Gosford Park (2001) - Comedy, Drama, Mystery

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The lives of upstairs guests and downstairs servants at a party in 1932 in a country house in England as they investigate a murder involving one of them.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Robert Altman
Stars: Maggie Smith, Ryan Phillippe
Length: 131 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 232 out of 666 found boring (34.83%)

One-line Reviews (671)

Kristin Scott Thomas, a wonderful actress, slides preternaturally into the role of a bored, beautiful and morally rootless presiding hostess.

Just rent THE SINGING DETECTIVE if you havent seen him), Alan Bates, Kirsten Scott Thomas, Derek Jacobi - I mean, it was stunning.

Highly enjoyable .

I ask this because I saw this film last Wednesday, five days before the Golden Globes were awarded and when I walked out I was aghast at how lame of a film this was, how truly boring the film really is.

Some viewers will find it frustrating that it takes so long to get to the point where the mystery kicks in but I actually found this to be the weaker aspect of the film and the most enjoyable parts were the well written characters and dialogue, which deservedly won Fellowes his Oscar.

Dull, plodding british melodrama .

A underutilised cast, pointless plot, and tiresome cliche.

Other than that it was BOREDOM epitomized.

I really was bored with all that was happening.

Visually stunning but slow, dull, unsurprising and uninspiring!

Full of acting talent, Gosford Park only delivers in fits as Altman throws in every Cluedo, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie cliche known to human kind.

Contrived dialog masquerading as banter.

Save your money.

I recently watched Gosford Park on pay-per-view, it is an exceptionally entertaining film, what with its talented cast and the colorful characters that they play.

It's all been done before in a far more entertaining way.

It is beautifully photographed and he has a great cast but the story is long, tedious and the whole thing is ungodly pretentious.

Sometimes when i see a movie i walk out of the theater with a strange sensation.

Just bored me.

Very boring .

Lured by a huge cast of big names, but bored to the bone that a story that is entirely too long and in dire need of better editing.

It made for a MUCH, MUCH more enjoyable film.

An intriguing portrait of the dynamics between British aristocrats and their servants is presented in an engaging fashion by director Robert Altman.

" I meant the long, slow buildup that leads to the lethargic middle that leads to the dragging ending.

It tries, and in my opinion succeeds, in capturing the atmosphere of the 30s (it is set in 1932) - of the slower pace of life, of the distinct class attitudes from both Upstairs and Downstairs and of the interactions of people of that age.

Although the impressive cast list was one of the main attractions for the film, the large number of key characters (and the fact they were often referred to using different names) made the plot more complicated and a bit difficult to follow.

Conversely, Altman spends considerable time creating rich stories for many characters through a slow series of hints and whispers.

Basically an extended version of "Upstairs Downstairs" with art-house pretensions, Cliché clambers over cliché demanding our attention.

There is wanton secrecy and intrigue, luxurious boredom.

Yes, it's slow.

There's a key difference between "slow" and "boring"; if "Gosford Park" had great character development and a great payoff, the buildup would be worth it.

When one of the aristocrats realizes that eavesdropping is occurring, the reaction is rather unexpected, "Don't worry, it's nobody.

The collage of dialogue is rich and, as usual with Altman films, the actors are so thoroughly in character that every spot on the screen has someone doing something worth watching.

Yes, it's true that at times some of the dialog is hard to follow; most of the actors, oddly enough, are British, and understand how important the correct accent is for each character, each class.

He is dull, not very careful with what he touches and amusingly overlooks obvious clues.

The odd thing about this film was that it was not enough for director Robert Altman to have accurate set and art direction, he also had to impress upon you the fact that you were looking at excellent period detail with camera work that was self-indulgent, to say the least.

it's not a perfect movie, whatever that is, but it certainly was enjoyable.

There are surprises in the end and when you've left the theater, you remember many things from the beginning, which is explained later.

You might want to do a Moticum of Research on this one before you Attempt, because it does Require Patience, and Curiosity of the Time-Space to be Entertaining.

This menage-a-twentyfive or more, all yacking in thick as pea soup british accents at the same time for two hours makes for pretty dull watching not to mention blabber on the ears.

Altman meets Agatha Christie, with some pretty confusing results.

The plot felt waaay too dragged out, and I found myself constantly trying to stay awake throughout.

OK, it's got fair acting, but we had to watch this one twice (fell asleep the first time), and the second time was pushing the limits.

Something only a director as boring as Robert Altman could conjure up.

If not, than I guess you better leave it alone, because you'll be very bored by it.

The Slowest, Dumbest, and Most Boring Movie I Ever Watched .

In other words, it's a pile of pretentious crud featuring every actor you ever heard of, having so much fun, Mister Altman, thank you so much for allowing me to be in your film even if the script is risible and the end result intolerable.

Upon first viewing, this movie is a bit difficult to follow.

boring, unintelligible, no characters to care about .

gosford park is the most enjoyable movie i've seen about nothing in a long time.

While this is arguably not quite a great movie, its certainly a very good, very enjoyable one.

Well made but hard to follow and to maintain interest .

As a cure for insomnia, I highly recommend it.

boring .

Beautiful but slightly dull .

What I saw was a long, drawn-out pseudo-mystery.

For one thing it was boring.

Boring and wimpy plot .

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

But where I was expecting a thrilling story, I got to see a slowly moving painting which didn't show much interesting.

There is sometimes a thin line between deft complexity and utter confusion, between very deliberate pacing and relentless tedium, between the refined and the stodgy, and between the subtle and the arcane.

Though disappointed with once again being muddled in ambiguity and tirelessly slow moving scenes for me, this may be a good film for you if you like Altman's consistency of style.

For those looking for a linear story with a single plot line which is easy to follow, the movie may seem a little tedious.

It's a weakness in that it's initially confusing trying to place who everyone is.

Prepare for extensive boredom .

It is fairly predictable with obvious hints dropped at every turn as to who did it and why.

While Maggie Smith is outstanding, there is not a clunker in the cast, and the newcomers are as fascinating as the old faces.

However, I found the rather free-wheeling ensemble approach to be very enjoyable and the first hour moved quickly by thanks to the natural interactions and relationships and it was actually the mystery aspect that didn't work as well because it required too sudden a change in pace – a change that the material seemed to resist and hamper.

Grant makes it even more so with his half-smile at its conclusion), but Altman doesn't follow up, and overall seems to be more interested in maintaining the bland British tone than in producing any real content.

I suspect the mechanics of servicing a large house party were portrayed accurately; these scenes rang true, and were quite fascinating in fact.


If the merit of a movie is judged by how many explosions, profanity, car chases and busty wenches in push-up bras are included then this movie is a boring, rotten waste of time.

As a fan of film noir, and even B-movies, I have to say I'd be hard pressed to name a more boring movie than this one.

"Gosford Park"'s biggest drawback, though, is that, in spite of a couple of intense scenes, it fails to involve us emotionally.

I found myself wondering about halfway through, "Can the '30s British uppercrust have been quite this vacuous, stupid, and boring?

You could have selected the insipid Shrek, or Waking Life, a film just about 1,000 times more fascinating than Gosford Park.

I wanted to fall asleep.

Watching paint dry is excitement by comparison.

What a dull film.

I found Gosford Park a fascinating study on class and characters within the film.

