over the top action and fight scenes, however, the action is the only thing keeping the movie entertaining.

An absolutely brainless action flick, coupled with cheesy flashbacks and cliche 'must save the kid' moral code storyline.

Watching Rudhraksh Jaiswal - his vulnerability onscreen is fascinating.

Extraction hardly survived only because of stunning action-packed scenes and Chris Hemsworth.

A very enjoyable two hours, treat are assured to " extract "you from your daily worries!

He makes weak writing enjoyable.

Very entertaining.


The reason why I am giving this a 6/10 is because let's face it we have all seen this movie (plot) several times and this is your cliche badass mercenary getting soft on his human baggage.

Randeep Hooda is a revelation and the fighting sequences between him and Hemsworth are stunning, especially their hand-to-hand combat.

There is literally no story to it.

But that's what I expected so I enjoyed it .

I forgot whet I watched the good movie at this genre last time (can make an exception for John Wick) but this one worth watching.

WOW that was an insane 2 hours of complete mayhem & adrenaline......

The action scenes are so intense they draw you right in there.

Great Action and Super Entertaining....

All in all an intriguing movie with tons of action.

The only thing that dragged was when the movie tried to show our hero and the boy bonding...

Familiar, cliché, and really well done .

Those boring amount of time can be put into the making of the characters' backgrounds.

Extremely fun and Action Packed.

In the worst sceniario when things get complicated,all the world want Tyler to leave Ovi in Dhaka to save himself,he ensures Ovi that he will leave Dhaka only with Ovi though he will not get the money as he does not want to loss another child's life after losing his own child who was died by cancer.

Enjoyable action movie, nothing more .

No storyline makes sense or is in some way unique!

Exciting Against All Odds Shoot Out .

Chris Hemsworth really showed his acting chops in this, with some intense emotional scenes.

Action becomes boringly routine, no plot, unfair to Bangladesh .

Fast paced action movie .

It's predictable and everything hits exactly where you're expected to.

Action packed is an understatement .

The film is about two hours of almost non-stop action which benefits and hurts it simultaneously, you are not given much room to breathe, and when you are its cliché character development that uncreatively echoes films like Gladiator.

In particular, during the car chase we feel overwhelmed and on the edge of our seats as there's people everywhere and often a lot of near misses.


A very boring movie .

While the action is thrilling, the overall plot is thin and I found myself less interested in the predictable outcome as the hour and fifty-seven minute mark approached.

The story was something very dull and it failed to engage me.

The movie was amazing full action and thrilling scenes.

The action sequences are phenomenal and the long takes reinforce the tension and the adrenaline.

The things that work for the film -1) The diverse cast and crew - only a dull person would not appreciate such diversity!

Good action scenes and use of its setting, but too much camera shaking in the chase scenes and outside of the action, it can be very slow as it tries to be emotional and thoughtful.

An Entertaining Action Movie .

Boring and predictable .

Technically neat and uncompromising action film with a physically convincing Chris Hemsworth and great camera work, but is unfortunately overshadowed by an unimportant story, repetitive action sequences and plot holes5.0

Boring AF Netflix Action Movie With No Discernable Style or Substance .

Focusing on the action scenes in particular, they included exciting hand-to-hand combat and firearm sequences.

I loved the scary & dangerous atmosphere & the frantic explosive action that bursts out of nowhere & makes everything feel on edge & intense.

The reason why I enjoyed it is because it's an almost mindless action plot where there's car chases, guns, fighting, explosions and more guns.

In the movie there was no plot, not much dialogues.



If you like video games with no plot, a lot of violence and killing this is for you.

The action scene is also very exciting.

Currently one of the most savvy and successful businesses in the world, with a model that knows exactly what its audience wants and delivers entirely too that, Netflix have been churning out sleek and fast-paced action films ad nauseam over the last few years, with their new adrenaline fueled tentpole Extraction fitting the modus operandi perfectly.

The centre portion of the film was repetitive with scene after scene of close combat fatal gun fights.

Very formulaic.

Yes it is action packed, and strongly resembles a 1st person shoot them up game.

