Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Action, Crime, Drama

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In the near future, Major Mira Killian is the first of her kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Rupert Sanders
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbæk
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 191 out of 992 found boring (19.25%)

One-line Reviews (753)

Scarlett Johansson does a great job and her character has a compelling backstory, as well as Kuze (Michael Pitt), who I think could have been more explored.

Though the idea is not original, but overall Rupert Sanders, the director, can successfully make it enjoyable.

Visually interesting, action packed if slightly confusing (unexplained)cyberpunk action romp with some interesting characters and set pieces.

Hollywood has a basic mold: we need a good guy, we need a bad guy (if we want to make it shocking we create a bit of confusion about who's the real bad guy).

But the worst part is when the constant action sequences keep coming at you with no let up or change of pace, that gets boring.

"Another CGI movie with NO script or story" .

They were throwing scenes in the movie that were frankly pointless because they couldn't write anything meaningful.

It's a cliché Hollywood movie wearing a ghost in shell costume with some iconic scenes throw into the blender from the animation.

Oshii's version was stunning to look at, and so this was a necessity.

Being a fan of the original film, its sequel, and short forms, my disappointment was justified: terrible casting (besides Takeshi Kitano and Juliette Binoche), simplified plot losing all philosophical subtleties of the original material, the amalgam of shot-for-shot references from the original were a good addition but pointless.

The last 2 Disney Star Wars did well and raked in millions, but I found them quite boring and, forgive me, stupid.

I have seen the original and, unfortunately, many of my friends found the main character to be emotionless and boring.

The visuals are stunning and are a tribute to the anime incarnation.

The action is certainly enjoyable and intense as well.

The management, at least get bored.

So I apologize for the disjointed "review" and for throwing some shade I was compelled to post out of salt.

Its just stunning.

It was a dreary.

The complicated plot was fairly easy to follow once it got going, but there were a few moments of confusion, especially in the beginning, when I was a little lost because I had not read the manga.

The movie is slow, they talk to much, it is to dramatic.

The attempt to wedge the Majors' past into proceedings only serve to confuse the underlying concepts of the story and come off as an afterthought and confusing.

Poor script, decent adjusted story and visually stunning.

I however really enjoyed it.

The action is kind of boring and poorly choreographed, and is just generic police show level material for the most part, or badly done redos.

It had great action scenes, great special effects, great CGI, everything visually was stunning and it brought the viewer into another world, an escape.

The movie's title is, in the end, a perfect way to describe it; there may be a gorgeous looking shell on the outside, something to keep you distracted, but on the inside, it's nothing more than a ghost, hollowed out and baron, devoid of an identity or a soul, and this holds Ghost in the Shell back from being much more entertaining than it ended up.

It was way too predictable and full of clichés.

Visually the movie is stunning.

If you want to call your film Ghost in the Shell, but are happy to leave the existential matter behind, it creates a product without much of a soul.

There were some things I liked, but most of the time it's just dull PG-13 shooting.

The visuals are utterly stunning and fit the tone of what this film should've been so well.

Admittedly, I have yet to see the original anime film to compare this to (and that seemed to be the issue most had with this movie), but I truly enjoyed the film, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Johansson and sci-fi films.

Maybe I enjoyed it more having enjoyed them.

The scripting was just dull and predictable, trite really as I found myself internally groaning at most of the lines.

Director Rupert Sanders makes this look as real as possible just as he did with his debut Snow White and the Huntsman which also had a muddled story yet looked stunning.

It took a far more mundane Hollywood action flick approach, where the heroine has a dark past that needs to be revealed, the corporations have evil representatives you can just shoot, and problems can be solved by just blowing them up.

Despite the underwhelming and derivative plot which reminds you of films like Minority Report, it is a mildly entertaining film.

It was confusing in the 1st part and started to come together in the second part but just knowing about the other interesting things that take place in the Ghost in the Shell universe it just seemed pretty boring.

"Ghost in the Shell" has many things going for it, but I guarantee you that visually stunning isn't one of those.

This one does no such thing, it is predictable from start to finish.

Boring, dull and stupid .

Well, I found it a well-made, fun, and engaging movie.

Nonetheless, it captured the flavor of the universe, provided an entertaining plot, kept the basic personalities of the characters intact, and did a good job with the Major's relationship with Batou.

I do not believe this is the best adaption or sci-fi film I've seen, but it was enjoyable and much pain-staking work was put into it...

'Ghost In The Shell (2017)' is an unnecessary remake that ends up being just plain bland, feeling far longer than it is and having little to hold your interest.

Visually stunning, story lacking, still a good film .

Worth watching if you are a fan of the genre.

but also very Hollywood in that if you give Hollywood a great story, they will pack it with propaganda and hack out the best parts with a rusty spoon.

Superb achievement - nice attempt thoroughly enjoyed it .

That said, I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was well paced with amazing visual effects, locations and props.

Night Shyamalan style twist and reveal can become tiresome as a plot device, so the slow unwinding of what is going on is satisfying.

The film immediately presents a simple, but intriguing futuristic premise, very Blade Runner-esque, which was a bonus for me despite the obvious similarities.

It was so boring that I couldn't finish it.

** END SPOILERS ** It's touching, it's exciting with explosions and action that isn't overly gory.

The feeling of the fighting scene is so dull.

The actor performances range from reasonable to decent, and the cinematography and visual architecture are breathtaking.

Scarlett Johansson is as dull as a rock as usual.

As far as generic action films go, it's kind of boring.

Regardless, this one makes for an enjoyable two hours at the movies.

This really is a terrible movie with no plot no effects and no decent acting !

The story was boring and was barely saved by the impressive and colourful graphics.

" The story is a poorly written cliché-fest apparently pandering to the "simplistic" Western Mind ...

Also, I found the love interest, curiousness, confusing!

I think it's worth watching and deciding on your own how you feel about it, since it's for sure at the least not a waste of time.

About the movie - good execution, stunning visuals and storyline integration from start to end.

It's Worth Watching For Free On Your Fave Chinese Site .

only real issue is that it should've been a 15 to make the action scenes more bloody and entertaining and go with more of the darker themes of the original...

Things I liked the action scenes are enjoyable.

The main problem is how predictable and self explanatory the story is.

It's just boring and bland.

The movie is visually stunning, especially with all the little things going on all around the characters as the story unfolds, plus, Scarlett looks really good in that white suit.

It instead recasts the film to be about human memories, and it asks the rather banal question: do your memories define you?

All in all I enjoyed it and am optimistic that a directors cut or extended cut have great potential to solve most or all of the issues that kept me from giving a much higher rating.

The visuals are stunning and it feels very retro-90s futuristic.

Unfortunately, the action scenes moved much too quickly which created a little confusion at times on my part.

Yes of course - great picture quality, but hey I go to IMAX for stunning 3D visuals, not just great picture quality and "Ghost in the Shell" 2017 version is simply not enough 3D-enhanced for IMAX, so don't bother yourself going in there, unless you are just a fan of IMAX.

Sanders sets the action in a techno-packed metropolitan city complete with giant CGI holograms towers above every corner and and flying cars soaring through the air; a wildly absorbing eye candy that echoes futuristic Los Angeles from Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner'.

Despite it's flaws, Ghost in the Shell is a solid film that was an overall entertaining watch.

Both movies has trace of connection to Hong Kong and China, with funding from The Shaw Brothers (Blade Runner) and Shanghai Film Grp/Huahua Media (GITS) (Ref: Wong Kin Yuen (2000) On the Edge of Spaces: Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell , and Hong Kong's Cityscape - http://www.

The visuals are stunning.

Beyond that, though, the visuals are stunning.

Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful stunning actress, and she was able to play Major and give her that awesome performance.

Characters: 7/10Major: Major is such a cliché good guy working for the bad guys, she's like Douglas Quaid from total recall, and the fact that she kept working for the government feels incomplete.

Overall as hard as Ghost in the Shell tries to honor its source material and be engaging it in the end falls short of what could have been something truly magnificent.

In short: Breathtaking!

I had one worry playing on repeat in my head as I walked out of the cinema - am I ready to be bombarded by Hollywoodized versions of Akira, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Patlabor, Appleseed......

Neither extreme is accurate, the movie is well-made and entertaining for anyone with a mind open to being entertained.

Pretty good, and worth watching, just not a classic like the anime .

DISLIKES: • Little involvement with other characters • Plot is very predictable and dragged out • Action is sub-par most of the timeSummary: My dislikes start with the lack of involvement in other characters.

The performances are not bad, but with bland characters, it's a bit forgettable.

No plot twist.

But it is absolutely stunning to look at; the entire cityscape of Tokyo is filled giant building-sized holograms, which are presented to look almost real thanks to the effects team.

Certainly this is a visually stunning work which constantly reminds one of "Blade Runner" with its Asiatic urban landscape and ubiquitous advertising.

