Fury (2014) - Action, Drama, War

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A grizzled tank commander makes tough decisions as he and his crew fight their way across Germany in April, 1945.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: David Ayer
Stars: Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 188 out of 945 found boring (19.89%)

One-line Reviews (695)

This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

There are also a few scenes that I cannot identity a purpose to, other than character development, that are rather uncomfortable and confusing to watch.

Very slow moving Shermans while the Germans had plenty of time to aim.

with the possible exception of "metro Manila"(done on a shoestring budget), this is the most suspenseful movie I have seen this year,or possibly the last 10 years,where the act of just 'staying alive', substitutes for an actual plot(?

For the rest, for me this was so realistic it teetered on the edge of uncomfortable, being too close to some exceedingly unpleasant personal memories; especially with the great sound effects.

The action is gripping, it really draws you in and the battle scenes are spectacular.

As they travel they encounter many exciting and action pack battles filled with gunfire and explosions.

Some of it was fairly fast paced but then some parts, like the part in the apartment of the two German women was quite slow and somewhat dull.

Whilst it is moderately entertaining, there are just too many holes and unrealistic scenes to make this a classic war film.

The scene in the German home with the two women and the battle scared veteran Americans, plus the coming of age there of Norman the young soldier mentioned above, is very movingly done.

However, this is all this movie is, it is cliche and very superficial.

Waste of time.

The cinematography of the movie is worth watching the movie on itself; the OK Corral final showdown was hokey at best, and Hollywood drivel at worst; to the point that it's just too easy to criticize, so I won't waste any more of your time on that subject.

The first half of the plot features a heartbreaking, gut- wrenching look at his jarring introduction to combat, providing most of the compelling thematic material of the movie.

New faces would have helped to de-cliché the celebrities and their roles.

However, I highly recommend it to those who appreciate acting and/or battle sequences more than story.

There is the bulldozer pushing dead bodies, the tank crushing a corpse, the clerk cleaning the inside of the tank after a death, the older crew and their relationships, summary executions, decisions of strategy by the commander, fear, confusion, civilian casualties...

Biggest waste of time i'll never get back .

My advice,don't waste your time with this if your IQ is more than 75.

It seems to me that many of the overly critical reviewers are confusing their own political feelings with their assessment of the movie's merits (or lack thereof).

There were a few moments that I found to be cliché/cheesy (with young soldier and girl for example) but overall a solid, entertaining, engaging movie.

Logan Lerman has the pretty boy look, which is quickly stripped away and replaced by frenzied terror and confusion, playing a young army clerk who hasn't seen one second of combat, suddenly tasked with joining the ranks of a tank warfare crew.

why waste my time with some character developments and acting if i have to watch this abortion of reality and total delusion?

The movie is dull, long, forgettable, boring, gray and tasteless.

4) it is so cliché-laden, it almost hurt.

It's rather intense at times.

A Bit More Intense Than I Had Imagined .

no story whatsoever...

If you told me this was Nazi propaganda, I'd believe you.

He rises to the occasion summoning strong performances and crafting brutally vivid images and rousing fight scenes.

Again, his work is powerful, mechanical and intense, accentuating the harrowing visuals beautifully.

After that another mind boggling thing happens.

The cast is uniformly excellent, with the exception of Jon Bernthal who overplays his role as a broad cliché, who never feels human.

The opening of the film was very good and nicely shot, but then we move to incredibly predictable story.

Fury is yet another film that takes place during the events of WWII and follows a group of soldiers in a tank as they take on an onslaught of German soldiers in an intense and horrific take on this time in history.

Is it about a hypothetical situation where and when you get this strange right to do or not to do whatever, including the direct orders from your superior officer, and everyone keep doing their pointless best to make a soldier out of you?

As for the rest of the movie, director David Ayer keeps the action moving and stages some wonderfully intense tank battles that makes this movie worth watching.

but the story is overdone, stupid and in the end boring.

His character was brutal and so unbearable and that's what made him an excellent, truly original character to me!

The good points are: gripping tank photography both during the battles and inside the claustrophobic tank.

It was action packed movie about a tank squad fighting in Nazi Germany fighting there way through towns and boy did it kept me on the edge of my seat all the way till the credits.

The long final stand in the last act may be unlikely, but it makes for a heroic and thrilling ending to a war movie (yes, it's a MOVIE, not a friggin' documentary).

I find this hard to believe, since I have seen almost every WW2 film ever made, including documentaries that used actual war footage, and I found this film to be perhaps the most exciting and realistic one that has ever been made.

Such a pity the film had to end on a seen it all before cliché ridden denounment

Unrealistic story meets entertaining action.

But, yes, there were a lot cliché scenes and characters in this movie.

The events that take place in the film are also quite predictable.

It was, once again, too Hollywood, and that made it predictable.

3 ) Direction:- David Ayer knows exactly how to take an intense scene and grind his cast to give a magnificent outburst to flesh out a gripping and ' edge of the seat ' experience.

These exciting and suspenseful bouts of metal behemoth chaos are filled with enough explosions and special effects to make Michael Bay jealous, though in this case they are actually relevant.

From the opening scene, you are made aware of just how 'realistic' the portrayal of war is going to be and, unless you really are desensitized to extreme violence or approach the film with the wrong attitude (as I strongly suspect some of the more cynical reviewers have done), then you are in for one gut-wrenchingly tense and thrilling experience.

In an attempt to remark on the moral ambiguity of the American soldiers, Ayer jeopardized my sympathies in his protagonists and disrupted the flow of his film, which was already bland.

This film is extraordinary, it had me on the edge of my seat and gave me goosebumps.

The film is very long – just like prolonged battles in war – and the end result is a crushing question of why do we continue to participate in such wastes of lives.

Two rare exceptions are 1943's "Sahara" and 1988's "The Beast of War", both of which centered on lone tank crews bravely engaging the enemy against seemingly impossible odds.

Director David Ayer does a superb job with some of the more human moments in Fury, but his skills are best showcased in the thrilling battle sequences, the majority of which were filmed using actual working tanks from the era.

Riveting War Drama .

Cliché number three.

The last third of the film sadly descends into cliché as the tank platoon makes a suicidal last stand against a 300 strong SS regiment.

In terms of character development, Pitt was a empty can of nothing.

'Fury' is unrealistic, unreflective, ignorant, cliché-ridden and laughable.

If there' are some minor complains of the movie, it's that the plot progresses in predictable way and the action in darker scenes are murky.

It's also very predictable how the main cast dies in the expected chronological order.

The battle scenes are high powered, seem to be almost Tarantino-esc, but are quite entertaining.

The final battle was drawn out to such an extent I lost all grip on the characters and just wanted the battle to end.

It's a film about the futility of war and the coming of age of a young man who joins a tough unit on board a tank.

But I suppose some license had to be allowed for to make for an exciting final conflict, and for that I cannot fault the filmmakers too much.

An intense film, I was thoroughly engaged throughout almost the entire movie, it keeps you on edge until the very end.

Disappointing, Cliché .

(esp in the apartment scene, which dragged far too long btw) , also very unlikely.

All the imaginable clichés are grouped here, all the predictable deaths, battles, shouts, moral lessons, growing heroes tales, mud and fires are here.

In spite of the buttered popcorn, I left the theater with a bad taste in my mouth.

Apparently the Germans march real slow because the crew debate and ultimately prepare for some epic battle to defend an intersection in the road.

While perhaps it is "realistic", it isn't necessary, and hides the fact that this movie is a string of clichés, with a few trite expressions thrown in to make Brad Pitt seem Oscar worthy.

And talking about that, I think 'intense' is a perfect word for this movie.

What we have instead is an entertaining movie with great optic and a bitter taste.

Intriguing .

So so acting - lack of story.

There are some very real tension brought out between these characters and the enemy and some very gripping sequences of tension between the characters themselves.

Except from the brutality and the lucking of a story (which results into having too many little meaningless and uninteresting stories) the non existing script (the dialogs are mostly just cursing), the Star Wars fire exchange (really unreal) the luck of originality and the final scene simply destroyed it.

Nevertheless, it is also heartwarming and has relentless action full of suspense and stunning atmosphere.

Unrealistic, BUT highly enjoyable .