Gripping story from the start, it kept me hooked on the screen with the tight direction and realistic action.

It's fast paced and plausible enough not to make you gag.


Was OK at first but half way through the movie got bored of just action on more action.

100% predictable and not really entertaining.

Just an empty movie, with no motives, no characters.

Though the plot is simple the movie makes up what it lacks in plot with nice action sequences.

In the worst sceniario when things get complicated,all the world want Tyler to leave Ovi in Dhaka to save himself,he ensures Ovi that he will leave Dhaka only with Ovi though he will not get the money as he does not want to loss another child's life after losing his own child who was died by cancer.

Fast paced and action filled.

A good effort of 'extraction' from the boredom during the lockdown.

This movie is an excellent action movie that is very fast paced and hardly slows down.

Imagine if someone decided to take John Wick gun ballet seriously then add in nonsense, mumbled dialogue and plenty of obvious and predictable cliches.

I really enjoyed it for what it was: an action movie.

The story is pretty straight forward but it has a few unexpected moments which adds more tension to the film.

The most entertaining movie Netflix has put out so far during this PC & girl-power pandemic.

Extraction's excellently staged, inventive action is ultimately overtaken by a rousing story, in spite of the hundreds of close-quarters gunblasts and the absurd body count.

About the action , the pace varies from being so intense to being so slow which kills it and most explosions are clear to be CGI .

slow rehash of known tropes .

Ridiculously Far Fetched Action but thoroughly enjoyable.

I loved the scary & dangerous atmosphere & the frantic explosive action that bursts out of nowhere & makes everything feel on edge & intense.

nice action packed whice is Very exiting to watch..

However if you are coming for a strong and gripping plot I'd look elsewhere.

Action packed.

4 stars for the actors and action scenes but that's all this film is about - action and more action with no storyline and so easy to guess what's coming next (or sometime later).

Stunning cinematography, brutal and amazing action.

Riveting action thriller .

This movie is deserves more than 6.8. they said the plot is zero, but believe me this is a good action movie, intense and touching..

Worth watching, not a brainless action movie .

Wouldn't have minded it being a little slower to contrast with the absolutely bonkers fight scenes.

Non stop, emotionally stimulating, visually engaging, edge of my couch, jaw dropping, suspenseful, born of action-adventure- deep breaths you never know when or if you're free to exhale ACTION!!

The plot is predictable.

Overall amazing performance by all and every single moment of the movie was intense and I did not feel board or fall asleep even once.

Keep an open mind while watching this action packed "EXTRACTION".

Overall, Extraction is a movie that is a definite watch if you're bored.

Idk why people are criticising this film but it's actually a pretty good piece, the action shown, the dialogues, cinematography, all of it is very much entertaining.

This 5 is only for the long shot scene in the middle of the movie, it is breathtaking, properly shot and directed.

For what it lacks in story telling it makes up for in brutal fast paced brawls, car chases and gun fights.

Good Action - No Plot .

The above five ratings is only for irrational action scenes, enjoyable to some extent.

No Plot , All action.

No story to follow.

Also the things he does is getting boring.

Photography and stunt scenes were outstanding along with the story moves on a breathtaking speed.

The film is so violent, unnecessarily violent, so predictable and obvious, so socially unpleasant, it adds nothing.


Non stop unrealistic fight scenes for the first half which after five minutes become boring and monotonous, and then becomes slow and boring for the second half .

An exciting survival Thriller that feels real & intense as hell.

And the action is getting boring quickly.

One of the best action packed movies to come out in 2020!

The movie is highly entertaining and action-packed.

In addition to the fight choreography and action sequences being riveting and gripping, the stunt-work and physical performance by Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda is the highlight of this film - who manage to convince the audiences of them being skilled and trained military men.

The movie is worth watching ,if you are a true lover .

Good movie with action packed scenes.

Chris was the only good actor that i actually found, the kid speaks irritatingly slow and doesn't seem to gave the right face for the scene.

Entertaining Action .

It is not perfect, but it sure is entertaining.

Movie has breathtaking action sequences must watch for Indian fans.

waste of time.....