) and the visually stunning world (that's definitely where the budget went to) are key elements to the film ...

Scarlett Johansson seemed somewhat bored throughout the movie, which didn't do it any favors.

Boring Film Made By Ignorant People .

Yes, even all the praiseworthy designs and atmosphere become tiresomely repetitive.

Empty, vapid and unappealing acting is compounded by terrible set design and cinematography.

I recommend seeing it to anyone who wants a visually gripping movie at the theaters.

Scarlett Johansson stars in this stunning sci fi movie with a character that humanizes the animated version and somewhat softens her character somewhat from Lucy (2014) where she plays a human who accidentally ingests a chemical that enhances one's brain potential which also diminishes her experience of human emotions.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Within the first 5 minutes, I was immersed in the film's atmosphere.

The constant repair scenes, the dreary future world, the same old bad guys, this gets old before it even gets warmed up.

This leaves it basically a (largely CGI-driven) action movie with a very simple (yet somehow confusing) plot and not much in the way of profundity.

Casting is wrong and there is no plot.

So mix that with a lot of shoots of Disney-cyber-land and you will get an adequate picture of this motion pictureAlso unfortunately, this review could be entitled "Ghost In The Cliché", because it has many of them.

Yes we've seen most of those plot lines in other movies before and yes the special effects are commonly well rendered these days with a ton of superhero movies setting the bar high yet, I was really surprised at just how much I enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time while letting the suspension of disbelief work its magic.

Beautiful, absolutely stunning scenery.

The movie bored me to death within 5 minutes.

It uses tired clichés, like black widow comes to save the day trope which makes it a boring and pathetic plot line.

it was boring , even the action I felt was boring because I found it never fit with the story fully.

There's some moments to be enjoyed, some story to explore and some great visuals, but by the time the credits were rolling, Ghost in the Shell showed it's as dull as it is pretty, devoid of any legitimate depth or feeling.

The original anime, although a masterpiece in its own right, was very dialogue heavy and slow paced.

The movie itself was entertaining.

There was a cliché in every other sentence.

Seriously, it is incredibly dumb and, at the same time, incredibly pretentious.

My advice, don't waste your time on this movie UNLESS : you're the stalking type of fan of scarlet johanson and you want to watch the movie for some masturbation material you can go watch it, i think half of the movie are just shots of her ass and boobs.

A stunning idea was explored here when Major Mira Killian (Scarlett Johansson) performed that deep dive into the cerebral nether regions to learn the source of her nemesis Kuze (Michael Pitt).

We have to feel that Scarlett is up against such competition that we are on the edge of our seats.

This movie feels like it was tailor made for streaming services to cure your boredom on a rainy afternoon or quiet evening.

But if you see it as it's own movie you will be entertained with stunning visuals and nice action, so it deserves at least 6 points for "effort".

So yeah, as I said, I'm influenced by the original anime but setting the source material aside, I still enjoyed the movie even though it really gets cliché at times and I give it a 7/10.

Visual - While stunning it was over played and complicated.

Altogether, I left the theater satisfied and would recommend it to fans and non-fans alike.

(Remaking the stunning opening credits from the original is a hopeless task.

More like a hollow shell inside a visually stunning ghost.

The action sequences were all very well shot and exciting.

So guys everyone who is a fan of any kind of Sci-Fi and Fantasy , save your money, don't watch this one in Cinema, wait until it's been aired on TV.

No Comparison, but stunning.

On the themes of Hollow-wood cashing in on lazy nostalgia grabs (Power Rangers last week as another example), this leads me to suspect the heavy tone and themes of "Blade Runner" too will be deconstructed and dismembered in the remake, until only another empty shell remains.

"Ghost in the Shell" has a real chance at being something unique, compelling, and memorable The original is an anime and, therefore, Japanese; thus, made for that audience.

really well made, stylish and enjoyable.

You'd think though that the screen writers would have the opportunity to deep dive into the themes, rather than dull them down.

First off, I have never seen the anime, so I would say that is why I enjoyed this more than others, but I believe I would have enjoyed it even if I have seen the anime.

Take the big but mundane(for the characters) pieces out of the world and the main characters and you ruin the complex relationships, politics, tone and style that is so rightly loved.

The movie is slow...

Furthermore, they'd manage to capture the atmosphere quite well and the visuals were at times stunning.

re-watching when i get bored with all the dumb anime's out there) and this movie was excellent.

Whenever this movie tries to imitate scenes from the original it feels completely out of place and pointless.

Clearly most of the people on here slamming the film and calling it racist or fake or white, are blinded by their own biases - the film is very engaging, has a good story and is visually well done.

Ho hum, was not to be.

The body count of both friends and enemies rapidly goes up and, again, the wrapup of the plot is pretty predictable.

Don't waste your money .

Those are fascinating questions which, unfortunately, co-screenwriters Jamie Moss and William Wheeler are unable to answer; and when they try to do so, they just use clichés and recycle concepts we have seen in uncountable science fiction films during the last 30 years.

it becomes predictable and unfortunately relies on more basic tropes and clichés.

Certain crucial story elements were rewritten, and although I don't like what they came up with (more on that below), I did like the fact that they decided to remove the unnecessarily complicated foreign-affairs-mystery bit from the original; it was a bit difficult to follow and didn't add anything to the film.

Action is fast paced, characters were well acted out and all the subtle nuances were there.

I do wish it had a longer run time to maybe flesh out some of the plot points and the like but still enjoyed it.

This is not a perfect movie by any means, it was really enjoyable and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

In conclusion, they had a good script and plot and they just turned it into a pretty boring and uninteresting movie.

The amalgamation names from the series, and scenes from the original make for a very confusing film that does not feel like it firmly creates a unique or cohesive GiTS universe of its own.

Next, I have to say that putting aside the GItS label this movie are just your usual mediocre SF with crisp visual, the setting of GItS has inspired so many works over time, which ironically resulted in said GItS re-adaptation 22 years later seems cliché by comparison.

In a stunning early action scene that sets a high standard, hacked geisha-bots go rogue during a meeting between Hanka representatives and the visiting diplomats of an African nation, murdering the ambassador (Chris Obi).

I was more intrigued by Takeshi Kitano's Aramaki than by Scarlet Johansson's rather bland heroine.

Badly edited, hard to follow, CUT CUT CUT CUT CUT fight scenes?

I'll divide every movie from this 3 scores: Story (no story, no movie), Graphics (more reality, more we can feel the movie itself) and additional genres assessment which the purpose of the movie (such as Action, Sci-Fi, Magical, etc).

But is the film enjoyable?

This is not that, accept it for what it is - entertaining.

Such a waste of cinema time .

Boring .

I personally got a bit bored after a while, because it seemed to go round in circles, and the predictable storyline became uninteresting after a while.

The futuristic city design is marvelous, and the movie succeeds in bringing to life - and (arguably) in some cases even improving upon - the stunning visuals of the original anime and manga.

It had stunning visuals which I do not think would have been as good in Standard format and the movie captured the spirit of the original story quite well.

Empty Shell .

A beautiful and entertaining film, with just a few problems.

Dull dialogues,not the best plot.

It is old and lack today's cgi technology and other digital technologies but still, you will enjoy it 100 times more than this hi-tech empty shell flick!

This was a highly entertaining movie, with a great story line, and fine acting by Johansson and others.

Oh what an original idea: a remake zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Lack of intense action sequences .

It provides undoubtedly stunning visual, one on the wetland is especially impeccable.

Flat monotone performances by all except Pilou Asbæk.

However, the plot line here is simpler – good guys, bad guys, who dies, who survives, so-called twists – and entirely predictable.

Definitely a good film worth watching that most likely will be taken out of context by both audiences I described since it is right in the middle of what it is and what it could have been.

5.5/10 Empty shell sadly .

Characters were all difficult to relate to and the outcome is always predictable.

bad things: The opening is filled with action, a bit boring with giving viewers any context.

For those who have read/seen neither, its probably worth watching as well.

The difference is that while Blade Runner cleverly toys with morality and what it means to be human; Ghost in the Shell feels more like an empty shell than anything else.

Empty Shell of a Movie .

The main actress gets lots of screen time, but just seems really bored, though that's her thing.

are creepy and confusing, as to what the hell are they meant to be advertising.

Dull .

Why did Johansson choose to take her character into that boring territory is beyond me.

Pretty boring .

What this film represents is a enjoyable way of spending nearly 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

The original's examination of the human condition is all but stripped away, leaving this lifeless and far too long.