The emphasis on character development, charismatic performance from Brad Pitt as always, surprisingly big improvement of Logan Lerman from Percy Jackson to Norman with strong humanity and the thrilling scores from Steven Price all added up making Fury as one of the best war film in this recent decade.

However, the character's inexperience is highly contrived, predictably segueing him from a rookie and into a raging machine gunner, mowing down Germans as he screams at them.

The biggest con to this film was the long, cliché'd final battle scene.

If all war movies are a collection of clichés, this one's champion of cliché collections.

Utterly cliché ridden tripe.

On the other hand the plot is average but it is definitely worth watching this movie.

However, by doing so its falls into a number of cliché's that we expect from a modern American war film; young recruit, alpha dog sergeant, shocking gore, a love interest and a heroic jingoistic final battle.

From start to finish is very intense and shows the horror war is like .

Each and every scenes are very apt for the content / theme of war genre and they are very engaging for the audience.

Fury however I find very compelling the whole way through I feel mostly gripped by the atmosphere that is created by the Sherman tanks.

Pitt, especially, leads the pack with a gripping turn as the leader of his group.

So this is more or less fine, some flaws of formulaic style rather than observation.

The story arc is so predictable you will have figured out who's going to die in the end after the first 15 minutes.

Without the use of extensive backstory or flashbacks, we are fully engulfed in his brain through heart-wrenchingly intense introductions.

David Ayer the director and writer in this movie doing one thing really good and that is the feel of the war , it's intense it's brutal it's about people killing each other and i have to give him the credit.

I went to see this film with my wife (Who hates war movies normally and I kind of tricked her into going) and a make up artist friend of mine and all three of us enjoyed it for different reasons.

Cliché, Contrived and Various Other C Words...

Even without analyze the incredible amount of goofs that the movie have everything was wrong, indecent amount of pointless sentimentalism, a guy that needs more than 3 bullets for a German sniper, one out of the 200 of the SS battalion unable to kill a crew from an "Ronson" tank and, finally...

I've seen it twice now and enjoyed it even more the second time.

Courage and unexpected mercy shown to an enemy shows what few positives can come out of war.

There is the good old cringe scenes, with the speeches it is a really intense film, if the tank shoot out doesn't make you squeal then I don't know what will.

Yet, "Fury" dragged at times and is formulaic enough that I knew early on how it would end and who would ultimately survive.

But it is intense and adrenaline-loaded from its very start to the final end.

Engaging and Exciting Look Through a Soldier's Eyes .

yet the movie bends the story into contrived knots to avoid giving the crew of the Fury in any really hard moral choices to agonize over.

You name it, they got it: civilian casualties, callous slaughters, graphic violence (exploding heads and blasted limbs alike), dehumanization of the enemy, brave, improbable stands, the 'war is a drug' cliché, and the oh-so-familiar progression from innocence to experience.

The internal conflicts that the Fury (the 5 man tank-team) experienced, fighting to survive in a brutal war where humankind murdered one another, all the while challenged by their own basic goodness, was compelling.

The dialogues were repetitive and there was not a single thoughtfully quotable line.

The battles here are powerful, shocking and thrilling and worryingly authentic.

I would like to say boyishly exciting.

you said you enjoyed it!

Unique characterizations, stellar cast and suspenseful combat scenes.

If you watch it again, it could be a lot boring.

It's worth watching, specially the last 30min.

Some may say the action scenes are unrealistic but they are really entertaining.

Overall Fury is a very entertaining movie, and one of the more better war flicks that I've seen recently.

The amount of horrific, gory sights and the expectation to kill and kill some more is even greater than unbearable for this innocent man as he vomits and weeps, knowing full well he's a changing man.

A gripping moment for me was the scene with the 2 girls, for some reason, it seemed like a bad trip; very thought provoking.

Would a young German girl have been able to share a romantic interlude with an American soldier given the intense propaganda prevalent in Nazi Germany?

Bloody action scenes together with the thrilling music makes you feel all that horror reigning on the battle field.

Unwatchable .

If you can handle some very intense war scenes and also love incredible films, I highly recommend Fury as your first choice going into the theater.

And the final battle between our heroes and the German SS troops is mind boggling.

Besides these key aspects and the notable first thirty minutes of Fury, the film is about as cliché as possible when it comes to a period-piece war film.

I think the overall depictions were secondary and only serve as the backdrop for the director's real message which was the painful slow process of the relationship that was built between these guys in a tragic situation.

The scenes are nice, and reasonably entertaining in themselves.

I only went to see this because my friend wanted to see it, I'm not a Brad Pitt fan, he is a horrible actor and I never enjoyed any of his movies, and the same with this one, the violence is gratuitous and certain scenes were overacted, and again I couldn't feel anything to any of the characters, they were bland and unlikeable.

The length of the movie, is far too long, and one scene, where the soldiers hold two women prisoner, encapsulates the problem.

No plot no fun .

This movie jolts you into realizing that much of what we've seen on the screen over the last 70 years about this war has become cliché.

A cliché love trope between the Bambi and a blonde trophy chick.

Other than that, the movie was hugely entertaining.

A great cast and action packed throughout, a must watch for any ww2 movie fans

In spite of that, it's still one of the most absorbing films you'll see in a while, with excellent production and filmmaking.

Fury is in some ways a serious war film, with engaging characters and storytelling that– though clichéd– is carried by strong performances.

Occasionally the story goes too fast, then too slow and scenes were not really tied together in a fluent manner.

Four lads in one of the most claustrophobic environment's conceivable, whilst engaging and witnessing some of the most savage, brutal, and most tactically fought tank battles they'll ever see through out their lifetime.

His seams start to unfold as he takes the newest member Norman (Lerman) under his wing in hopes of opening his eyes to the unbearable world they are forced to live in and fight against.

Firstly: No story, no real plot.

Where 'End of Watch' was intense, original, cool and exciting and simply one of the best cop-films in a long while, 'Fury' is quite conventional, shallow, unhistorical and rather dull.

The film's numerous set pieces are brilliantly choreographed and stylised but claustrophobic and intense at the same time.

The biggest problem is that it lulls too often.

why would he be drawn out into a cavalry charge?

The one downside the last character is an absolute douche bag, with him being unbearable at times treating Lerman's character as a piece of dirt and at times he just went too far.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harrison Ford was dragged under a truck for a hundred yards at 45-miles-an-hour and he came out unscathed.

Just as much as most action packed movies in which the Nazis get what they deserved.

Fury (2014) is a good and entertaining film that will please viewers, especially the untapped male audience who will especially be engaged with the film.

Those were extremely thrilling and well-done.

This is the kind of propaganda horse manure that led to the Nazi's dream of the big win - utterly delusional.

This movie is so stupid, boring, full of Bred Pitt macho attitude, his courage and smart quotes.

It's quite stunning.

-The crew waits until the SS close marches to right on top of them before engaging.

the American way of war as a cliché, glorification of war crimes, stupid masculinity in all its shameful glory, pathetic characters, a bunch of assholes with weapons.

Although we learn insightful things about our characters, and the scene does feel necessary, it tends to drag on incredibly, near boring the viewer, and makes the film seem a lot longer than it actually is.

It is packed with entertaining action sequences, and not much else.

Just keep on with no plot, no realism.

" There are pointless violence and unrealistic battle scenes.

Despite being kind of predictable, and with an unrealistic climax, Fury passes this litmus test with flying colors.

Why is this the worst movie ever: It portrays American soldiers as barbarians.

What was cringe inducing was the romantic interlude in the German town with the two German women that was drawn out and clichéd.

A compelling achievement .

Absolutely Unexpected Story.

It was intensely engaging.

Action packed...

The scene is actually very intense as the film director keeps us on our toes, not knowing what Brad or the woman will do.

I was totally immersed in the action and when the fighting stopped I still shivered for a few minutes.

There is a 4 on 1 tank battle-4 Shermans against 1 Tiger-that is pretty engaging.

It is utterly intense and beautifully shot.


Exciting scenes of tanks doing battle, even better than those in "Patton.

It defies the propaganda war films which came out post-World War II which portrayed the glory of it all.

The acting pointless, and the verbiage more akin to a low level fraternity party than any actual war scenario.

Apart from the intense, well shot action scenes- the rest were unnatural and artificial.

Yet the overall effect appears too manipulative and predictable, even if it is emotionally engaging.

