Fatal Affair (2020) - Drama, Thriller

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Ellie tries to mend her marriage with her husband Marcus after a brief encounter with an old friend, David, only to find that David is more dangerous and unstable than she'd realized.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Peter Sullivan
Stars: Nia Long, Omar Epps
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 64 out of 157 found boring (40.76%)

One-line Reviews (123)

This film appears low budget and uninteresting.

If you need a sleeping pill, this movie will cure your insomnia.

Music is dull too.

But they made it even more cliche'ish with the plot.

Sooo last year.. Bad acting, lame script and Predictable.

An entertaining obsession Flick .

This movie is so cliché.

intense surprise .

THE WORST movie ever .

Waste of time .

I just wish they could've been vocal about making this movie suspenseful.

This is the worst movie and worst acting I have ever seen.

Predictable, rote, knockoff-ed, and Lifetime-like, I give you 2020's Fatal Affair.

I feel like I have seen plenty of better movies out there like this that were exciting.

It was just very bland and nothing really happened.

Just don't waste your time because you will be wishing for that time back!

No one over the age of 14 is going to be able to tolerate this poorly executed overt, animated acting or the bland "in your face" dialogue.

It's a poorly-written, unsexy, un-thrilling, predictable, laughable TV-movie.

I would still recommend if for good acting, beautiful setting, beautiful people, to be entertaining even though you can figure it out long before it's over.

Don't waste your time!

I love Nia Long, she made the movie worth watching to the end.

The story is extremely predictable.

It is a boring generic movie and I would avoid missing it and literally do anything else for 90 minutes of your life.

Totally predictable and very stupid plot!!.

Like this is so cliche and predictable.

Really bad and annoying, tedious, complete waste of time.

What a waste of everybody's time.

Please stop making idiotic, predictable rubbish like this

It's an intense, taut and well concocted tale of deceit, infatuation, lies & survival.

Predictable diversion.

The narration was poorly written and included the same, repetitive descriptions of emotion for the characters.

This is so cliche and deja vu to the max.

Lol watch it in passing while you're trying to fall asleep and it'll cure your insomnia for sure.

Acting was mediocre & the plot was predictable.

Predictible and boring.

Story The story is so bland it is unreal, I can't believe films like this are made these days, Fatal Attraction came out so long ago and this film is just a cheap imitation of it and does nothing and I mean nothing that feels unique or interesting.

What prompts the comparison is the film's opening scene of a couple having sex in an otherwise empty house.

Kind of slow and unrealistic in parts.

All too predictable seen-it-before script.

Omar Epps' David is very convincing as the loser in this predictable rehash.

Movies are for entertainment and it was definitely entertaining.

What I don't understand is why such good, big actors would choose to act in a movie this basic and predictable.

It was way to predictable and didn't hold your attention.

It's all just very generic and dull.

Predictable to the end.

Very basic and predictable lines and plot.

Worst movie ever .

The plot was too predictable with too predictable;e characters.

One Dimensional & Bland .

How can a film that runs just under 90 mins be this bland and drawn out?

Terrible don't waste your time .

Entertaining typical stalker movie .

Like Omar Epps normally, but this movie was a waste of time.

Don't waste your time .

A thriller is supposed to make the audience sit on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next.

Garbage movie don't waste your time .

I watched paint dry.

The very next scenes are easily predictable.

It contains a few twists, however when you couple predictable with badly acted dumbed down Lifetime Movie Network nightmare stuff and throw in Muzak, you really become nauseated fast.

I really wanted to like this movie but it was predictable and cliche.

Bland at best.

Worst movie I have seen in a while.

Without those, all you're left with is boredom so intense, you can't help but check your phone, your watch, or literally anything else around you just to stay awake.

It was bad and so predictable.

What a cliche'...

"Black" actors aren't known for being emotionless, boring and lackluster.

Script: typical, predictable and cringeworthy.

Overall, a good and entertaining movie that's part of a genre that's been done to death.

But to be successful it needs a twist or something exciting.

The script itself is a cliché.

But just so dull.

Just boring.

I enjoyed it.

The supporting characters are bland.

She is fine in the role, but as all of this movie is she is really bland and generic here.

I listened to my marriage mate snore for about an hour.

A waste of time .

No chemistry at all among the actors, poor and highly predictable script, full of clichés.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat without being too predictable.

It's so obvious that the bad guy is the bad guy right off the beginning that you almost hope there is a twist because it's so uneventful and predictable.

It was as bland and unseasoned as it gets.

Uneventful, Unspenseful .

Don't waste your time.

I liked Omar Epps in Dr. House, and it was painful to see him in this film with little suspense (predictable), rehashing so many films of the genre.

Yes, it was a formulaic Lifetime Movie type stalker movie.

Absolutely, predictable, boring, poor acting and script.

Don't waste your time .

Formulaic to a fault, this movie is almost exactly identical to every Lifetime Movie Network film with a similar premise.

Oh my goodness, this was one of the worst movies of its genre.

Fatal Affair On Netflix Is A Deadly Dull Thriller .

Great Movie for if you are trying to fall asleep .

It was extremely formulaic.

waste of time and great actors...

The only positive point I have is that it was entertaining because I watch the whole movie.

100% predictable!

This is the reason this movie is so predictable.



A low 5 for the effort, a 0 for the waste of money.

Quite entertaining.

It's so predictable and cheesy!

Story was poorly executed and boring, as many are stating here.

I kinda hate they wasted the opportunity of them being in a movie together with this SUPER predictable plot.

Boring and predictable.

I mean the idea was already a cliche'ish idea.

Worst movie ever, stay away from this stinker.

Even what may be classed as the jumpy bits .. are predictable.

Otherwise, a waste of time

An unexpected twist would have been nice.

The movie was really predictable.

It's so predictable and requires you to completely ignore gaping plot holes and magic leaps in talent.

Definitely entertaining and worth the watch.

Predictable Stalker Movie .

I thought this was an okay film, pretty standard set up for films like this but little differences in the film makes it enjoyable and worth a watch.

One reviewer said it is annoyingly boring.

The cliche storyline, the terrible performances from quality actors...

The plot, dumb and predictable.

I enjoyed it because I really like Nia long and Omar Epps and love to see Black actors working (as it can be more competitive for them).

This was so predictable and had little or no substance to it.

just not a good plot, super cliche'ish .

A predictable story that's been done often and better.

The last 15 minutes where the best, really exciting, but still predictable.

This movie isn't horrible, but it's basic and predictable.