Overall Ghost In The Shell is a good action sc-fi thriller film filled with action, shooting, violence, shoot ups, explosions, virtual reality stuff, incredible stunning effects, things happening in slow motion, things getting blown up, wrecked, destroyed, dark scenes, sci-fi stuff, cool looking cars, motorbikes, big trucks, loyalty, friendship, team work, togetherness, sadness, heart felt moments, incredible technology, robots, baddies with guns, robotic human beings, Japanese or Chinese language, tall skyscrapers, colourful catchy holograms, some weird bizarre stuff, fast paced stuff, thrills and spills and many other things throughout the film.

Scenes of the city are just breathtaking, and fighting and shootout scenes are like a ballet.

The writing can get way too complicated and wordy for no reason to the point where the movies get emotionless, cold, and even boring in some parts.

I found this movie to be very enjoyable and interesting as they took bits and pieces to make a movie that was intellectually stimulating as well as an enjoyable action flick.

If you like the original, this will be hard to watch, I had fight the urge to leave the theater.

As disappointed as I was, this version is somewhat entertaining, and it was fun to see many scenes that were virtually identical to the original movie.

Thus when it was finally deemed necessary to cobble together a watered-down, whitewashed, live-action remake of the influential anime, the best one could have hoped for was an echo of what once was - A slight but enjoyable jaunt through the recent history of sci-fi ephemera only with 15% of the charisma and 10% of the brain power.

This was entertaining, it had a lot of little things in it for the Ghost in the Shell fan but also was enjoyable for the first time watcher.

While entertaining and fun and even appealing in its first 60 or so mins of the movie, it seems to bog down as discoveries are made , it feels like a political spy thriller more then a action sci fi movie in its end.

Really Boring .

This movie presents almost nothing, which makes it all quite dull in a sense.

Even Daisuke Aramaki, which was a character that I did like, felt rather bland.

My mind wandered and drifted in and out for so much of this generically plotted stolen identity plot line, bored for most of the second half, to the point where I cannot even remember some of the characters' names.

Most of the outcome will be a bad adaption and a waste of time watching it.

Entertaining decent flick .

I just wish the story was more compelling in its translation.

They've tried their best, not for hardcore fan, but still worth watching.

Despite this remake being a simpler and "dumbed down" retelling of some highly thought- provoking material, Ghost in the Shell stands as an entertaining sci-fi action movie that's sure to please fans of the original and new audiences looking of a well-done fun action movie.

Even if you know nothing about the background, the visually compelling production design is sufficient to make you realize that this movie is adapted from manga.

"Ghost in the Shell" is a visually engaging adventure based on the Japanese manga and animation.

Whilst they got some of the visual elements correct they ripped out its soul and philosophical thought invoking heart, leaving only the 'Shell' behind, it is a bland and unsatisfying experience compared to the 1995 anime - Which is one of the greatest Japanese pop culture contributions to film ever made.

This shell is really empty.. .

Yes, the music borrows heavily from Kenji Kawai's evocative original (why touch an awesome original which is an identity itself).

The more I watched, the longer it kept me on the edge of the seat wanting more and waiting to see what was going to happen in the next few seconds!!

Ghost in the Shell is also very entertaining, there's lots of gunfights, and great music.

The acting was believable and enjoyable.

The action is dull characters are dull and boring.

Fun Action Packed Film .

Another intriguing difference from other current sci fi is its unwillingness to litter the landscape with destructive shells, the explosive kind.

The daytime scenery was OK, but like Las Vegas it seemed drab compared to the night time cinematography.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable from start to finish.

Amongst the actors / actresses in Ghost In The Shell include Danish actor Pilou Asbæk (Ben-Hur 2016, The Great Wall) as Batou Major's sidekick, Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano (Battle Royale films, Johnny Mnemonic) as Aramaki Major's boss, French actress Juliette Binoche (The English Patient, Chocolat which is French for chocolate) as Dr. Ouelet who looks after Major, American actor Michael Pitt (The Village, Finding Forrester) as Kuze, Singapore actor Chin Han (The Dark Knight, Independence Day: Resurgence) as Han, English actress Danusia Samal as Ladriya, Australian actor Lasarus Ratuere (Australian TV Series Ready For This, The Mule) as Ishikawa, Yutaka Izumihara (The Great Raid, The Railway Man) as Saito, Zimbabwe actor Tawanda Manyimo (The Rover, Slow West) as Borma, British actor Peter Ferdinando (High-Rise, Starred Up) as Cutter, Romanian actress Anamaria Marinca (Fury, The Girl With All The Gifts) as Dr. Dahlin, Australian actor Daniel Henshall (US TV Series TURN: Washington's Spies, The Babadook) as Skinny Man, Andrew Stehlin (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny, Killer Elite) as No Pupils, Japanese actress Kaori Momoi (Emperor, The Sun) as Hairi, Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine, TV Series Arrow) as Red Robed Geisha, Joseph Naufahu (TV Series Game Of Thrones, The Last Saint) as Police Commander Johns, Peter Teo (Stretch, Call If You Need Me) as Tony and Shinji Ikefuji (The Wolverine, The Railway Man) as Kinsana.

Graphics: 8/10 Graphics is fully intense by the future of a Japanese city, make viewer enjoy the breathtaking of the scenery.

Unfortunately, I was thoroughly bored by it.

Compared to the original anime it's pretty much an empty shell (puns intended).

Shallow but Enjoyable .

I'd like to give it a 7.5 - because visuals are stunning - even though the aesthetics of the original aren't met.

Scenes of fighting and shootout scenes are just breathtaking (heard that Scarlett was pregnant and it makes more beautiful and memorable scenes with her involving).

Plot moves a bit slow.

Overall, the film is entertaining and certainly deserves a watch.

Smart, Cool and Refreshingly Enjoyable.

Update November 2019: Now two years later I re-watched this movie, this time on BluRay, and enjoyed it, most of it seemed new, the visuals and sound track are great and the futuristic story is interesting.

The revenge plot line is so common and predictable it's easy to imagine it was the producers' first choice when adapting GITS '95.

But what was more confusing was the motive of the antagonist in this version.

Mayor is flat, bland and inexpressive...

Incredible visuals but confusing & uninteresting plot .

A boring movie with no real feeling to it.

First things first, the movie's rhythm is very slow.

The acting was boring and the movie brought nothing new to the table.

It pales in comparison to the original Mamoru Oshii directed films for sure, but it is still eye candy and it gives some life to this movie's bland cast of characters.

Scarlett Johansson makes for a very compelling and troubled protagonist, and she does quite a bit with the role.

Was soo emotional and entertaining like in the original cartoon version from 1995.

Many of the characters are uninteresting and one-dimensional and the lack of depth afforded to them does make it hard to give a damn about them or anything that happens to them.

Uninteresting .

Boring .


They clearly put way more effort into CGI than into creating a compelling, immersive world.

It was visually stunning.

But I think, its a total cliché, we've seen a lot of sci-fi movie like this, when an AI question its creation and origin, fight back and everything.

Marginally entertaining, failed in its second half.

I'd say the general audience probably enjoyed it quite a bit.

While not perfect, it was enjoyable.

Visually, this film is stunning.

Stunning visuals and cool sci-fi genre are what save this movie from a total disaster.

Ghost In The Shell was totally immersive, visually stunning and beautifully produced.

I expected stunning 3D cinematics and so on and so on.

Entertaining .

The original anime is astonishing; It is well-written and intelligent, it has remarkable visuals, great characters and a gripping sophisticated story which is amazingly paced; The movie on the other hand has Scarlett Johansson's mediocre acting alongside her simulated semi-nude curvaceous body, a very well remake of the previously imagined city in the anime, a banal unsophisticated retelling of the original story and an absolutely dull climax and a frivolous ending: All in all an attractive Body without a Brain...

besides Batou that have some depth to his character and good acting the Major is on the other hand is boring, lifeless and emotionless.

May be this is not good as i expected, but it still worth watching.

A good supporting cast as well made this an enjoyable watch for me.

The first minutes are gobsmackingly beautiful and captivating; pulling the viewer to a fascinating weird world, a dystopian reality of captivating extravagance much in the vein of the landmarks like Blade Runner and Total Recall.

It's predictable and shallow.

Despite her less than admirable performance, Scarlett Johansson's Major is fun to watch during her big action scenes, and the supporting characters, notably Major's sidekick Batou, deliver on helping make the action scenes feel exciting.

I'd read something or other about "whiting up" the characters with ScarJo etc. but m'eh, wasn't bothered about all that, I just want entertaining tonight.

He showed his half-baked talent regularly in his directorial debut, now he ratifies his knowledge with sinister robotic geishas, a palette of nuanced colors which represent the scintillation of social darkness, choreographed fight moves and exciting action sequences that benefit from bullet time and magic sound distortions to achieve the desired impact, technological atmosphere isn't lost even in the most futile fragment, all here fits, this conformity has power and harmony, which demands to be contemplated on the big screen.