Long and very tiresome story short, this is a Vietnam flick clumsily transplanted to a fog-machine filled Europe.

It is not a masterpiece but if you watch it by not expecting realism more then fun and bloody action then, it is an enjoyable war segment, with good actors and graphically unexceptionable.

The characters were weak, the plot wasn't really there, it was predictable, and it just felt fake.

I wanted to leave the theater.

The film is visually stunning, a pure grit to the desaturated frame is present from start to finish.

Cliché number one: Every Sherman crew did and did his pants when confronted with the Tiger.

It's not a very likable movie - and yet, I enjoyed it.

you really feel sorry for him in the film and there is a scene that is very emotional and intense which I won't say for spoiler reasons.

It was extremely predictable as well.

Despite not being the Saving Private Ryan of 2014 it could have been, Fury remains a tense and occasionally fascinating cinematic experience.

I found it to be highly entertaining.

It's engaging and watchable, even as it marches toward a seemingly suicidal climax.

Yes but it was still entertaining for me.

Definitely a movie worth watching..........

I have never before walked out of a movie before except for refills or to use the restroom.

After an intense bloody and pointless battle, everyone in the tank, except the rookie, is killed.

and the Tiger is drawn out into the open in some kind of cavalry duel with Fury?

The acting is simplistic for the most part, and the plot devices were so predictable it was sad.

There's a lot of big talk, and even bigger war set pieces, especially when it comes time for tank vs tank (and while the Fury isn't the only one, there are a few others, it comes down to one tank vs the other and it is probably the most thrilling part of the film as far as the action goes).

This sequence was good, no doubt about it, but it was too long, and dragged on to the point of slight exasperation.

There was the first act of laziness essentially the man from this point forward has signed up to attempting to make a film about "coming of age" during World War 2 centered around Logan Lermans' character to throw us off the scent of any "Ingloriousisms".

However, the story line may bore you at times and you may find yourself wishing that there was more tank action instead.

But this movie vomited up every cliché of post-Vietnam war movies and swirled them into an ahistorical and insulting mush.

Another fantastic scene in my personal opinion was the dinner scene where the tension was so intense I felt awkward watching it (in a good way).

Altogether fury is a great war time drama/action film with an all star cast the only bad things in it are a couple of clichés some unnecessarily long drawn out scenes and the film being a little bit too long.

Despite its lethargic 135 minutes and its bleak but predictable script, "Fury" remains tenaciously gripping, perhaps even more so during its quiet moments than its explosive ones.

Two primary accurate things were: 1) Those tanks move slow, compared to today's versions.

This time it is a tank squad, which offer great and intense action scenes.

Worst movie since "Billy Jack" .

From the tracer rounds and Gordo's/Pena's fashion articles to the logic defying final battle, the seemingly cliché and predictable picture is transformed into an uncommon and welcome vehicle of storytelling.

The parts that were suspenseful and you thought things were doomed it was well written enough to make you feel that it could have been based on a true story than a cookie cut plot line.

A waste of time in almost every sense.

A little cliché and predictable for my taste.

Real tanks are used, so the sense of them has hulking tractors of war is intense, and the movie creates combat more pursuasively than anything since "Private Ryan.

It took several intense months of training to work as part of a tank crew.

If you want to watch an entertaining movie with a well put together cast then give it a try.

So many stories to tell about WW2, and this was just a waste of time.

I'm OK with the cliché-ridden story.

The story is intense and suspenseful with strong performances and has also an unsentimental approach as to show the dehumanizing side of war in its raw, the unflinching details and what makes us humans, like the bravery and mercy found in people in the worst of circumstances.

I understand it's probably meant to show how random and senseless war can be, but I left that scene thinking "man, what a waste of time".

Besides this cliché and a few others about how bad war is, there is unfortunately not a whole lot to this movie.

The action sequences were intense, and this movie is very dark and violent.

Great War movie, so compelling .

The story however is rather dull and often not credible.

This movie is the most thrilling war movie I have seen.

Rampant with melodrama, the confusion of war almost warrants it.

Despite these few pitfalls, the film is gloriously entertaining.

This is not 'Inglourious Basterds,' it is a compelling and gruesome war story with realistic battle sequences and expressions of sacrifice and heroism.

Fury is an intense and brutal war picture about the American massacre of natives of a land with failed imperial ambitions, starring a well preserved 70 year old M4A3E8 Sherman tank as a lousy war machine and a remarkable replica of a younger Christian Slater playing a younger Christian Slater playing a cookie cutter green recruit growing into a cookie cutter seen it all soldier.

), is the owner of several clichés from beginning to end, it is worth highlighting the always entertaining internal dialogs that Ayer is able to write for his characters.

Bloody action scenes together with the thrilling music makes you feel all that horror reigning on the battle field.

The whole scene just felt very contrived, to 'create tension', and provide the super convenient reason for the newbie to finally learn to love "killin' Nazis" (oops, wrong film?!

With TRAINING DAY taking a good-cop/bad-cop story and creating smart, insightful deconstruction of right-abusing cops and "by-the-books" moral ism that somehow makes us root for the characters, even when on the edge of degradation.

Unrealistic, perhaps, but entertaining.

And while probably accurate, the drawn out interludes of no action make the film longer than necessary - I think this would have made an excellent 1 hour 45 min film, rather than 2 hours 15 min.

I liked it, and the lack of story didn't matter as I was happy to be along for the ride.

This movie contains a bountiful number of intense battles in the German countryside.

Other great things: the movie is sensitively portrayed, the addition of the new, young and unexperienced recruit in Wardaddy's tank crew in the storyline, the new recruit's inexperience causing trouble to the crew in the face of danger, the depiction of the horrors of war are suitably raw, the cast is strong and the char battle scenes are suspenseful.

Worth watching?

Yes, it's historically accurate, but sometimes it's more distracting than engrossing.

Aside from the modern tendency toward excessive gore, this movie was evocative of war films from the Fifties and Sixties.

Fury may not be right up there with such classic war movies as Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now or Platoon, but its still an entertaining and enjoyable war movie.

The first battle with the German tank demonstrated how out matched allied tanks were and seemed to show vaguely realistic tank warfare tactics however the outcome of it was fairly predictable.

In many ways, Ayer fashions this as an old-fashioned platoon movie inflected by a post 9/11, post- Iraq, post-Afghanistan, 21st century point of view, such that despite its familiarity, it subverts and enhances old-school expectations with contemporary sensibilities and comes across both fresh and gripping.

His heroic (stupidity) attracts all four of his comrades who agree to a pointless fight to the death.

The youngest of the girls (Alicia Von Rittberg) is stunning, a baleful example of the corrupts of innocence, her character arc a testament to the senselessness of war.

All in all, an enjoyable if rather gory romp with some memorable scenes that stick in the mind after the lights come on.

Yet, the complex dynamic between Wardaddy and his men is far more fascinating.

Unfortunately, the script and dialogue are full of clichés and the resolution of the movie becomes more and more predictable until you just want it to be done with already.

The directing is technically (near) perfect and the character study, being presented, is extremely fascinating.

The sequence with the two German women, a piano and fried eggs seems especially drawn out and unbelievable.

It gets a bit tedious without much of a story to cling to.

And at times is a complete left field emotion, thrown in to much confusion.

I can't rehash what others have mentioned about the silliness in this stupid story - like battle-hardened crack SS troops getting their butts whooped, the long drawn out scene with the GIs in the room with the two German women and the cliché, upon cliché, upon cliché.

This was something fascinating and thought provoking - imagine having to live inside such a confined moving target with a group of other men?

He also directed the action scene pretty well even though it's just look fake and too much heroic but it's fun and entertaining.

" what kind of idiot would write such trite dialog?

no real plot, bad acting, cliche, cliche, cliche.

Four Sherman tanks taking on a huge Tiger tank was exciting .

Entertaining and not that violent .

Overall an entertaining film which tries to walk the line between anti-war messages and expected action film tropes.

Director Ayers has managed to really get into the heads of his characters, deftly showing the momentary boredom, the constant confusion and the incessant fear that come in battle.

It's an exciting action movie and a moving drama too.

Fury is intense.

The battle scenes with tank tactics are extremely intense, and rank among the best battle scenes in any war movie.

