Eye of the Beholder (1999) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A private eye shadows a female serial killer of men all over the U.S. without her knowing as he, strangely enough, occasionally acts as her guardian angel.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Stephan Elliott
Stars: Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 156 out of 415 found boring (37.59%)

One-line Reviews (355)

Personally, I found it VERY hard to stay awake(I did actually find myself dosing off a few times).

I suggest watching this movie if you like pointless movies with no direction at all.

This is the single worst movie of all time.

Really quite boring.

Ostensibly, "Eye of the Beholder" relies on its stunning scenic grandeur, hip electronic orchestral score, personable cast, and the referential narrative qualities of the script to compensate for the omission of a formula, action-oriented plot.

I did enjoy the movie on a visual level but the only reason I watched it till the end was to see how they where going to end this disjointed piece of garbage.

Anybody that doesn't like it must be one of the shallow, non-creative types that only likes predictable movies.

I saw the trailer for this years ago, got bored and decided the chance to see Ashley in stockings was a temptation.

Anyway, this movie is so disjointed it's ridiculous.

"I understand that Stephan Elliot had some pretty serious financing problems, and even so I think this is an original, daring, and intriguing piece of work.

At best her use was mediocre and god-awfully repetitive.


Not just because it's different, but because it explores a man on the edge of madness, driven there by sadness.

A waste of time, money and effort .

incessantly boring .

My advice: Save your money, stay home.

I thought this movie was definitely worth watching if you don't mind using your brain once in a while.

some part was unique, but most of them are predictable, and has lots of scenes that we had seen before in many movies, nothing new.. actually it would make lots of people in the theater bored.

From watching this pile of junk (apparently adapted from a good novel,which I have not read), I gather that either the critics who reviewed the novel must have lost their minds,or that Elliott is one of those flashy-but-empty novice directors who has no regard for the integrity of a novel,and no interest in whether or not the adaptation of that novel makes any sense.

His character was extremely boring and lifeless as was the plot.

Here's what I think happened: a bored English intelligence functionary (Ewan McGregor) whiles away his time playing with his ultra hi-tech toys until he gets a call from his boss to handle a private matter involving a blacksheep nephew and the family trusts.

'What a waste of time and money!

It would be difficult to give a spoiler for the movie because it has no plot.

Also I think that we may have found the perfect cure for insomnia because thin dialogue being poorly delivered in a plotless film will put, just about, anyone to sleep.

I gather from other comments that it's kind of confusing.

Duller than dull.

The characters of Eye and Joanna are just portrays of two people, walking on the edge of their sanity...

It's really a much more thoughtful and slower paced film that's more about obsessive attraction and loss than it is about murder or anything like that.

My friend and I kept looking at each other throughout the movie and shrugging our shoulders in confusion.

There are confusing elements introduced early that are never fully explained--and there seems to be an element of the story line that was left on the cutting-room floor, because there are exchanges between the two principals that are so ambiguous you feel like you've missed half of the movie.

They did do their usual fine job of acting but I must admit that the plot was convoluted and illogical and the first time through watching it normally, I was disappointed in the lingering confusion.

The art direction was stunning.

i quite enjoyed it .

Save your money.

To sum it up: No Plot, and a Pace as slow as my great-grandma walking the 21k marathon.

It is one of those movies that stay in your mind long after you leave the theater.

Like other posters have said, there is no plot or character development.

And after her failed "Double Jeopardy" going back to back with this pointless film, she needs something to prove to the world that she at least reads the scripts before she signs on.

If I could describe the movie in three words they would be : weird, boring and bad.

Ewan McGreggor bores us again (ala The Pillow Book and Nightwatch).

While McGregor is an obsessed voyeur, Judd finds true love with a blind "boring" guy.

There is no plot, there is only imagery, and the imagery provide the contents of the film.

Surreal and confusing tale of voyeurism, murder and obsession leads to a lack of closure.

It is EXTREMELY fast paced, and sometimes a bit far-fetched.

From the opening credits to the confusing endings, this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

What SHOULD be a great movie manages to fizzle out early on and become for the most part incomprehensible, its once intriguing characters undeveloped and unmotivated and with no way to further the vague story line.

No plot.

"Eye of the Beholder" was one of the most entertaining, cleverly-written, well-directed, beautifully-photographed, mystically-acted and melodically-scored films of the last few years.

this is possibly the worst movie i have ever seen.

I was very angry that we paid a babysitter to see this waste of time!