Many of the critics on here act like the 1995 original is perfect and god-like compared to this version, but just watching that one, I was surprised at how unrealistic the dialog is in that one, like a political propaganda film.

It's exciting.

Whether it be sadness or just pure confusion she pulls of the different emotions of the character really well and really makes it easy for the audience to connect with her.

Waste of Time .

They even cut out the realpolitik and espionage stories which were intriguing in the first film.

That said, this film had an unexpected level of depth.

But, what surprised me the most was that it evolved to something more than just an entertaining Blockbuster.

Not amazing, but a good flick with stunning effects and a surprisingly nice character story.

This movie was visually stunning and acted Very well Especially By Scarlett Johansson by having this fast paced and determined walk she used throughout the movie.

Visually the movie was stunning.

Putting casting controversies aside, Scarlett Johansson provides a compelling performance as 'The Major' amidst plenty of other talented actors and actresses.

I've never been overly fond of 3D in film, but it's used to stunning effect here.

As a story it isn't always compelling, and if it was a usual action packed movie I would rate it much lower on the scale for being a bit sparse, however this style of filmmaking is unique and contains some true qualities of atmospheric, mind bogging, generic sadness of a technology- packed world, that no doubtly would cause us all severe depression, and its empty shells of robotics human.

This is an highly entertaining movie, it is also visually stunning.

this movie is just boring.

The story is also really deep, with exciting turnovers and an atmospheric setting.

This because cybernetics are still new and society is still on the edge of excepting it, unlike original Ghost in the Shell where cybernetics and full body replacements have been a way of life for decades.

The bad part: They took a master piece and create this generic bland action movie that could be call ultraviolent, Lucy, aeon flux (another awful remake btw), just to name a few, that by the end of the day will be completely forgotten.

The story was compelling, thought provoking and evenly paced.

It's an interesting sleight of hand when viewing, even if it is ultimately empty inside.

I quite enjoyed it.

Shiny, appealing veneer belies a confusing and wholly unappealing plot.

I truly had a boring time seeing it come to DVD.

Intense, visually superb, faithful to the original oav.

Stylistic, Gorgeous, Worth Watching .


Ghost in the Shell is an exciting science fiction film with neat visuals and concept.

tedious .

Though Johansson's Maxim Magazine-style "Nudity" may provide nourishing eye candy to a few seven-year-old boys, GHOST's plot is as predictable as a "Happy Meal.

I was prepared to enjoy just whatever it was enjoyable.

The art team did a solid job but it's completely wasted on the complete lack of story and depth.

The plot was simple enough, yet engaging as well.

Entertaining Flick .

There're much worse lines in the film, but unfortunately or fortunately for me, I have forgotten most of the them for the yawn-inducing, mundane snoozefest that they were.

but I have to say as a movie on its own the movie was very very enjoyable and it was a visual treat.

The film is set in Tokyo, yet almost everyone is an American Caucasian, which is hilarious and easily the most entertaining aspect of the film (no country knows how to insult other countries like America does).

Confusing and boring .

Stunning visuals - yes, great music - yes, great play - yes, Takeshi Kitano - YES, YES, YESSS!!

It might not be as complex and nail biting as some might expect, but I thought overall, the story was intriguing and the action/effects were great as well.

There is a very intelligent blending of aspects from several of the entries to this franchise that come together to make for something entertaining.

Contrary to other reviews on here, there is a plot, and it is enjoyable.

If you've seen the anime you'll easily recognise the places and characters, and that's just itself so enjoyable for the fan of the original.

But the action overall is bad and bland it doesn't do anything cool and new and it's just boring the final act was the worst it was just a huge boring Robot fight.

Still I enjoyed it and at least it made me want to watch the 2 anime movies again.

That aside, the 2017 live-action version of the story is visually stunning, with excellent character makeup/prosthetics and hardware (e.

The cinematography is stunning, jam-packed with a colourful visual design and intricate sets, recreating the familiar feeling of the original material.

It is dull and boring .

Boring, boring, snore.

"Ghost in the Shell" is visually stunning, exciting and deep.

Visuals are stunning and Pilou Asbaek is perfect for Batou.

For the positives: The visuals were gorgeous, the actor/actresses performed and understood the characters very well, and the action scenes served to make the movie thrilling to watch.

Overall, this movie succeeds in its depiction of a possible future with its amazing vibrant and exciting visuals, and futurescape as well as offering a coherent and morally and humanly sensitive reflection what makes us important.

At the very least it is beautiful and entertaining.

However the writing is poor making the film unwatchable.

I truly enjoyed it all, and I recommend watching it in a theater for the full experience.

This is a thought provoking film which gives you a fascinating glimpse into how the future of cyber-modified humans (which is something that's almost certain to happen) will look like, which advantages and which problems and security risks it'll present.

This film instead relies on the action and special effects, and even though the action is enjoyable, it's the philosophical touches that made the original interesting.

" is a little trite at this point, and Johansson pulled that off MUCH better in "Her", where she essentially a voice box.

It's smart, cool and refreshingly enjoyable.

a plot that is about as tissue-thin and predictable as it can be.

Visually this film looks stunning, kinda reminded me a bit of a "Blade Runner".

You needed the above because this was quite confusing in the beginning and many of the dialogues went nowhere and we did see sub- titles when Aramaki talks to Cutter (Peter Ferdinando), who is the head of Hanka Robotics and wants The Major, his prize asset, to be kept safe.

The plot is familiar and highly predictable.

That's not to say it's not a full realised world, it looks visually stunning.

An empty shell .

Spoiler they are all uninteresting and under developed ...

Both involved tanks, but in Appleseed it was thrilling and tense, and in GITS it was YAWN.

And, while the story is somewhat predictable, it's packaged so well!

I stuck with it, however, hoping that I might enjoy the ride - sadly, it was just a yawn-fest through yet another dreary dystopian future world.

A Waste Of Time .

Yes, quite scary but exciting, too, all in the dark, of course and while there in the Deep Dive she sees Kuze, the terrorist she needs to kill.

The score is amazing, the visuals are stunning, and the initial set piece where Johannson tries to save Michael Wincott, is a sublime slice of cinema.

But at least you don't know the whole plot, and it's entertaining to watch.

Scarlett Johansson does have very good skin which manages to salvage the movie from downright unwatchable to somewhat entertaining and somewhat watchable.

This is, however, an Americanized version so like all US based media it has those twist and turns for marketing value that no film-goer enjoys, but for the term entertaining; this film takes all.

However, the scripting and editing is rather pedestrian making the whole thing a bit dull.

It's not deep or profound, but it is plenty pretty and entertaining .

Visually stunning.

The storytelling is slow and rather boring.

Really boring...

This movie is boring, see the 1995 anime instead.

Overall though it's a clever and exciting sci-fi thriller.

Still she does the job well beating off her enemies with just her hands and her Matrix-esque reflexes, but there's not much else here in fact it'll be better to watch this for the special effects because they are stunning.

I miss the constant arguments between the Tachicoma's, and their commentaries during combats made the original series enjoyable all the time.

for a non fan,the film could be a little boring to watch.

The film technically looks nice but none of it will stick with you due to the exceptionally bland setting.

If you want to call your film Ghost In The Shell, but are happy to leave the existential subject behind, it creates a product without much of a reason..

I felt like the pacing was off for the movie, and it didn't really bring anything new to the story.

There is already enough controversy about "whitewashing" etc. in the movie, but the truth is its biggest sin is that they threw out an iconic, original story with compelling characters and replaced it all with generic Hollywood trash.

Attempts at philosophy are rather trite.

She has a pretty boring meeting with her actual mother all though neither seems aware of the relationship.

The visual were beyond stunning, the characters interesting and while the story wasn't as deep as it could have been it was still pretty good.

Overall Ghost in the Shell feels quite bland, generic and confusing at times.

The critiques I have read site her as being too emotionless and boring.

Overall the story felt very Predictable, and very similar in story to "Logan" that came out this year.

And even when it does fall short of the original, it's actually an entertaining ride nonetheless.

This remake is just an empty shell, the characters, the plot, everything looks like an oversimplified version of the original film.

boring story .

Ghost in the Shell is a entertaining movie.

For advice: always empty your mind and think the movie will be great before view every movie, so you can enjoy it as you're looking for

The events that took place throughout the course of the story offered no surprises, as it was quite predictable.

This film delivers and it's one of the most visually stunning sci fi films ever made.

Boring Mary Sue Movie .

What a waste of money and film.

And yes, I am aware of criticizing her portrayal of an android as robotic seems silly, but being enigmatic gets extremely tedious with no other even mildly interesting other characters to play off.

It succeeds on many levels of creating an interesting world; however, this world is populated by dull characters.

The villain was too cliché and undeveloped.

There's a fully functional spiritual side to the story, and it's actually much more exciting to follow events this way.