Fury has nice pacing, engaging, and a balanced action drama of the tank warfare of World War II.

If you are looking for much more depth than just an action packed war movie, then this is for you.

Fury is a cliche-ridden, unrealistic, disturbing World War II film.

If you believe..! And then a predictable boring battle ensues, with the crew dying as heroes for 'our freedom', killing faceless hordes of stunt-men playing evil Germans who can't use the anti-tank weapons they all carry.

The story is bad with their being really no story and the acting and fact that it is in WW2 is all that they thought was necessary without giving us an interesting story.

No story means no characters.

It had many standard war movie cliché's especially with the small band of men taking on hundreds alone.

The music breaking down the scenes bringing an intense sense of drama and emotion.

That being said, the story was very predicable and though I found a couple of scenes pointless I liked the overall story.

Gritty, violent, and highly entertaining World War II flick with solid performances .

I had been eagerly anticipating Fury, I had faith in it as director David Ayer proved his skill in creating searingly intense action sequences in End of Watch (2012), a film that had a palpable sense of danger.

Some intense attack sequences had extra bit of fireworks in them that could have turned out better.

Yet somehow it still comes out the other end as a largely entertaining and gripping film with glimpses of brilliance.

Some sub-plots feel contrived and the final scenes seem overly gung ho, sentimental...

It's still an entertaining movie - if you're not a WWII history buff or war movie fan.

I really wanted my money back..what a waste of my time.

Logan Lerman is Logan Lerman, which is predictable.

Even when the sound got muted out and went slow, it wasn't emotional for me.

But the characters were very clichéd and boring.

It is both an exciting war movie and a condemnation of the ugliness that is brought forth by armed conflict.

Still a very intense war movie experience.

intense .

Dull and Overlong .

The Germans miss their targets most of the time out of close range and the final battle is so ridiculous that it ruined an otherwise decent, but cliché-laden movie.

A very exciting edge of your seat war movie.

There is one scene with outstanding cinematography, unfortunately it's the first scene, and then the rest of the movie is filled with a dull sepia imbued film.

The style of this film is awesome with the tank scenes being awesome and exciting and being the best part of the film by far.

However one problem I've always noticed in many war films (especially those with intense combat sequences) is that in the chaos it gets pretty hard to tell who's who.

Fury feels realistic but is still like any other action film, but with the addition of intense and grinding tank battles.

Logan Lerman is a standout as the Army Clerk inexperienced on the battlefield but gradually becomes hardened by the horrors of war and shows that he has an intense hatred for the enemy.

Pretty awful, predictable and full of clichés to boot.

A total waste of time.

While nowhere near as good as it obvious influences, such as 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'All Quiet on the Western Front', 'Fury' is still an effective and competent entry in the war genre, aided by its talented cast and intense, harrowing battle sequences.

Amazing, Emotional and Intense .

An emotional war movie that evokes intense sentimentality .

A major difference between the two films though is that, in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, they faced no heavy weaponry whereas, in "Fury", we see the the US Army's standard armoured weapon, the M4 Sherman medium tank, facing the much better-armoured German Tiger tank and a sequence when four Shermans lock horns with one Tiger is one of the most viscerally thrilling of the movie.

Why do we have to keep doing cliche war movies.

Behind all the pretty-boy comments, when he is given the opportunity to slow down, there is a serious depth that comes across on screen.

In my opinion this part is too long and although it succeeds in making you feel the tension and anxiety that something bad is going to happen, it is ruined by a conclusion that resolves all uncertainties.

For those of us who like war pics, this is entertaining.

After watching this movie in its entirety I would definitely recommend this film if you're looking for a movie with a good action packed story.

The story and plot are forgettable to the point that, like other reviewers already pointed out, every stupid cliché about the Germans and their troops was featured.

The story is nice and straight forward, a crew of soldiers in a tank together going across the country fighting whatever battles befall them, mostly seen only through the insights of the heroes, only snippets of the Nazis, the breakfast scene is long and uncomfortable but interesting to see play out, the appearance of the Tiger tank makes for an exciting scene, many of the battle sequences in fact are marvellous viewing, and it has surprisingly grisly moments too, with body parts and blood all over, all together it is a fantastically thought out and most memorable Second World War drama.

The is one, and I dare say you'll notice it, if you ever watched the old Henry Fonda – Telly Savalas epic, The Battle of the Bulge, and the HBO mini series Band of Brothers, which stole the cliché from the former and now it's in Fury.

I went in hoping to see an interesting story, perhaps with a twist or two, something expected, something unexpected.

99 % Predictable .

The constant shots showing FURY on the tank felt a little pretentious.

I felt like the tedious display of non-stop gut-wrenching survival war violence just didn't stop.

LeBeouf calls back to his stunning work in "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" from nearly a decade ago.

If you are not bothered by this type of clichés (I watch about 4 movies a week so I am really fussy), you will find Fury a good enjoyable movie.

Oh, and as other reviewers have stated, it recycles every previous WWII movie cliché.

No, but still damn enjoyable.

A very entertaining and very realistic war film; till a point.

One stumbles out of the theatre as shell shocked as the brave soldiers we've just witnessed on screen, needing time to wind down from the horror, after which we realize that among the thunderous bravura and non stop, head shattering combat are moments of tender humanity and ponderous reflection, just enough to contrast the madness.

However, the christian propaganda really does take the edge off and borders on indoctrination of the viewing audience, they just can't leave others alone can they!

Fury is descriptive, sentimental, intense and exciting, no doubts at all.

Entertaining and masculine, just has nothing new to add to WWII films .

Yes, the story is predictable and the clear-cut characters a little too simplistic.

Worth watching multiple times .

I knew he would have that good mix of intimate dialog and intense action that helps audiences fall in love with his characters.

Fury is a suspense-filled, nail-biting war movie that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Having watched the making of - they had every conceivable sort of crane, dolly, camera and lens, but there are surprisingly few exciting, interesting, imaginative shots in the film.

Is it interesting, intense and pulls-out some great performances with cleaver writing and directing?

Slow, hulking and claustrophobic, they lack the 'glamour' of planes, the scale of battleships and the vulnerability of the lone soldier.

Starting with the opening scene it's just cliche after cliche after cliche.

A lot of scenes were rushed, cliché,or just lacked a subtlety of acting that you'd expect from this movie.

With a weighty and unglamorous bleakness, Fury stands out as a truly engaging and exciting look through the eyes of a soldier.

So as I walked out of the theater, I was wanting to wash my hands and see it again.

Cliché scenes, cliché characters.

Don't waste your time!

Great acting, was on the edge of the seat most of the times .

Best war movie I have seen..Best most gripping in reality .

Unreal but gripping and graphically unexceptionable war segment .

Ayer shows his skill for the battle and the slow moving tanks make for heightened suspense.

It is conclusive that many actual soldiers were in fact from such a background, and it is hard to imagine such people not using profanity, and engaging in many unethical activities under the extreme duress experienced during actual wartime.

fury is unrealistic, unreflective, ignorant, cliché-ladden, laughable and you need it in your life like a hole in the head.

a) Give a gripping edge of the seat narrative b) And Build characters with a context and depth making you to root and care about them , even though they are a bit rude , and out of place with their characterization sometimes.

They drag it on way too long and I was falling asleep.

And enjoy is not the right word because it is very long and certainly difficult to deal with.

Also the final scene was a bit off and unrealistic ,,, yeah there were a lot of survivors in ww2 but this way was a cliché.

This is an intense character study of mankind's brutality against his own.

Wack-a-mole Brad Pitt edition Ayer also does a brilliant job at creating a movie which is well paced and stunning with it's actions scenes.

Overall, an exciting and entertaining movie.

I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again.

I guess the complete lack of story in this movie made it hard to act.

This movie, even in all its unrealistic, pulls at the emotional depravity that occurs in war and brings you down to its level, through great intense scenes and acting.

"The Slow and the Furious" .

They're robbing themselves of stunning entertainment because they chose to assume that every WWII movie had to be by the books.

and they cant take down that piece of junk, that has broken chains, thus cant move, only turn the gun-tower at a very slow speed.

Fury is a tin can perspective, a road movies, and despite a marked and always clean cut Pitt, the remainder of the movie is trite and superficial.

Ayers and his talented cast have gathered a compelling and fairly accurate collection of war-torn men.

