Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Over the course of five social occasions, a committed bachelor must consider the notion that he may have discovered love.

Director: Mike Newell
Stars: Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 39 out of 238 found boring (16.38%)

One-line Reviews (126)

After seeing this boring product, I avoid any film that has Hugh Grant in it, since I'm absolutely sure that he ruins them all with his "presence".

The idea of analyzing people in their social environment and what better occasions than weddings or funerals that provide an atmosphere for people to mingle,and share their joys or sorrows,is entertaining and wise.

They make the movie really worth watching.

It has some good moments and some boring moments.

This has a realistic feel to it and I highly recommend it.

She gets married the next day like nothing happened and Charlie confesses his love to her.

It has an ensemble cast as rich and entertaining as the characters that filled my life at that time, including the working environment that is neglected in this film.

That's why I think that casting her in this film was a stroke of genius, for so far as my senses tell me she perfectly fits the character she plays: a dull beauty who casts a spell over one out of every twenty men she meets, leaving the remaining nineteen cold and completely baffled.

Overall this is a great rom com that has stood the test of time; well worth watching… or rewatching.

Romantic scenes are slow, wooden and painful to watch.

Boring, Boring and even more Boring .

The soundtrack is enjoyable.

The movie is worth watching for that alone.

An utter waste of time .

Andie is so uncomfortable in this role that every single line is delivered in a monotone drawl.

Therefore the romantic interest here is far too sudden and inexplicible to be in anyway formulaic.

Kinda boring .

I was a bit intrigued while watching the movie, but it had a dull atmosphere with not many funny or memorable moments which made me less interested towards the end of the movie.

The most heart-gripping scene in the entire film is John Hannah's recital of W.

I very much enjoyed it on its first release in 1994 and it stands up very well 13 years later.

Additionally, the wedding to Duckface is totally unmotivated, and only contrived so that he can leave her at the altar without us hating him.

The film was an unexpected success, becoming the highest-grossing British film in cinema history at the time.

Unlike the very first review I thought this was HG's second best movie (Notting Hill being the best) but, in any case, this one was very, very entertaining.

Much has been said about MacDowell's acting- that she can't, that she is wooden, that her very presence on the screen is boring, even ruins the film.

However, for all it's superficiality, it's far more enjoyable escapism than its patronising predecessor 'Notting Hill'.

I cannot believe that this movie has a user rating of 7.2 It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, filled with bland characters, crude humor, and offensive language.

Now the Negatives, well Negative 1/ Andie MacDowell is seriously bland and terribly miscast in the role of Hugh Grant's often absent love interest, so much so she took the shine off the romantic element in this romantic comedy.

" The line in itself is awful enough, but when it's expressed in a monotone drawl, it's unbearable.

Sure, it's formulaic as evidenced in his later films; Notting Hill, About A Boy, Love Actually, just to name a few.

This inexplicably popular piece of trite, self-indulgent garbage made the slimy Hugh Grant equally inexplicably popular.

The key theme throughout are the relationships between the characters and yes, many people will say it is predictable but at the end of the day it is enjoyable, funny, a good laugh if you want to sit down with your loved one and enjoy funny sex and relationship jokes.

Hugh Grant at his most charming leads a talented ensemble cast in this warm-hearted tale of unrequited and requited love that so impressed stodgy Academy voters it actually got a Best Picture nomination.

"Death" had a coherent, engaging plot from start to finish.

It bored me to tears.

It's made all the more powerful by how brilliant Simon Callow was as Gareth and how lifeless and empty everything feels without him.

Going along on this quest with Grant and friends is as enjoyable an entertainment as you're lucky to find in your local DVD section.

While "Four Weddings and a Funeral" was enjoyable to watch, it was too predictable.

Parts are entertaining.

Certainly superior to the very similar "Notting Hill," with a passel of enjoyable characters well played.

Normally British films to me are kind of an mix bag for me and what I mean is sometimes I will enjoy or be bored by movies from Britain.

I would give it more stars except that there were a few parts where I felt the movie was a little too contrived to get some laughs.

However, I had a look at some of the reviews below and found them intriguing.

This was a very entertaining movie to watch, had just the right blendof British humor, Ike...