I get the whitewashing aspect of it, but if you can put that aside the movie was truly awesome entertaining movie.

It's not the greatest movie ever, it's not the greatest acting ever, and it's probably not going to win an Oscar for anything, ever, but it's an enjoyable adaptation of a great anime movie.

The Yakuza bar scene is tension filled and original to this version (even though ultimately pointless).

You will want more to see and it is worth watching.

Now the The Good ** Visual: Visually this movie is stunning.

I thought this movie was imaginative, compelling and had jaw droppingly awesome fight sequences.

Actually, it could simply be that the shows were just boring.

I'll discuss the merits of the plot later, but I added it in here because the glitches are a clever way to have shots of the real world and incorporate visuals directly into it, and they are one of the more intriguing mysteries of the film.

Confusing and kind of crappy.

Anyway, this is a complete and utter waste of your money on every level.

The movie was slower than I had anticipated, and that held true throughout, with only minor exceptions.

When this movie is taken at face value, it is a coming of age story that focuses on the Major.

The overabundance of CGI makes the world seem intangible, especially when some obviously digitally enhanced characters come into play, and the original's examination of the human condition is all but stripped away, making for a generic experience that's predictable and dull.

Especially, just in the background you see tons of citizens in future gear and future technology and this level of detail keeps you immersed in the world.

The film is different, unique, fascinating to say the least.

Pros-Aesthetically stunning and very engaging (one that should experienced in theaters)Cons-Lack of dialogue and a bit too much action (very Americanized)Fake Cons that you'll see in reviews -Cliche'd and borrowing from films like the Matrix (even though the Matrix was directly inspired by Ghost in the Shell) -White Washing (even though the creator of Ghost in the Shell said it's an irrelevant and bizarre claim) -Not good compared to the original Conclusion: It's a good film and certainly worth the watch.

The cityscapes are breathtaking, full of imaginative, holographic advertisements jumping out from buildings and walls, roads are interconnected highways full of 'futuristic' looking cars, and the robotics themselves are perfection of design and execution.

The fascinating Ghost in the Shell has the typical sci-fi tropes with enough grave philosophy underneath to raise it toward the transcendent level of a, say, Eugene O'Neill drama.

Now the story was pretty straight forward but does the job 100%, basically its unraveling the plot until you find out what actually happened, with a lot of amazing action sequences which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Even if there is not real emotional connection, the overall effect of Sanders' images is breathtaking.

More of the same with a clichéd story line, but Scarlet is enjoyable to watch.

Rupert Sanders isn't able to moderate the pacing with the character development scenes, therefore a dull, boring and uneventful second act comes to life.

"Ghost in the Shell" is visually stunning, exciting and deep.

Scarlett is always a fascinating actress to watch and the story does keep you interested.

Hollywood is bankrupt and I predict the coming boring Star Wars and remake of kimi no na wa and other reboots will fail.

Most shots of the epic city and some of the action sequences are kind of disjointed as they look artificially cheap and at the same time they ring a plastic bell instead of evoking a deep dystopic feeling.

IMO, it wouldn't have been confusing anyway, so they could have left that on the cutting room floor.

Mamoru Oshii's "Ghost in the Shell" from 1995 is an anime and sci-fi classic: It is visionary, artistic, exciting and meaningful.

The Ghost is a fine action flick, well worth watching on a big screen.

But this movie's futuristic setting was so dull.

"Ghost in the Shell 2017" provides interesting, thrilling and emotionally charged sci-fi action.

Right off the bat, I've got to say that Ghost in the Shell is a truly visually stunning example of sci-fi, Rupert Sanders' film brought to life with some mightily impressive special effects and Jess Hall's cinematography, some of the sweeping shots of the city really wowing me.

), the world was dream like and at the same time realistic and the investigation itself was interesting and gave the film a very noire touch, and the action scenes were well constructed, well timed and as intense as the more visceral video game (Deus Ex brought to the big screen) the seamless integration of CGI and Practical effects were beyond perfect and never took you out of the movie (I'm looking at you Rogue One).

As it's own entity - Firstly, it is visually stunning.

An Empty Shell .

It's also well paced with really enjoyable action sequences.

Actually, I found it really, really boring.

Instead of an interesting and compelling city backdrop that conveys a variety of insight in such matters as the city's health, they just threw as much crap on screen as they could.

If Major is supposed to be very monotone and hardly reactive, Johansson nails that approach, hardly diluting from the calm, stoic battle mode of the robotic assassin.

And in "Ghost in the Shell" she put on a very bland and emotionless performance.

So if you get the chance to see Ghost In The Shell in the cinema then you should go and see it sooner than later and believe me when I say this you will like it from the action to the sci-fi stuff to the virtual reality stuff to the incredible stunning effects and so on.

The original film, while a total 10 star classic is really quite confusing regarding the villain and what happens at the end.

For me it was a big disappointment, also quite predictable, clichéd.

It's a stunning looking film.

Very entertaining movie, better than the 1995 anime .

Beautiful and empty .

The story of GITS, for me, has always been about stone cold professionals on the edge of their respective fields - with all the sacrifices that are made in order to stay on top taken to an extreme.

Every second of this movie was action packed.

 Scarlett Johansson is as compelling as her character (I honestly don't understand what's the "whitewash" problem that Hollywood keeps trying to fault movies for) and the supporting cast also does a great job.

While I was watching it in the cinema, I looked at the other people in the audience and I could see people shuffling around, basically bored and waiting for the movie to end.

Ghost in the Shell boasts cool visuals and a compelling central performance from Scarlett Johansson.

The only redeeming aspect of this pointless, white-washing remake is that it makes you desperately want to watch the original material.

In short, Ghost in the Shell is a solidly made sci-fi action film of which greatness should not be expected, but if you watch it without prejudice or those pesky great expectations, it will more than likely prove enjoyable and ever so slightly thought-provoking.

It also makes it quite dull.

That statement may be wrong, but I, for once, found it to be pretty terrible and surprisingly bland.

Other than that it is a simplified borefest with no substance, as so many have said before me here.

This movie is visually stunning and the plot manages to be subtlety thought provoking and gripping, but still skillfully weaving in fast paced action.

It is a piece that is stunningly beautiful but that is, ultimately, absurdly empty and pointless.

Entertaining scifi movie .

I suppose some people may find the endless shots of the future cityscape entertaining, but it seemed rather pointless and irrelevant.

Ghost in Shell is a action packed cyber enhanced adventure featuring a woman who is enhanced to be the best soldier who is dedicated to stopping the most dangerous criminals.

We are use to that over-simplification of a movie plot, since we sadly live in a world conquered by the 'marvel'/'batman' method of making a movie, where the plot should be simple and thin, the characters shouldn't have any grays and the action should be convoluted and confusing, full of minions to destroy for the sake of fill 100 minutes (well at least this adaptation has correct action scenes, that are easy to follow and most of the time are not annoying).

The visuals were stunning (this famous dive from the building) and the soundtrack fitted the virtual surroundings.

Addressing complex themes of artificial intelligence, the story boasts a strong edge of compelling ideas along with some subtle thrills to drive the briskly paced plot.

" "Was the movie enjoyable on its own merits?

Real Sci Fi Exciting interesting and beautiful visuals.

The voice acting for several roles are wooden, the story pacing is disjointed, and the resolution is...

All in all, a nice attempt but very predictable in many areas.

I actually wasn't expecting too much, yet from the very start i was gripped by the intriguing story, great acting and eye popping visuals.

I thought this adaptation of the story was very intriguing both visually and philosophically.

Yeah, it really is that trite and yes, it is predictable.

Final Thoughts: Go see it in 3D and be immersed into a futuristic world where technology and humanity become one.

There's no believe-ability in hardly any of the dialogue, the delivery of most lines are boring and unexciting.

Ghost in the Shell is an visually stunning cyberpunk thrill ride that may not hold the thoughtful energy of the original film, but nonetheless sets ground for an compelling good time.

I kind of wish he had a bit more to do, but he had a few scenes that were so exciting and nail biting, and because of that I cannot complain too much.

Mixed, but enjoyable anyway .

Even the shelling sequence at the beginning was visually dull and gray.

All the characters seem bored to be there.

Without drawing too many comparisons to Shirow Masamune's 1989 Manga and Mamoru Oshii's animated 1995 counterpart, director Rupert Sanders' Ghost in the Shell adaption is interesting, if somewhat plodding in places.

This boring display of technology just made the nearly 2 hour run time seem worthless, given the promise the trailers made.

The main bad guy was just a uninspiring thug.

Here you can find a bland, generic script, that explain a generic origin story, that never tries to get into the philosophical or ethical implications of human body enhancements or AI.

The performances are boring, the plot is both generic and confusing (which is actually something of an accomplishment) and I just wanted it to end.