This movie combines an unintelligible plot, incongruous character development, and a painfully slow pace into what is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

I think he also went to a lot of trouble when it comes to the cinematography which is just stunning in so many ways.

It looked sleek, interesting, and absorbing.

He's aware of McGregor's surveillance, and his unexpected startling of McGregor startles us.

Save yourself and avoid our error, don't waste your time!

No, too pointless and no tension at all.

One of the worst movies ever made .

There were unpredictable twists to the story, and the actors did great jobs.

it was worth watching, and not just for the brief glimpse in the tub.

it turned out that the movie was also unpredictable, you had absolutely no idea what was coming next, and that was what I liked about this movie, to be surprised all the way.

Psychologically, this movie made no sense, even though the characters were both insane they were completely boring.

This film has a disjointed plot, no admirable characters, no ending plot twist, and no general theme - just a certain style.

what a waste of money .

Why did they even bother to waste their time with these movies?

Anyway, I have read a lot of the reviews for this film on IMDB and most say the plot is incomprehensible and confusing.

Undoubtedly the worst movie I've ever seen, this movie tells the story of...

While I can see it would be very easy to be obsessed with Ashley Judd, Ewan's character was very dull.

Worst Movie I have ever seen .

If your kind of film is a dynamic, unpredictable, original and surrealistic film, then this one would be a good addition to your list of seen films.

which takes the core idea of a dispassionate & disengaged observer being progressively sucked into the object of the observation and drives this re-engagement to a dramatic & compelling conclusion.

Their is no real plot to speak of, the symbolism operates at "After School Special" level, and the ostensible underpinnings to the story are pathetically weak.

Can anyone explain what this disjointed mess was about.

The film was a successful thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat and gave us a convincing female serial killer (since there hasn't been one of those in a long time).

This is the worst movie made with decent stars and budget I have ever seen.

Honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Fairly interesting movie that just went nowhere .

No subplot, no storyline just an obtuse idea from a director obviously under the influence of tranquilizers.

Don't waste your money renting it, don't waste your time watching it, I feel as though someone should be paying me for my emotional distress and discomfort right now.

Double Jeopardy, for all its plot holes and predictability, was extremely entertaining.

It is too long and seems as if the makers couldn't decide how to end it.

Don't waste your time with this, unless you have to.

Story was very very hard to follow..(that is if it had one) 2.

I went to it expecting to see a good thriller, but came out feeling rather empty and ripped off.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, the plot's outlandish, the characters are whack-jobs and there are some eye-rolling plot holes, but the countrywide chase and stylish filmmaking are hypnotic, haunting and entertaining.

I enjoyed it .

I saw this movie last night on cable and found it to be simply confusing.

Recommendation: watch paint dry instead .


It is worth the wait to see Ashley Judd portray utter confusion, fear, abandonment, and the need to know in the scene near the end when Ewan McGregor, the "Eye," calls her by her real name.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen...

The pace was also painstakingly slow.

A strong contender for worst movie of 2000.

He cast Nancy Allen, Angie Dickinson, and John Travolta, and established their characters in intense soundtrack-less sequences of "everyday" conflict.

Save your money on this one.

Meandering, pointless and horrid from beginning to end--and this is from someone who thought Double Jeopardy was OK.

This movie was weird,dumb,and boring.

With a limited budget of $11M, I'm sure director Stephan Elliot did some great miracles - the camerawork is just brilliant, and so is the score, but of course this might be too artsy and way too much unconventional for the narrow-minded mainstream movie-viewers.

Elliot manages to sustain a comfortingly eerie mood throughout an intriguing story.

The film's slow pace coupled with lack of suspense and non-existent denouement makes it an utter chore to watch.

There are so many pointless, stupid bits in this movie - 1.

Don't waste your time or money on this dog.

There was something evocative about Ewan's padded red jacket, later augmented by a sour-smelling trenchcoat.

It is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever paid money to see.

Save your money!

Don't waste your time like I did.


Why the woman kills men and why the hero tracks her across the better part of the USA is part of the mystery that makes this movie hard to follow and not enjoyable for many viewers.

I found it absolutely fascinating.

You know how some movies move kind of slow and then grab you with a killer ending (e.

I'm a big fan of McGregor and Ashley Judd is usually always great--but this movie was the biggest waste of time since Bob Dole ran for office.

No plot, no character development, simplistic characters and vagueness for its own sake are just a few reasons.