While the movie is a typical Altman ensemble piece, some performers stand out, most notably Maggie Smith, whose arrogant and intelligent grand dame is the most entertaining character of the bunch.

Throughout the film I desperately tried to stay awake in the hope that something would happen, ultimately disappointing.

Enjoyable .

It is throughly confusing, at times very frustrating, amazingly talky, and sometimes a bit muddled.

Eileen Atkins, Kelly Macdonald, Grant, and many of the other servants distinguish themselves in tiny ways worth watching for.

Beautiful, evocative cinematography: I felt as if I had truly traveled to a time and into a culture long-past.

I found this movie, especially, like all his other movies: confusing, boring, slow, and not worth the time it took to watch the movie.

Basically, I didn't care for any of the characters, the sub-plots where dull, the humour was tame.

This is the only movie I've seen in the cinema (and I've seen many), that I actually walked out of the theatre.

Some are just bored to tears.

Slow, boring, talky, confusing, impossible to hear the dialog, stupid plot resolution, etc.....

Having sat through the first hour of this and being bored silly in the process i was prepared to give the next hour and 15 minutes a chance because after all i was going to see a good murder mystery wasnt i?

Despite fine performances by Maggie Smith (at least not wasted her as opposed to the Harry Potter films) and a few other familiar faces, the movie is slow, muddled and a bit cold.

Even the murder itself and the discovery of the murder were uninteresting.

Hugely entertaining .

Lame predictable plot, cardboard characters, flat-on-its-face attempts at humor, pretentious (okay, pretentious on purpose, but still annoying) setting.

By this point, having given this crap-pile many, many chances, finding only dull diolougue and nothing of a story to go upon, I didn't care about the stupid movie anymore.

Save your money and rent an earlier film by Altman and forget about Gosford Park.

Because I agreed with their de facto judgment that the movie was boring, I didn't have the heart to wake them up.

This truly was an intelligent, entertaining movie.

For a murder mystery thriller, GosFord Park is paced unusually slow, and rather than showing the audience anything for character development, the film instead decides to give it all to us via dialogue.

I struggled to stay awake through the whole thing (and lost the battle at least three times.

The dialogue is nearly impossible to understand, plus the way it is put together it is difficult to follow.

It was a yawner.

The people are extremely boring including the dialogue.

Depicts the boredom and smallness of the world of the rich in a way I've never seen before.

Long, boring, pedantic, and pointless.

There is boring and then there really is boring.

Absorbing & Authentic .

This was an enjoyable movie.

And many of those great English actors are in this movie: Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Jeremy Northam, Kristen Scott Thomas, etc. But their characters are so dull that they really didn't have much to work with.

This sense of sprawling confusion only adds to the effectiveness of Altman classics like Nashville and Shortcuts because it serves as an accurate represenation of those two mileaus (Shortcuts takes place in suburban Los Angeles) and additionally supports Altman's thematic approach to the material.

Boring, lifeless, apathetic drizzle.

It is so fascinating anyway that I must recommend it and you should go see it.

I guess it was a chance for Robert Altman to have his trademark "brilliant" overlapping dialogue with many British characters in a "thoughtful" (read: SLOW) movie and show what an "artist" he truly is.

This movie typifies everything that's wrong with stuffy British colonial costume-dramas about toffs - it's passionless, dull as dishwater, goes on forever and looks exactly the same as every other such movie.

Yes, I did yawn.

The best approach here is to absorb the overall ambiance, as the details quickly become tedious and tiresome.

The plot is so secondary that the film is admittedly quite boring to watch despite the biting social commentary.

Considering, the cast, director, established genre, setting, costumes, authentic portrayal of thirties life in aristocratic England - this film turned out to be a yawn.

Nothing happened.



Robert Altman proves that an American CAN make a boring English film.

Gosford park is full of every single cliché that has ever been raked over in a thousand British films, TV series, and even plays since the 1920's.

Boring and pointless .

A bore and a chore .

My favourite was the suggestion that a morality tale playing on the class divide was a pointless exercise in modern society.

I felt as though the film was just going on and on with no real plot or point to look forward to at the end of the tunnel.

Extremely stiff and stodgy.

The reason that everyone is saying that this movie was slow and boring and not a murder mystery is because of the advertising.

It was a trap Altman ingeniously didn't fall into in both Nashville and Shortcuts, when he solicited understated yet compelling performances from every single of his vast ensemble cast.

it's very slow and plodding, and reminded me of British films of the past that crawled along at a snail's pace.

Indeed, this could have been a really horrible movie, a bore, a confusing morass.

Entertaining tongue-in-cheek mystery blessed with fabulous cast .

Plot: boring and obvious.

it's extremely boring.

) is happening and it seems to go on and on forever with dull dialogs and no story at all.

A cast of British and American actor-types does its best to convince us we're watching something intense and worthwhile-and fails.

Altman's grandscale film will wow some people, bore others, alienate, detach, enchant, invigorate, and intrigue - some, like me, will experience all of those at least once - in its 138-minute runtime.

The same old banal issues with upstairs downstairs servants v masters etc. I likened it to:Downton Abbey Upstairs Downstairs 13 for Dinner by Agatha Christie Nancy Drew (the young maid worked it out) Inspector Clouseau (the bungling inspector played by Colin Fry)I did giggle at Colin Fry.

It's like watching a stage play--a very boring one.

Maybe the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

even the murder scene was boring.

If you like this movie, go check out "far from heaven", another pointless 2 hours waste of my time, oh yeah, it is about the era too and not so much the story, giveme a break.

An 'Upstairs, Downstairs' reworking on the back of a pointless murder mystery, Gosford is as over-blown as it is over-praised.

Not to expect a lot from this movie, a slow movie could have been cut and made of 1:30.

Yes, those English actors sure have their bored airs down pat!

It was all so exciting I just had to keep shaking myself to wake up.

After all, there is a certain degree of patience one can bare when staring helplessly at yawn-inducing characters talking about ever so boring issues.

Looking for an engaging mystery?

The feeling I get once again is that Hollywood can never make rich films again along the lines of "The Sound and The Fury" or "Murder on The Orient Express" because it conviently castrated it's creativity in the name of heavily marketed pretentious "McDonald's" style film "products" geared to "target" audiences.

This is an incredibly slow moving film.

I have never been so outraged when watching the Academy Awards as this year, as two of the very best films from an extraordinary year, Memento and The Royal Tenenbaums, lost out to this worthless self-indulgent piece of garbage!

How did anyone manage to stay awake through this.

There's a problem today with confusing filthy talk and wholesale shoddy behavior with realism.

The storyline is slow, and the bit reveal isn't so grand.

I have read reviews with descriptions like "a movie for active movie viewers", "appropriately slow moving in the beginning", and "your patience is rewarded".

Hard to believe Mr Altman wanted his name anywhere near this dull tripe.

What a waste of time and talent.

If you suffer from insomnia this might be a good cure.

Endless group scenes talky and boring .

Gosford Park is a sparkling, delightful, enthralling, intriguing, delectable delight!

Wow, was that a waste of time.

On the downside, but to no surprise to fans of Altman's work, the movie is often hard to follow.

With its intriguing dialogue and impressive cast (which includes Kristin Scott Thomas, Emily Watson, Maggie Smith, Clive Owen, as well as Ryan Phillippe) you will definably not be disappointed.

