Femme Fatale (2002) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A woman tries to straighten out her life, even as her past as a con-woman comes back to haunt her.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Brian De Palma
Stars: Rebecca Romijn, Antonio Banderas
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 55 out of 235 found boring (23.4%)

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Especially Eriq Ebouaney who was about as intense as anyone I remember seeing.

Not one of the great ones, but worth watching, especially ifyou like to look at scantily-clad babes!

Over the years Brian De Palma has made some of my all time favourite movies but for way too long he's been coasting, making technically brilliant films with lousy scripts ('Mission Impossible', 'Mission To Mars').

The surreal series of events that follow illustrate further just how evil and manipulative Laure is and produce a dizzying succession of twists and turns that lead to the movie's entertaining and highly unpredictable conclusion.

The devices are all there, the femme fatale rotten to the heart, the man that falls for her and gets dragged to a tragic end, the seduction schemes, the inevitability, and the past that emerges to collect the bill.

She is a breathtaking beauty, much too gorgeous for the part; her acting hurts the character she plays .

Flashy film starts off well with an intriguing heist sequence, including an extended scene of two gorgeous women making out in a stall of a ladies room!

Been there done that confusion.

With that said, I still gave it a 6 (could have gone 7) because overall it was a bit too slow.

****SPOILERS**** Highly stylish but very confusing movie about a woman with a dark past who ends up getting married to a future US ambassador to France where she left her dark past behind.

A real farce of a movie with some entertaining notions and scenes.

No, there simply WAS NO PLOT.

Hard to follow at times, but an entertaining movie.

Sleek, fast, unpredictable: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos or the movie itself?

I can easily recall several stunning shots, which are some of the best I've ever seen from De Palma.

Plus it contains the most unexpected twist in this movie year, probably since fight club.

It was also great to see Gregg Henry in a De Palma movie again, even though his role in this movie was quite pointless.

The plot is complicated, and many viewers may not want to take the trouble to figure everything out, but the storytelling is exciting and Rebecca Romijn's performance is stellar.

The photography is stunning, the sex scenes are fabulous, and the classic "Hitchcock" atmosphere (assisted by a haunting musical score) makes it a pleasant way to pass an hour or two.

Brian De Palma's "Femme Fatale" is an immensely absorbing mystery thriller that features a woman whose characteristics are typical of the noir archetype and readily admits that she's "a bad girl, real bad - rotten to the heart".

Intriguing plot, if perhaps unnecessarily high tech.

The film leads off with a stunning 20-minute Jewel heist sequence that takes place during the Cannes film festival of 2001.

quite entertaining .

This is back-of-cigarette-packet cinema at its worst - and even uses a stock cinema "twist" device to explain why it is so cliché ridden!

What a waste of time.

Brian DePalma used so many screenplay devices that the end result was unbelievable, and implausible, and trite.

In this film we come to the height of pointless cruelty when characters are literally "forked", and this is the more so as you feel the director slowly and deliberately working his way to this "key scene".

Impatient viewers are likely to find it tiresome.

I highly recommend it as excellent entertainment if you like Hitchcock type plots.

I saw it today in a practically empty theater.

He has concocted a few interesting set pieces, but strung them together with a contrived plot, that gets increasingly absurd as the story progresses.

While the script itself is not flawless, De Palma still tells a pretty entertaining story, one that holds the viewers' attention regularly.

The pace is slow and you never care about the characters.

Boring Beyond Belief .

Is too boring and too slow.

It is a waste of time for the actors and all the crew and most of all for the people that spent 2 hours to see this thing .

FEMME FATALE maybe entertaining to some who may want to see two girls make out or see Rebecca Romijn-Stamos get naked and look like a super model in Paris and get away with a jewel heist.

If you're expecting a film that in any way approaches Brian DePalma's best work ("The Untouchables," "Carlito's Way"), save your money and go rent one of those films.

A big waste of time.

A highly entertaining film that falls during a dry few months in French movie theaters.

The Bobby Ewing finale is also more than a little contrived and insulting.

Too boring to watch - definitive spoiler follows .

Instead, it was dull and untrue.

What's confusing is that (1) the despondent girl whom Laure allows to commit suicide in her apartment in 1995 is another Laure - i.

Graceful, Hypnotic & Breathtaking .

But that wasn't entirely the case, in fact the movie felt a bit drawn out and dull sometimes.

Boring and tedious in its theatricality; a real shame from a master auteur.

Unfortunately, character development is at level zero, and while that may be okay for the heist scenes, it renders the bulk of the film boring.