Not my idea of a perfect movie, but a perfectly well contrived crime drama (which reminded me incredibly of the french film "La Mortelle Randonée", by Claude Miller, which stars Isabelle Adjani and Michel Serrault).

This was pedantic, pretentious, pontificating garbage void of a point.

This is perhaps the most boring and stupid movie ever made.

Pretentious and plodding.

However, the plot line is very confusing; something seems wrong about the pace and development.

It is incoherent, amateur waste of capital and will squander your time as well in the watching.

Compelling .

It's disjointed, it has no pace, and bits of the plot have way too little explanation.

It vainly attempts to be surreal but ends up being completely disjointed, very pointless, and it completely lacked a plot.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a LONG time!!!

This movie rapidly became a bogged down bundle of confusion.

Do NOT waste your time renting this horrible, preposterous boring "thriller.

All that having been said I found the movie extremely engaging.

confusing .

Indeed it has the distinction of being one of the worst movies that I have seen in a very long time (it ranks down there with Supernova and The Haunting).

In conclusion, I thought this film was very moving and suspenseful.

No exaggeration whatsoever, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Intriguing and beguiling .

It had no story, the characters had no personalities, we were sorry we stayed to see the ending, which was as stupid as the rest of the "movie".

The worst movie I have seen in a long time.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen in a theatre.

It is so slow, lacks build up and has little suspense.

The plotline and story development were incredibly weak and cliche, which lead to one of the most boring films in history.

MacGregor's character was bland and annoying.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen...

surrealistic, unpredictable movie .

Do give this clever, suspenseful thriller a try.

The whole time I was thinking "This is going to have an awesome ending" when suddenly the movie is over, and alas nothing happened.

There are many other boring movies that I've avoided (Shakespeare in Love, all those British love movies in recent years, Diane Keaton movies, etc).

If you ask me, the climax was really suspenseful.

This movie was BORING.

Altho i missed the first 5 minutes of the flick, i enjoyed it quite a lot; more for the fact that both characters are so totally screwed up and find a little of what they need to survive in each other.

It is very much stunning in so many places, and that alone kept my attention.

I like seeing all the lovely different locations of the United States; this is the only positive element in a confusing film.

But I am sure that it would benefit from multiple viewings, and I know that the way in which it affected me emotionally more than compensated for any confusion that I suffered.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen and in my years I have seen a lot of movies.

Stunning visuals, over-the-top acting from both Judd and McGregor, and a host of eerie images make this film difficult to break away from.

Instead of a decently absorbing movie we have a disjointed tale which confuses and puzzles in equal measure.

It was a complete waste of time.

Ashley Judd is a gripping protagonist.

The slow pace, alienated characters and ambiguous narrative/motivation recalls the style of Antonioni arthouse classics like L'AVVENTURA, RED DESERT and THE PASSENGER.

It's tolerable if you have nothing better to do on a Thursday night, but overall a waste of time.

For the most part, The Eye of the Beholder contains a fascinating, compelling storyline of mystery.

It seems to be ok that there is little more than the two characters and the sometimes slow paced, sometimes boring scenes they make their way thru.

This film was so senseless and so monumentally boring, it left me in a dream state.

Was it exciting for you because it showed the naughty side of life?

I found myself constantly checking my watch and wishing all the pretentious nonsense would end much much sooner than it did.

His psychological problems are barely hinted at in the beginning, though it became far too contrived for my liking, and Eye managed to fall neatly into that stereotypical mold of a failed father and husband.

The reason is, in fact, a cliche: her father hurt her and now, because of that, she hates men.

My wife fell asleep and I wish I had joined her.

I was left at the end feeling slightly unsatisfied, but had to admit that the overall film had been worth the watch.

The direction was also very messy and seemed to mistake confusion for mystery.

I could go on at length about how the movie has no plot and totally useless characters (including an awful attempt by....

Pointless and plot-less .

A no plot, no story, annoying waste of time.

A very good, interesting and exciting movie until the last few minutes.

Sadly, these possibilities are overlooked, and instead we get a dull, uninspired, cold, aloof and pretentious film.

I found it a bit confusing and long with not enough action.

Don't get me wrong, she is very beautiful but BORING!!

An annoying waste of time.

Even if the entire movie was made only to present Ashley Judd and the fascinating character she portrays, it is a success.

The first half (to 2 thirds) is stunning in it's cinematography, music, direction, and acting.