Maybe I enjoyed it because I didn't go in expecting it to 100% live up to the originals or S.

Waste of time and money .

Leaving aside the accusations of "white washing" everyone agrees this film is visually stunning, and it is there's a certain depth to the images the original didn't have.

Visually stunning .

The CGI, for 99% of this movie, is top notch and is absolutely gorgeous; even mind blowing in some instances with its cinematography.

The story is mediocre and the execution is flawed, to promote a boring mess with only character development as its redeeming grace.

the movie feels empty,with no magic,substance or originality..Beieve me if you don't see it in the theater you not miss anything.

I remember the anime being a lot more action packed too.

A failed attempt to mix up Japanese style with Western style, resulting in a dull and goofy mess.

Simply stunning visuals!

It is visually stunning, has an engaging story, and has excellent pacing.

The visuals are stunning and the attention to detail in the set design was outstanding.

The movie had a really good atmosphere (great visual, and soundtrack), and it was enjoyable.

Takeshi Beat seems terribly bored and out of place as the only character that actually speaks Japanese and the rest of the cast is not much better off, with characters from the show appearing simply to be glorified cameos and god awful villains with weak motivation and acting that made me cringe.

This whole movie is a cliché.

Johansson dialogues in a kind of sleepy monotone with a few inflections for sarcasm, humour and pathos along the way.

Much of which were empty opinions rather than critical expressions.

GHOST IN THE SHELL is genuinely boring and utterly ill-paced.

Major running down the hallway, shooting at the robotic geisha's was beautiful and exciting.

The action sequences were exciting, seeing Major fight against others.

The story isn't engaging, the dialogue is bad and poorly delivered, the action isn't exciting, the art design is bland and so is the soundtrack.

Unoriginal, no script whatsoever, no meaning, no message, no morals, this movie gives us nothing.

This makes "Ghost in the Shell" compelling.

Shouldn't have watched it It was boring and scenes were happening for no reason.

Ghost In the Shell (2017) is an enjoyable psychological sci fi thriller with beautiful visuals and a good performance from its 'controversially' cast lead.

The acting, editing and soundtrack are boring.

The problem is that the original idea of the anime is just an outstanding concept but in the movie they just make it standard or boring plain.

The film, much like The Major, is a shell with fragments of an otherwise compelling ghost.

The dialogues are too simple are too dull.

And the sci-fi aspect of this was just boring, half human half machine.

I am not a fan of the confusion created by casting her as a Japanese person, but would have let it slide if the film was fun or gripping or could handle a message.

Empty shell .

Looks good but is rather boring and unsatisfying.

Typecasting & Whitewashing is an issue.. but I still enjoyed it.

Without the dark and philosophical undertones of the original, the end result is visually arresting, yet ultimately confusing and dull to watch.

Non of it has any relation to anything else and feels really superficial and disjointed.

"Ghost in the Shell" is just an empty shell of a movie - just watch the preview it's exactly the same and you'll save yourself some time.

Overall a waste of time.

I don't know what it is about this year, but it seems like the studios are releasing their most entertaining movies back to back to back.

The movie is quite boring, and fails to deliver some kind of unique atmosphere.

They are just plain boring.

What I liked: futuristic Japan, Scarlett Johansson What I didn't like Pretty much everything else, the lack of any real plot, predictable ending, pretty mindless violence on the whole.

All around I found this to be an enjoyable film, does it have its problems?

Absolutely stunning visuals and music - Ghost in The Shell is enjoyable even if it misses the point (revised) .

Ghost in the Shell is definitely an intriguing shell game.

What it is, is a breathtaking re-imagining based upon that wonderful Manga.

One after the other they have been boring.

The visual details are everywhere - the way people look, their mods - constantly asking visual questions and providing something fascinating to look at.

Dark and visually stunning .

Ghost in the Shell is yet another Hollywood adaptation of a classic Japanese Anime and like all the others, it falls flat on its face with simple characters, a boring plot and a conclusion ripped from every scifi anime/video game ever.

** Production design: breathtaking comes to mind ** Sound Design: thumbs up!!!!

The 90s movie is very dry in this regard.


This is contrasted with them being bland and uninspired.

While I gave it the full chance, I wished that I had stopped and walked out at 40 minutes.

However, the story was banal and could have been delivered in 43 minutes if this had been a standard network show episode.

The story, is kind of hard to follow,because it's so incoherent.

Stunning visuals.

OK it's about half way through the movie and I walked out what a waste of time and money.

I think this was one of her worst movies ever.

And the character so shallow, which makes it a bit hard to follow.

A visually compelling, engaging film.

It was interesting enough, but it was completely predictable and nothing that happened was really all that shocking.

"Monotone Johansson" strikes again.

"Ghost in the Shell" is the wonderful surprise that is both visually provocative action and the compelling existential exploration of humanity.

Last 20 minute is gripping truth of origin and discovery of hangouts and finally closure.

Ghost in the Shell falls short but was enjoyable never the less.

I much hesitated to waste my time and watch this movie, which I'm glad I finally did.

Most action scenes were impressive which for the most part were easy to follow and pretty cool/entertaining.

But having incompatible ideas from previous work of the franchise, Kuze being a mesh of three already known antagonists from other GiTS stories, artificial and clunky delivery of dialogue/exposition, and the overall generic and predictable plot that Hollywood always churns up, this movie just couldn't reach its full potential.

Introducing Ghost In The Shell: stunning cinematography, though not totally original; loads of action, though with a feel of deja-vu; a few nice in-the-nude sights of Scarlett Johansson, which do not harm.

The visuals are phenomenal, the actors/actresses were spot on, and the action scenes was enjoyable to watch, so why don't I like it?

Folks, face it you are being fleeced by boring movies.

The cinematography is, in my opinion, absolutely stunning.

The acting was far better than expected, the script was believable and the visual effects were stunning.

The visuals are stunning (except the awkward ones scattered here and there throughout the film).

However, the cast is small, there are very few extras so it seems a little empty and the two-hander, dialogue-driven scenes you could easily skip or sleep through.

I can go longer about what's wrong with this movie but I got bored.

I thought it was very entertaining and thought provoking.

The worse parts of the film were the beginning and the end, where some executive felt the need for pointless walls of text and/or narration.

Another visually stunning, logical, extremely predictable, shallow and superficial film from Hollywood.

I have not watched the original, but this film was pretty boring and made me feel incredulous.

The female protagonist is tedious to watch, I don't want to understand her personality (because she has none bar alternating between being angry-confused and bitter-angry) and I don't want to know more of her backstory due to the aforementioned reason.

The story is okay but it is pretty predictable and not that much to get exited about.

The long journey towards the final reveal that explained away the shadow/ghost images that continued to fuel Scarlett Johansson's restless existence exploded like an indoor firework that had been immersed in a bucket of water for a month.

New characters were way to simplistic and cliché based (motherly figure, antagonist figure, foe-turning-friend figure, etc).

This film is also visually stunning.

Slightly shallow but enjoyable .

,THE FIFTH ELEMENT,THE MATRIX,DREDD,and many many more and believe me this becoming boring to death..why? because we already there and is question of years that all have that technology in our hands.

I think the cast did a good job and making this enjoyable to watch.

Stunning .

Verdict; Impressive visual effects, smart storytelling and interesting characters make Ghost in the Shell an energetic and entertaining experience.

The slow scenes to think, to create atmosphere...

Worth the watch.

The sequel that came out in 2004 was a bit boring and slow, not bad though, every frame from that film looks great.

The shady corporation Hanka Robotics extracted her brain and planted it into a synthetic body – an empty vessel.

And newcomers into the Ghost In The Shell universe get an exciting ride and a more easy-to-digest introduction compared than the heavy mind-jobs that are the previous ones.

Overall it was pleasant and enjoyable and it appears to be set up for a sequel.

The pacing is sometimes a bit too slow and more focus should've been placed on other characters surrounding the Major.

Don't waste your money on this one, use those dollars to buy one of the many versions that already exist.

spielberg wanted to put his hands on the franchise so bad that he probably made one of the worst movies in history (from original material to Live-action material).

The first half, pretty empty, devoid of any serious story and it only starts with the Laughing Man saga.

OVERALL: 7/10 A fun, visually awe inspiring and interesting investigation movie set in a more than interesting cyberpunk/dystopian world.

It is visually stunning, combining dark and convincing locations and sets with unique special effects, to great effect.

boring, misses the main idea of the original anime, and fails to entertain .

Even the action is rather boring, with fight scenes and shootouts being rather formulaic.

slow at times, and could not get me invested in the story or characters.

The visuals were stunning!

GitS Season 2 is extremely boring, slow and feels almost like a poor rehash of the first season.