Retracing every cliché of film noir (vouyerism, femme fatales etc)from his own body of work (Body Double, Dressed to Kill), this feels like leftovers from De Palmas's fridge, well past its sell-by-date.

Story is cartoonish, events are predictable and the plot is outlandish.

playful, stylistic, entertaining .

How may times have we seen all this or does cliché - when repeated often enough - become irony?

The only reason why I don't gave it 1 is because of the classy erotic starting scene (by the way, the whole sequence is painfully long and boring) and the fact that I prefer not to be drastic.

Mission Impossible was a totally entertaining film, because there was actually something intersting going on that Depalma capitalized on by shooting the s*** out of it.

The opening shot/scene is an eye-opener that makes a great re-creation of Cannes from last year (though East-West, the movie shown within the movie, was at Cannes in 1999), and throughout, DePalma has a breathtaking visual sweep again, like in his earlier films; his last three films (Mission Impossible, Snake Eyes, Mission to Mars) were mediocre at best and at worst awful.

In serious contention for the worst movie of all time.

Ignoring the visuals for a moment, De Palma's story was a like a car wreck: everything was going fine until the driver fell asleep.

The ending is even somewhat predictable, so you may not wish to sit through the tediousness waiting for something great.

There is a theme or a word running throughout Femme Fatale and that theme is: 'pointless'.

Watching the horrible cliches in this non-existent plot was as painful as watching Quentin Tarantino bumbling through the scene as Jimmy in Pulp Fiction.

Boring, stupid and badly acted although Romijn has her moments.

A pretentious waste.

A solid product and very entertaining throughout.


Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is very sexy and intense in this movie.

As empty as David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001) was, at least it had a sense of humor.

Maybe it's just because I'm used to seeing him flying round shooting bad guys, but he struck me as being a little bored.

A cool and delightfully entertaining film with a definite touch of French film noir!

The stunning scene where our heroine's ex-colleagues murder her friend in Belleville by throwing her in front of a truck is marred by the circumstances (they do it in broad daylight.

This may well be the worst movie I have ever seen.

The uncanny twist, plugged into the film to disentangle the web of confusion, carves out a pleasingly and surprisingly ironical ending - as if one is seeing ‘Run Lola Run' all over again.

It is a waste of time, talent, and waste of beauty as well.

Stylish Confusion .

There's the presence of warped dreamlike moments, not so different from David Lynch's Mulholland Drive – dark, cold and sort of going nowhere until the last half-hour when the puzzles begin to fit.

Not a bad film, but is confusing and loses focus in parts.

FEMME FATALE is an incredibly entertaining visceral experience; a modern and elegant thriller at its best.

The movie leaves a messy, confusing impression afterward, which is simply due to the poor written story that 'tries too hard to be difficult' at times.

Contrived effort from DePalma .

The filmmakers' suggest it's worth watching a second time.

I can't stress enough that the bulk of the movie worked so wonderfully in grabbing my attention, keeping my attention, and keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Final recommendation don't waste your time with this movie.

It's unnecessary difficult to follow at times, including the ending.

The title alone quietly whispers "cliche" in the back of your mind.

A colossal waste of time and money.

Ever since his horror masterpiece, Sisters, released in 1973, Depalma has been exploring Hollywood genres, picking them apart, finding out what is so fascinating about them, then exploiting those fascinating elements beyond necessity, in both a celebratory way, as well as a satirical one.

"Femme Fatale" is silly, but it's stylish and manages to be suspenseful and even moving, despite having characters that, until the end, are as cold as ice.

Sleek, fast, unpredictable...

Its a collection of uninteresting set pieces that may have worked if Brian "Plot?

The "twist" when it did come was boring and mostly unoriginal.

Sporting a screen play that is much more complex and intriguing than most of his other films in this genre, Brian De Palma has crafted a classic film that perfectly captures what Brian De Palma does best.

What a waste of time .

Stamos is one hot looking woman but her performance, combined with a truly twisting and confusing script, makes you lost in the movie and somewhat unenthralled with Stamos' gratuitous nudity.

This movie is boring ...

)Ted's Evaluation: 3 of 4 -- worth watching (may be elevated depending on what else appear this year, as I only allow two fours per year.

It was more exciting and thrilling than some of the movies playing at the theater at the moment.

It tried so hard to be showy and different it ultimately wound up becoming a cliché.

In a way, rather suspenseful!

(I actually didn't hate the movie, but many people did) For his follow up, de Palma returns to a more familiar genre, the suspenseful thriller in Hitchcock-fashion.