The central story, of Charles and Angie I found rather tedious too and this is the other reason I can't rate this movie highly even though Hugh Grant is an absolute sweetie and lifts any movie quite a bit nearer the stratosphere.

The story is so plain and predictable, the acting is terrible, no chemistry between the 'lovers' and the jokes are not very funny.

While starting off a little on the slow side, this film is never less than hugely enjoyable.

"4 weddings and a funeral" has all the ingredients to make a film enjoyable, over and over again.

I just found it too predictable.

Boringly Unfunny with Terrible Acting .

I came across this movie while looking for fifth element, it was raining, glum and I was bored out of my skull.

Each sentence was blurted in the same vacant monotone, like she was the voicemail lady sitting in a room reading off disjointed phrases to be pieced together later by a computer.

The four weddings and the funeral of the title provide lots of laughs, some enjoyable romance and more than a few tears.

And, with that said - I thought this completely contrived movie was total garbage from start to finish.

The characters are interesting, the casting is perfect, the writing is crisp and funny, and the direction is clever and engaging and filled with little surprises.

It is boring.

The message is pointless.

The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

There's enough twists and turns along the way to keep this film unpredictable, including one scene near the end that initially seems so mean-spirited that it may have you biting your fist and crying, `Oh, NO!

In fact David (the deaf guy) appears to be the smartest one out of the entire cast in that he's the only one who sees that Charles doesn't want to be with Henrietta, but with the 'dull American' instead (because let's face it, there is absolutely NO sexual chemistry at all between Grant and McDowell - she seems to be rather irritated by him.

' Implied strongly here is the modern reality that sex (as an enjoyable pastime) can be decoupled from sex (as an expression of love).

I find it difficult to appreciate some of the characters especially when they start to act pretentious.

And Scarlett says `…most of the blokes I fancy think I'm stupid and pointless, so they just bonk me and leave me.

Am I the only one who sees her as the wooden, boring actor that she is?

The end is sweet, though a little predictable.

The events are uninteresting.

The story is pathetically boring and embarrassingly not funny.

The point is that this motion picture is great fun, quite entertaining, relaxing and good to give great laughters.

The comedy though was enjoyable and the interesting mix of characters made it even more funny.

Enjoyable to the very last scene, I laughed out loud (rare for me, especially when watching a show alone), I cried, I fell in love, and every time I watch this movie, I want to embrace my husband and never let him go.

The relationship between the two is intense and funny all the way through and is a great watch for older audiences who can appreciate the ideas put forth by the director of 'Harry Potter and the goblet of fire' It's a typical love story with many conventions of the romance genre involving flirtatious conversations, wedding settings, stereotypical husbands, wives and singletons and are all brilliantly conveyed in an enthusiastic plot with likable characters and effect speaking.

But the story is kinda boring.

There's such rich content and so much humour that it's still very entertaining on the third or fourth viewing.

The ravishing Kristin Scott Thomas is touching as the lonely Fiona, and her timing is impeccable when she recovers from an indelicate question with a snappy comeback.

Quite a charming and intriguing script.

Probably because it was the first good comedy to come out of Britain for years, but since then we have seen Notting Hill and Love Actually come from the same writer and i found them both more enjoyable than this.

The dialog was, at times, witty and at other times rather too drawn out.

A girl on my college dorm floor desperately wanted me to watch it (she was very into all things English), so I obliged, but believe that I fell asleep through part of it.

Richard Curtis' script makes this movie an enjoyable one with the assistance of Newell's visual observation on those funny little parties called weddings.

By the fourth wedding it becomes a little lame with predictable results.

Few(but still some) scenes seem drawn-out.

The lack of characters are helped by what I consider to be two rather uninspiring performances from the lead.

Enjoy it, certainly, as witty, very well acted, moving and engaging.

There's something about him that is highly enjoyable to watch; we laugh at his witty remarks, we cringe when he is clumsy and makes stupid mistakes, we are happy for him when he finds true love.

The romantic interest is simply uninteresting.

Each is unique and compelling.

I even laughed and hid a tear or two through Green Card, though after this exercise in boredom periodically interrupted by flashes of repugnance I plan on avoiding all future Andie McDowell offerings.

