Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) - Horror, Thriller

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After being mortally wounded and taken to the morgue, murderer Jason Voorhees spontaneously revives and embarks on a killing spree as he makes his way back to his home at Camp Crystal Lake.

Director: Joseph Zito
Stars: Erich Anderson, Judie Aronson
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 46 out of 370 found boring (12.43%)

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Unfortunately it doesn't do too much to help the film in regard of its horrible awkward writing, but it does provide for a little relief from the more unbearable moments.

As I wrote in my Jason Goes to Hell review, this phenomena is the most entertaining aspect of the entire series.

However it's still Friday the 13th with the weak dialog, and predictable story.

Not a classic, and certainly not the final chapter, but this is one of the more entertaining and clever of the Friday the 13th movies.

Entertaining as hell.

What also makes this movie so dull is the unbelievable stupidity of the residents of Crystal Lake and its surrounding areas.

The direction by Joseph Zito is outstanding,with Zito bringing and creepy and intense atmosphere to the film and occasionally moving the camera giving the movie a nice pace.

Enjoyable performances, competent direction and a fast pace make this the best of the series next to Part III.

I am not a big fan of the "Friday the 13th" series, in fact while they all have a silly premise, some of them are also pretty damn boring.

First of all, it's scary, the chase scene at the end keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The movie was REALLY entertaining, some of the entertainment comes from the comedy (referring to the Teddy guy's relationship with Jimbo) factors and the scene switches.

But unfortunately the film is bogged down by the usual bunch of dozy teenagers and their boring romances and predictable behavior.

Recap:I've recently had the joy of watching an uncut, high definition print of this film and I enjoyed it considerably more than I did 20-odd years ago.

It is exciting and riveting, and like the rest of the film, just plain cool.

The film is dark, brooding, intense and most of all violent.

Another entertaining sequel, better than "Part III" .

worth watching for tommy's freak out at the end.

Completely distasteful, yet oddly compelling .

I find the first Friday the 13th really boring.

The finale is entertaining and contains some genuinely suspenseful moments involving a running Jason and a chase sequence that goes back and forth between the two houses, and Jason's "demise" is gory and satisfying enough.

I think they are thrilling,silly,and a whole lot of good fun.

It is also the last part who is really worth watching (besides maybe part 6).

"Friday The 13th - The Final Chapter" was supposed to be the big one, and advertised a high body count and a thrilling showdown to end the slasher series.

A pretty good yet predictable Jason flick.

Okay, okay, so this movie is not that original, but it has a creepy atmosphere, an exciting climax, and a great cast (Kimberly Beck, Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover).

Although the original is the only film in the series with the "classic" stamp on it, The Final Chapter surpasses it in many ways; it's more fast paced, has a bit more story, better actors and characters, a very angry, cruel and inventive Jason in peak form (he really sticks it to the teens this time around), better makeup effects, more stylish and darker look and a hell of an ending to wrap things up (for a year anyway).

The filmmakers went all out to deliver a fast paced thrill ride meant to be scary and they succeeded at it too.

Forgettable, boring and really lame slasher other than the gore it is really boring slow paced film.

Chapter 4 is one big cliché of the slasher genre and a rehash of everything that came before.

Good Movie, Worth Watching .

Even though tension could still exist despite a predictable plot, it never materializes, leaving the audience to essentially stare at the exact same movie as the last ones.

An Excellent,Unforgettable And Suspenseful Sequel And One Of The Best In The Series.

The result: a major bore.

Thanks to some good acting from Kimberly Beck and a young Corey Feldman, as special effects fan Tommy, it stands out as one of the more gory, rounded and entertaining instalments.

He's still spry for a corpse and it adds a degree of excitement to the action instead of just boring inevitability.

Rob, Trish & Gordon go over the road to check on the young adults (who are all now dead, unknown to them) and find the house empty (they should have found Ted & Sara dead in the living room so the bodies were moved).

For a series with such a devoted fan base, it is amazing to how dull this series is getting.