A fictional story set during the final months of World War II in Nazi Germany, Fury presents a fascinating portrait of tank crews that served during the last great war and concerns the battle- hardened five-man crew of a Sherman tank & the deadly mission they embark on behind enemy lines.

Lots of tense drawn out lingering nerve biting moments.

By following these cliché's I cant help feel that the film was already written and that too much time was spent developing the characters rather than what the audience is there for, to watch a war film.

They ended up being empty time fillers.

Cheap American propaganda over and over again tops it all.

All of the characters performances were done very well and the plot is very emotional and entertaining.

This 'movie' is a complete waste of time and effort because War is not a pretty sight.......

We get several tense tank showdowns, entertaining character interactions between these loud personalities, and a real poignant climax.

It's a highly entertaining World War II drama that although can be exaggerated, turned out to be a very solid film.

That said, once it stops with the rather dreary character development stuff, the action is plentiful and the last half hour is quite exciting (if really pretty implausible).

The movie was too long, because of the many pointless scenes, that I guess was supposed to make the me like/dislike the different characters.

a perfect recipe for an entertaining movie.

It's a fine war movie that is intense from start to finish and, I feel, it captured Germany during the second World War very well.

Even the Tiger tank scene failed to raise the excitement levels as it was all too predictable as to what the final outcome of the scene was going to be, another fail was whenever someone was injured or died there was a silence as if the Germans decided to stop fighting to let the Americans come to terms with their latest causality.

A very engrossing and visceral performance as the Captain of the tank unit.

Meantime, Collier's crew looks straight out of a World War II propaganda movie.

So here it is Fury probably one of the most bloated and overrated war films that I've ever seen; instead of offering us an insightful and involving character piece Fury instead became a macho chauvinistic display of empty emotion with most of the characters behaving like the biggest bunch of jerks you're ever likely to see.

Another fascinating dive into gun turrets, torsion bar suspensions, and armored piercing shells.

It also felt overlong at no less than 2 hours and 15 minutes, during which it frequently dragged I must say.

Be it cheesy and a tad predictable at times, overall its obvious how this relentless film will leave many awe struck at it's high octane action scenes and it's realistic attempt at re creating the war time for a modern day audience.

Despite that so much of it is about the pointlessness of it all, the final section turns into a boys' own adventure where we see the SS mown down like we were still at war and this was a propaganda film showing the glory of death and sacrifice.

I personally don't mind that, it's quite entertaining.

Fury is entertaining and harrowing at the same time.

This is a negative review, the positives in this movie is all boring usual stuff, some sets, and some actors or whateverThis was a disappointing movie, going in to it having read by many critics it was good.

Gripping from start to finish .

It's drawn out, cruel, boring, and unnecessary.

An otherwise engaging war film is ruined by Shia Leboeuf's over-acting, don't know how he was ever cast for anything.

Tense, entertaining and occasionally brilliant.

The majority of the action sequences is in this vein, pointless and boring.

Yet what proves to be far more fascinating is the complex dynamic between Wardaddy and his men, the former assuming the role of the latter's paterfamilias as he watches over the latter with a keen eye not dulled by his combat weariness.

I used the term gut-wrenching because that's how I felt during those intense moments.

After D-day the push to re-gain Europe begun but it was a slow and damaging one, as the Nazis were relentless and were not easily broken.

The characters that they created were fascinating and I wish I could have seen them play out over a longer period of time (getting to know a little more about them).

It is very intense and realistic.

and very predictable and unoriginal.

But it had my wife's undivided attention throughout and she has a tendency to fall asleep watching war flicks

The direction is totally engaging.

This movie seemed to take the worst of anecdotes and cram them together into the cliché of a tank crew, Army operations in Western Europe, and magnify them like we do with crappy food: keep adding spices until it passes for edible.

Taking place nearly the same time frame and running at almost the same time length, the film does not progress as artistically bored as Inglorious Basterds, but the focus on the WW2 action flick on the ground through a tank somehow surprisingly entertaining.

It is just one cliche after the other.

With ingeniously-crafted intense war scenes, strong acting across the board, and a new somewhat claustrophobic setting, a tank, Fury has become the best war film of the past five years.

The tension is great throughout the film but sometimes stops because of long drawn out scenes.

Director David Ayer is perfect when it comes to this strategy; this bleak, unfeeling atmosphere alone makes it quite compelling for its themes.

-So in all, Fury is a well-acted, well-made, entertaining war movie that is just great!

Private Ryan these days feels dated even though the opening D-Day beach landing still is awe inspiring in relation to cinematography, but on reflection from that point on up to the end battle, the movie becomes flaky and pointless, trying to put a price on the life of one man over another and justifying the point of the movie for near 60mins.

Enjoyable tank movie, unrealistic ending .

It has its flaws, but Fury is still a powerful and intense film that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good drama or war movie.

This film is a mind blowing drama that deals with the horrors of war in a realistic and inspiring way, whilst maintaining extremely interesting characters through some of the performances of the year.

Good action sequences packed with shootings and breathtaking montage, and good acting (well, except for Michael Pena, who is, once again, a caricature of the same character he is portraying in every single movie of his entire career).

Historical Facts are Boring .

The descriptor of the movies was confusing.

Possibly, no probably, the worst movie I have ever seen.

As soon as you see that, the cliché soldiers break the scene.

I was able to stop it when it got too intense which was a couple of times.

Fury is gritty, violent, but highly entertaining World War II flick empowered by a powerful direction by David Ayer and solid performances by a likable cast.

It is a frank and honest portrayal of how road- weary and worn out Allied troops were by the end of World War II, it is not a glorified "patriotic" movie, but rather a grim, dark and dank film about survival punctuated with some intense tank battles.

The battles place you on the edge of your seat, the graphic are superb and the sounds are some of the best I have heard.

Overall the movie is just very predictable, and I don't mean just the ending, it is also the case for certain critical scenes.

Very entertaining movie!.

Fury (2014):Fury achieves in my opinion an unbelievable achievement in not just well done action scenes, but also the emotional and both thrilling ride it took us along with.

This is probably one of the most appalling, pointless, revolting and unwatchable war movies of WW2 I've ever seen.

Gory and gripping, Fury deserves a high spot in the history of war movies.

noble ethnic, muscle-head jerk, religious peacenik and green around the gills rookie) yet the ensemble of talent - particularly a world-weary Pitt (starting to show some character in his handsome face) as the sergeant in command who can feel the unbearable gravity of their plight weighing them down in to only a matter of time.

Also, everyone who knows the least bit about World War 2 knows that the ones who mostly bore the brunt against the Nazi forces were the soldiers of the Soviet Union.

A very intense war movie experience .

Add to that soldier fatigue, smoke, confusion, mud, darkness and chaos and I don't find the damage they inflict in the finale as unbelievable as some.

It's a static (not moving) Sherman tank, the men on foot surely could have moved out of the way of the slow rotating turret as they were close and could have avoided the limited arc of the front gun.

I will admit that some of the tactics used by both sides in warfare in the movie are a little hard to swallow, but the battles are compelling all the same.


Waste of time .

Once again, a few far-fetched moments don't go unnoticed, but it's still an enjoyable film.

The casting, and as a result the overall acting is spot on, as is the rousing music score.

Although at times very unlikely and despite it was not particularly moving, still very entertaining.

Well, yes i said I somewhat enjoyed it.

SCRIPT The script ranges from average to boring.

But it's still quite entertaining, sometimes in a Battlefield Earth, so awful it's quite good sort of way.

Taking a script he also penned with a very intriguing story, Ayer had just a couple things he needed to put together in order to complete his idea.

A horrific and emotional journey through every war movie cliché .

The depiction of German superior tanks engaging the American lightweight Sherman, was super and the suspense trill and tension for survival they really managed to show.

A high production film which has merit, entertaining.

Awful, predictable rubbish .

Decent acting, too many cliché moments .

Very very valuable and worth watching movie thanks to the entire film team for giving a good entertainment.

Another cliché is they make out the Germans, particularly the SS, as inept bumbling suicidal numb-skulls, when arguably they were the most combat effective soldiers of the war.

Back to the film, the acting is sublime from the main cast, which was always inevitable, the intensity of the whole film is fantastic and leaves you gripping the armchair tightly at times, and feeling a sense of trepidation at others, while the storyline is gripping and fun!