I really don't know if I'm missing something, but I find this movie just so boring.

The investigator was a complete waste of screen time, and contributed nothing.

The problem is that is very slow.

I cannot say more about how truly great this movie is and highly recommend it to anyone.

Quick cure for insomnia.

Just Because It's Slow, Doesn't Make It Boring .

With the assistance of a collaboration with Bob Balaban, an exceptional screenplay by Julian Fellowes, a cast of Britain's finest, and charmingly dreary sets and cinematography, Robert Altman returns to prime form in Gosford Park.

before you judge, "Elf" is usually not my style because i had avoided seeing it for a year and a half, because i find most "comedies" to be kind of pointless these days....

Altman took his time to introduce me to these fascinating characters, their quirks and insecurities.

Having rounded up a remarkable cast of Britain's finest actors, Altman gives them precious little to do: Those upstairs set around being arrogant and bored, those downstairs stand around being bitter and stuffy.

It was the slowest and most bland movie I have ever seen.

Most of the people I know who have seen this film tell me they were bored by it because `nothing happened'.

He's found a way to make otherwise unfilmable stage plays into movies that are as riveting as a live performance for those who are willing to engage with them: The story is told through an intense unblinking focus on the characters.

As for there being no plot...

With the assistance of a collaboration with Bob Balaban, an exceptional screenplay by Julian Fellowes, a cast of Britain's finest, and charmingly dreary sets and cinematography, Robert Altman returns to prime form in Gosford Park.

Altman makes a stunning comeback in this whodunit set in an English country house in 1932.

Life has an agreeably slow pace and the conversation is stimulating.

So what's the point of introducing, and wasting so much time on totally boring characters?

The same does not apply to 'Gosford Park' Otherwise, apart from this small gripe, a most enjoyable cinematic experience.

His other films have always struck me as dull and pretentious.

gosford park is such a "richly entertaining murder mystery.

Bottom line: a great insomnia cure.

You should rather spend your time watching paint dry.

Pretentious, predictable and boring, this is one of Altman's least interesting films.

It just seemed totally flat to me-more boring than real life.

Given the fact that the first hour or so of the film is a very boring introduction to a bunch of uninteresting characters, and the rest devoted to 'revealing' the killer, I can't imagine spending more tedious time watching a film.

But no, a few minutes later it went back down to flat and boring mode.

The murder mystery was boring.

It's just as well that he does this, for he lacks Christie's supreme skill at misdirection, or anything like it: if we find ourselves failing to suspect the right people, it's not because we've been led to devote our energies suspecting the wrong people, but because we were distracted by all the fascinating sociological buttressing.

Overall, Altman has given a stunning visual narrative of the cold war.

pretentious, predictable and boring .

This movie will be a severe disappointment if you are looking for an engaging murder mystery.

An endless surplus of characters who looked alike, horrible sound quality and a slow narrative all resulted in me giving up.

An outstanding film, with an unexpected and sobering ending that forces you to think rather than feel fully satisfied in an escapist sort of way, like an Agatha Christie presentation might.

This was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The most god awful boring film ever .

The dialog is boring and hard to follow.

Even the tiresome American character/s (is Ryan Phillippe playing an American -- or anyone -- in Act II?

be bored.

This is basically supposed to be a mystery/thriller, and it could've been much more intriguing.

If a movie has no story, it will be incomprehensible.

We may be aware of the basic cinematographic and literary device of retarding the flow of events, but exceeding the limits of that technique is bound to bring about sheer boredom.

Please somebody make an original, exciting British film!

Watch it the first time for an entertaining glimpse of the the English class system in action.

To prevent boredom from completely taking over, the film injects a good deal of humour into proceedings - Smith's cantankerous countess is witty and loaded with barbed asides while Fry's detective is as gloriously aloof as those he interviews, maintaining an almost Clouseau-like ignorance of the facts presented to him.

Nevertheless, this movie was so formulaic that even before anyone was killed, I had solved the mystery.

Still worth watching though and possibly easier to accept when braced for the clumsy switch in style.

I'm all for serious cinema, and can live with a change of pace, but this didn't engage me at all, in fact it bored the living pants off me.

We hear snatches of conversation, offhanded remarks; we see gowns that don't quite fit, impolite glances, tics of boredom; we move from bedroom to bathroom, scullery to dining room.

In summary the plot and ending lacked direction but this clever, subtle period piece needed neither to make it worth watching if you can keep down to the pace ...

And while their lives seem to be slightly more intriguing than those that they serve, I still wasn't swayed.

Slight and often uninteresting, although not without any merit at all; Gosford Park is, in more ways than one, an enigma.

In Short Cuts, Altman wove together thirty characters in four or five dull stories hoping that no one would notice that no single story could stand on it's own.

The academy award nominee Emily Watson keeps amazing me as always as well as Maggie Smith who delivers a riveting performance as the old upper-class woman.

There is a Hollywood producer with his star in the midst of this, both of them researching real people for what we learn is a Charlie Chan film, the most formulaic whodunit.

And yet this attitude toward servants as "lesser" people has a profound impact on the quite unexpected ending of the film.

A vicious and thrilling social criticism of British aristocracy .

Watching paint dry for three hours would be a more exciting way of spending one's time.

Thank you to the magnificent Dame Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Emily Watson, Alan Bates, Kelly MacDonald, Clive Owen, Ryan Phillipe, Jeremy Northam, Eileen Atkins, etc. for performances that were both entertaining and engrossing.

Why did I waste good money and time watching it?

A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

If you can get past the slow beginning and follow all the story lines, this one's for you.

Boring or what.

Pretentious and banal: the worst kind of movie.

Highly enjoyable!

The story is absorbing, but in the end, it's the interaction of the characters that makes this movie so enjoyable.

The definition of boring .

Take out the pretentious overdone high society British schtick, add some coherence and satisfying twists and Gosford might have been deserving of whatever praise it is receiving.

However, observing the rituals of the house in between the film's top moments became tedious.

I really liked Altmans' previous movies, but the last two or three are really boring.

What started as an intriguing opening with the impression of a real event about to unfold simply went on...

Enjoyable throughout, I was left guessing until the end, as to the identity of the killer(s), although I did suss out who was the killee.

The movie itself did not suck, just some of the slow parts.

If I had seen this in the theater, I would have walked out.

Dull .

I thought from the previews it would of been more exciting.

Altman is unpredictable, he's either brilliant or really next to his shoes.

Here, the murder takes place at the climax of this confusion, leaving you rather disoriented in the middle of the 2-hour-plus drama.

The story is boring, you don't care about the characters as they're all either so snobbish or boring and sad.

Luxurious, intriguing, and wonderfully photographed, this film will assuredly satisfy an appetite for observing English country life between the Wars.

Don't waste your money .

Boring !.

I don't even want to talk about this film, it's that boring and shallow.

Even thou your brain is always on with that short cuts, they are still boring and after 30 minutes of watching (maybe less) you just don't care anymore how its gonna end.

The characters were fuzzy, the storyline was boring.

Removing 50% of the cast, would have made for a much more enjoyable movie, complete with a lot more depth.

Its not a mystery, at least in the traditional sense, and while it is frustrating to keep track of all the characters, it is a good character study, and fairly entertaining, with an ending which I feel is worth the wait.