The live action movie delves even deeper into the story lines in the Ghost in the Shell franchise, and combines elements from all the stories to create a fantastic action sci-fi that is both intellectually and visually stunning.

A fascinating glimpse into the future .

Her character is fascinating and one you can easily root for during her struggles.

I can't really go in detail, but it's a failed try to boost up the film and end it with a thrilling finale.

Someone tell Scarlett that she comes off as bored and awkward, not tough.

Somewhat lacking performance by Johansson backed up by Pitt's character makes for an enjoyable watch .

Apart from being in awe of how visually stunning it was (props to the cinematographer), I found myself relatively bored throughout.

Visually Engaging Adventure .

Transferring the majority of wonders of the cyberpunk book to live action was a total insanity, considering that they should overcome two major hindrances: The first one is the difficulty that surrounds manufacture of every notion of the world on which it is based, work elaborated with mastery by artistic directors, who spent whole months handcrafting many of the elements which are seen on screen, improving their meritorious work; and the second one is to free itself from American mania about maximizing even the dullest feature, losing the basic elements of the main culture.

The action scenes were breathtaking and exciting.

This must be one of the most visually stunning films I've seen in recent years.

Just Enough Cyber Punk to be Entertaining .

I enjoyed it so much i will be purchasing the blu ray upon home release :)!

Although the place may seem infuriatingly slow at times, I found it entertaining and captivating; the scenery is always imaginative, the music befitting, and the story is credible.

Majors Awkward "skin suit" and Predictable story-line.

The music uninspiring.

I am not quite sure what it is with these remakes, but they are all boring.

I came for a cyberpunk vibe and I was not disappointed, everything is visually stunning.

I think you could probably make 10 interesting films on the budget of this pointless piece of dreck.

It's unexpected, affecting and emotional.

GITS '17 lazily falls back on the most boring and predictable of graphic novel plots: "A troubled teenager must save the world and revisit a childhood trauma" and so, true to form "17 has a multi-billion Yen Corporation (classic evil.

While Sanders employs just a fair amount of gun-blazing action sequences to pump up the adrenaline, it is the visual presentation of the futuristic setting is what takes the crown for the most powerful eye-grabber.

The visuals were stunning, and relentless.

Changes are acceptable and movie is fully enjoyable product.

Scarlett Johansson has great performance as usual and despite the above flaws, the film is entertaining.

The first thing I always ask myself when it comes to Sci-Fi films is minus the CGI would you still have a compelling story?

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Film That Doesn't Deserve All the Hate .

What results is an entertaining, but somewhat predictable ride as this film manages to rip many scenes from the original and execute here in a similar fashion.

The story is basically a mixture of Blade Runner, Equilibrium and maybe Tokyo Gore Police and therefore highly predictable.

Name your worst movie title and it is still leaps and bounds better than GITS .

The story moves in a predictable fashion, with much of the plot movement spontaneously directed by characters suddenly 'knowing' vital locations and details without any adequate visual or audible explanation.

Entertaining remake of the original 1995 Anime .

An enjoyable, less thought-provoking remake of the '95 anime:Casting 10/10;Acting 8/10;Visual 9/10 (last action scene bugged me a lot; i guess their CGI budget ran out there);Soundtrack 10/10;Plot 5/10Ending: 5/10 (Hollywood really doesn't know how to finish a movie; would've been perfectly fine with it ending when Major give Aramaki her consent.

Its story goes from interesting and captivating to a boring, slow-paced film with surprisingly just "ok" action scenes.

The visuals were stunning although I would have liked to have seen a real model of the Spider Tank in some of the shots.

This implies that the film doesn't get the same emotional and reflective blow as 1995 movie, opting to present minimal background in the prologue, thoughtful instants where Johansson possibly broods what and/or who is and that's the whole ideological implanted environment, one more incident in which Hollywood replaces depth narrative by weapons and flagrant impressions pleasing the eye , but not to the mind, of course, a less emphatic case, but in the end, one more case, and I don't blame them, because the real guilty of that awful trend is audience, who believe that cinema is a temporary amusement, something "entertaining", something transitory.

Ghost In The Shell (2017)Plot: Scarlett Johansson is terrific in the visually stunning 'Ghost in the Shell', an action-packed adventure set in a future world where people are enhanced with technology.

Many have trashed her performance and found her portrayal of Major dull and soulless.

Every role, including lead actress Scarlett Johansson's Major, is nothing more than a cardboard cutout, bland as can be.

But truthfully, the backgrounds of the original hand drawn anime are far superior to the CGI garbage you will be subjected to if you waste your time on this trash.

Of course, any attempt at subtlety that could redeem the movie is instantly destroyed by stating out everything clearly in boring dialogue.

It's absolutely visually stunning with great special effects which really give it a similar/same atmosphere as the original ghost in the shell although a bit brighter and colorful.

) I recommend to save your money and only rent it after you had seen everything else that is newly released first.

The story is not necessarily weak overall, but it is rather cliché and more predictable than I, and many others, I'm sure, would have liked.

So all in, if you're unfamiliar with the source material, it'll be a mildly interesting plod through a pretty but rather boringly paced sci-fi.

No so with this live-action version, where everything is grayed out, drab and sterile.

There were so many character dialog exchanges and actions that could have made for a tighter, more believable and entertaining.

They should create intense and longer action sequences for this to make the movie more watchable..And the music composer music just not fit the movie as well..For conclusion, they should create big action sequences to pleased audiences.

The film's bland script and poorly paced direction does little to immerse the audience in the story.

The special effects are stunning.

This film is worth watching, two hours of escapism.

It seems like such a waste too, because the action, music and overall style of the movie is absolutely breathtaking to experience.

SUMMARY: Kind of tedious and very predictable.

)The visual effects are breathtaking, but even this looks familiar and a little cliché now.

She can deliver the goods in the action sequences, but when it comes time to meditating on her cybernetic existence - like her Japanese Anime' counterparts were prone to doing on their downtime - she's kind of a bore and quite wooden.

The dialogue is flat and uninteresting.

With a quality story complimented by stellar visual creativity, this makes for an very enjoyable movie.

Story is weak, action looks good, but it is to boring.

The movie seems to be embellished more than it should, with unnecessary visual effects, sequences, and shots, which, on the long run, make the movie feel long and become quite boring.

But more with the help of an absolutely stunning visual style and fear for the main character.

It is merely empty eye-candy.

A confusing soulless movie.

What can I say, this movie is stunning.

In the end, Ghost in the Shell is an entertaining dystopian science- fiction movie with an important message.

This movie is fun , visually innovative, action packed movie, that will immerse you into the world of Ghost In the Shell.

As such, this film stands on its own as a remarkable and engrossing story with most of the Japanese aspects transliterated into a US accessible format.

The style is absolutely breathtaking in this film, the CGI world created looks perfectly suited for this world and I loved it.

Ghost in the Shell comes off as bland and a little boring once you move past how pretty it is.

While the film might not be perfect, I felt when I left the movie, that I enjoyed it tremendously and that I felt my money was well spent.

A well executed, action packed part of the GitS franchise.

The visual is stunning, especially if you watch it as IMAX 3D.

Obviously more, but that would get boring in a hurry...

Besides that, I think this movie is a waste of money.

beautiful sets and costumes, really enjoyable movie.

Sure, Ghost in the Shell is not a masterpiece, the first two acts are pretty slow, and the movie uses way too much expositional dialogue to explain things to the viewer.

Which makes the villains motivation kind of boring.

With an amazing first action sequence, I was more than satisfied with the stunning visuals, effects, photography and direction of the scene, enough to think "wow, after this, it's already worth the money".

The creators adapted a story that had a lot more depth and philosophical insight and turned it into a somewhat generic cyborg coming of age story mixed with an evil corporation doing questionable things.

However, especially towards the third act of the film it changes a bit in its story element's and is a very predictable which is disappointing.

But apparently some of those brainless yet pretentious punks are now reviewing negatively this movie.

Visually Stunning .

There are some nice moments, but in overall it is bad and dull.

The film's antagonist deserves special mention as well: The character provides a fascinating story arc, and the actor's portrayal of the character's speech and physical mannerisms are akin to a futuristic/omnipotent Joker.

" and cliché revenge route.

Perhaps the simpler title "Empty Shell" would fit the remake better.

While the series and movies had notoriously complicated and fast moving plots, this movie decided to simplify to a level that was predictable.

Visually stunning and immaculately directed, "Ghost in the Shell" is a deep and absorbing science-fiction action film.

So, this film was visually stunning, -stunning- I can't stress that enough.

I find these types of movies fascinating and usually beautiful to look at, I just wish the characters were fleshed out with more humanity.

The visuals are absolutely stunning, and I actually found myself becoming more attached to the live action version of Major than the anime one.