I found it, to be very generic and tiresome at parts, even back then.

Had the Friday the 13th franchise just slowed down with the kill spots and upped the character development I would have enjoyed it even more.

However, the more interesting characters got killed off too soon (the doctor in the early scenes, Crispin Glover about half way through), meaning that the film became a little more boring as it moved on.

The murders in the morgue are pretty dull and standard.

I love this film and its wonderful, suspenseful climax.

All three of those things are present in The Final Chapter, and the unexpected inclusion of fun characters makes the film that much more watchable.

The Atmosphere of the second half of the movie is very exciting ( thanks to the rain and darkness ), the acting is OK and the Makeup FX of Tom Savini are just great.

But the major problem was the script didn't have a good narrative strength, usual boy-girl stuff, boring story telling, lagging events, stupid suspense, almost everything is present here!

Joseph Zito, the director hauled in to oversee this fourth installment, previously directed the wretched "The Prowler", the wooly but entertaining "Invasion USA", and would go on to direct the shot-in-South Africa "Red Scorpion" (with Dolph Lungren).

I'm not sure if this was how the script was written, but it sure was pretty confusing trying to figure out why Jason couldn't just make things easier on himself.

For starters, director Joseph Zito, fresh off his previous fierce slice'n'dice effort "The Prowler," brings an extremely harsh, nasty, and sleazy sensibility to the familiar proceedings: The tone is much darker than usual, there's a strong atmosphere of gloomy dread, the murder set pieces are truly gory, brutal, and intense, and Ted White's Jason sizes up as one remarkably scary, relentless, and ferocious death-dealing machine.

These here all give this plenty of eerie chills and creepiness here as this one really makes for an exciting series of scenes which gives this such a spectacular pace here that it never becomes too dull or boring as something's always happening in this one.

Feldman though steals the film as troubled Tommy, really bringing life to Jason's Death, and the ending is pretty tense, despite being as predictable as a loaf of bread.

Empty house.

It is one of the strongest in the franchise, The Final Chapter stills holds greatly on suspense, unpredictable scenes and bloody, gory kills!

Many of the characters are just, well, dumb and uninteresting, and there is NO plot, just Jason murdering teens in really wild ways for no apparent reason, like Part III.

This movie get's my Bad-Ass Seal Of Approval 10/10 this movies are great I love this film to death I love it I highly recommend it to the fans.

Kimberley Beck (Trish) played great as the quick thinking plucky heroine she screamed loud and ran fast, Corey Feldman (Tommy) was enjoyable as always, Lawrence Monoson (Ted) was amazing he played his part well and his jokes about the computer and calling his friend a dead f**k was priceless, Crispin Glover (Jimmy) was really good as the patient boyfriend to Barbara Howard (Sara) who was really sweet and cute, Joan Freeman (Mrs Jarvis) although weren't in it a lot did well as Trish and Tommy's mother a breath of fresh air, and the twins were stunning.

Yet, this fourth part is easily one of the most entertaining entries to the Friday series.

Other pluses are the excellent cast, scary Jason makeup and an exciting climax.

Jason Vorhees will always be a menacing character but so far, he's been surrounded by uninteresting characters and has had barely a plot about himself.

Unfortunately here the friendly and likeable characters from the first three films get replaced by a pack of obnoxious, hateful, unbearable "teens" who insult each other, crack stupid jokes and wander off into the woods by themselves one by one.

This 4th part however was an improvement and I actually quite enjoyed it.

I just think the sequels are far more entertaining.

The death scenes, the heart of this franchise, were predictable and unbelieveable.

Gruesome killings, cheesy teens, creepy momentum and suspenseful chases make this a genuinely great example of a once multi-popular past time.

Friday the 13th The Final Chapter is arguably the best sequel in the entire Friday the 13th franchise and is worth watching if your a fan of horror/slasher movies that can make you laugh aswell as having some of the best and most bloody death scenes in the horror/slasher movie genre.