There is moral ambiguity, so it avoids the boredom of goodies v baddies.

The most obvious cliché is the innocent kid getting thrown into the war and seeing how gruesome war is.

While I can let it slide in other movies, I don't really like it whenever music plays during a battle scene in a war film because a lot of the time it comes off as cheesy and trying to get the audience to applaud, but this score fit because it was intense and nail biting.

At first i expected a really bland war movie, with a lot of blood, explosions and little to no backstory.

But that does not mean it is a bad movie, and it is worth watching for Brad Pitt, alone.

Also, reloading it was suddenly way slower for the third shot, how convenient.

Weired mix of propaganda, glorification of war crimes and unrealistic events.

Ami grenades explode handily on impact, Kraut potato mashers with their 5 second fuse just sit there patiently waiting and waiting for tedious dragged-out scenes to play out.

Set during World War II, 'Fury' is an electrifying war film, that's powerful & intense.

Fury has a span of almost forty minutes of pure, boring, unnecessary downtime.

I wasn't expecting much, but what I did get was a gritty intense work of art.

If you except that then the fear of dying turns to adrenaline that actually helps you to survive.

It's brutal, violent, raw, and has enough of a fresh feel to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire 134-minute runtime.

There are a few tank battles but are so brief that you tend to get bored.

A waste of time compared to Saving Private Ryan and the like.

Of course it plays long enough for us to see a last German soldier keeping silent, sparing a pointless death, and this too a part of gamesmanship.

It manages to be rousing and repelling all at once, as bullets fly and grenades stir up mist and blood that paints itself across the tank.

Although Fury does not reach the same groundbreaking cinematic heights as other classic war movies, nonetheless it is still an entertaining movie that is highly recommended.

I just have to mention that this scene at the end of the movie, in which Norman is seen under the tank by one of the enemy forces, but the enemy officer pretends not to have seen him, is a bit of a cliché.

I'll give it some points though for still being entertaining at times.

Gripping war film .

In terms of having an engaging story, Fury's script is fairly simple and straight to the point.

We see an intense tank battle scene about ¾ of the way through the movie.

It has a storyline which leaves the viewer with no emotional connection to the main characters, battles which have WWII tanks shooting off what look like Star Wars laser shots-aesthetically out of tune with the "gritty" look the film appeared to be going for-, and confusing scenes of dialog which contradict the relationship between the characters.

Compelling Dramatic War Action .

Mud, blood, bullets anything a 16 year old want to see with his friends on a Friday after a boring week at school.

Counting on the presence of celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Jon Bernthal, Logan Lerman, Shia Labeouf and Michael Peña, Fury is a fast-moving, action-packed and gripping film that will show you the real meaning of soldier camaraderie.

The main story is really interesting, and it was really unpredictable.

All German soldiers do have death wish in this movie, the behave like sitting ducks :-attacking a sherman with MG42's and Mauser 98k's, Tigertank moves TOWARDS Shermans even if it moves slow and loses advantage of the 88mm gun, German soldier who fires pantzerfaust in front of the Sherman ,MG42 in cellar fires at the very last moment, the ambush with their disabled Sherman is a big laughIt's all there, the EMO crew member, the pale SS soldier, the child soldiers, the German girls for a romantic moment.

The ending was your typical cliche hollywood last stand as the 'heroes' of the film face off against the germans in a last ditch suicidal effort because 'reasons'.

There is the feeling watching it that as well as a script supervisor and someone watching continuity, we also had someone making sure that every single "war is hell" cliché was covered too.

Whilst it was good to see a story about a tank crew rather than yet another film focused on infantry it was ultimately let down by the contrived action scenes.

Absolutely pointless.

David Ayer isn't the first director who has experimented with this, but he does deliver a solid and entertaining film with gruesome action scenes.

Over the top cliché filled mess with a lot of yelling .

It simply just pictures the job works: violence is scary, war changes people, and their journey could be a lot dreary than exciting.

I have watched the movie many times and highly recommend it.

Waste of time and money .

Aside from that, the movie was great and enjoyable, it kept you on the edge of your seat.

Violent and empty .

This has to be one of the most gripping war film scenes I've ever seen.


Granted there was some raw dialogue and a tense situation, which was for a moment promising something quite poignant - it too went nowhere.

Traveling through places, although getting attacked in unexpected minute and discovering bodies around the road, can be boring, which suddenly makes the crew bond every once in a while.

The combat scenes are very visceral and exciting, especially the battle against the Tiger tank.

Lest show them the cliché.

I could see the film's ending coming a good 15 minutes in advance, and overall the action packed conclusion felt like it would be more at place in a Michael Bay movie than what was meant to be an anti-war film.

I really enjoyed it.

The dialogue is fairly blunt and straightforward and at times, the plot can be easily predictable.

"So, the reality that the Germans were so hardly trying to keep out of their doors, hiding behind the veil of propaganda lies, furiously smashed the doors of German homes, destroyed walls, killed old people and children, raped women, murdered men - actively supporting, tacitly endorsing or simply indifferent.

David Ayer wrote a war drama that is capable of being intense, horrifying, dramatic, and a visual feast that perfectly sets the tone and conditions of WWII.

You don't need to use musical sounds to make sure the audience can feel the tension of a scene, war is intense.

Unbelievable, farcical and boring .

The most intense movie I have ever seen .

Story is so boring, pointless, uninspiring...

I wanted the characters to be drawn out more.

Meaningful epic movies have in themselves become a cliché.

No real plot, just visuals.

At the very end of the movie there is this long drawn out shot from the tank called Fury.

Nevertheless, it is a compelling watch all the way to the end.

Worst Movie Ever .

In a way much of the movie is about Norman coming of age as a soldier.

Entertaining .

Weired mix of propaganda, glorification of war crimes and unrealistic events .

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and was not disappointed by the climatic conclusion.

A gritty and horrific take on WWII with intense action sequences .

Do love all the cliché not smart bad guys ala James Bond.

Entertaining war movie that does not hold back with its graphic war violence .

Don't waste your time.

There were intense scenes in this movie where i had no reason or incentive to care about the safety of the characters lives.

The plot was slightly confusing.

He is supposed to care for the crew of his tank, but most of the times he just looks annoyed and bored.

As an exercise in nihilism then the film does mostly work because it is relentless in how pointless it is, whether it be cruelty of man, child soldiers, the horror of random violence, the physiological effects of killing, or anything else, the film is really on point for these.

The tank commander was GOD, and he decided if you were going to be dragged away by the MP's or not.

I found Fury very entertaining and the run time seemed shorter than it really is because the action doesn't let up.

Dark, emotional and gripping.

Every fight scene was engaging and intense.

Brad Pitt gives a compelling performance as the tank commander Sgt.

The action is intense and actually makes you feel tense (the film states in the opening credits that the American tanks where inferior to the German tanks and this adds to the sense of dread and tension during the battle scenes).

Bottom line, if you're debating on whether or not to see it, I say save your money.

WWII movies are run of the mill predictable stuff.

The classic comic series features a tough-as-nails army sergeant, Nick Fury, who leads a company of colorful characters in thrilling adventures during World War II.

If you make a "Spot the Cliché" drinking game, you'll be half dead thirty minutes into the film.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

All in all, I'd say the movie is worth viewing, but do prepare yourself for a more intense experience than the previews suggest.

You'll find some very good and exciting fight moments, all-guns-blazing included.

Having said that, I enjoyed it alot.

As it stands, FURY is ludicrously contrived because of how quickly everything progresses.

There are a lot of battle scenes in the movie and all of them are done well especially the tank battle with the German tank Tiger ,it was intense and well shot ,the best scene in the movie in my opinion .

Exciting if flawed Second World War tank action .

The final battle is the most obviously Hollywood-influenced section of the movie, the rest is as good and as gripping as I've ever seen.

The plot itself is rather trite as it is the usual 'men on a mission' stylized narrative.

The classical cinematography made it more realistic, raw, suspenseful, and tough to the point where you can almost smell the odor of the men and the dirt.

Plus tanks scenes are intense, you really feel like you're actually part of the crew inside it with them.

Shame for the talented actors, all of them including the young and beautiful star Alicia Von Rittberg tried their best to save the movie but the story is too bland.

