Flashdance (1983) - Drama, Music, Romance

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A Pittsburgh woman with two jobs as a welder and an exotic dancer wants to get into ballet school.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Adrian Lyne
Stars: Jennifer Beals, Michael Nouri
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 155 found boring (21.29%)

One-line Reviews (79)

Ok i am boring you with my Memory Lane.

The final show is always postponed and the fight to stage it and dream to be someone are dredged from a pseudo Cassavetes desperation about life instead of using the snappy cadence of the musical.

A materialism about the difficulties but when it comes to the last release, the dance audition, we go back to the snappy, idealized Hollywood dance we expected all along.

Worth watching!

As it turns out, I found it to be a surprisingly charming, entertaining and uplifting film.

Technically Jeanie and Richie are not deceased, but since they failed at their dreams and will never pursue them again, their drab future in their insignificant lives in blue-collar Pittsburgh is a metaphor for death.

So a 6 star rating felt fair because even though this is by means a great movie and should mostly be viewed as a collection of music videos, the dancing and the music makes it an enjoyable depiction of an era gone by and I for one can respect the fact that this became such a monster hit that it defined a whole generation.

It has essentially no story, only a series of setups.

It may not be deep or significant, but it is an enjoyable, well-made piece of popular entertainment.

It is a story of energy, of feeling and of life The story seems utterly predictable and rather contrived, and the characters are weak.

Waste of time.

This is basically Rocky if the story has dance scenes for filler, the numerous subplots went nowhere, and the characters weren't appealing.

All in All the movie is very entertaining.

Further galvanized by Giorgio Moroder's pulsating score and a rousing rock soundtrack (Irene Cara's "What a Feeling" seriously smokes in no uncertain terms), this iconic 80's smash hit overall rates as a very sweet and inspiring movie.

Flahdance is a very retro, cheesy entertaining film that is at no point boring and never drags, and is also a very clear symbol of the great 1980's and the night club exotic dancing scene of the time.

I felt empty as I watched Kyle T.

An exciting movie .

Jennifer Beals is very engaging in the movie, Micheal Nouri is creepy and entirely too old for her.

Actually, I'm being too hard on "Footloose," since it actually had a plot, some interesting characters, and a point-of-view (to say nothing of a POINT), as opposed to the pointless and silly "Flashdance.

Alex ends up having a predictable romance with her boss, Nick Hurley (Michael Nouri), who is about twice her age.

Other than that the movie is a waste of time.

What I didn't care about was the rather hockey love story with her boss, the predictable relationship with the elderly woman and the preaching to her friend subplot.

and cable as well as should be on the DVD, it's worth the watch.

Cliché-ridden, cheesy and often tasteless.

It highly evokes nostalgia, because it screams 80s, that's why is so enjoyable, apart from the dancing.

Indeed) this dull-edged story about an 18-year-old welder-cum-dancer (Can you believe such a preposterous scenario as that?

So many funny, and so many dreadful moments that peck at the memory like a relentless chicken: Jennifer Beals dancing frenetically in place to the unbearable "Maniac", removing her bra without removing her sweatshirt, digging her foot into the guys crotch under the table…and the fashion statement – it is one of those rare movies that has a huge impact on fashion.

This is an entertaining dance flick with the requisite early 80's soundtrack.

However, after that, the lack of story began to take its toll and I found the film dragged.

The side characters (an ice skater/stripper and a cook/racist comedian) are uninteresting, mildly offensive, and a general waste of time.

Despite being a cliched and predictable movie,many did enjoy it back when it was released as it gave many hope during difficult times.

Throughout the slow paced, dull film, there was a very well received underlying message; try for your dreams or you never know if they will come true.

What makes a good film for me is that it is enjoyable, entertaining, gripping, likable and emotional.

While in the original version, Alex seems to be a candid 18 year old girl trying to find her dream, in Spanish her voice makes her look like a much older and experienced woman with an empty life.

There's quite a bit going on in this film and a lot of it is just one giant cliché and it's way too predictable for its own good.

An entertaining and thrilling dance film.

Every time it seems I re-watch this movie it gets worse and worse as I recognize how trite and pathetic the cardboard story and dialog is.

Unfortunately the music and dancing weren't very good either, and the movie actually was pretty boring.

However, it's neither engaging nor entertaining.