The film suffers from some odd and confusing editing in the third act.

A colurful and fun solid chapter that's not perfect but is, if you have a liking for this particular brand of harmless and awesome popcorn horror junk, a very winning simple formula that's makes for yet another suspenseful classic macabre watch.

After the rather unscary if enjoyable exploits of the gimmicky FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3-D, it was a pleasant if scary surprise to see director Jospeh Zito taking Jason back to his darkest roots.

The kills are well done and unexpected for the most part.

), dumb dialogues and a boring storyline make this flick being another blunt in the filmography of director Joseph Zito, responsible for such political doubtful shots like "Missing in Action", "Invasion U.

This movie is awful, I saw it when I was kid and it did not scare me at all, in fact it bored me.

Ted White is excellent as Jason,with White being menacing,angry and intense.

It's actually reeeeally slow.

This film was quite entertaining and had lots of murders as it should for a Jason film, so not a bad entry in the Friday the 13th film series.

Overall though the film is still a waste of money and more importantly time.

"The Final Chapter" has one of the most intense chase scenes in the history of horror films, with Kimberly Beck as the heroine trying to escape Jason's clutches and Corey Feldman using a more psychological approach to defeat him.

It's really quite remarkable how producers of the "Friday the 13th" series can take essentially the same plot and time and time again crank out something new and entertaining.

The story is good, there is an eerie feel surrounding the movie, and it's definitely the least boring of the series.

Obviously, by now, the movie is pretty predictable, so you have to find the fun in it yourself.

The fact that it's all so poorly done, even the violence which is more overt but now has an odd leer to it, just makes it an incredibly boring watch even when the long promised 'finale' finally happens just under halfway through the series.

Even though most were dull and derivative, some stood out and really made for some good entertainment.

Stick with these lame, flat characters for 30 minutes while they do mundane chores or bang.

White is appropriately scary and intense as Jason.

Every death is meaningless and predictable and mundane all at the same time.

Perhaps the most entertaining of the gruesomely misanthropic Friday the 13th franchise is this completely streamlined effort, boasting much nudity and gore.

The slow pace of the original and completely pointless middle section (that could be part 2 as well) is avoided here by keeping the action going on in several different locations and therefore never slowing too much down.

This movie was better than the second one cause of the story and the kills were much more exciting.

An intense epilogue of the franchise .

Overall it was quite enjoyable, funny-ish and worth a re-watch at some point, ideally with friends and a few beers.

But later, the murders become much more graphic and intense.

But things really heat up towards the end with some suspenseful chase scenes and great use of tension.

Sure, that's a given, but that is also what fans wanted, and what this film delivers, since there is no plot to speak of.

I think my favourite part of this movie may be the final act and run through the house of horrors and confrontation, Kimberly Beck really comes into her own like many Friday final girls before and after her and it's just a very well shot and thrilling and suspenseful sequence.

He uses his wits to stay alive, unlike the brain-deprived who pile up around him, leading to the thrilling conclusion.

Zito, kept his film on track from beginning to end, earlier films in the franchise dragged at the beginning.

They're lazy, lame, boring, and filled with nonsense.

Jason Voorhees: Jason in this movie is still a human, but that has to be taken loosely because he goes to the morgue after an ax wound to the head and being hung by Chris in Part 3, he just gets up and starts running around again like nothing happened.

Highly entertaining, with gory deaths and a chase scene at the end that you want to see over and over again!

Friday The 13th:The Final Chapter is an excellent,Unforgettable and suspenseful sequel that combines terrific direction,a wonderful cast,a fantastic score and amazing special effects.

Final Chapter is an absolute roller coaster ride from beginning to end that is thrilling and suspenseful and also came out at the peak of the Slasher genre during the late 1970s to the early 1980s and The Final Chapter(or Part IV)came out at the right time.

The big finale is particularly exciting.

The movie itself is pretty mundane except the final act.

Enormously enjoyable .