I watched both films back-to-back, and this new version is slightly superior in most respects, though still flawed; the main flaws remain the repetitive nature of the story (it's essentially the same thing, with small variations, over and over again for nearly two hours) and the credibility-stretching (neither could she get away with what she does - and how she does it - for so long, nor could he keep following her undetected for so long), flaws that Stephan Elliott's admittedly strong sense of visual style (especially in his scene transitions) cannot camouflage.

Confusing Film with Muddled Story .

I finally decided that was the point of the jumble of seemingly pointless scenes and events.

Sexy, Captivating, Thrilling!

Don't watch it if you want laughs, or tears, but only if you want to leave it rather haunted by it.

The other problem is that it's a little slow in parts, and one other thing is that the camera focuses on certain things which aren't important.

Good actors, camera-work; but Plotless and Meaningless.

An amazing waste of time and money .

Whatever the reason, we now have an excellent first candidate for worst movie of 2000.

To me, it was a slick, intriguing piece of modern noir.

What a pointless piece of trash .

" the plot crawled at a snail's pace.

Don't waste your time with this, unless you have to!

I'm so damn bored of all these pointless, predictable movies that seem to be overflowing the film industry.

The plot or lack thereof was confusing and meandering.

The movie sets up the premise but does few exciting things with it.

Direction and editing is quite interesting as there are many things unexpected and new.

A collection of half-formed ideas stuck together without any unifying substance, all this film adds up to is a pretentious heap of junk: it's amazing that MacGregor chose to get involved.


I honestly find it incredible that anyone found this film remotely engaging or intelligent, although I can't comment on the end; one particularly ridiculous segment had us laughing out loud and then judging the film a write-off after an hour.

Well this poor excuse for entertainment moved kind of slow and then came to a complete halt.

A bit confusing .

That left me with an empty, unsatisfied feeling that I doubt the creators intentioned.

Everyone exiting the theater was lamenting the loss of their $8.00. While this movie was unpredictable, beautifully filmed and well acted- all good things- the lack of character development and utterly pointless plot completely overshadowed the positive aspects of the film.

The movie was so boring it literally made me so apathetic in my seat that I COULDN'T summon enough strength to get out of the seat and leave.

I found the mystery behind it all to cause the movie to be even more intriguing.

If you're an "artsy fartsy" kind of moviegoer, great, I'm sure you enjoyed it (remember "The Thin Red Line"?...

I was bored to tears and only stayed because my wife wanted to finish the movie.

This is a torture film.

One of the worst movies I have seen .

An unpredictable story, Eye of the Beholder works well right up until the final moments.

Even overlooking the obvious holes and messy sub-plots, this movie was a big waste of time, and a Rolls Royce.

The story line was dull and annoying.

If the goal was to afford the viewer a insight into the mind of a man on the edge of sanity, it did succeed marvelously at that.

The resulting movie has no plot just a series of scenes that attempt to show a sort of "connection" the two protagonists have.

(There are Spoilers) Stylish but very muddled and confusing movie about this British computer geek Steve Wilson ,Ewan McGregor, known to his associates in a top and secretive UK government spy agency only as "The Eye".

Ashley Judd is usually reason enough to raise any movie to an interesting level but with such a weak story, or more precisely, lack of story, this one was well beyond resuscitation.

But it is a very unpredictable movie.

The plot has so many holes that the movie's success with a viewer is largely unpredictable, making the movie hard to recommend.

I've seen quite a few movies in my day, but this one dragged on like a really bad headache that the strongest aspirin couldn't cure.

Indeed, this very comment is pointless because the film ultimately functions on an emotional level.

I REALLY REALLY like Ashley Judd, but this was by far the worst movie I've ever seen her act in.

Stephan Elliott's "Eye of the Beholder" is long on style, and short on substance; unfortunately, its meandering story is difficult to follow.

Only movie I have ever walked out of the theatre on .

i found this movie to be a complete waste of time and money.

Judd was stunning as usual.

If you love terribly boring movies, with terribly confusing plots, terrible acting, and most definitely terrible endings then this is the film for you.

The plot is a murky pit of cliche and the dialogue is so bad it is unintentionally funny.

What a waste of time and money.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've paid money to see.

The characters were interesting people on the edge of insanity.

Definitely not spoon fed entertainment, but intriguing.

My guess is he started shooting it at the ending, ran out of money, restarted production, rewrote the script, ran out of money, rewrote the script, shot the middle, forgot what it was about, shot the beginning, fell back asleep.

This might be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I was on the edge of my chair the entire time I watched this movie.

