Fleabag (2016) - Comedy, Drama

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A comedy series adapted from the award-winning play about a young woman trying to cope with life in London whilst coming to terms with a recent tragedy.

IMDB: 8.7
Stars: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sian Clifford
Length: 27 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 34 out of 450 found boring (7.55%)

One-line Reviews (96)

A very enjoyable show.

It's entertaining, silly and serious all in a single package.

Phoebe herself is a hero too for making a name for herself and creating her own series, which explores life as a single, hyper-sexual, romantic in this fast paced world of fear, desires and madness.

There is no plot, no story, every character's a filmsy and the director/scriptwriter is clueless about what she wants to convey or she is not good at conveying it.

the annoying camera side glances are pointless.

How this show, with such unlikeable and obnoxious characters and an irritating storyline all packed into a measly 6 episodes won Best Comedy series is mind blowing to me.

This drab attempt at hip, off-center comedy is neither funny nor interesting.

I thought this would just be another banal BBC3 comedy - I give them all a go because there have been some gems.

Enjoyed it .

It's breathtaking storytelling that holds its own in every single moment.

Those asides (and the quick faces / acting bits) become both serious inside tidbits into the character, and just plain enjoyable acting.

I found it contrived.

This is what has happened with Fleabag, a debauched, plot-less, unfunny, series that is being passed off as high art.

That is not wooden, one dimensional or boring.

Boring, Predictable Show .

All the characters are super compelling and the storytelling is brilliant.

I've only seen 3 episodes, and they all where entertaining.

Eventually, she meets a charmless priest, but this contrived relationship is hardly the stimulus the series needs.

I won't go into a walkthrough level recounting of the series, but I can say it was pretty entertaining and captivating for the most part.

Boring Wooden and Self-congratulatory .

Usually, in Richard Curtis comedies for example the women are posh, well behaved and bland beyond belief.

I'd rather watch paint dry.

I just watched the first season and it was rather boring.

Boring and not funny .

The show becomes far funnier in episodes 4,5, and 6 because more about Fleabag is known and it becomes far more heartwarming in unexpected ways.

A Most Enjoyable Binge .

Heartwarming as well as entertaining, Fleabag was a blast for me!

Really imaginative and entertaining.

The story is entertaining and interesting.

Not that I don't appreciate more women-created content (I do), but it is tiresome that so many shows about neurotic, immature, unpleasant women making mostly very poor life choices somehow merit the "feminist" title.

Surprisingly engaging comedy .

The situations themselves are contrived and serve only the one-liners, which crop up every 10 seconds, not the other way round.

Her character was totally self indulgent & weird, if she had had a few redeeming qualities I may have watched it beyond episode 3.

0/10 It's about a stupid lady whose noise looks like a witch's with dull facial expressions .


She's not a loveable rogue, she's a deeply unpleasant bore.


Unwatchable .

Tried watching 3 episode, but just found them all to be boring.

Don't waste your time.

Her intense pleasure seeking hints towards how her life has been reduced to physicality and nothing is meaningfully deep creating a blob of neverending confusion and emptiness.

Fleabag comes across as smug and unbearable, convinced every one of her flaws is cool or adorable in some way and that every word she utters is a rare zinger.

Overall, brilliantly cast, brilliantly acted and very enjoyable to watch.

It's not the type of show that I would usually love but the conflicting deep characters, relationships, great humor and compelling storytelling left me hooked.

Loved this series, funny, fresh and exciting.

It's genuinely, one of the funniest, most enjoyable seasons of comedy I've seen in a long while.

It's very funny and entertaining and just showing the real thoughts of a woman.

Pheobe Waller Bridge is a comedic genius, this show is funny and uplifting and sad with some really witty fast paced dialogue.

Self indulgent rubbish, how did it get funded?

An enjoyable surprise .

So boring .

Witty dialogues, brilliant storytelling, fascinating style of narration.

Waste of time👎🏻 very boring and stupid0/10👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Oh, and she is rather stunning too.

Hugely entertaining and soulful .

Self indulgent rubbish.


The narrative is so disjointed it is impossible to say what the first episode is actually about.

but definitely worth the watch.

The relationship feels contrived from the very beginning, lacking authenticity as it is forced to develop over the span of the six 20+ minute episodes.

A Self Indulgent Celebration of Truly Awful, Awful People .

I highly recommend it.

Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing two seasons.

At the risk of repeating her observations, I'll just back her and add that I found the lead character self-indulgent, entitled, unfunny, irritating and just downright annoying.

Boring .

Its very very irreverent and I think many people will be turned off by the crude humor and think its trying to be pretentious or whatever.

These are short episodes, but so engaging, ideal for marathoning.

It's a fantastically made dark comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Great idea, living through life with this cool character and her interestingly drab life.

The main character has been fleshed out with every bad character trait and neurosis imaginable to the point where she is one big cliché of a mess and watching her bumbling,self destructive misery was neither funny nor intriguing.

What at first seems like a reprehensible, self-indulgent and overly smug main character does finally turn out to have more depth and be working through so issues of her own, though it's a long wait to find out even some of that.

Laugh out loud funny, shocking, gripping.

However, it takes you through a wide range of human emotions, including disappointment, despair, depression, hope, unexpected happiness, laughter, love, contempt, skepticism, faith, and many more, in creative and entertaining ways.

You have boring crap plus a horrible character.

Self indulgent, middle-class melodrama complete with irritating side glances to the audience presumably copied from Miranda Hart.

Ultimately, this series was amazing - riveting - poignant and moving.

Totally boring .

Engrossing series, best tv in a long while .

It's raw, intense, funny and tragic.

I really enjoyed it.

What started as simple, one-dimensional characters have been fleshed out into real people with just enough nuance in their flaws, motivations and attitudes to make for engaging comedy.

Surprisingly Entertaining for a While .

Season one was a TV show based on a play, it was very witty and pushed boundaries and I enjoyed it immensely.

The short runtime and episode count makes it very easy to keep watching, but it does often feel like a broadly predictable upwards character arc for Fleabag (even if the smaller events are much less predictable).

Season 1 was decent, Season 2 was a snooze fest.

In it, an empty-souled young woman floats through life proudly letting herself being used by men, as she tries to navigate a world in which she is haunted by her friend's suicide (which her reckless actions indirectly caused) and troubled by tensions with family members.

: it only has 2 seasons, so its definitely worth watching!

The spectrum of emotions is familiar and the season is wildly entertaining, witty and intensely moving.

Years from now, it will be heralded as a form of literature, as compelling today (and perhaps tomorrow) as the novels of Jane Austen were when their audience was found.

Their chemistry is palpable and exciting and you're rooting for them to work.

The main character is kind of damaged yet still fascinating to watch.

A 30 minute show is unusual these days, so the short bites were intriguing.

Unexpected .

One has to be small-minded and wrapped up in their sexually frustrated boring lives to enjoy something like this.

Maybe it becomes more involving the more one watches but our boredom threshold having already been passed and we will never know!

If I could watch this show for the first time again, I'd just skip the weird, pointless cringefest that was S1 and I'd go straight for S2.