"Fury" is a brutal, action packed and well acted war movie that might not be one for those wanting an old fashioned heroic epic.

Three hours of it.

This what is an essentially coming of age movie for one young new recruit at the end of the war exposing him to the horrors and delicate negotiation between war's insanity and human propriety.

A brutal, action packed and well acted war movie .

Their dependence on each other for survival is evident, but the expected tensions of war-time stress and close living conditions leads to a fascinating on-screen chemistry.

Brad Pitt, this is your worst movie ever.

But this movie is so thrilling and captivating that it's amazing as a movie!

The film is pointless.

Compelling performances from all the cast, Special mention to Pitt, LaBeouf and Lerman who were exceptional.

The action will have you on the edge of your seat.

Worst movie ever....

It's a thrilling and heart pounding movie that I think alot more people should appreciate.

To watch this movie at cinema is a total waste of time and money

The film has long periods where nothing happens ( notably the 2 German women's house ) cut by scenes of fighting which are very unrealistic - Notably, "Fury", Brad Pitt's tank, takes 2-3 hits from a Tiger and survives, all the Germans in the film have forgotten how to operate anti-tank weapons, etc. The last scene especially is by far the worst - and could be summarized in this sentence: around 200 Hapless Germans run around a lone immobilized Sherman tank like headless chickens, and are getting mauled in the process by Brad Pitt handling a machine gun and Shia Labeouf throwing grenades from a hatch.

we need realism, and the fact that humor is a self shield against the tragedy of war is not well represented here -The final battle, from daylight till night with crazy SS soldier running pointless around a motionless tank, we have a gun in front with 40° range, and the tower with engine broken, so...

Fury is an intense action thriller that gives you a feel for the metal death traps known as tanks.

the ending I think was amazing however a little predictable for some of the characters death.

It is extremely tedious to watch.

Pitt in another uninspiring movie .

I think war movie and BP fans will like this flick, and I feel it was very entertaining indeed.

"You feel it, that's war" - This is the kind of myopic and clichéd dialog that litters this 2nd-rate wanna-be Saving Private Ryan movie, along with the dozen or so empty bible quotes.

Otherwise don't waste your time and money.

If you are bored with war movies, watch this movie, then decide if you will return to boredom...

The enemy flashes a light on Norman under the tank at the end and pretends he sees nothing, they really should of come back and dragged him away.

bland, boring, cliché-riddled .

Instead, we are shown it's like nothing happened.

That's how uneventful these scenes were.

Powerful, Brutal, enjoyable.

The one thing that I find really tiresome about this and numerous other films of the past 10 years and television series such as 'Band of Brothers' is the assertion that the treatment of the Jews during the war and the other horrific actions of the SS was somehow common knowledge to the troops invading Europe.

So there is no story.

Overall Fury is very well directed and entertaining movie, with very good performances all around and most importantly that displays his point very well: war is ugly and violent.

A pointless movie in it's entirety.

The action sequences also were so intense that you just did not want them to end.

On paper, the film feels like it could be a tad formulaic and generic but the end product was something really intense and filled with great acting by the entire cast.

A highly enjoyable action war movie with great depth.

The action is good, acting as well and the lack of story doesn't really bother me since the atmosphere of WW2 gives me what I want 1h 44 minutes - retarded...

Fury is an intense film that use war to no clear beyond showing how ugly it can be.

There ar no good guys or bad guys, no heroes or villains, just people on the edge on both sides.

This movie can be tough to watch, but is compelling none the less.

But on the other hand, due to the convincing performance from Pitt and Lerman, these emotional scenes get you immersed and care about the characters for the obvious charisma these guys carry along, although the storytelling seldom gets you think on the matters deeply.

Many scenes are beautifully composed and the action sequences are taut and intense.

If that is the case, the collection of stories seem awfully disjointed, and lacking in continuity.

The characters in Fury are clichéd, we've seen them before in many other war films, but the action scenes are unique and engaging.

The film is also a coming of age film, with the character of Nelson joining the fight at the end and coming to understand what war is really about.

I found the movie intriguing.

The final battle is so unrealistic it makes you want to laugh when you should be gripping your seat.

Lets run through the many cliché's ever so quickly: Savage horseback murder, Christian Hymns, hardened leader with a rookie whom should not be at the front line, fleeting love story with deadly end, the verbal moment all the soldiers decide to stick together, they all die (and not at once as each one needs their moment to perish) except one (doubt it's the rookie…right?

Coming off his performance in Noah, Lerman is has shifted from teenage actor to adult contender and is proving to be a mature actor that will be worth watching.

Thrilling .

Any war film can be impressive in it's action sequences, anyone can make loud noises and explosions and fighting, but if a war film can still shock and grip and captivate you in the slower periods, in the silences, that's when you know for sure you have an outstanding movie, and that is what happens with Fury.

Fury has arrived amid much fanfare but it opens with a slow, cold eerily beautiful shot redolent of Lawrence of Arabia, albeit with an air of doom rather than mystery and promise.

I was at least expecting to be entertained by some explosive action, but the battle sequences were disappointingly dull, repetitive and messily edited.

The action scenes are intense and gritty, while most of the time staying at least somewhat grounded in reality.

The acting is solid by all actors, the music matches the period's tone and the tank warfare is highly engaging.

You should know that i am 16 years old and love action packed films whit a solid budget.

There are several time-warps where in a scene towards the end time does not seem to pass at all while the characters converse and bond, then, during a battle it suddenly becomes night within the time it takes to shoot empty one machine gun belt of ammo.

Wondering what was going to happen next, the intention to slow the film down, because there's GOTTA be a break sometime in any big action film!

Cliché', derivative, no plot, no understanding of the military, and distorted.

Then, when the tank called "Fury" loses its track, we lurch into another kind of film altogether, one in which 'fury' becomes an adjective rather than a noun, one that recalls the final body-fest in the conclusion to "The Wild Bunch", one in which war may be hell, but damn it, it's also incredibly exciting and oh so heroic.

It is intense.

However, despite a solid start to the film, the majority of it just doesn't pop, with boring action and fighting sequences, one dimensional characters and a pretty clichéd and rundown storyline.

Boring, egocentric performance of brad pitt & co, surrounded by nice and helpful American soldiers, who would never rape a woman, oh no, they rather share an omelet together, never saw such a pathetic movie, brad command's, brad doe's and the rest jump, also into bed with one of the German girl, since he allow it, unrealistic from the beginning, they where 4 tanks, 3 of them got hit, not "fury", well no, the show must go on, they where so good that we had to support another hour to watch this unbearable heroic finale, no really, I call this a "horror-movie", nothing to do with War, it's just a mediocre production, forget it

The look of Fury was excellent and the special effects in the battle scenes were mind blowing.

As the four tanks dwindle down to just Fury (the name painted on Wardaddy's tank), the intense warfare is mitigate only by a brief encounter between Wardaddy and Norman and two German women hiding in their apartment.

The action sequences are entertaining, in particular, a scene where three American tanks take on a German Tiger tank.

Though one may be tempted to compare it with that in 'Inglorious Basterds', Pitt loses the hipster jokiness of the former film for a much more grounded and compelling portrayal of the tough and quiet squad leader filled with intensity and charisma.

Absolutely Worth Watching.

Another unrealistic propaganda .

what a movie - and what a freaking waste of time.

The depiction of psychological effects of war that we are all familiar with since full metal jacket makes fury a dull one.

Intriguing .

Hey, let's get all suspenseful and show a German sniper crawling along the grass.

If all war movies are a collection of clichés, this one's champion of cliché collections.

Well acted, well written and well directed, it offers riveting viewing.

' Horrible, cheesy dialogue, corny script with every cliché in the book - it just seems like they didn't even try with this film, and were hoping the action scenes would make up for it.

It's doesn't make war, an easier sit, acting somewhat like a propaganda film like 2009's Inglourious Basterds does.

It tries to hide it's lack of plot with isolated gruesome scenes that you can tell are there to just "wow" the audience and make them feel like this is a "serious or legitimate" war movie.

But the scene shows an unexpected side to his character.

The story is a bit predictable with the third act playing out without much surprise.

He's come a long way since The Butterfly Effect (2004), and I much prefer to see him in an intense role like this, surrounded by so much talent.