The acting - No one watches horror for the acting, I understand that, but when a horror movie has a likable cast and characters you can relate to and root for, it makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

If you want an entertaining slasher movie, this is it.

I like to see all the F13 movies but most movies made in the 80's got lot of boring elements, and this one is not an exception.

In the end it is a very enjoyable movie that has everything in it what a good Friday needs.

Fill time with bad dialogue and dull camera work and you've got yourself a 13th movie!

For the first time since the original, revered special effects master Tom Savini takes the reins in the third sequel to the unexpected slasher hit.

The series dragged on and on.

and after the countless sequels that have followed F13, Jason is beginning to look tiresome and boring.

Let's start with the good: the heroine Trish is pretty cool and she is spunky enough I guess, and Corey Feldman was on hand as her little brother and was pretty enjoyable in the finale, which as a whole was exciting and boasted some great special effects, including the whole machete-in-Jason's-head thing.

I enjoyed this sequel simply because it was entertaining, and scary.

To me Crystal Lake has always looked boring, not to mention the fact that their phones probably don't work.

This sequel is still gory and still plotless.

However, the film is, above all, entertaining and effective in what it wants to do - show young, attractive people being killed and mauled by an unstoppable force.

And horror films are the most entertaining pieces in cinema.

You know, whom the killer is, so it's predictable as hell.

When Mrs. Jarvis returns home after jogging, she finds the house empty.

Fortunately, the film-makers learned their lesson with the one misstep, and few, if any, of the characters in the subsequent "Friday the 13th" films were sympathetic in any way, and the movies are much more enjoyable because of it.

Forgettable, boring and really lame slasher other than the gore it is really boring slow paced film .

Few horror movie franchises were so stepped in 80s culture than the Friday the 13th series but again this what makes these movies so enjoyable the "me" genertation characters are just so much fun to watch and viewers will be awaiting their grim demise with masochistic glee.

This movie was really enjoyable to watch as it closed out the story of the first Jason saga superbly as it had a mostly well written script that had some suspenseful scenes leading to some great jump scares just like in the first three movies.

As usual, this entry has no plot, except for the fact that Tommy might be taking Jason's place sometime in the next sequel, or so the ending seems to tell us.

That said, the closer you get to that the closer you are to being plain boring.

All in all it's a great movie if you can tolerate some boring lagged suspense we usually encounter in the 80's F13 movies so "I would give this movie 1 out of 10".

The Final Chapter is widely considered the best of the series by fans, deviating slightly from the repetitive plots of the preceding movies, and giving the film a recurring hero in Tommy Jarvis (here played by Corey Feldman).

One of the better acted and entertaining instalments .

So while this movie is not one of my favourites amongst the Jason pictures, like the rest of them apart from Part 9, I find the overall viewing experience to be one that's very charming and entertaining, these flicks were never meant to be high art, at a guess I'd say they never had any major aspirations beyond hopefully giving the viewer a scary fun time, something which to me most of them succeeded at fantastically.

Overall: The movie doesn't think outside of the box, the characters have no chemistry, some of the gore is mediocre, Jason's face is too deformed, and it has pointless scenes, I give this 5/10

Yet the film only really seems so good when compared to the rest of the series, and, ultimately, is still a formulaic slasher film with no real moments of tension or originality, blandly directed by Chuck Norries-frequenter Joseph Zito.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of terrible, unwatchable horror films with no redeeming qualities what so ever.

The illogical plot has been criticised by a few, but I believe that this escapes rejection because it's so damn good at what it wants to be: A successful addition to a loveable genre that plays the rules cliché-perfect.

These scenes are pointless because these characters are pointless.

This is an enjoyable return to slasher ville and a massive improvement on the poorly produced Part 3.

and I've already made fun of 2 and 3 (neither of which had any integrity or intensity) for using these exact same techniques, set-up, and style so I found this one pretty boring.

The Final Chapter is slow pace, boring as hell.

By the fourth entry, many of the fans from the first were not attending the screenings because the formula became so repetitive.