Well like in the most films of Robert, there are a lot of characters and that makes it sometimes confusing.

Lady Sylvia has an assignation with him and a glass of hot milk, yawn.

I fell asleep.

The man also had a large number of relatives, step-relatives and in-laws, most of whom were involved in illicit relationships of stunning complexity.

) "Gosford Park" (sans intermission and spirits) was a complete and utter bore -- much like the "boars" that inhabited the film's wafer-thin scenario!

The only negative thing I'd have to say about the story overall is that most of the plot dragged in certain places and was a bit slow-paced.

The story is presenting us all kinds of people, a neurotic teenager, the typical american producer, the money-hungry son-in-law, the innocent maid or the dull inspector.

Of course, Gosford Park does qualify as one of the best films of the year and a very worthy addition to Robert Altman's stunning cinema.

This was by far the slowest moving movie of the year.

Eclectic and occasionally confusing, but intriguing all the same, "Gosford Park" follows a group of uppity socialites and their help at a weekend shooting party in the home of Sir William and Lady Sylvia McCordle (Michael Gambon and Kristin Scott Thomas).

Throw a bunch of boring old people into a house with hired help and you have a movie?

But Gosford park has none of these, placed in a setting where the script and the actor's portrayals are the only thing the movie has to stand on it still manages to maintain an excellent pace and an entertaining story line.

I am sorry I really didn't enjoy it, it was so drawn out and confusing it did not keep my attention, and when Sir William was killed i thought oh goody something has happened.

Too many characters, hard to follow.

Tea, dinner and a murder, what an brilliant plot for a movie, and the costumes and sets were wonderful, heck they even have a cool web-site, it is a shame that the movie ended up being about snooty and boring people.

Mirren was in "Greenfingers" with Clive and was a total delight in that little-seen masterpiece and much more enjoyable there.

His genius was to weave the intricate strands of the story into a coherent and gripping mosaic of people and their environment, combining humor with human tragedy.

The promised "murder" seemed forever in coming, and the only "mystery" is how this agonizingly dull drama rates a high score at the IMdB.

If i find more boring, overrated, pointless movies, I'd be sure to send them your way.

For roughly the first two thirds of this movie, I found it slow.

Michael Bay and even Spielberg have predictable cuts with some rhyme.

What it is a bloated, wordy, mess of a movie that's way too long and has way too many characters (typical of a Robert Altman movie.

I can understand why many people might not like it at all: it's a bit obscure, hard to follow, and the plot is as foggy as it is in many other Altman movies.

The snippets and previews made it look so intriguing I decided I would see it quite soon which I then did not do.

Yawn .

Nevertheless it was an absorbing and amusing movie--no plot to speak of, no denouement, more like a Dagwood sandwich--mustard on the bottom, mayonnaise on the top, slices of ham, pickles, ripe (very ripe) tomatoes, cheeses, baloney, and lettuce (as in, not enough).

Boring .

As intriguing as the story is up to that point, it gets even more mysterious on the way to revealing the real participants in the crime and their relationship to each other.

It might well be a well-produced drama of the sort the UK excels at but personally, I find such costumed outings rather dour, plodding affairs.

Boredom at midnight.


But when this is reflected in a motion picture that is clearly inviting us to spend an evening at home with a couple and there motley assortment of guests, when there is a lull, uh oh!

Enjoyable British Drama .

My wife and I both failed to be captured by this tediously slow film.

It was entertaining to listen to me.

In fact, it's very BORING.

Complex relationships, intriguing characters and stunning accoutrements (costumes, setting, props) are the compelling reasons.

Here you have fine actors such as Alan Bates, Michael Gambon, Derek Jacobi, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Northam, Clive Owen, and Maggie Smith in roles that are just plain boring with very little character development.

Being old enough and having in my youth met many of the sort of people portrayed in the film I enjoyed it.

This device serves as an excuse for over two hours of people gossiping about each other whilst nothing happens and overrated actors ham it up with hackneyed props and eccentricities (Gambon has a spoilt dog, Dance is deaf, Fry has a big pipe, Bates is a drunk, and so on).

However, that still doesn't erase the fact that Gosford Park is one of the slowest, pointless, dullest, unsatisfying experiences I've had at the cinema.

This is riveting, entertaining drama that teaches us something, if only we are willing to listen; and even the best of us would be well served to do just that.

The worst movie of all time!!.

Scattered, messy and fussy -- a pointless movie.

If you like staring at oil paintings and well - watching paint dry - you might actually like this.

Highly Entertaining Film .

This is a scintillating comedy-drama and one of Altman's most richly moving and entertaining pictures as contents and style converge smoothly and seductively in this luxuriant period drama that applies Agatha Christie murder-mystery format to a rigorous anatomy of British class structure in the 1930s, with all the who's who in U.

One hour of talking heads isn't character development, it's boring.

A stellar cast of mavericks and newcomers alike is wasted on a script that - despite some excellent dialogue & snappy tongue-in-cheek references - goes on too long, disappearing down too many dark hallways of apparent "intrigue".

Tried watching three times - fell asleep every time.

The multiple plot format that has become popular (Magnolia, Sunshine State) is arguably hard to follow.

Rather boring and pointless.

The cast is a who's who of Brit actors I find mostly unwatchable -- Kristin Scott Thomas, Emily Watson, Maggie Smith, Alan Bates, Derek Jacobi -- plus a couple of dull American ones for good measure.

Although it did take me a few viewings to get everything, (thank you subtitles) I must it was definatly an entertaining movie.

The ending was abrupt but the former part of the movie has a lot to offer and was enjoyable.

Boring, rubbish, dull, this film is most certainly not.

Boring !!!

If I have to sit through one more film where a group of pretentious ******* get together for a weekend in a large, secluded place so they can make painful but necessary revelations or find out long lost truths before they return to their empty lives, I'm going to blow my brians out.

This has to be one of the most confusing movies I've ever seen.

It's just as entertaining and it's free.

Save your money, sit in your garden and watch the grass grow.

Of course, there were a few enjoyable films and even masterpieces, Altman's Gosford Park is stuck between the category of masterpiece and great work.

Despite its intricacies and confusing moments, there is so much more to Gosford Park that makes it interesting and enchanting.

boring and slow.

Everyone is so good in it, and the film is incredibly entertaining and powerful.

It started out a bit slow, and sometimes the people are hard to understand because of the accents, but it was fun to watch, interesting, and very entertaining.

With lots of movement (literal physical movement) and lots of snappy, British dialogue.

It's too bad that such a good directing style was wasted on such a boring story.

Typical of Robert Altman, the film has a naturalistic 'busy' look, with overlapping dialogue and sometimes the characters can be bit had to follow but the ensemble cast is outstanding and the story an intriguing 'manor-house mystery' that avoids excessive gimmicky red-herrings.

With a boring, cliched plot and snore-worthy dialogue, I had a hard time keeping awake during this one.

It may be a bit long but it's enjoyable from start to finish.

I'm not a detective, but it allows me to understand some of the most confusing material Hollywood throws at us.

A wonderfully enjoyable Altman film .

Badly overrated and frankly boring .

However, I was disappointed in that it is very difficult to follow with the heavy British accents, low speaking dialog, and many numerous small part characters.