Found the whole two hours disappeared too quickly and was on the edge of my seat most of the time, an experience I thought I would only get at the cinema.

No Story .

Easy to watch but also boring too.

Sadly there is no story line nor the shooting was good.

No story, full of chases and shooting, that's 2 hours of my life I won't get back,

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Boring .

Predictable for the most part.

Thank you for an entertaining 145 minutes...

Hemsworth's worst movie considering the plot 👎 The action is superb though

People tend to point out the lack of plot.

Very senseless & disjointed.

Worth watching.

: Then worth watching it.

Chris Hemsworth reveals himself to be a gifted craftsman through an understated, gripping performance.

Waste of your time if you watch this rubbish .

This film made me finally understand that achieving mindless action that is actually entertaining is a skill.

Watch it if you r a die hard action film fan Skip it if you r looking for an engaging plot with twists and turns and less violence

Some characters though a little exaggerated, were enjoyable.

A wild thrilling ride with great performances & gory blood soaked action.

The film is so unnecessarily violent, and so predictable .

Chris did well in this mediocre movie, but overall after 20 minutes I found myself getting bored.

Story was fast paced.

Some characters are pointless and are just added to pad it out.

An exciting action packed make believe movie .

But just have a look at the cinematograhy, that is really stunning.

There's some tension and surprises amongst the trail of carnage and bodies and it is entertaining with a suitably climactic finale.

There was that "one" take scene that was way too long and it felt unnecessary, it just kept going and going, I wish they finished it when the car chase ended.

Action Packed!!.

Still it's a entertaining movie.

Enjoyable popcorn flick .

The relationship between Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) and the target Ovi is intense and draws the attention, most of their scenes together are good and create the sort of drama this film has.

Lots of great combat scenes and very entertaining.

Slow moving "action" flick that is really boring.

Besides some semi fun close combat, the plot is nonexistent/stupid, and the film becomes boring as the plot isn't enough to carry that film for it's 120min run time.

It's a breathtaking action movie.

There is no plot .

But, the action is fast, fun and furious and Hemsworth is worth watching for the 1 hour 56 minute running time.

I don't have much to say about this movie because I enjoyed it.

What a fuxking amazing movie Watch it if ypu enjoy fast paced action .

A wild thrilling ride with great performances & gory blood soaked action.

The storyline is shallow and little exciting.

Action was good but the writing and the characters were so uninteresting that I didn't cared about anybody at all.

That being said, the film is still very entertaining; thanks to the Indian actors.

For those bored of Hollywood ,it's a beautiful action film co-produced by Hollywood and Bollywood.

Ultra Violent & Formulaic Kidnap Flick...

Got bored .

No plot .

I am also getting tired of the cliche'd white man to the rescue movies.

But it also has a compelling protagonist, amazing action sequences, and enough solid performances to put it ahead of most similar movies.

Amazing stunts, ok acting, ok cgi & sound, cringe script, no plot .


The action scenes are great, very exciting, especially close combat.

You get a very fun action packed movie.

There are lots of intense shoot outs and chase scenes which are directed perfectly and the fight choreography is sometimes impressive.

I can't imagine how hard it would be to choreograph all of the fight scenes, non-the-less film it, or act it - there is so much happening At any given moment; it's actually pretty mind blowing.

Very action packed.

This is a film with a starved skeleton of a plot, uninteresting characters and no reveals or plot twists at all.

Action packed thriller .. .

This movie is really cool, of course deserves a shot and it's preety enjoyable, although it doesn't stand a chance against movies like John Wick or The Raid which do the exact same thing much better.

I'm glad I pressed the play button because it was entertaining throughout the entirety of the movie.

Fast paced action sequences are the highlights.

If the plot and characters where more compelling, then Extraction could've been one of the best action movies since John Wick.

The movie also has some slow unnecessary sappy scenes as well.

A Action Thriller movie which make you enjoyable during this lockdown period .

Pure good action film, executed particularly well but predictable.

The thrilling stories of how they tracked, fought and apprehended some of them from their forts still amazes me!

