Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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After a meteorite unleashes a three-headed beast upon Tokyo, Mothra tries to unite with Godzilla and Rodan to battle the extraterrestrial threat.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Ishirô Honda
Stars: Yôsuke Natsuki, Yuriko Hoshi
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 63 found boring (7.93%)

One-line Reviews (42)

The Godzilla/Rodan battle is just funny,as is the bit where Mothra tries to communicate with Godzilla and Rodan and get them to fight Ghidorah,a really wacky scene that could only exist in a Japnese monster movie, but the climactic fight,as the three Earth monsters Godzilla,Rodan and Mothra combine their strength against the alien creature is the most rousing climax of a Godzilla film,aided by Akira Ifikube's fantastic theme music.

Immensely Entertaining .

I am a long time fan of Godzilla but this film suffers from a long, boring intro (29 minutes) before we get to the first monster, Rodan, who appears for about 30 seconds.

I've been watching all the Godzilla movies sequentially, and this one was surprisingly enjoyable and well done.

a fun kaiju film and Godzilla's first film as a hero, just a bit slow .

The build-up is somewhat muddled and lengthy,but the plot is just about intriguing enough to keep one ticking over until,after perhaps too long a wait,the monsters appear and the film really kicks into high gear.

This is probably the most purely entertaining of the Inoshiro Honda "Godzilla" films, and proves that Honda (who could get pretty heavy-handed with these puppet monster movies) was capable of real wit.

"Ghidora, the Three Headed Monster" is an entertaining and overall quite welcome addition to the Godzilla series (and of course the 'canon' of the other monsters appearing).

Rather enjoyable...

Despite technological limitations of the time that inherently date some of the special effects (the miniature army convoys never look too sharp and some of the monster costumes already look on the verge of falling to bits), "Ghidorah" conveys a truly epic sense of scale with breathtaking scenes of structure-shattering disaster caused by these rampaging leviathans.

For me, this is the cream of the series, a lot better than the stuffy films of the '50s like GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN which proved to be stultifyingly boring at times.

When he is on his feet on the ground his neck is too long and he is taller than Godzilla.

I highly recommend it.

While the plot is fairly unrealistic, even by science-fiction movie standards, this movie is entertaining from start to finish.

One of the many alternative titles (and the one I had on my copy) was "Big Three Monsters – Greatest Decisive Battle on Earth" but when it comes to it the monsters have very little time on-screen and certainly the big battle is very short and simple – not particularly destructive, exciting or funny.

There is a terrific feel to the Toho Studios films made in that period-imaginative,exciting,fun without generally descending into camp,a good stock company of actors,etc.

Despite this, the fights are entertaining, with Godzilla and Rodan's fight still being a joy to watch, and having quite a few memorable moments.

If you are not a Godzilla fan or fan of Toho Studios monsters flicks, you may find this one kinda boring.

Although there isn't a huge amount of monster sequences throughout the film, "Ghidorah the Three-headed Monster" is a very entertaining movie.

most purely entertaining of the Honda "Godzilla" films .

Along with all the other actors, every one gives entertaining performances, Honda even adding some cool shoot out scenes.

All this said, I'd put Ghidorah as one of the major efforts from Toho during this period, or even overall for the entire franchise, it's that good; there's hypnotic music with the twin ladies, exciting monster fights, and not half-way bad human characters.

Enormously entertaining Godzilla movie-one of the best .

Usually, the human interaction parts are boring.

Despite occasionally less-than-special effects, this is a marvelous monster movie, with an enjoyable story and some memorable action sequences.

Ghidorah is truly a breathtaking monster.

Entertaining Godzilla movie .

And while it is overall an entertaining flick, it does have it's flaws.

The Mothra twins get to sing a couple enjoyable pop-songs, the Venutian/Princess is stunningly beautiful (the actress would go on to be a Bond girl in "You Only Live Twice"), and the dialog is the snappiest of the first phase of the early Big G.

Godzilla", but this is still an entertaining and welcome installment in the series, if deeply flawed.

"Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster" is enjoyable and quite watchable, even if you aren't particularly familiar with the "Godzilla" franchise.

The scenes where he faces off against the other monsters is frantic and intense.

This is film #5 in the Godzilla series and it's an uneven but ultimately enjoyable addition.

Enjoyable for the most part .

Once again,to get a real appreciation of this tremendously enjoyable and exciting movie,you need to seek out the Japanese version.

It's Funny, thrilling, action-packed, and so much more!

At least with the American versions the most boring segments have some cheesy entertainment value from the silly dubbed voices.

It helps that Malness makes for an entertaining human threat with a paltry motivation to contrast against all the carnage the monsters are causing.

Monumentally Supid--Very Entertaining .

And of course, the final battle with all four monsters is also quite entertaining, even more so, and the special effects in that scene are a big improvement, and everywhere else they are consistently well-done.

Overall, Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster is a flawed movie, but it's positives outweigh the negatives and is an enjoyable and memorable entry in the franchise.

Ghidorah's introduction is boring, the effects are poor and the fighting silly.