Whilst I think the narrative loses momentum in the last twenty minutes, it is very engaging beforehand and well worth a watch.

Slow moving and predicatable plot line.

This must be the most boring mainstream film I have ever seen.

I would strongly recommend this film to anyone who suffers from severe insomnia.

Waste of Money .

I must say I am always amazed when I here the word "boring" when a movie has moments that are slow.

Gosford Park was an entertaining feast for the senses, I highly recommend viewing this film, it is one definitely worth watching.

This film started out as slow as a three wheeled Cart, dragging like a tilted wagon.

The movie is way too long, with too many characters.

The boredom and coldness of the wealthy is contrasted with the industry and capacity for feeling of the servants.

Just another self indulgent exercise by an "actor's director".

Yeah, so, I figured "ok, it has a slow start, it will build and pick up the pace as it goes.

A slow, thoroughly British look at class and country life with a bit of murder thrown in - 86% .

Vivid and potentially haunting recreation of a bygone era is undermined by frequent indecipherable dialogue, impossible-to-follow story lines, and the tendency of those stories you can pick up on to be fairly predictable and familiar.

The upstairs-downstairs dynamic was intriguing.

It was not funny, I was bored to death with the rich, British daily weekend life and it wasn't that mysterious!

The movie reveals the murderer's identity so easily that such a long and tedious movie seems superfluous.

In fact, try to name a more boring movie than this..good luck!

This movie was enjoyable to a point, but very confusing.

This movie was so so so slow.

This movie desperately needs a fast forward button to get through the slow bits.

Take so many familiar actors that you lose count after the first ten minutes; add a plot centred around that pair of English dramatic standards, the class war and the whodunnit; throw in a pinch of ironic mild self-indulgence in the form of a character plausibly representing Altman himself; stir vigorously and let the flavours mingle.

While it's a bit slow moving at times I quite enjoyed it, rating it 7/10.

However, this remains to be a wholly fascinating study of class differences, and character relationships, in the 1930's.

yawn .

My girlfriend literally fell asleep during the film and I kept waiting for some semblance of humor....

With a problematic plot and confusing dialog, what is left?

But it's a weekend that will find the guests engaging in a variety of `sports,' the least of which has to do with the shooting of birds, and will ultimately involve the untimely demise of one of those present.

Gosford Park is one of the slowest, pointless, dullest, unsatisfying experiences I've had at the cinema .

I was bored through much of it (back to that tea thing) and that which did happen was lame.

To those who say it is boring or slow or cliché, I can only say you've missed the point.

The only innovative thing here is the positioning of the camera; the movie presents a series of continuously moving middle shots, which is a nice idea, but ultimately as boring as the storyline.

Add to this a realistic and beautiful English setting and a complex, riveting story, and you have a film that can't miss.

She says it is long, (true) rambling, (true) has no story (not true it has several.

Tedious and Poor Imitation of British Movie of Manners .

good if you like confusing and slow movies .

His interaction with the others is intriguing to watch as they all suspect him of hiding some secret.

By the time the murder takes place, you are already to bored to give a damn.

I was very disappointed.. This film is boring and w/o any sense.

Gosford Park was, by far, the worst movie I have ever seen.

Boring Brits doing boring things for the first half of the movie.

If you were bored by this film, then you have been drubbed over the head by too many pointless and one-dimensional Hollywood films.

The humor is quite bland.

A 2 1/2 hour snooze fest not worth the film it was printed on.

But, it was a drag with very little plot, which is plain boring and tedious!

And though the confusion is present throughout the film, the story is such an interesting one I'm glad I gave it a chance and saw it through.

Witless, slow, and boring, this Oscar-winning dud tries to wow the audience with more suspicious characters and red herrings than previous films of the genre.

In real life, is every moment spent alone or with others riveting, heart pounding, spell binding?

but the film did manage to remind me of why i usualy dont like Altman movies, his last several have just been incredibly dull.

Overall, a waste of time.

You want to leave a lasting imprint, as a director.

It will probably bore you.

A mans hope in creating a wonderful movie but fell very short because of the lack of plot.

Worse though, it's difficult to care, and as the script lurches downhill into one improbability after another an overwhelming sensation of boredom sets in, precipitated as much by the absence of plot credibility as character credibility: there are some in this ensemble with less substance than cardboard.

To make sense of these shallow and uninteresting people he gives us a hackneyed and pointless murder mystery plot, which even Agatha Christie would have disowned.

We eavesdrop on seemingly dozens of conversations, so many that the first hour or so is quite a confusing and even frustrating experience.

Very Witty Entertaining Film .

The multitude of characters, many sharing names with other characters, creates a general confusion that is only exacerbated by the characters' accents.

Just watched Gosford park for the umpteenth time and enjoyed it as much as the first time.

Appropriate slow moving?

This movie is really boring.

These aberrations derive from cliche of well known origin whereby in the son's distorted feelings the father is guilty of vile egoism whereas the mother's (or rather The Mother's) own pursuit comes over as saintly altruistic.

The movie was so boring I didn't even care what happened by the end.

Good, I am so pleased that certain children find this movie boring.

But again, otherwise this film is a complete waste of time, unless of course gossip, meaningless talk and details of servants' way of life is what you look for in a detective story.

Good actors, good idea for a movie, the movie LOOKED good, but it was just plain dull.

A smaller cast and slower pace would have done much to save this lovely-looking film from pretentious posing.

It took me a little while to understand what was going on and ages to realise that Sir William had a daughter it got kind of lost in confusion, the only saving grace for me was Maggie Smith.

Atmospheric, absorbing, amusing and really fun.

It was very unexpected; this is the only thing I really liked about the ending.

FINAL VERDICT: Way too many characters and no plot to speak of.

All of these factors come together to create a splendid, thoroughly enjoyable moment.

The main plot faithfully follows the English `whodunit' paradigm---a weekend at an isolated ancient family manse, an assembly of friends and relatives all of whom are relatively unfriendly, unexpected guests of uncertain pedigree, back-stair shadows and whispers, a moment when the likely suspects have all vanished, a murder, the appearance of a detective, a passing comment recognized as critical by a great mind, and, finally, a solution to the mystery.

But about twenty-five minutes in, it picks up significantly and the rest is hugely entertaining stuff.

With an extremely large cast the film becomes confusing with so many fleeting glances of characters popping in and out of rooms, peering around endless corridors and doorways, snippets of conversational gossip....

I found the beginning so confusing.

I think the main problem with Gosford Park is that nothing happens.

a long bore .

But it is so well made it is worth watching, and maybe, for a film student, worth studying.

But he's completely ignorant, hence the references to formulaic Charlie Chan.

If you haven't seen this piece of trash, please don't waste your' time and/or money.

Possibly The Worst Movie Going Experience Ever .

I'm not a teenager looking for explosions or Adam Sandler, but damn this movie dragged.

I'm old enough to have enjoyed it .

Evocative, intelligent and atmospheric .

After it was over, I spent a lot of time talking about the confusion and about Robert Altman.

Also, it was very hard to relate to the belated ensemble cast, given the fact they were mostly made up of actors portraying pretentious and extremely dull English snobs, who lead a decadent and obsolete way of life.

This may be why the film seems so slow to many viewers that are used to the fast pacing and deliberate plotting of a modern Hollywood movie.