Entertaining, pleasant and funny, `Four Weddings and a Funeral' makes for a satisfying, feel-good cinematic experience that just seems so wonderfully civilized amid the seemingly endless rancor abounding in our world today.

Charlie (Hugh Grant) is surrounded by MUCH more desirable female friends - even Duckface has something going for her - but instead of so much as noticing them he falls head over heels for an unattainable woman who is, on top of everything else, boring.

4/ It's original and entertaining, with many amusing moments.

Perhaps it's a sign of how romcoms have changed now, but the ending feels extremely clichéd, and is predictable from the get-go.

Four Weddings and a Funeral is funny (hilariously at times), touching, enjoyable and entertaining...

It blends good breeding and bad language; laughter and tears; and marriage and friendship into a thoroughly enjoyable whole.

A few less of Charles's "set" of familiar faces would have helped a lot because most of their characters/scripts were pretty boring.

Although it is very difficult to tell how love strikes in real life, usually the make-believe world of Hollywood and elsewhere is more predictable.

Worth watching.

Mostly enjoyable - needs a different ending .

Utterly charming and enjoyable .

It's ironic that the same pointless sex is exactly what the real life High Grant got himself involved in with that skanky prostitute only a few years later.

But as part of the whole, his persona can play against four or five equally engaging characters with magnificent results.

Grant's bumbling bachelor is typically an engaging protagonist, even if his inability to acutely convey his emotions does lead him to lead on almost every woman in his life, and MacDowell is better than most people give her credit for, though her delivery of perhaps the picture's most infamous line - "is it still raining?

All in all, an enjoyable romantic comedy.

Overall, Four Weddings and a Funeral is a hugely enjoyable and enduring film.

In one word, don't waste the time, never pretend to love/ not love someone.

(In truth, she's a far more compelling character than Carrie, and almost as beautiful.

The pacing is often slow.

He's #32, the most interesting points being that their first tryst came within a few hours of their meeting and just before she returned to the US (a shallow and likely one-night stand in other words) with their unexpected second coming not long after she tells him that she's become engaged to #33 (and had no intention of giving up #33, whom she didn't love, for a guy she supposedly felt some connection with).

The supposedly deep and meaningful connections between characters were actually so threadbare as to cause audience confusion or worse, indifference.

Right when Gallager passes away, the movie takes a turn and becomes much more engaging.

However, Four Weddings, although certainly over hyped at the time of it's release, is still quite an enjoyable film.

Set in contemporary England, one of the aspects of this film that makes it so engaging is the propriety with which the humor is presented.

The film is not judgemental – other than to expose the crass (George, who asks `what use are the novels of Wordsworth') and the boring (John, the `38 going on 60 stockbroker').

I had watched this movie years ago, enjoyed it, and just now watched it again on Amazon streaming.

A very enjoyable romantic comedy .

Out of the hundreds of engaging, beautiful, talented actresses who would be champing at the bit to appear with Grant in a sure-fire feelgood movie such as this, how, I ask, how could they have selected her?

Beside the unconvincing interest of Charles towards Carrie and paleness of Carries character,and their dull conversations,there are so many joyful moments in the film;dialogues are so witty and clever,like for example"Bride or groom?

Also the movie is too long and slow--it needed tightening up.

For me, a little dull .

I know a lot of people may not agree with me, but I find this movie to be so completely entertaining that it amazes me.

An uninteresting personalitywith a flat voice (remember that she was dubbed by Glenn Closein "Greystoke".

"Four Weddings and a Funeral" is a fine and entertaining movie with good performances, although the movie may be a little overrated.

Even if the dialogue has purpose, it's too dull to watch characters talking for 2/3 of the movie.

It was unique, it was groundbreaking, it was entertaining and funny, it has amazing acting, amazing characters, and amazing chemistry between the characters.

It's not bad, it's good, funny and entertaining.

His luck changes when he meets an engaging American (MacDowell at her loveliest) who may be the one.

Unfortunately, most of the fun and enjoyable parts of the movie seemed to be packed into that first wedding.

This is a film that is entertaining from start to finish and as well as Grant's finest moment, for me is the best Rom-Com ever made.