Ghoul (2018) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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In a totalitarian near-future India, a mysterious prisoner is sent to a remote military interrogation center where he turns the tables on his captors by exposing their most shameful secrets and unleashing a demon from Arabic folklore.

IMDB: 7.1
Stars: Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul
Length: 45 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 105 out of 409 found boring (25.67%)

One-line Reviews (223)

If you want a good horror show you can do it being just a good story,why always everything in Netflix India have to be religiously Horrific,just try to be liberal,you don't have to always follow a particular political views,in Sacred Games it was done good, now it feels like some propaganda behind it.

A gripping show with freighting scares, sensational acting and an intimidating atmosphere Ghoul is truly an unmissable show.

There was no proper storyline, the acting was good in parts, and there was a religious propaganda-laden background surrounding it.

So don't waste your time, it will bore you to death.

Overrated and Full of Propaganda .

Waste of time.

It's worth watching, great cinematography and VFX.

Merely propaganda .

Stop bitching about propaganda .

Absolutely breathtaking series well directed and acted ...

Many integral portions which needed further more explanations was cut shorten,which i think would create some sort of confusion among general viewers.

I'm glad I watched, it was enjoyable, more so than I expected it to be.

Total waste of time and money by Netflix!

There's an absence of that intense horror and that rapid chain of events that makes you more and more attached and pushes you to follow to the end.

It comes more like political propaganda rather than a good horror she was very much disappointed with blumhouse as I have seen their movies before which are very entertaining and horror.

More of a propaganda for alt-left for next years elections .

Really nothing mutch to be enjoying, except of infested propaganda with special effects....

Ending is very confusing.. How can there be 2 Nida's alive..?? One should be ghoul and other should be dead.. Which wasn't the case.. Seems like director wanted to turn his nighmares into a story..

Biggest leftist propaganda trying to show india in bad light .

It would still be okay if the story line was intact, here it just seems like the series was made to spread the propaganda and not for entertainment.

An above average series filled with,Terrorism and Religious Propaganda.

Nice effort to push forward "Intolerant" India propaganda .

Very creepy and suspenseful.

Started watching with lot of interest initially but then it manifested into a poor propaganda film.

Cheap, poor acting, propaganda driven .

It hyped it up to be more intense than it was, which leads me to...

A hateful propaganda against current regime.

Don't waste your time on this piece of garbage - it is pure leftist propaganda.

The story is so predictable that it makes even Zee Horror Show a worthy watch.

The characters seems way out of their roles and few scenes were quite plain and cliche...

The background score is however enjoyable.

Waste of time .

In the name of creative freedom Anurag Kashyap has unleashed an anti army and anti govt propaganda in the coumafluage of a horror flick which will be too obvious to a neutral audience.

Okeyish..Movie is not something which one has not seen so far,but what really grinds my gears is an attempt to plug in propaganda in the name of narrative which is not subtle.

Boring and no horror .

First 2 episodes they tried to build some tension turned out to be boring.

You will realize that it is a political Propaganda against India, Government of India, Hindus as well.

Perfectly encapsulates the indian nationalism propaganda.


Quality of dialogue costume and location was amazing and the suspense created in every episode was mind blowing.

In the name of horror u leftists n radical islamistgoons r spreading propaganda against Indian arm force.

The TV series blew me away, last episode was intense.

Absolute waste of time.

some might find propaganda here because of present governments Islamophobic.

A big Yawn .

Wrong; Its horror is truly gripping and a favorite within the genre.

The Ghoul fails to give you chills of watching a Horror Movie.. The only thing it does is spread one sided Propaganda well layered into weak storyline.

Most of all, disliked the propaganda shoved in the face that all militants are wrongfully detained and persecuted and, pro-nationalism leads to psychotic behavior.

The show is heavily biased with propaganda.

I do accept that there are some moments of very sharp chilling horror sequence, but then why waste 2:30 hrs of your life when you do a dope instead!!

Good acting but the intent is clear I must say wrong propaganda .

Such a non-sense, a big flop and some sort of propaganda...

A series of confusion and murdering of officials ensues when a sect leader is brought in the detention centre for interrogation, because he has invoked a ghoul, who can take the form of any human being that he touches.

I had high hopes from GHOUL based on the trailer and the absolutely stunning SACRED GAMES which preceded this.

High on Anti-Hindu Propaganda, low on story telling skills .

I would say it's a failed Propaganda .

Thrilling ride .

The story and acting is good but the unnecessary propaganda was not required.

They were more interested in setting up the propaganda defaming current ruling party in India.

So bored!.

Engaging , mysterious, thought provoking ...

I Can highly recommend it.

So it was even more intriguing for me.

a political propaganda in form of horror-doesn't worth the time .

Storyline is boring.

Its more of an unnecessary political propaganda.

So sad to see this twisted sense of reality and to know Netflix produces such low level propaganda.

In conclusion, not a single moment was there, where I got bored, not a single!

Leftist propaganda film.