To us Brits, this is all a bit of a bore.

This is boring, boring, boring.

A group of dreadfully uninteresting people gather at a 1930s English country manor, where the gossip is only momentarily halted by murder.

Americans dumped in the plot with their confusion overridden my forward-thinking is a fine allegory of today's politics.

Each person in the film has a determined character, but in general one can conclude that the life of aristocracy is empty in its content, it is also unproductive.

With all the new technology out there in the electronics and photography industry, this movie looked like it was filmed with a 1960's camera - the resolution was dull and gray.

but nothing happens.

This film was long, tedious, dull, and slow, and I was struggling to hold still in my seat I was so anxious for the film to end.

A film that combines solid acting, thoughtfulness, wit and mildly unexpected events to leave us feeling nicely satisfied, neither hungry for more nor bloated.

Gosford Park is a very entertaining film.

The boredom and coldness of the wealthy is contrasted with the industry and capacity for feeling of the servants.

And yes, the audio is deliberately filled many times with several simultaneous conversations, making all of them hard to follow.

A film going nowhere.


Amazingly boring; intensely uninteresting.

See this if you like boring dialogue or a movie that just seems like you should like it when really there's nothing likeable about it.

Fortunately, I have the film on VHS and plan to see it again a couple of times before Christmas, so engrossing it is.

It was amazingly hard to follow, the lighting of the house that the film took place in gave me a headache, and although the ending was good, I found that I couldn't care less what happened.

Many who have commented on this movie said they were bored.

snore fest .

But it's essentially empty, and not nearly as much fun as it's been made out to be.

Probably the most boring film I've seen in a long time.

Odd yet entertaining black comedy (spoilers) .

And 'boring movies, as some have termed this, offer you space to think, instead of just sitting there passively distracted by equally meaningless surface activity.

I fell asleep twice(during the day) and rewound it 10 to 20 times to try and understand what somebody had said.

Waste of Time!.

The acting was sub-par the direction was pathetic, the script was confusing at best.

The problem is that the whole thing is so dull and uninvolving and you really don't identify with any of the characters.

Overall I'd have to say this is one of Altman's weakest and most pretentious films -- it's a huge disappointment and a rather banal example of Altman's typically reliable directorial style.

If you are in the mood for a dinner and murder movie, find and rent a copy of "Murder By Death" you will find it far more entertaining.

It's hands down much more entertaining than this snail.

Plus, I kept confusing him with the the creep-husband.

The English countryside atmosphere is established straight away, complete with a dreary rain shower in which the guests arrive.

Even a murder gives the leit motiv and the thrilling effect to dig out the personality of the characters.

About a third of these characters are speaking in soft voices with thick common accents and low vocalization, making their snippets of dialogue even more pointless to the untrained ear.

I was so bored, it was painful.

The Movie's Movement comes from Acting, Dialog, and Snobs who are Stuffy, Stodgy, and Grandly Grotesque.

green, empty and wet.

But the drama and acting is wonderfull and makes for an enjoyable view.

T" and "Ready to Wear," I suppose a tepid, boring, underdeveloped, mediocre film like "Gosford Park" is a step up for Robert Altman.

The obvious model for this film is Jean Renoir's classic THE RULES OF THE GAME, a similarly themed film, rich with colorful characters, intriguing plot twists and a general air of orchestrated chaos.

Kelly MacDonald as Constance's underestimated maid is stunning and intelligent as she takes in every secret and revelation with a disingenuous eye.

Slow burner .

And this ensemble can't disguise the fact that Gosford Park is built on a weak, confusing, and frequently dreary script.

Don't Waste Your Time .

Folks, I'm not a sadist or anything so don't take this the wrong way, but EVEN THE MURDER WAS BORING.

" There were no, NO, impressive actors, Robert Altman is a ninny, the script was so bland i wouldn't eat it with tabasco sauce, the ending went like this: "okay we are bored, we need to end it now...

I love most of the very talented actors in Gosford Park, but this film rates as one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

The result is basically a boring version of a reality TV show.

As someone who has enjoyed both Carter's Grove in Colonial Williambsurg, VA and the Builtmore Estate in Ashville, NC it was very exciting to see such places in full operation.

This movie was boring.

Pleasant enough but a bit confusing on first viewing .

Really boring movie .

I was so incredibly bored I had to watch it in three sittings.

For an hour, yes AN HOUR, Altman 'set the scene', focussing on one unattractive character after another involved in utterly banal actions that were of no interest and of no relevance to the story.

Though beautifully filmed, the sly satire is not very effective because you feel completely lost in the confusion of so many characters you don't have time to know.

Empty beauty .

Tedious and uninvolving .

The movie is not long however, it took me two days to finish watching it because I fell asleep a half-an-hour into the feature.

Gosford Park is a dull period piece that never comes together.

A few of Altman's mighty cast, such as Maggie Smith and Jeremy Northram, manage to infuse their roles with a bit of color, but most just seem bored.

This is a banquet of fine acting and ensemble work and adds such treasures as a series of songs performed by Jeremy Northam with great style as well as unexpected cameos by a large number of lesser known actors.


It's a shame that movies like this are refered to as boring and stiff.

Predictable and tedious .

I usually like this kind of murder mysteries, but in this case I found it pretty hard to stay awake.

Even a film like MASH is inferior to the TV show and NASHVILLE becomes tedious in its third hour, whilst POPEYE is painful to sit through.

A waste of time .

Film is so boring, sooooooo.

Hearing details about how the upper classes of England try to be as rude as possible within the limits of the rules of etiquette is fascinating.

It's kinda boring if you ask me.

It begins well with fascinating character development, only to crawl to a very disappointing climax.

Fascinating look at England in the 1930's .

The introduction of such huge assembly of characters is confusing, the pace is so slow.

yep, this movie can even make that boring.

While the many roles in Nashville were as deftly and distinctly drawn as Hirschfeld caricatures, Gosford is confusing in its superfluity of indistinguishable minor parts.

The beginning is a little slow with occasions when you are not completely sure who the characters are or where the story is going to go.

It was so drawn out and boring that I would have left the cinema earlier, had it not been for the price of the ticket (£7.50 for the record!

Production/Acting done well, but story dragged and too many characters).

Given the good reviews, and even Oscar nominations, this film has probably bored the living pants of quite a number of people by now.

But here, one must congratulate Altman for corralling so much talent and funneling it into something genuinely entertaining and, at times, even absorbing.

The identity of the killer is a bit unexpected.

Fascinating Mystery Film .

The writer's commentary is fascinating.

I don't know whether to blame it on my cheap home set-up but, unlike Short Cuts, I found the dialogue hard to follow - particularly during the first half of the film.

A lovely, clever and subtle period piece; if you can slow down to its pace ...

Dull, dull, dull.

Worst movie of the year, at best.

What's most engaging about Altman's approach is his fluid camera-work.

Among the many guests he is entertaining that weekend, there are several suspects.

But their lives are still about as boring and not much funnier than mine.


Wisecracks weren't very funny, and the characters essentially uninteresting.

While some may argue that the whole point of the film is the fact there are so many plotlines I think that is alot of crap, good films have a coherent, compelling storyline, enough said.

To me Gosford Park is an ordinary movie, a yawner actually.

The only highlight of this movie is most people could act and did the best job with the dull script that they could.