A suspenseful drama that doesn't go anywhere (3 out of 10) .

Surreal and confusing.

I found the plot fascinating, intriguing and was able to place myself in the position of both protagonists.

It was hard to follow and in any case it didn't seem to be going anywhere anyway.

Eye of the Beholder, while tedious and slow-paced in parts, was not like that.

It featured a very slow moving plot.

With a horrendous script, actors that sleepwalk through their roles, a plot that dissolves into a disjointed mess and a frighteningly stupid ending, there is nothing that would make me recommend this movie.

Thrilling film .

Good performances and an strangley intriguing plot keeps you watching.

Its worse sin, it bores.

The story with his daughter fizzles out, and the ending is pointless.

It is worth watching once if you have not seen it.

I have watched plotless movies before.

I found the cinematography to be just breathtaking, especially the transitions from location to location using the snow globes.

There is absolutely no plot whatsoever and the motives of each character are IMPOSSIBLE to understand.

The movie was slow, made no sense and the chemistry between Ewen and Judd was just placid.

A banal waste of time.

By far one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Don't waste your money.

Intriguing .

The director's profligate and obvious use of "artsy" camerawork and editing utlimately becomes boring & distracting.

An insane Ewan McGregor stalks an insane Ashley Judd while the insane plot gets more and more confusing .

An unexpected disappointment.

It was a waste of time.

You know why the movie's plot was confusing?

Despite the fact I fell asleep during part of the story, I did enjoy the score/soundtrack...

Flawed But Visually-Audibly Entertaining .

This has got to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worth renting if you like slower, artistic suspense better than action-packed thrillers.

(Except maybe getting to leave the theater.

Some people might call it artsy-fartsy.

This was one of the most unwatchable flicks I have ever seen.

Either way, the movie is not that appealing, and furthermore it is far too long (or it feels that way).

This was a complete waste of time and I found myself getting bored of it then insulted.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen...

It was just pointless scene after another leaving the viewer with many many unanswered questions.

Throughout the movie he experiences many intense drives and following the death of a man the murderess sought to marry she leaves her spree seeking only to evade pursuers from the law, Ewan becomes her unseen benefactor in this endeavour.

Battered and blooded with blood stains under her nose giving her the look of having an Adolf Hitler-like mustache Joanna and The Eye kiss and embrace each other as the movie suddenly and unexpectedly comes to an end, leaving the audience in a state of total confusion.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

No story line,no plot and no direction as to where the movie was going.

Thirdly, it does actually have an intriguing and interesting plot, just not a conventional Hollywood narrative.

Quite engaging .

I went in to this movie with no expectations and walked out amazed.

It was a complete waste of money, for the studio that made the film, and for myself for seeing it.

I suppose if you're into popular psychology you can wonder about how the characters got to be insane and you'll be rewarded with the cliche answers.

Some excellent performances were wasted on a dark and pointless story that was poorly presented.

but if you like strange movies and breathtaking settings this is the right one for you.

waste of time .

It might have had potential several times along the way but always came up empty.

His character is so completely uninteresting you really couldn't care less what happens to him.

The film starts off very confusing and when one thinks it is just about to get better, it doesn't.

Such a boring ,weird ,strange, odd movie .

This could be here to show us how the lives of our two main characters are, schizophrenic, unhinged and disjointed.

I guess that's why so many people complained about the film being hard to follow.

It was never intended to be a money making entertainment piece, but it is still entertaining as a narrative.

It uses every cheesy cliche in existence and invented a few more.

It is truly one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

Possibly the worst movie ever .

When a film doesn't answer every question it poses, it gets deemed the "worst movie ever made", and thus no-one else goes to see it, because, quite frankly, who'd want to watch a film that got only a 4.4 user rating on IMDb?

But after you leave the theater you don't want to do anything but make fun of the film because you are in absolute shock that such a pointless and pasted together film could land some big stars and a wide release.

The characters do have a perplexing relationship, and the way they interact is intriguing and compelling.

By the end, sympathy increases for Joanna Eris' character while at the same time our positive regard for Stephen Wilson's character becomes confusing and dubious.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Sadly, the end result shows the scars of its difficult gestation, with many of the more intriguing moments depicted in Gardiner's documentary (such as a surreal sequence involving a flooded car and another where Ashley Judd performed a bar scene heavily intoxicated) left on the cutting room floor.

I personally think it was a big waste of money.

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER is similar in some ways to THE CONVERSATION and BLOW UP ie there all pretentious rubbish and I hate them .