I watched this movie with husband and was mind blowing, didn't have any expectations just that people were talking about it and telling not to miss it , it was like 1 hr and something full action sever level , plus loved the one shot sequence that was crazy !

Amazing action packed .

There are also cliche flashback beach scenes that don't contribute to anything plotwise.

The Plot is so bland and predictable.

Action Packed entertainment .

I don't know what film people saw, but I saw an overhyped, weak plotted, tedious film that even hemsworth couldn't revive.

And that gets boring after a while!

The action scenes were exciting and kept me engaged.

Hemsworth's performance worth the watch.

A boring mess of a movie with terrible pacing.

Brilliant film and really action packed!

A great action packed adventure from the get go.


Hemsworth is a great actor but there is practically no storyline here, just cut scene after cut scene of Rambo killing.

The whole movie is a waste of time Besides great fighting sequences and the hard working God of lightning there was nothing in this movie

Some great action sequences, but for the hero to get killed made the whole film seem petty pointless and a waste of my time .....

Have to skip the talking because it is so slow and dull.

An other bland Netflix movie.

The story is predictable, the acting mwah, and overall the pace is just too slow for a solid action flic, and the story too thin for something more dramatic.

Worth watching it.

Found it better then john wick series John wick has no story non stop action, at-least this movie has some kind of story

All in all, worth the watch.

The fun of this film was not the plot machinations (they are pretty basic), but the execution of these machinations - and this execution is pretty fun/enjoyable.

action packed movie with poor analyse .

Fantsasy No story line You can predict what's is going to happen

Action is ACE, but pace is pretty slow .

Worst movie done by Chris Hemsworth!

Cross and double cross, keeps this story fresh and exciting with an unexpected and surprising ending!

If only for some scenes, this movie is absolutely agonizing and intense.

Worst movie.

No plot to be found.

One can watch for thrilling experience of action drama.

THE ACTION WAS AMAZING THE EMOTIONAL PULL WAS THERE the story line was good could have taken more to explain his back story on how he do what it do but I know its a time thing the fight scenes was mind blowing good I can't lie if Netflix movies counted towards the Oscars this movie hands down deserve best action movie hell I'll give Chris a chance at the best actor award then the ending left you on edge like the beginning of the movie left you like wow wait what happen lmao Chris has proven he can have great movies outside of thor.

Confusing .

worth the watch though.

Except for some stunning actions (realism excluded), the script...

Action Packed .

No story, no character, no soul, no humor.

entertaining and intense.

This is totally action packed movie.

So yeah, the movie is action packed, and the plot does revolve around the action as much as 48 hours typically allow.

Its The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen...

Boring .

Still, I enjoyed it and look forward to Hemsworth's next project.

Monotonous and repetitive seemingly live target shooting which becomes a bore.

The neighborhoods of Bangladesh resembles with many areas of India and looking at some of the breathtaking action scenes I think this movie should provide a lesson to our bollywood film makers as to how to make a proper action movie in India.

Well it's action packed for sure, which is just as well because the few quiet scenes expose the mind-numbingly poor acting.

A total waste of time

The plots okay.. Movie is enjoyable.

Non stop adrenaline.

However the plot was weak and predictable, with the action and gun fights the only thing keeping me interested.

Boring movie not even chris hemsworth can save it, so much of Bollywood bs which is repetitive & dull.

Extraction is an entertaining action thriller with high stakes and gory violence.

Worth Watching in Quarantine days .

Underneath the crass stupidity is a good idea but it's so ridiculous that in the end it's just boring and derivative

Most of the plot is predictable.

It's a shame there was some inaccuracy but this film is entertaining and the creative choices still work well for this particular story.

It all becomes a little too predictable and cheesy.

Another dumb action movie from the USA, totally implausible, idiotic, pointless and boring if you are not braindead.

I even found myself a bit bored after the umpteenth time of Hemsworth doing cool moves, which leads to the inevitable conclusion that even the action falls short of fulfilling its objective: to thrill and make you root for the hero.

It's dull, moody, boring and unoriginal.

4) The story - it's engaging, I like the character development.

Thank goodness it was Netflix so I could go back and watch from where I noodles off in boredom ( which was at least three or four times).

