Good People (2014) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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Discovering a stash of cash in their dead tenant's apartment, a couple in debt take the money and find themselves the target of a deadly adversary - the thief who stole it.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Henrik Ruben Genz
Stars: James Franco, Kate Hudson
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 47 found boring (36.17%)

One-line Reviews (37)

It may be a simular story thats been done more times than i can remember but to be fair to this version directed by henrik ruban genz its so gripping that you really become involved with the film and its characters james franco and kate hudson are epic and pull of the perfect chemistry for there roles.

It was realistic fiction that was entertaining to watch.

The resultant story is an exciting and intense thriller that involves a lot of blood, which will surely keep the viewers glued to the screen.

The plot is mundane with full of holes.

Every cliche of the genre.


What it suffers from is predictability, underdeveloped characters and probably the biggest cliché of action movies.

It does pick up as it goes on though, so it's not as if it doesn't ever get going, and there is a good amount of tension and suspense throughout to make up for those slower instances.

It may be called Good People but I can assure you that the only thing good you'll find in this movie is the wording in the title, for the rest of Henrik Ruben Genz's gloomy, dull and downright boring film is abysmal so abysmal in fact that you can't for one minute even imagine why this movie was made or why it attracted actors who should know better than this.

Directing his first English language film Genz struggles to embed any type of originality or character into this tale, that from the 20 minute mark will become utterly predictable to anyone who has ever watched a movie where "good people" get involved with "bad people" and seriously, have James Franco's Tom and Kate Hudson's wife Anna never watched a movie where law abiding citizen's find a stash of money?

Unfortunately, I think that the time I spent to watch the film was a waste of time and I wouldn't recommend it.

To grim a story for Hallmark but in every other way this trite film tries to have a moral.

Fun yet predictable.

Then once things pick up again it is pretty entertaining.

It gets even harder to buy as you approach the neat predictable ending.

What makes the film worth watching is the wonderful scenery and the chemistry between James Franco and Kate Hudson, there are also several scenes of unintentionally comedy towards the last 30 or so minutes which are worth while.

I seem to pick boring movies.

What happens next is suspenseful and kickstarts a lot of action, culminating in a very climatic ending.

However it is still a very watchable and entertaining thriller.

And the story, though very familiar and predictable, does go from scene to scene at a fairly brisk pace and leaves no lulls.

Somehow, the obvious cliché was missed--this couple needed a dog.

It's worth watching once, I suppose, if you're bored.

It's engaging and the story flows.

For a film such as this, its serves it purpose, it could have been better with a better plot, more developed characters, a better and less predictable ending, but for what it was it was entertaining for a solid run time film.

I know it feels so familiar, but very entertaining with lots of edgy moments.

Excluding those which only brings cliché if it goes deeper, the film definitely worth watching and I feel happy for watching a good thriller after a long time.

But the story is lame and predictable and not very interesting – an American couple, childless, moves to London when the husband's relative dies and leaves him her home.

The whole film seems inconsistent and formulaic.

As you can see this thing is riddled with clichés and a formulaic plot.

It's watchable and basically keeps you paying attention (although I kept stopping it to see how much was left--it's a long 90 minutes), but the plot is pretty predictable and the acting is beyond ordinary and not involving or convincing.

This Movie has been Hammered by Critics but it is Tough as Nails and a Quick, Dark Descent into the Formulaic Drug Money Found by "Good People" Genre that has Spawned Some Features that Surprise.

I understand its value as a dramatic catalyst which invites to explore the reactions and attitudes of characters due to their unexpected richness, as well as the ethic complications that implies.

Anyway, I personally kept on falling asleep through the movie because I got bored of the whole plot.

With a grey tinge to the films overall tone, a glum story and even more gloomier acting turns there is little to suggest Good People is even worth watching for its badness although the Home Alone like final act is one of the funnier things you're likely to see this year, in a film that all of a sudden thinks it's something else entirely.

Move starts off slow, with a couple that's hard on their luck and then something shocking happens.

That's where the similarity ends, since Shallow Grave was actually good, this movie was slow to begin, slow in the middle, slow in the build up to the predictable somewhat dramatic ending.

The detective was very charming and a great overall love story etc LDN TOWN STYLE :D :D :D definitely worth the watch 9/10