In short waste of time

This is just stupid and boring.


This is the third TV series showing totally unnecessary propaganda after the like of Sacred Games.

It's a stupid propaganda to further rift the already divided Indians to suit their needs specially when elections coming close.

Worth watching, another good one from Netflix.

Starts off slow and picks up the pace and a unexpected speed.

so don't waste ur time

Propaganda jhuul .

Worth the Watch .

Though the story-line was good (but somewhat predictable), the directors made little justice to the building anticipation and suspense regarding the show.

This tv series was unexpected.

Unnecessary Propaganda .

Worth the watch!.

Second episods was just meh and by the end of the third episode i found myself as a donkey in front of the screen who had been lured into this decoy of a propaganda which was being conveyed as a series.

Illogical plot and poor story-line with hidden propaganda .

This had me on the edge of my seat as it was an excellent show.

Worth watching....

its very very BORING....

Good engaging story-line.....


The term propaganda is rampantly used for this show, I did not consider it propaganda it is set in a different time and the setting reflects a sectarian divide, it is fiction, it would have been propaganda if the show tried to impose certain beliefs on you.

Save yourself from the boredom and fake propaganda .

When I say I watched I mean I started to get bored and skipped forward to see if anything interesting happened and then saw the ending.

S - After reading certain reviews, I realized that people are making it some kind of religious propaganda spitting plot.

Enjoyed it a lot.

The story falls flat on the face after the first episode trying to justify its propaganda.

A whole series about propaganda which is plotted by someone who is obviously biased against the current govt.

Useless and Waste of time .

Don't waste your time.

Propaganda driven, 'Purge' like narrative.

This tv series is all about typical leftist propaganda.

This show is all about fake propaganda.

Radhike apte's performance was mind blowing.

Propaganda series of non Indian director & story writer .

Just plain dull!

Enjoyable horror 7-8 .

This is just boring and not worth watching at all.

Propaganda, waste of time and aweful .

It's quite gripping as a ficitonal story and the script is fantasticHope season 2 is made and it picks up from where this ends

Useless propaganda by show creators .

Well conceived but full of hate and propaganda.

Propaganda .

Ghoul had me on the edge of my seat just anticipating on what would come next.

Another Show With Propaganda Showing That Indian Solider(Hindu) Are Wrongly Treated Muslims Peoples And Treat All Them Like Terrorist.

Expect the unexpected .

Story, acting, screenplay: all looked hollow and contrived.

Weigh in, and see which is the actual propaganda.

Even if you keep aside the propaganda being thrown in the series, you can't ignore the weak storyline and poor acting.

Unnecessary propaganda .

On top of that if you can tolerate constant propaganda, no story and dull horror element, this is for you.

"Ghoul" is a small horror series with a style of its own and a story that is so gripping that it keeps you at the edge of your seat.

It looks like the only way for netflix and its creators to make anything popular in India is by adding religious theme towards it and adding their own propaganda to mix in the message by forcing their political opinion down our throats.

If we look only cinematic angle the story is very predictable, performance of lead actress average, suspense building is nothing exciting.

Dont waste you time watching this crap.

Leftist propaganda trash .

Waste of time .

Lastly, for a production that attempts at tugging human values of freedom for its emotional quotient, its characters are formulaic and detached.

To summarize for you: Ghoul = false propaganda+not horror (looks like a child's play) + lazy story(certainly not gripping) + good performance from radhika apte + average visuals

if you really like horror then dont waste your time here.

Propaganda piece for Indias radical left.

Don't bother with any of the good reviews, the show itself and any reviews which suggest it is a worthwhile watch is a propaganda.

The first episode is completely useless, and pointless, there is no any character development and the whole runtime is just boring.

Boring .

Power packed, thrilling and India's first on dystopian future.

Yeah they have pulled off an another quality show but what was the need of this propaganda.

Pathetic, Dull and Bore .

Now coming to the positives of the show, Radhika Apte has done a brilliant job, and the story is intriguing as well.

Something different & thrilling .

Okeyish on Narrative,High on Propaganda.

For someone with casual interest wondering if this is worth watching - the answer is no.

Wasn't expecting anything at all, but it was engaging and slightly scary in places

Propaganda and promotion of superstition which shows the pathetic attempt of Creators.

Propaganda .

Testing: How much bare face Left Propaganda can they put until its caught .

Scary, thrilling and best horror drama ever made in India .

I had some genuine expectations from the show but it turns out to be one terrible propaganda driven mini series instead of content driven.

Leftist propaganda series .

Its stuck between horror and religious fights and patriotism.. is this a propaganda?

Totally breathtaking, i like the way it direct and story telling.

Overall Ghoul is quite a thrilling ride if you are okay with the blood and violence and of course the concept shown in this movie

They charge us so much and then they come up with this kind of Anti-Indian propaganda show.

Why Netflix India so adamant in religious propaganda .

Poor acting, maybe propaganda, extremely predictable thrills and ending.