What the film is trying to do is spreading negative message and propaganda about Bangladesh.

The characters are flat and predictable.

If you love story, slow paced, some inspirational backstory or even some cool ending then yeah this movie is not for you.

Fully action packed.

Cliché plot with a million holes .

Predictable plot, utter Rubbish.

An action packed film taking place in India that looks and feels like a shooter video game.

Main Strength in this movie is its action, the performance of lead actor Chris Hemsworth and supporting actor Randeep Hooda in action department were very good, specially a hand to hand combat scene between Chris and Randeep was worth watching.

anyway, if you're looking for nonstop action and suspense, being on the edge of your seat, and an adrenaline rush, extraction has you covered

Worth watching if you liked John Wick.

Characters are one dimensional while being projected as being intense which comes off as extremely insincere and pretentious.

You have to wait maybe 25 minutes before any real action starts and even then, it's predictable and not interesting

If you can catch your breath long enough to think about the plot you wi find it truly compelling.

Where after a short but dull conversation a mercenary commits himself to saving the person who is the object of his mission?

That said, the rest of the film is a pretty predictable and generic thriller and you'll see the twists and plot points coming a mile off.

Chris Hemsworth has proved he's now one of the best leads in Hollywood, we know he's fantastic as Thor from the Marvel universe but here he's taken on the type of brutal, gritty fast paced action hero lead role that Jason Statham or Liam Neeson might've done!!.

It's an action packed movie from start to end.

I wouldn't waste your time on this one.

The central characters are little bundles of cliché tied together with strings of cheesy dialogue.

Highly overrated, waste of money.

Very John Wick style movie, enjoyed it for what it was and was very happy with the movie as a whole.

Extraction is an action packed movie and the hand combat scenes kind of reminded of Matt Damon's Bourne.

All in all, a nicely done and entertaining action movie.

It's a nice action film, but completely pointless otherwise.

It'll certainly be entertaining for casual audience especially the younger generation.

It's very entertaining and we can watch movies.

With action so intense, I found it hard to be anywhere other than the edge of my seat at times.

Fully action pack, Thrilling movie ignore the low rating .

In total it is a super un-original and bland story.

The opening sequence where Hemsworth's character rescues the young boy and kills like a dozen men is filmed at close quarters, is very fast paced and is hilariously violent.

It's entertaining and the action sequences are for the most part great.

An exciting survival Thriller that feels real & intense as hell.

It should be more tending to indicate if the movie is worth watching or not.

All in all, this movie is a treat for action junkies, it will surprise you with stunts u would have never seen before, the fights look very real and is very fast paced.

Very enjoyable .

It was an entertaining movie to watch.

You will find no storyline, whatsoever.

But the story is nothing new, scenes are predictable and lacks logic.

I really enjoyed it.

From entertainment point of view, this film is clearly very entertaining and worth watching.

Great action scenes which at times felt like Call Of Duty the movie, but the lack of a good plot and repetitive action saw me lose interest half way through.

No story no background no reference of characters.

Worth watching once, or even twice !

What an adrenaline rush this has been, long after Bourne series, some awesome action to see, can't take off a minute from screen

yawn and yawn again

But it doesn't add anything here, and comes off a little cliche.

The India setting is also great, and action scenes are very intense, feels very real not just movie action.

Predictable, flaws here and there .

Awful, Sad and empty .

There's a great scene with what appears to be a single uninterrupted fight scene that is worth watching just for the camera work alone.

No script .

Hemsworths character is a walking "mercenary with a painful past" cliché.

The story of the movie is predictable.

Plot is idiotic and practically non existing, terribly stereotypical and boring.

Extraction is an adrenaline pumping ride for you action movie lovers that's gonna put you on the edge of your seats!

Boring .

I recommend this movie to every action lovers, Hemsworth fans and to everyone who needs some adrenaline during quarantine.

Predictable, mind-numbing, horrible.

An action film recommended for bedtime to help you sleep thanks to how dull it is.

Forget the plot, if you like action then watch this for an unpretentious gratuitous shot of adrenaline filled escapism.