Like I said the kills and locations are a joy plus Jason is such a icon in the genre but why do we always have very annoying characters, tacked on sex scenes, wooden acting, predictable scenes/moments and yes the cheap scare.

Definitely my favorite of the series, this contains the best overall cast, the most vicious death scenes, the most intense meanstreak/final act, and one of the greatest opening sequences.

With that said, much of the characters on screen are just boring and make the pacing slow down.

In any case, "Part IV" is another entertaining segment in the series with a new assortment of characters and a new female protagonist.


The film is still kinda rehashing the old story, but the ending is really exciting.

There are creative death scenes, some good suspenseful set pieces, and Jason is as scary as he'll ever be.

There is no story being told really.

Joseph Zito knows what he's doing and effortlessly takes us on a nasty, self-indulgent little thrill ride.

Amongst all the boring characters, at least Jason is still doing a fine job.

In final word,if you love the Friday The 13th series,Slasher movies or Horror films in general,I highly suggest you see Friday The 13th:The Final Chapter,an excellent,unforgettable and suspenseful sequel that is one of the best in the franchise.

" While the movie is a step up from "Part III" it's not as effective as the first two films, largely because of the uneventful mid-section and the lame portrayal of Jason in the last act, although his unmasked face is great.

So again, i thought, well, they combine again so it will be worth watching.

Meanwhile, the viewers who enjoy ingesting the same material day-in and day-out will continue to watch what they find entertaining.

That intriguing tone, because JASON still has the mask on we just don't see it until 20 minutes at the end, a way to go back to it's roots.

That being said the film tends to be a bit repetitive and the characters are definitely underwritten.

Still the movie packs several punches in what is probably the most by the numbers but thrilling and entertaining film of the first four.

If you like/dislike the series in general then you'll have the same reaction to this due to it being so formulaic.

Not to mention, again, nothing happens until well into the film.

I thought he was annoying, and was sort of bored with his character.

4 starsRated r for intense horror violence and gore

It's very enjoyable to watch with friends, you don't have to worry if you missed anything if you got up to get a beer, just get them to rewind it if you missed someone getting slashed.

The movie is boring, the death scenes are slow I was really bored out of my mind of this movie.

What he delivers is an enjoyable 'by the numbers' slasher, which ticks all of the boxes: naked babes, annoying jocks, pretty heroine, POV shots, and bloody FX by Tom Savini.

It's easily one of the most entertaining in the series and by far the most savage.

It was a surprisingly enjoyable sequel.

It is good to see Jason now fully embracing his iconic image and killing pretty much anyone in sight, and some of the bloody deaths make good viewing, but there is no storyline or other stuff going on, it is very predictable and almost pointless, the title "the final chapter" should be ignored also, a slightly disappointing horror.

It's always fun and never, ever boring.

we see Jason in it a bit, and the performance is OK, if also silly at points; and this has the lamest ending thus far in the series) means that you usually don't get to be scared(the fake-outs are plentiful but always obvious, you can tell if something will happen or not in this), if the butchering is drawn out to several seconds most of the time.

"Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter" is entertaining but tiresome.

The characters are likable, the third act is plenty suspenseful, it's an entertaining ride from beginning to end.

There, several groups of people have congregated, including the Jarvis family (including son Tommy, portrayed by Corey Feldman) and a group of teens including the always entertaining Crispin Glover in one of his earliest roles.

It is consider it been the best from fans in the franchise to me it is a dull movie.

As Jason slices his way through the annoying cast (imagine being at a party with sluts who will try to steal your boyfriend right in front of you, an ugly jokester who no girl in the cast wants to sleep with, and one of the most timid, boring girls ever in a "Friday the 13th" film and you'll get what I mean), the brother of one of Jason's victims searches the woods surrounding Crystal Lake for revenge.

Crispin Glover is pretty good in this one too, he contributes in making this movie highly enjoyable.

While, it was somewhat entertaining, it was also kinda blunted.