Fire with Fire (2012) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A fireman takes an unexpected course of action when a man whom he's been ordered to testify against, after being held up at a local convenience store, threatens him.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: David Barrett
Stars: Josh Duhamel, Bruce Willis
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 73 found boring (26.02%)

One-line Reviews (51)

The Leading Actor who is about as flat and uninteresting as possible.

As his new identity becomes compromised Jeremy is forced to take an unexpected course of action in order to get his life back and save the lives of those he loves.....

"Fire with Fire" suffers from too many scenes that retard its headlong momentum, and many of its scenes drag out the inevitable.

To be sure, its screenplay could have gone through a few more rewrites - the love subplot feels unfinished, the main story has more than its share of predictable twists and turns, and the ending feels rushed and incomplete.

No matter what, it is worth watching.

Vincent D'Onofrio is as good as Gomer Pyle (from Kubrick masterpiece "Born to Kill), ruthless, stone-cold mean faced in this film, and that's the only part of a predictable, cheesy movie you should watch.

This is not bad at all, the action is intense the story is simple and easy to follow, and the performances are all credible.

This film is the perfect movie for television enjoyment, not great by any means; however, it's definitely quite suitable for renting, pay-per-view, and /or watching on HBO, STARZ, etc. The plot is very predictable, the acting questionable, and the on-screen magnetism between Duhamel and Dawson is minuscule at most.

It starts with a fire where the fireman gets rewarded with a box of very expensive booze (as if anybody would hand it out after their home or place of business burned down), our hero & friends end their shift & decide to drink the booze, our hero gets trapped in a convenience store where the very predictable evil white guy kills the very predictable victims from a minority group, our hero escapes and only gets shot in the arm, he identifies the villain, decides to testify against him and enters witness protection.

The movie when you break it down is just another vigilante type revenge movie but again because it's so fast paced and entertaining you can't stop watching.

Not the worst action movie I ever saw, only entertaining for a few moments, good cast, and Gomer Pyle scared the sh**t out of me.

Overall, this is a fast paced exciting action movie that is the perfect kind to just put in and veg out to.

It's exciting, you really get to hate the bad guy.. and so you feel sorry for the victim (Jeremy).

It was a very well done fast paced movie, not quite like all the other movies of its genre.

A very generic but very fast moving and entertaining vigilante type movie.

Prolific television director David Barret and rookie scenarist Tom O'Connor struggle to impart vitality and momentum in this tedious, straight-to-video actioneer about a virtuous firefighter who witnesses a double homicide in a convenience store.

Duhamel is an okay hero, but this predictable thriller desperately needed more urgency.

Dull, predictable, cheesy.

When I think of some of the best gritty and engaging roles by actors over the years - this one repeatedly rises to the top.

Fifteen minutes into yawn-creating screenplay, the plot starts making no sense.

Muddled and confusing, plodding and slow-moving.


This was just tedious, dull and stupid.

He might be good at the romantic stuff he does, but as a lead in an action packed movie like this, it feels like he's a fish out of water.

The dialogue is cliché-ridden and makes one roll the eyes frequently, and the story has no surprises , is very pedestrian and gets muddled from trying to do too much.

After his life is destroyed, he decides to go all out for revenge in some minor but mildly entertaining action sequences.

Vincent's role worth the watch.

Banal and undemanding, not vital, straight to video, fire and forget film making.

Intense, good paced, excellent cast.

Ignore the bad reviews, this is a very enjoyable action flick.

The formulaic vigilante crime thriller "Fire with Fire" is far from incendiary.

Dialogs are cheesy, editing is bad, stunts have no adrenaline and on the whole, the predictable story disappoints.

Anyway I was dreadfully bored, tired of waiting for The Walking Dead series to end the mid-season, so I watched Fire with Fire cos I didn't have to wake up early and my pop-corn was ready.

With Fire with Fire, what we have is a movie produced by 50 Cent (which is another reason to stay clear), predictable to be the last breath and an ending that was just out of place, all through the movie, the protagonist was either beaten when he should have shot, or waste time moaning over a hurt love when he should be shooting, save your cash.

Don't waste your time .

It is a well paced, thrilling action vengeance picture that satisfies in every way.

I liked the story line even though it's somewhat predictable.

e (the love story), however I enjoyed it and there were still some great scenes that could potentially keep many people on the edge of their seat!

This film was completely predictable and lacked any originality what so ever.

Personally, this movie was LOT BETTER then Prometheus movie which only had too much CGs and no story at all, bunch of copies of all other movies.

It's entertaining enough, if you generally watch a lot of movies.

The script was overly predictable and the dialouge wasn't moving.

i recommend anyone who enjoys action packed/violent type movies to see it!

Willis part in this movie is so minor and uneventful, the reason why he is placed on the DVD cover when his role in the movie is so minimal.

This film passes the time adequately and is moderately entertaining while it does so.

And while a lot of the movie is predictable, I can't say I was bored at any moment.

The romance is completely bland with no chemistry and the ending is predictable and rushed.

Sadly, Willis's part was completely uneventful.

You have a mix of electric brutal well staged violence mixed with slow poorly put together, comically inappropriate scenes.

It moves along at a swift pace, and the action sequences are exciting and extremely brutal.

The ending was, like any normal action movie, cliché and featured that iconic character phrase or saying that all action movie characters have, I believe his was "I need you to trust me.