I walked out of the theater speechless, that it is 2014 and we can still produce movies that are so historically inaccurate.

Things like protagonists who survive mission after mission, villains who need to be taken down and are finally defeated at the end of the hour-and-a-half running time, dramatic deaths where people get to give a short speech before life exits their bodies, cool sequences of combat and exciting moments with explosions.

44 minutes - the movie is empty...

Bad waste of time .

The scene in the town with the two women and the murder of the German soldier as a "learning point" for the newbie, Norman, is such cliché' that some keep trying to propagate that it's sickening.

The insight into a veteran commander and his rookie assistant gunner/driver as well as the scarred remains of the tank crew make for enough of a story to break up the breathtaking and intense action.

Oh it's still boring.

Quite disappointing, and a sheer waste of time, with very little entertainment value.

In particular, there is a lengthy sequence in an apartment with two German girls which seems to have little to do with what comes before or after and, in showing strange and unpredictable behaviour from all the crew members, doesn't provide too much clarification on the effects of war on them, either.

I thought the script was bland, Pitt's portrayal was pretty bad, which is surprising because he has potential and I like him in a few others; in this movie he didn't seem to embody the character.

The best part of the movie is the final act of the stuck tank and it's last stand, but you need to get through the roughest trenches of gore and slow pacing that could turn away some folk.

Pitt gives a dull, listless performance, and expects the audience to follow him regardless.

They did not, however, forgot to bring hand grenades, which are very useful inside a tank and are a must for another cliché from the checklist.

It's not like the film stops to have this whole scene in this apartment unfold, on the contrary it seems like it's from a better, more engaging film.

One unexpected detour in the film is a long sequence where Wardaddy takes Norman aside and into a home with two German women.

Brad Pitt's performance is typical of him, think World War Z with an adrenaline booster of Inglorious Bastards.

The two hours this movie lasted, were the most intense hours I've had in the last couple of weeks, or months.

I will probably still pick it up on DVD because I can always fast forward through the boring parts.

With that being said, Fury still manages to remain compelling and technically impressive throughout.

Fury: An unexpected and dramatic war movie .

It was an intense film that left me tense throughout.

It was the most boring 2hrs 14 minutes of my life.

A garbage piece of propaganda this movie is absolutely

Viewer's were led through this drawn-out scene...

Anyone worth their salt would know this is too contrived to be credible.

The tank scenes in the movie, of course, keep you on the edge of your seat, however there were several scenes that dragged on and on and really did not contribute to the story.


On the other hand, it does lacks some detail, and will jump between narrative moments, which can prove a bit confusing and difficult to know where as an audience you are, and at what moment in the story you are in.

The same can be said of star Brad Pitt's riveting performance, which is no doubt one of his very best.

Don't waste your time.

The pacing is slow and ponderous, much like a tank ride though Germany.

Well, the start is there's no real plot, they drive somewhere in a tank war daddy rapes a frauline, while machine as awkward pre-teen banter with an increasingly unhinged denzl washington from training day rip off.

You can guess how boring I found this movie if I started typing this on my laptop halfway to it.

Intermingled with those things are quite a few tank battle scenes, which although may not be perfectly believable, they are pretty entertaining for the most part.

Worth watching.

The cast of characters, for example, is one big cliché; there's the hardened veteran who's respected by everyone he commands, the Christian guy who keeps spouting bible verses, the bulldog who is so brimming with testosterone that he almost becomes a parody of himself, the Mexican who keeps getting told off for speaking Spanish, and of course the new recruit that they all bully until he proves himself worthy of their respect.

Gritty, but lulls in places it need not go.

The movie is quite engaging.

I just glad, it didn't go too far into the horrors, to the point that it makes it really unwatchable like certain war films like 1995's 'Men Behind the Sun 4' or 2008's 'The Downfall of Berlin: Anonyma' due to the repulsion, nihilism nature.

Fury is a boring war movie that goes nowhere and jumps from one mission to another with no congruence!

A very enjoyable movie that I would watch again.

The showdown between our beloved American tank and an advanced German Panzer is fully engrossing and great fun to watch.

Oh, Troy forgot the pointless (and war crime indictable) exercise when Brad makes the new guy shoot a German prisoner in the back just to toughen him up.

" When it comes down to it, FURY is a rather simple war film that has visceral action and intense visuals.

It is pretty objective as to how ridiculously dull and stupid the narrative is, as well as how cheap and shallow the character development is.

Last but not least, this movie literally had no plot.

Fury has no real plot.

history is violence" The tank battles : the 4 American tanks against the German tiger just gripping.

What do you get when you pile up one cliché on top of the other?

This movie makes me experience adrenaline rush, and I know it might sound weird to the ones who don't like this movie (which I believe must be a few), and you guys should look at the explosive.

also I found the scene where the tank crew were in the German town in a woman's house very boring.

Pitt and Lerman, on the other hand, are given plenty to work with, and their dialogue exchange during the final moments of the film is one of the most emotionally gripping cinematic moments of the year.

Anyway, towards the end of Fury's exhausting third act, Pitt's Collier grabs a bottle of liquor, takes a long, slow drink out of it and says, "that's better than good.

If you like movies with vulgar language on a constant basis, gratuitous violence for the sake of shock, bad acting, unlikable characters and no real plot/storyline....

War films and the moralising that comes with some can so easily become hackneyed, and there are times where the dialogue veered very closely to the trite 'war is hell' territory with lines such as 'You'll soon know… what a man can do to another man.

Waste of money and time, excellent crew and still they managed to make so bad , unrealistic movie

Now we experience some boring scenes, just so that the characters develop a little emotion and morals, even the soft-hearted kid begins to obsess over killing Germans.

And always showing crying Soldiers as if dieing would come so unexpected.

Fury will forever hold a lasting, memorable place in my experiences of WW2 films; and I highly recommend it!

Existentialism originally comes from studies on the logic of perception but somewhere along the way it has come to mean, in lay terms and otherwise, laments about how cold and repetitively pointless life can be, with only negative connotations.

At the end Fury is an exciting war film in the best tradition.

The awesome act from Brad Pitt (Don "Wardaddy" Collier), Logan Lerman (Norman Ellison), Shia LaBeouf (Boyd "Bibble" Swan), Michael Peña (Trini "Gordo" Garcia), and John Bernthal (Grady "Coon-Ass" Travis) are the main point in the movie, so do others casts' stunning act.

This was a work of art, an action movie that seems to grab from the older war flicks of good ole fashioned American propaganda.

German Tigers boasted not only an 88mm gun, but also bore 3.9 inches of armor.

The action scenes were intense and nicely captured some of the confusion of battle… even if, as others have noted, the tracer fire looked like lasers in a sci-fi movie.

I warn families to exercise caution with taking their younger family members to this, because it is bloody, filled with vulgar language, and intense.

The propaganda become worse in the end, when Serg, Wardaddy tank is disabled with a mine.

Fury is an excellent and action packed WW2 movie by one of my favorite current film makers David Ayer.

Don't waste your time.

Cliché number two.

Granted, my halfhearted recommendation will stem from it having a few decent performances and a compelling, final thirty minutes involving the protective stand of a broken down Sherman tank.

The battle scenes are ferocious, gory, thrilling and the film moves quickly from start to finish, David Ayer did a grand job on directing duties and if you want a good war movie of recent times then look no further, also stands up well with a lot of the classics and it's an enjoyable film to boot.

If audiences walk out of this film feeling like they watched something powerful, something intense, that made them "feel" then that is all the recognition it needs.

This intense imagery is needed for a film of this measure, so if scenes from Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, U571 or Lone Survivor put you off in any way it is nothing compared to the realism and brutality you witness in this film.

Doesn't always work, and yet still very enjoyable.

But in the end Fury is a fantastic film with as very gritty portrayal of WWII and incredibly intense action sequences.

END SPOILERCONCLUSION: After all the movie had a good first half, which was partly destroyed by a miserable but entertaining second half.

All the perfect cliché.

Either way, the film is a powerful and disturbing drama that evolves into a standard but riveting World War II tale of courage literally under fire.

So, save your money and watch it on TV when it becomes available.

Fury, however, is so intense that I don't even notice it.

The film is a cliché-ridden, one-dimensional vehicle for its stars.

Actually, it is a great propaganda movie.