)This movie is type A boring!

However, upon a second viewing, it does become a bit more enjoyable, like an old bottle of red discovered years later.

Fine form DePalma cinematics will be enjoyable if one can forgive the picture's central conceit.

tries to hard to be deep and ultimately is just boring.

But the story lacks narrative drive; the most exciting part is the opening caper in the Cannes Film Festival, so the movie runs out of steam after that, before arriving at an audacious cheat of a big surprise that makes this whole movie a "Run Lola Run"-type of thing!

The story is pretty predictable and (aside from some typically nice directorial touches from DePalma) there's nothing even remotely interesting here.

SPOILERS***************SPOILERS: Spoilers: The film is typical of DePalma's previous scripts - violence, sexy women, dangerous stakes, confusion and then....

The first 10 minutes are amazing and I expected an interesting and exciting plot.

Most of De Palma's openings have long takes or dramatic, drawn out openings.

The fact it's set in 2008 is pointless; the split screen and point of view shots are pointless and a gimmick; the lap dance was pointless; the sex scene on the pool table was pointless – all the time it dangerously threatens to cross over the line into pornography.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos glows on the screen as the perfect femme fatale with her stunning looks and Antonio Banderas does a really good performance in his role as a semi-retired Spanish paparazzi photographer.

Yes, it is style over substance but also entertaining.

Lovely to look at but ultimately empty.

What a waste of time.

Awesome on both ends, dull in the middle (**1/2) .

Her story is compelling.

The story is nice, but has predictable "surprises".

The characters in the film are compelling, although two-dimensional, through and through.

The violence amongst the kissing, love making, sex and even the guy mentioned earlier taking pictures just all seemed pointless.

It's such a cliché, and not just in Hollywood, to prefer everybody's daring early work to the watered-down staple of their later years.

In fact I found it quite boring.

but that's just like DePalma to take a theme and put his own unique spin on things, making them even more interesting and engaging (for example, 'Dressed To Kill' --> 'Psycho').

The plot tricks are entertaining, not confusing.

The government ratings department should have a blurb that goes, "Contains moments of intense violence and sexuality.

Overall, Femme Fatale is an enjoyable thriller that is bound to keep most audience members on the edge of their seats throughout.

Film features stunning cinematography, extremely photogenic (and better then expected) leads, a twisty script full of surprises and a breath taking first forty minutes.

Thus leaving both versions in and making the film even more confusing then it already was.

But they both are located in the first third of the film and the rest is dumb and boring self repeat.

The script has some weak points, but it's delivered in a compelling and stylish way.

First, the beginning: it's ok but it's very repetitive and if you enjoy watching two women making out, you might get a kick out of the whole moment.

Immediately following, the film returns to its engrossing glory.


You are second only to Hitchcock when it comes to choosing stunning females.

Don't waste your time !

Brian De Palma crafts a typically engaging erotic thriller, one that has a great deal of respect for film noir and femme fatales of legend (especially "Double Indemnity" and Barbara Stanwyck).

The problem is that the middle portion is extremely boring, moving at about the speed of a snail stuck in the mud.

Romijn-Stamos is stunning .

Femme Fatale is a movie which keeps you guessing and which ultimately rewards you for sticking with it through its more mundane moments.

What a waste of time .

A complete waste of time.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos – somewhat a blending of the appearances of Kim Novak, Grace Kelly, Sharon Stone and Kim Bassinger - is brilliant and stunning in her roles.

Maybe it's hard to follow because it's too easy to be distracted by pretty much anything including watch checks, watching neighboring viewers' facial expressions, and counting walkouts (almost 20 on my side of the theater).

Sure, DiPalma has made better films, but this is an enjoyable, fast-paced flick.

Enjoyable .

Just have fun and enjoy one of the most entertaining films of the year.

A shambles of a movie from a cliché of a script.

Otherwise, it's not a very suspenseful or even interesting set-up, which is filled with double crossing moments that prove pointless later on.

The film should have finished with an intense destiny of Laure and Nicolas (Antonio Banderas); the turning-out-to-be-a-dream ending may indicate that the film's main argument is to present that cheap trick, or that De Palma might have not been able to find a better solution.

Overall, the film is entertaining even though it is flawed.

A conglomerated mess which seems to be trying to be intriguing while only managing to be confusing, this film mixes French and English languages and flashes forward seven years twice, stumbles over itself several times, and ends unsatisfactorily.

The most enjoyable piece of trash I've seen in a while...