I think that when you just relax and make peace with the fact that no, it isn't story driven, and know that no, you won't finally know the names of all the characters, you can just sit back and enjoy the dialogue, which is littered with jems and stunning one liners.

It does have a compelling flow through everything.

Unlike Hollywood's bang'em up features Gosford Park is much slower paced.

Maybe it didn't help that I watched this movie in the company of the Shallowest Man in the Universe, who kept falling asleep, but in all honesty I was hard-pressed to stay awake myself.

The dialogue just dragged.

It takes well over an hour for the murder to even take place, and then everything was so predictable, even the final "twist".

But the crime took way too long to set up and the resolution was much too forced.

Two hours of boredom .

This was an enjoyable film and the standard of acting was good.

The main plot and many sub-plots appear slow to most uninitiated people, but to those who understand the British class system and its demise will find this a truly gripping and amusing film.

With the critics it was getting I was anxious to see it but after 15 minutes of watching it I was ready to fall asleep.

Gosford Park has a lot of characters that move the story through brilliant and very entertaining dialogue.

A complete waste of time and talent .

) humor or staring with near disbelief at the re-creation of a bygone time and place made with such loving attention to detail that, faithful or not, the illusion is compelling enough to be scary.

Complex, Witty, and Extremely Entertaining .

To sum up : An ethnological portray of a bunch of aristocrats & their servants, served by an original but boring storytelling.

The "surprise" revelations which keep coming at us at snail's pace are stock elements of any Agatha Christie novel (the identity of the murderer, the reason for the murder, the relationships between all the people involved, down to the very identities of the perpetrators).

With a fine cast, crafty plot and fast-paced tempo, it makes for an enjoyable watching experience.

Man Talk about boring.

My only criticisms are that the story is a little slow in the beginning, (although by no means boring), and that Stephen Fry was perhaps a little too comical in his role as Inspector Thompson.

Despite this it does still work mainly because the Oscar winning writing brings out such convincing relationships and social politics, making it enjoyable and interesting throughout.

The mere fact that Robert Altman has turned in his first film since "Short Cuts" that wasn't a tedious, undercooked bore DOES NOT entitle him to be crowned "Best Director" by every critics' organization -- and now the Golden Globe group, a Dick Clark company -- who can't get over the fact that Altman wasn't given the '75 Best Director Oscar for "Nashville" and hope this faux Merchant-Ivory consignment outfit will do the trick.

I found the film slow-moving from the outset and it failed to build any momentum.

The disadvantage of this is that the film is sometimes hard to follow.

What a waste of time.

The look of the film and the atmosphere were wonderfully evocative, the cinematography expert.

Conversely, Altman spends considerable time creating rich stories for many characters through a slow series of hints and whispers.

Congrats, however, to amazing art direction (both the costume and sets) which painstakingly recreates an eerie 1930s atmosphere which would have provided a tremendous setting for a more entertaining tale of corruption and deceit.

Scenes are shot as if the subject matter was framed within a painting, and something as simple as a dining room table was made breathtaking by Robert Altman's expert direction.

the most engrossing and entertaining I've seen this year.

In Shortcuts the action is much more engaging and the characters more fiery, so the devices that play it down give you a feeling that you are witnessing real people in real drama.

In fact, I will be forced to muddle through this film a second time (should I even waste my time?

it feels very much as if you were there with all the noisy background of chatter emanating from people who are living very empty lives.

Zzzzz .

He's the white space, the reference point of bland American fare, intended to show us what bad acting is all about.

The dialogue was mundane and the accent/sound recording was so bad that you couldn't make out what they were saying, half the time.

Some are charming, some are selfish, and some are very boring.

The camera work is stunning, and a lot less intrusive than in Pret a Porter.

but far to be predictable for the wise science of portrait of different characters, for the atmosphere who represents almost a puzzle of subtle details, for the links between different interests, for the touching story, for the exploration of the flavor and roots and masks of a century.

While everyone gets their fare share in the film, the one who steals the show is Maggie Smith as Lady Constance Threntham, an old, wise cracking woman who's out to get her respectable allowance from Sir William McCordle (Another stunning performance from Michael Gambon).

Complete Bore .

However, the casting seems only to serve in drawing in audiences to a movie that might otherwise be overlooked as another stodgy British film.

I would strongly recommend this film to anyone who suffers from severe insomnia.

If you're looking for deep meaning, exciting drama, a tear-jerker (and don't care for spending time with Altman), there are other choices plentiful: Monster's Ball (d: Marc Foster); In the Bedroom (d: Todd Field); Lantana (d: Ray Lawrence); A Beautiful Mind (d: Ron Howard); I Am Sam (d: Jessie Nelson); or a swash-buckling revival of Alexandre Dumas adventure: Count of Monte Cristo, The (d: Kevin Reynolds).

While it is somewhat amazing that Altman is able to introduce so many characters and keep a multi-tiered narrative from falling into total confusion, he has managed to do this in far more compelling films.

Boring, insignificant soapish details, boring characters with very sporadic interjections of almost-funny humor that does nothing.

It was great on style, cinematography and even acting, but there was simply no plot, no flow, no arc.

3) Very predictable.

An annoyingly slow film.

It is sophisticated, engaging, illuminating and, simply, entertaining.

Sadly Predictable and Easy to Solve .

It is sophisticated, engaging, illuminating and, simply, entertaining.

The story had great potential, but it was buried in a hodgepodge of pointless sub-text which gave little chance for the main characters to be characterized.

Boring, more boring, and even more boring describes this dog of a film.

Although the gore level was a bit high for my tastes, this movie was an unbelievable adrenaline rush from opening to closing credits.

Worst Movie Ever .

The characters were the same bland characters they were before.

Cliché riddled and dull .

I was at the point where I was struggling to stay awake and about halfway through I didn't even bother trying to figure it out.

Possibly the least suspenseful murder mystery I have ever seen.

A bunch of boring English people talking about boring things and the last 30 minutes were supposed to be some murder mystery that turned out to be not very mysterious at all.

Those who have described it as thin and boring have simply missed the point; probably because their senses have been dulled by SFX and obvious plots.

Even more enjoyable at second viewing, 4 years later .

Good story drawn out waaaaay too long.

As far as the story itself, I was generally bored or confused, or both, by the extremely large and not especially differentiated cast of characters.

Complicated and admittedly sometimes dull comedy-drama that places a group of high-class aristocrats in one large English mansion in 1932.

Like a train at a crossing - too dull to entertain, too loud to sleep through.

This crapfest truly is a boring film.

The result for me is a film which doesn't know what it wants to accomplish - will this be a rich, rewarding drama of lives affording us the opportunity to care about intriguing characters, or will this be a brain-teasing British mystery?

The main plot faithfully follows the English `whodunit' paradigm---a weekend at an isolated ancient family manse, an assembly of friends and relatives all of whom are relatively unfriendly, unexpected guests of uncertain pedigree, back-stair shadows and whispers, a moment when the likely suspects have all vanished, a murder, the appearance of a detective, a passing comment recognized as critical by a great mind, and, finally, a solution to the mystery.

Long scenes and mostly improv dialog are more like a recipe for boredom (at least in my case) and the events unfold about as slowly and anti-climatic as they would in real life.