The biggest cheat and letdown,when we finally realize we've been had, comes when the picture fades out after a ridiculously contrived climax.

This was hands down the worst movie I have ever seen in the theater and I was not alone in my opinion.

It's totally plotless.

Worst movie of all time.

I think this movie is worth watching.

Interesting attempt, but starts to lose the viewer with repetitive murder followed by following the murderess/love object.


It went nowhere, said nothing and failed to move me at all.

Overall, one of the worst movies I've seen in the theatre in a while.

Plotless, pointless, endless, senseless......

This is a film with a narrative within a narrative that tells two stories that eventually entwine on a sea of boredom.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

The Worst Movie I've Ever Sat Through .

Legitimately the Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

The hallucinations from Ewan's past life are par for the course in psycho-thrillers, but the director seems to jettison that whole idea when it starts to slow down his "plot" (after San Francisco).

The movie is confusing and hard to follow, with abrupt cuts in time and location.

Some of the cinematography is effective, like a symmetrical bath shot, but most shots are framed in an uninspiring manner.

Worst movie ever made.

Genevieve Bujold was BREATHTAKING in her scenes.

A personally agonizing bore.

The cutting and re-shooting (with Elliot standing in for Jason Priestly in some shots) dulls the edge of an admittedly intriguing study of obsession and guilt, as a deeply haunted surveilance expert (Ewan McGregor) pursues a murderous young woman (Judd) across America, letting his already tenuous grip on reality slip away.

I truly love the stars of this movie and their performances were exemplary; they were the only saving graces of this unusual and confusing movie (that thinks it's a film).

The plot, as intriguing as it could have been, just doesn't make much sense.

A long, pointless film about a story that goes nowhere containing characters no one cares about.

All travel, no story .

This is one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen!

Confusing and Somewhat Morally Bankrupt .

Boring and hard to follow.

After Jason Priestly winds up in the trunk of a car going nowhere at 15 miles an hour, it's like the junior class of some film school - took over.

Disjointed, incoherent, abysmal are terms that come to mind.

" Don't waste your time on this one.

The movie was just weird and confusing.

wonderful and unexpected .

There are confusing allusions to his daughter and confusing chase scenes.

From the same novel (Eye of the beholder) far better is the french thriller "Mortelle randonnée" (litteraly:deadly runabout") The then very young and beautiful Isabelle Adjani gives a breathtaking and dreadful performance.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Doubtful there has ever been a more pointless movie.

Behold the Confusion .

If you can imagine a movie based upon a single-cell organism as watched through the lens of a microscope, blundering around aimlessly eating other single-celled organisms for no apparent reason, and the person looking through the scope having pointless personal problems grafted ham-handedly on top of it, then go into space, find the nearest black hole, and just watch it as time expands and stretches your suffering into the infinite...

Saw the rather enjoyable intro credits.

i am a psychiatrist and found it really intriguing, specially when the cover of the DVD says " a journey into obsession".

Oddly enough though it is gripping at times and it has a very unique style to it.

Other than that, I found this movie to be highly underrated and actually quite enjoyable.

Boring, worse irritating, supposed film noire arts convoluted spy/stalker multi city crap.

We went to see this film because it had a terrific cast and promised to be an exciting thriller.

The Worst Movie Ever .

They make it quite easy to fall asleep during such a boring movie.

Tho the story is confused and lacking in true substance, the characters are exciting enough to watch without much of a real plot.

The perfect cure for insomnia.

Naturally, every 20th reviewer claims to have that "second sight" that permits a distilled understanding of this languid and non-sensical piece of wannabe film-art!

It is such a tedious, confusing, and exasperating film, it could be used to torture military secrets from prisoners of war.

Stephan Elliot, Ewan McGregor and Ashley Judd all brought such style and emotional complexity to the film - McGregor and Judd through their understated and moving performances, Elliot through his stunning and classy direction.

Had it not been for her acting and the fact that I love her, I may have walked out of the theater.

I walked into this movie expecting to see another great Ewan McGregor movie and was very sad to be greeted with a plot that was incredibly hard to follow, and ends too abruptly for anyone to understand it.

A waste of Time .

Clumsy, tedious, and unconvincing.

An engaging story.

Actually, this is the most boring movie I've experienced since "Heartburn" with Jack Nicholson (never seen a Streep movie since, either).

Words cannot explain the confusion.

Overall, I'd say see it if you get the chance; there were some brilliant touches that make the whole film worth watching.