It holds your interest, in part because it is incredibly confusing in places and you really have to pay attention, and in part because of its visual beauty, including, of course, the beauty of its star.

The jewel heist that opens the film is unbelievably engaging and sets the tone for the rest of the film perfectly.

"9/10 - Worth watching.

The unbelievably predictable dialogue (you can read along from the audience), the inexplicable inability of a master thief to get away from an elderly couple in a huge city, the completely out of place statements apparently thrown in for shock value, and the complete lack of persistence of people trying to kill each other could only come to a climax in one way: you guessed it - instant nudity as a result of being thrown off a bridge.

The ways in which split-screen techniques, tracking shots and overhead camera angles cover the action are totally breathtaking and clearly the work of a filmmaker who fully understands and is inspired by, all the possibilities of cinema as a visual medium.

One of the worst movies .

Hints o'plenty keep you interested 'till the unexpected ending.

The film is stunning to look at, and engrossing from beginning to end.

A boring film, with a twist at the end that is not even interesting, and doesn't excuse the previously mentioned boredom...

Just a waste of money.

I enjoyed it, even if I'd rather have seen Deneuve in this movie directed by Hitchcock in his prime.

For movie buffs it's predictable and I personally didn't find it all that enjoyable .

The opening sequences are amazing, breathtaking almost.

No one will be able to predict the end of this movie, it is so unexpected.

Antonio Banderas meanwhile seems somewhat bored with the role of Nicolas, he doesn't bring much energy to the proceedings.

the pacing was terrible, drawn out.

It's a confusing, convoluted thriller, badly over-directed by the once great; the opening robbery sequence should be amazing, featuring orchestral music, shocking scenes of violence and sexuality, and hard-working cinematography.

This movie is just plain boring.

Tedious, pretentious, self-conscious, self-indulgent, self-absorbed smart-aleck filmmaking.

Where the phrase is dangerous this is tame; where the phrase is sexy, this is degrading; where the phrase is mysterious, this is just plain dull.

Intriguing, unable to second guess the script most of the time, a film for film buffs who appreciate the world of cinema and the magic of it!

The only redeeming features of this motion picture is the visual detail and stunning crafting and care of complex sets, as the camera rotates 180 in the outdoor Paris street scene, incling a visual on a church front with people waiting for the sun to come out to be photographed, two workers gluing a poster on a wall, delivery men, a truck, children chasing a ball, two women seated at a cafe, woman feet in slow-motion running followed by feet of two men, also in slow-motion.

Keep that in mind when viewing DePalma masturbating his sense of style over substance, his sexual fetishes, and his need to rip-offHitchcock (whose work is the embodiment of properly applied auteur theory,engaging, entertaining, well-told filters for his own personnel thoughts andfeelings [lesson that can be learned by the many selfish filmmakers whoaudiences are swindled into believing to be geniuses by proxy]).

It's one of De Palma's best films: mysterious, full of suspense, a little bit of sex, a great camera (as usual) and, of course, entertaining.

I don't know how females react to the male actors, but I found the female actors ( Intriguing plot, if perhaps unnecessarily high tech.

The beginning and ending, though interesting, are very cliche.

Like the photographic sequence around the church, the bathtub sequences, and the near ending slow mo with wedding, meeting and car accident tying things together.

Bad, but entertaining .

The truly breathtaking Cannes heist that opens the film with the seductive Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is worth about 100 rewinds to see it again.

The story seems to be going nowhere.

Brian DePalma + Rebecca Romijn & Antonio Banderas = One of the most seductive, entertaining and riveting movies i have ever had the opportunity to lay my eyes on.

Over all, I like this movie, but they could have cut 2 or 3 scenes out and tried to clear up some of the confusion.

A convulated mess that all falls into place in the most unexpected way .

The story is boring and predictable, although a few twists might actually have offered a nice possibility to a good director with heart for characters.

I, on the other hand, love to see movies where they wrap everything up, things end on a upbeat and you walk out of the theater feeling good.

Still, it was an entertaining movie and considering other "remakes" I've seen recently, this one was a nice change.

Surely influenced by David Lynch's ‘Mulholland Drive' the film is quite exciting and is sincerely worth a look for its' merit, skill and clout as a film.

De Palma fell asleep writing the story.

Masterful director Brian DePalma (Scarface, Carrie) completely loses focus here and delivers us one of the most incoherent and boring excuses for a "thriller" in recent years.

If this movement wasnt so damn long and slow Id forgive that, at least it would be entertaining.

Stick with this one if you like 'em strange and unpredictable .