It's not to say there aren't little action delights along the journey Rake takes, with a clearly CGI'd but none the less impressive unbroken action set piece around the 30 minute mark of the film one of the candidates for the best action showcases of the year but there's far too much of Extraction that is forgettable, unbelievable and tiresome to bring it home with a bang.

The villain was bland.

Hemsworth lays waste to dozens of Indian police officers to save life of a teenager.

The second half gets a little boring because of the lack of a proper storyline; there's only so much shooting and killing you can take before it becomes an element of gore.

However, its action sequences are breathtaking.

It is a simple story, with little plot, but entertaining as hell.

the final act, lots of confusing moments here.

Even if you shut your brain off to enjoy the exciting shots and punches thrown, you will eventually wipe the drool away and realize that the plot is ridiculous.

This is simply a 1st class adrenaline pumping roller-coaster ride.

No plot, no screenplay, no meaningful dialogue- this movie literally offers nothing.

Mindless Action that's actuallly pretty entertaining .

Bruce willis is Bruce willis, great action movie, the feel and the filming was on point, thats why we go to the movies to be entertain, and bruce Willis is always exciting to watch.

I remove one point for its location and another one as the film does get a little tedious towards the end.

Overall its a good action packed movie.

The film managed to execute an excellent tense tone throughout, with the film managing to even make you jump on multiple occasions due to it's deliberate lack of sound making you on the edge of your seat for a large portion of the movie.

There is no storyline which could able to stick the audience from screen :(

In terms of the screenplay, some it felt confusing near the beginning as it didn't do that good of a job establishing the differences between the Indian and Bangladeshi characters to the viewer.

Action packed chasing drama .

This film's premise isn't the most original, you've seen it all before and it can feel dragged out, though this still makes for a mostly enjoyable experience.

Then you probably will like this one too, I enjoyed it a lot, full of mindless killing and action.

Why Chris worked in this move and why Netflix produced this movie, are the biggest questions pops in mind while watching Extraction, plot of movie is completely predictable and story is as old as Jim Hendrix jeans.

Pointless fighting and deaths for what end, the life of a teen age boy.

We review movies for what they are, there is zero plot in this movie because it is a straight up action packed 2 hour movie.

Chris Hemsworth looked good but Randeep Hooda looked quiet dull.

Entertaining, camera work is done incredibly.

) This movie had great action and a simple plot, I enjoyed Hemsworths performance and the action scenes alone were worth the watch.

Only good Action no story .

Hats off to the stunt men tho, they carried the film and made the dull main cast look good.

Action - worth watching .

PLOT: A very simple, easy-to-follow, enjoyable plot.

There are some deeper themes hinted at, not very well flushed out, but for sheer adrenaline and stylistic violence, it is a well done film.

Keeps you on the edge.

Extraction is at it's best where Hargrave is most comfortable, creating intense action sequences and gripping car chases through the tight streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


You shouldn't be looking for a deep, fascinating story that makes you think about the wider world, take this movie for what it is.

Extraction is yet another example of pure Hindutva propaganda to stoke Islamaphobia and justify the mass killings of Muslims to the viewer.

No plot whatsoever.

It is intense like you cannot imagine.

Regarding the movie they try to ad a little depth to a partially cliché subject by making the boy close to an oposite to his crimelord father and play out the bond that brings up in Hemsworth's character (who is merchenary basically).

Chris Hemsworth proves that he has acting skills and delivers a range of emotions even though the flashback about his lost child is brief and a little cliche.


no plot.

I liked the movie throughout, it was based on real intense violence and great action moves.

Enjoyable Action Film .

Back to the 90's we go in this highly forgettable action flick that obeys every cliche and adds exactly nothing to the genre.

Cliche strong .

Now, if it's not already part of a series, chances are you'll only get this lack-of-a-brand type of adrenaline injection from streaming services and at home.

No plot and soul to the story 2.

Impressive only on a technical level, the sequence drifts towards the uncanny valley of video game-dom, particularly in a lengthy car chase section involving a squad of police cars, aiming for gripping immediacy and missing the mark.

All the actors did a great job of making this film very entertaining.