Robert Altman's film "Gosford Park" is indicative of the period it portrays: overrated, cliched, repetitive, and unexciting.

Way too Pretentious .

I also found the conversation to be dull and nothing important not repeated at least 2 or 3 times...

Gosford Park was boring.

"Oh, were is my jewellry" is the most exciting thing in the first half.

SPOILER ENDS The scenes of below-stairs life were particularly pointed and fascinating; it's an aspect of the period that seldom gets its due in films with this kind of setting.

In fact anyone used to the fast pacing of modern life, let alone films, *may* find it hard to slow down and appreciate the grandeur of this film and to express my thoughts below is a table of the present scoring received on the IMdB by a modern comedy (I've chosen Something About Mary as a popular comedy with the exact opposite type of humour) and Gosford Park.

The movie didn't make me care for any of the characters, want to learn more about them and what motivates them, or give any further attention to their boring tea parties, hunting trips or twisted relations with their butlers and maids.

Altman portrays only misery and empty lives everywhere.

I was bored out of my mind when I watched it.

To make matters worse, an initially sporadic and gradually frequent lack of coherence resulted in the film's fragmentation and in a feeling of confusion and profound discontent.

2 1/2 hours of Boredom with a poor ending.

) but it was longer than necessary and somewhat confusing as far as the characters and sub-plots go.

It's the movie's most fascinating and immediate moment (and Richard E.

Maybe I missed something while I was trying to stay awake.

As for plot, absolutely nothing happened in this film, even with a dead body present.

The most important themes aren't revealed until even later, either, so what remains for the bulk of the time, is the doings and dealings of the upstairs and downstairs population, which I found quite entertaining and intriguing to observe.

The pace of the movie was slow; and like many of the comments in this thread, the characters themselves completely under developed.

While mildly entertaining, the film is slow paced, and some may find it downright boring.

It is far too long, there are way too many characters, and I solved the "mystery" as it was happening.

The movie was very slow and boring.

Kelly MacDonald as Constance's underestimated maid is stunning and intelligent as she takes in every secret and revelation with a disingenuous eye.

When it finally decides to become an intriguing whodunnit, you never find out whodunnit.

Overall, a great and hugely entertaining film and one of Altman's best.

I found it engaging without being riveting, a matter of style over substance for a great deal of its time.

The characters are annoying, underdeveloped, and generally uninteresting.

Mysterious, but predictable .

Olympus over those earnest and worthy, yet disjointed and disengaging efforts.

The movie is overlong and dull as a result and the revelations and twists are unsurprising.

But consider one scene in which servants gather on a stairwell to listen to a musician entertaining his fellow guests upstairs.

Pulp Fiction only had four characters and Magnolia had three hours of screentime.

When one becomes as well known as Altman, and reaches a certain age in life, perhaps it is natural to want to leave to posterity your philosophy of film, your artistic vision.

It gets boring.

You either find this entertaining or pretty lame.

If this sounds frustrating, let me assure you that it's entirely the opposite - it makes everything even more absorbing.

I find his movies confusing, slow, boring, and basically unwatchable.

However, do not go in expecting something inventive, or you will leave the theater disappointed.

Folks, this movie is boring.

It was just too predictable.

GOSFORD PARK is a slow moving all-star murder mystery.

I was fortunate enough to see the preview of this fine Altman film and I enjoyed it very much.

) There's a positive thing about this: it's a guaranteed cure for insomnia.

This is, in the end, a remarkably bland and uninvolving film which attempts to disguise its lack of substance by distracting you with Acting and Costume Design.

First try the girlfriend and I both fall asleep.

Robert Altman by the way of Merchant Ivory= Boring Mess.

Anyone who cannot but find this film fascinating is clearly illiterate as well as quite unable to appreciate the finer pints of film making and acting.

In fact, if it hadn't been for Maggie Smith, I would have left early.

Mostly the thing is boring.

This movie was a 2 hour bore!

This might have been an entertaining film if half of the characters and one-half hour of the lenghth had been deleted.

While I still liked it during this viewing, I did find the pacing to be languid and I started finding myself being frustrated by threads and character direction that just sort of petered out or ended all together with no real resolution.


Gosford Park succeeds in going nowhere for over 2 hours.

This movie should be voted as the worst movie of the decade.

This was quite possibly the most boring movie i have seen in a long time.

The mosaic of how all these characters interact is quite fascinating, and provides for some hilarious moments of wit and snide remarks.

Long, Boring, Dull .

Slow paced and ultimately unsatisfying both as entertainment and for those who think they are going to see a good old-fashioned mystery.

But who can really account for the sadistically slow progression of the plot?

Thankyou Mr Altman - and all your team - for making this truly enjoyable piece.

This makes it pretentious in the extreme (and isn't helped by the presence of Fry impersonating himself as per usuall).

First off, we can dismiss the majority of the negative reviews of this movie here as there is an entire generation of brain dead gen-xers who need something to 'morph' or explode in the first five minutes, or else it's 'boring'.

Veddy Veddy Boring ...

The dialogue was hard to follow, partly because of the British accents and poor sound work.

The "revelation" is so utterly banal and unimportant that his character might as well not have been in the film at all.

The structure of this film is in its interplay of characters and the contrast between the vital world below stairs and the bored existence of the upper classes.

If you were to see this as your first Altman film, good job, because this film is simply stunning and amazing.

But then she, like all the others, descended into a dull blur.

But when the story is so flimsy, cliche ridden and bereft of originality, then the ensemble becomes just another bunch of misdirected actors.


it is fascinating to discover a living society in its struggles for survive, ignoring reality.

It was so bad that a couple who sat behind us both fell asleep and snored through the last quarter of the movie (and this is no exaggeration).

Dull pace.

It is not recommended for those who are looking for something with pizzazz, but rather for those who are looking for intriguing social commentary wrapped up in a beautiful package.

Most of the people on the upper level are boring old bats that lead sheltered lives and have no idea how the rest of the world lives.

") Watching Maggie Smith is a joy, but by now, a predictable one.

For an hour and twenty minutes, absolutely nothing happened except that a few birds died, a guy played piano almost non-stop and some rich snobs played bridge.

The plot does ramble as Altman movie does but it's the endless supply of characters that make it compelling.

At first, hard to follow.

This is the most entertaining ensemble piece I've seen in a very long time and Altman has an effortless touch with so many legendary actors crammed into an old house around a dead body.

The social commentary all seems so predictable; the rich people are blind snobs, and the servants are both warmer and more observant.

Boring Boring Boring .

If you want to see something deep and compelling, and keeps you interested, I suggest you buy a ticket for "In the Bedroom.

Slow-moving unimaginative pap!

It is far from a simple story - but if you give it some attention you will be invited into a world of elegance, thrilling intersections, and personal stories.

The plot was boring, and I couldn't find a single character to care about.

The camera is following some people, and then instead of just a boring cut to other people, the first couple walks through a door as another pair come through it, and then the camera changes it's focus.

For the first two hours, thus, we are treated to the most intriguing social study, since we are given the gift of multiple characters of astonishing substance (considering that other directors cannot even develop their leads beyond the one-dimensional) and a double view from both the gentry upstairs, and (mostly, and more insightfully) the servants, downstairs.

Yet, the dialogues are so boring and tedious (especially in the first one third of the film) that you almost end up falling asleep.