Add onto that the standard stagnant seen and heard in any other action movie one-liners and the multitude of advertisements with little to no character development and, you get a ho-hum 4 star rated overproduced underwritten predictable story with a lot of paint (visual effects) to cover up that fact and hope the shiny object will keep you from noticing.

All the things that made the 1995 film memorable, like the thought provoking philosophies and slow pace that made it deep and challenging, are lost in order to have a more entertaining and easy to understand blockbuster experience.

This movie is just so boring, and why all the focus on Mokoto's past?

Dulled Down High Concept, but still Enjoyable Action Sci-fi .

This just felt empty and boring.

The original was intensely drab and didn't paint what for me a future world should look like.

Boring .

That being said, I was sorely disappointed by the lack of plot and various times where the CGI lacked.

Bad movie that was rightly put down for (being) another boring remake .

to use nice words, the script seems to be written addressed to children or to very 'slow' people.

One character is subtitled while everybody else speaks English, this seems completely pointless.

This film was boring and that is the bottom-line.

With a combination of: other than Batou and Aramaki, there are no characters that come close to being likable, the first hour + just drags on with little to no story progression, the "plot twist"(and it's barely that) is so embarrassingly badly written that it makes bad M.

The story itself is interesting and deserves the beautifully captured CGI that gives birth to a whole new stunning world, as well as the amazing soundtrack.

It starts slow.

It makes from a really fascinating watch until you find out that he is not actually the villain, I don't think that is actually a spoiler as such.

Yes, the story is fairly predictable, and the fact that the movie is only around 100 minutes long doesn't do it any favors either.

She sees visions of a girl being dragged from a burning hut by black-clad police.

The dramatic flare and character development are certainly nice, don't get me wrong on that, but the "exciting" climax I was waiting for just wasn't there.

It's also follows the Marvel Superhero Cliché.

From start to finish the story was compelling and had a great emotional disaster at the heart of it around all the action set pieces, it was a very nice contrast.

First it is visually stunning and a high-concept sci-fi.

I even fell asleep through some of it that it was so boring.

The weak spot is the story, its predictable and there are a few plot holes that while not important, are not resolved.

The 1995 movie is a great film for its time, I enjoyed it, not a huge fan though.

Everything is very artficial and superficial despite being technically and visually stunning.

Now finally on bluray and digital hd, this underrated gem has great visual effects, a good soundtrack that borrows elements from the anime movie, its sequel, and the series, yet the story moves at a slow pace sometimes and can be confusing if anyone hasn't seen the original stories.

Scarlett Johansson is a stunning actress, with unquestionably a stunning figure that she loves to show off, but you would have to start questioning her film choices: since there is hardly a hair's breadth between the emotionally reserved superhero depiction here and her recent roles in "Lucy" and "Under the Skin".

Visually, Ghost in the Shell is stunning, and I cannot think of a single aspect of the design that I disliked.

It was so plot-heavy it dragged on in many places.

And I most definitely liked the created city atmosphere, very futuristic and definitely worth the watch

Everyone knows whats it about so i won't review it,but it was basically a Bladerunner update,but it was visually stunning in 3D.

While the action scenes have some great moments its lack of emotion I feel very dry.

It has everything: a great story, depth, a future-proof vision, soul, love, fascinating action, believable and complex characters, a great atmosphere and above all a sublime soundtrack.

a pointless waste of money...


Worth the watch .

Don't waste your money...

The live version of the animated 1995 Japanese Oshii movie offers up a much more coherent and visually stunning experience of the robotic human hybrid genre.

In my opinion, this was a thoroughly entertaining sci-fi action movie.

There is plenty of that, and I mean plenty of chases and fight moves, but there is also some stunning eye candy to savor in beautifully staged scene after scene.

The story had a few plot holes, but nevertheless it was very enjoyable to see.

I think it was great, I highly recommend IMAX for this one (this coming from someone finds IMAX a waste of money).

It isn't terrible, but it is as if they decided to put minimal effort into making the story (as cliché as it is) interesting and exciting.

Would it stay true, and yet still be entertaining on it's own?

Some gave such bad reviews that I had to watch it myself (yeah it's better in most cases to judge for yourself by watching it) I personally enjoyed it plenty, enough action and mystery to got me going, wanting to see what happens in the end.

But if you're new to this story and expecting action packed with great story, i reckon you just rent it from the store rather than buy the DVD.

As a Ghost in the shell fan, yes I have watched everything GitS and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Visually stunning, thought provoking and brilliant .

Another area I heard complaints before involved the score but I thought Clint Mansell did a pretty good job and I really enjoyed it, whilst it never felt like it was over powering the film.

The empty feeling person eyes' sight should be dead still, Not with those confuse eye balls that is rolling around.

Just a waste of money and time

But this movie was one of the most thrilling movies I've seen in recent years.

It was is if there was an internal confusion over whether the film is utopian or distopian, and as it is clearly both this confusion has become apparent.

While it may be fitting, it keeps her from fully engaging with charisma overwhelmed by the tech magic on the screen.

But the movie's biggest achievement is that by the third act I really cared for the characters, so during the final action sequence I was sitting on the edge of my seat, and rooted for the heroes to prevail.

This is just another boring pain-by-the-number incomprehensible waste of film where everything happens because CGI exists not because it means anything or should be physically possible.

Waste of time .

Maybe the anime version of this movie is more engaging.

Visually stunning .

Although it's a bit boring, because it made me sleep a little, the ending of this movie's so absorbing.

Execution-wise, the movie faults due to its slow-pace which brings the whole film down to an extremely boring second act.

This film was very enjoyable and the VFX were outstanding.

Couple that with a Mary Sue android who is invincible and we have all the trappings off film that makes you and I go zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dull Colors were not matching with darkness engulfed scenes.

The first half of the movie is too conventional to be all that engaging: there's some conflict among shadowy corporate/criminal elements including Major's parent Hanka corporation.

Entertaining but predictable .

A visually stunning piece of cinema which looks to have borrowed from every Sci-Fi classic made in the last thirty years or so.

Major – played by Scarlett Johansson – is the first of her kind, but she is soon involved in a mission of unexpected danger and revelation.

It's more of an intervention and a reassurance that this movie is enjoyable than a true review.

The movie is visually stunning, with many iconic scenes and technologies being portrayed almost scene for scene without being a direct copy due to the story adjustment, if you are a fan of anything Cyberpunk, this is pretty much the closest thing to looking like Neuromancer's world on a big screen with today's effects.

Occasionally there will be a decent action scene, but it feels like it is only there to prod the viewer awake after a tedious moment of exposition.

It is slow.

Definitely a very enjoyable watch.

Action packed, cutting edge special effects and some very cool practical effects!

enjoyable .

After the hour mark, it was hard to stay awake and focus on the movie because the dialogue is so clichéd and delivered with no conviction from any of the actors

It was boring.

very entertaining movie .

As I said before, I love the Anime version but it is a little heavy to watch for most viewers because it gets messy and boring, that's what this new version is not, it is more common viewer friendly and less philosophical type of fan.

The topic on mixing human with artificial organisms has been many times before and better, even when it was unbearable to watch and/or stupid (Van Damme).

and it is worth watching the credits just to see all the houses, teams and names of people who worked on this movie.

One character had steel-capped teeth, like Jaws, from The Spy Who Loved Me, another looked like Rutger Hauer from Split Second (a vastly superior film, even if it's just in a " so bad it's good " way)I went into this knowing virtually nothing about the earlier films and comics, aside from the fact that they exist, so perhaps that was part of the reason I was so bored?

She did an amazing job and brought a fair amount of life to a very dull script and boring movie.

I mean it so slow that become boring.

It Was Quite Uninteresting .

The visuals are among the best I've ever seen and unlike many of its visual- stunning equivalents, Ghost in The Shell delivers an impressive plot line and even better acting!

Mostly of Scarlett Johansson staring at things looking bored.

Visually stunning movie with interesting story .

The shell is empty.

It's just a thin, flashy facade over a contrived, tired jumble of plot points...

An effective cyborg Amazon, Mira aka The Major starts to feel unexpected emotions that gets in the way of her combat missions.

Maybe it is too slow and contains too much philosophy for these days audiences and the public has been dumbed down too far to appreciate a bit of thinking.

The story kept me gripped with a combination of thrilling action and solid character development.

Juliette Binoche didn't really sell her part for me, her character arc was really predictable.

The action is good and the robots are cool but the plot is confusing and rushed.

The music score by Lorne Balfe and Clint Mansell adds the right techno- pop atmosphere and the taut editing by Billy Rich and Neil Smith is thrilling.

She stalks the streets of a grimly futuristic, gritty metropolis (think Blade Runner but with double the dirt and nastiness), with predictable photogenic fights in bars and on dark streets.

The pacing was off and even in what should have been exciting fight scenes I was not captured and I was even yawning.

Vague slow paced story.