Well done and entertaining.

Thrilling show with a twist .

A movie with some hidden propaganda .

Could have been a normal horror mini series, but Patrick Grahams managed to bring it out as a well constructed and keeping you on the edge of the seat series!

All the 3 episodes are heart-pounding and thrilling .

Its an excellent mini series, personally I think much better and more fast paced than Sacred Games.

Don't waste your time.

10/10 Casting, Production value & Direction Originality 6/10 Highly enjoyable A thrilling horror series with a very competent English language dubbing on top.

Loved the element of horror, but the religious and political propaganda at the end killed everything.

Unexpected Netflix Production.

The intense scenes lacked the heavy lifting that was expected.

Boring Political Propaganda .

Propaganda - what the heck is this religious persecution theme?

Religion and propaganda are not the main thing in this show everybody should just watch it and stop complaining.

If you managed to to watch it after a cliche filled first episode you might like something about it.

Leftist Propaganda .

A truly excellent, suspenseful horror series.

Just ok ok, Propaganda.

Entertaining, interesting political horror .

Unexpected things going on there ..! Thriller .. and of course horror which is much better than these day's horror movies ....!!And the fact that its only 3 episodes it means the show moves fast in a way that would delivers so much joy Overall .. Great show loved it soooo much ....!!

Series is set in future but the current anti government propaganda is still there.

It is intense in both horror elements as well as the political elements.

If you really believe this fictional show is propaganda so easily, then you might also believe that what the mainstream TV news is showing these days is legitimate & true.

First of all, horror genre is my personal least liked genre.. though i enjoyed a lot..and everything is very pacing & thriller also.. EDITING : any good movies or series should be very well edited.. it's one of them.. PERFORMANCE: radhika apte and other have given good performance..OVERALL : if u lile horror- thriller movies..then it's for u.. stay away from nagative reviews and also some religion contents..that dull the movie..and u will enjoy it very much.

Propaganda morphed as Horror Movie .

Just like one would expect from a british director the whole series is filled with rampant hinduphobia and disturbing propaganda narratives.

An Unexpected Gem of a Series .

Unnecessary propaganda and majority bashing .

Political propaganda .

Really bad Ekta kapoor on Netflix, usual propaganda and religious sentiments being spread, don't waste, 3 hrs of your life on this poorly made series

The story is engaging and it shocks you and makes you grab a pillow more than a few times once the scene unveils.

It's all just well put together and therefore, engrossing right throughout.

Most importantly, it is fast-paced and psychologically thrilling which keeps you on the edge of your seat.

and not because of propaganda .

If you want to watch some forced story line and over hyped cliched "propaganda" in the name of horror then this is your type of show.

Also its dragged two long,could have been ended in two episodes only.

If the hidden propaganda wouldn't be there, i would surely give it a 10/10.

Religious bashing and propaganda was unnecessary for this unoriginal average "horror" show .

Don't waste your time .

There's also some minor plotholes too, but I'm willing to overlook them for the series being novel and entertaining.

just watched two episodes it was so boring

Propaganda let me down.

Radhika apte and other lead were very good in this series , gripping as well .

The setting Indian and the change of religions is something new for western audiences, but it still has bad acting, boring sequences and a story full of cliches like the English language productions of its type.

Excellent series, to the point, Appreciable to make it as mini series otherwise this will strech and this will become boring as current series.

Please don't waste your precious time, not even close to old TV horror serials, quality of series is going down, and what's with Netfl!

Entertaining and revealing religious extremism .

Brave New World -- 1984 -- Fahrenheit 451 --Ghoul -- slow death of democracy around the world.

A thrilling horror and a horrifying thriller - dark, tense and totally engrossing .

Almost din't watch because of 1 star ratings, calling it a propaganda.

Propaganda movie with no horror element and no light .

The leftist propaganda and unnecessary preachy tone left a bad taste in the mouth.

Excellent Story , Mind blowing Acting .

The atmosphere is dark, tense and suspenseful.

A thrilling and engaging series with not so much horror.

Sheer leftist propaganda .

Propaganda TV series in the name of alleged horror .

Actually that's all this show has: PROPAGANDA.

This is series is now just a left driven propaganda.

Only propaganda and no horror, wasted my time.

It was an epic waste of time and my time would have been better utilized in watching a re - run of EQUILIBRIUM.

Sane persons should invest their time in the Anime instead of this leftist propaganda trying to malign Indian Religion.

Great direction but unmature propaganda

Boring !.

a propaganda for 2019 elections in india.

All the characters are filled with usual cliché and have no depth.

I expected alot but irs a propaganda nothing else..time waste

The 3 part miniseries started off bit slow for few moments as it focuses on character development but quickly picks up pace afterwards, tension up rises with each & every scene and covers all the action happens in the Detention Center "Meghdoot 31"The story line is gripping, CGI is on point, and the right amount of gore/violence makes it terrifically satisfying.

Story is confusing.

Propaganda .