Some people say that there is no plot.

Director Adrian Lyne adds some style and flash to the picture but the screenplay is pretty much full of clichés and is way too predictable from start to finish.

You can probably guess the rest of the movie yourself, thats how predictable and "seen-before" it is.

It's just a perfect emulation of that period of time, i felt like i was there, totally immersed and ready to go.

The story seems utterly predictable and rather contrived, and the characters are weak.

It is enjoyable as these kind of movies go and it has a great pop/ rock syle soundtrack which includes the hit Irene Cara song What A Feeling.

But too much attention is put on supporting characters and their boring stories.

In fact one of the movies great plusses is the development of the folks that surround Alex (the elderly and dear Hanna who encourages her dreams, her problem-possessing friends that serve to enhance Alex's amiable self, the aging club dancer that profoundly affects her at the movie's close, the degenerate rival club owner, and even her homely dog) all of whom are presented in clear-cut (though predictable-which is what is called for) scenes that establish their purpose.

However this film to me is just as entertaining now as when it was first released in 1983.

All in all, Flashdance despite its few undeniable faults is a very decent and enjoyable film in my opinion.

That she was only 18 at the time is mind boggling.

However she proceeds to audition for the very bored selection committee and gives an electrifying free dance performance that in true fairy story tradition brings the committee to its feet.

The movie is characterized,just like what I've said in the first paragraph by numerous elements of guilty pleasures that a viewers seeks in an entertaining movie such as romance,teen-age memories,formulaic themes,predictability,interesting characters, great choreographed dance scenes, and sequences in the style of music videos.

Well worth watching tho'.

Only worth watching to get all the puns people make about the film .

Actually, I'm being too hard on "Footloose," since it actually had a plot, some interesting characters, and a point-of-view (to say nothing of a POINT), as opposed to the pointless and silly "Flashdance.

Donald Peterman's slickn'n'sparkling cinematography and the punchy editing provide plenty of extra thrilling kick.

The story is vastly overshadowed by the film's style, music and dancing, it is barely existent and what there is pretty dull and preposterous, too often the opposite of feel-good or charming while the sordid-ness also feels over the top.

The cleverer it gets, the more pretentious it seems, as with 'Beals' final number against the white tile wall.

This is easily one of the most uninteresting pieces of nothing ever made.

Sure the storyline feels sappy and the dialogue at times is very cliché; I don't want to give any spoilers I rather suggest you watch it before reading others' comments to get a feel of it yourself.

Another user compared it to Saturday Night Fever with the genders swapped but that is just unfair, Flashdance has no plot to speak of and, when it does try to act events and depth to the characters it just doesn't work.

The protagonist is wholly un-compelling.

Entertaining and fun .

I also thought that the film could be a bit more entertaining.

This is probably the worst movie you'll ever have a wonderful time watching.

Weak, unimaginative, thoroughly formulaic directing styles don't help matters either.

Inadvertently this gives "Flashdance" a surprising allurement, which came to be deeply influential to future cinema and video-clips, making the movie carry much more weight in filmmaking history then the banality of its story would even deem possible.

Granted, things get really corny and melodramatic at times, but director Adrian Lyne keeps the slight, but still engrossing story zipping along at a snappy pace, the exciting dance set pieces have hot sensual energy to burn (Cynthia Rhodes in particular is an absolute dynamo!

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The story is trite - a female welder in a steelworks dreams of being a ballet dancer and practices her dancing in one of the local bars at night.

She does fare better than Michael Nouri, whose character is obnoxious, bland and clichéd, all of those accentuated in Nouri's acting.

Enjoyable drama that helped kick start a new dance craze in the early 80's, "Flashdance" follows the fortunes of welder/night club dancer Alex as she dreams of one day turning professional.

This film introduced me to the worst cliché of all time, Slapping People Twice.

After six weeks, she was bored to tears, and quit, going back to teaching crowded classes.

The plot is very thin, clichéd and predictable.

Also,she is very engaging as we do care for her character to succeed in her aspirations as a dancer.

After watching it, I have to say it was entertaining, emotional and the dancing shown in this film was phenomenal.

The film has no plot.

Despite some of the negatives it is a passable film, but with a story that's practically non-existent throughout its running time it's a pretty unmemorable film even though it is mildly entertaining at times.