Finder's Fee (2001) - Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



A man finds a wallet containing a winning lottery ticket worth $6 million.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jeff Probst
Stars: Erik Palladino, Ryan Reynolds
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 4 out of 28 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (16)

That's how the movie is set up in this fast paced film with great acting.

Ryan Reynolds is fascinating to watch and probably the best reason to view the film a second time.

Written and Directed by Jeff Probst, there are so many great plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

The whole scenario is contrived and predictable.

I thought it may be very contrived and formulaic but interesting, and what the hell-I was bored.

I was drawn into it instantly and cringed as it became more and more intense.

Apparently a failed attempt to be a tight, dialogue intensive, character driven, one set drama (eg: The Big Kahuna, Glengarry Glen Ross, etc.), this flick is couch potato fodder.

All the characters had distinct personalities, which kept their conversations entertaining.

Very entertaining with great plot twists.

As it stands, 'Finder's Fee' is a good little film that will serve as an enjoyable rental.

One of the absolute worst movies I've ever seen.

The action seems, at times, like a filmed stage play, but the performances by all save the film from being boring or losing the audience's interest.

If you can find this movie somewhere, I highly recommend it.

Confusing Plot Twist .

It was enjoyable-- that is what the critics need to remember-- if it keeps you watching until the end to see what happens it did its job.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie.