Grace of Monaco (2014) - Biography, Drama, Romance

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The story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly's crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco's Prince Rainier III and France's Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the early 1960s.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Olivier Dahan
Stars: Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 18 out of 82 found boring (21.95%)

One-line Reviews (63)

'Grace' is worth a look but a bit too contrived to be hailed as an art house masterpiece.

Her delivery of that stupendous final speech is the highlight of an otherwise somewhat banal movie.

Tim Roth wouldn't have been my first choice as her loving husband, but he done a brilliant job and his mannerisms and gestures made his role believable and intense in some parts.

And while I'm sure that some of the story may be fictionalised, the basic story here has enough 'facts' to be genuinely engaging and interesting, and pretty entertaining.

Tedious and pretentious, and not enough attention paid to crowd scenes, which invariably had the look and feel of a crowd scene being created for a TV show on a tight budget.

Storytelling: It was a bit slow in the middle and it did bore me in the middle.

The story unfolded without explosions, helicopters or crazed shootings (American style), was developed smoothly and intelligently, the characters introduced carefully and portrayed well, the drama was intense, the acting was beautiful.

It's an enjoyable movie about one of the most interesting women in film history.

Nicole Kidman is magnificent and breathtaking in the part of this iconic figure of American Cinematography.

Grace Kelly was a fascinating character.

Tim Roth is normally an eccentric and charismatic actor but here he is bland and heavy-handed as the prince who stands over Grace and is pinpointed as hindering any chance of her returning to Hollywood.

This movie is 1 hour and 43 minutes of stifling yawns and trying to stay awake all while just waiting patiently for it to get even remotely more interesting.

Grace frets about her role as wife, mother and princess; Rainier broods moodily about the fate of Monaco; we're led to suspect that Grace's handmaiden Madge (Parker Posey) is a spy within her inner circle - huge, important events within the narrative of the film, but all of them are rendered in paper-thin characterisation and overly ponderous dialogue.

The story of "Grace of Monaco" is very engaging and touching.

A fictional story based on true events, this enjoyable film was a very haunting portrayal of Grace Kelly's move from Hollywood Princess to Royal Princess and the difficulties that arose during the transition.

There are some odd accents going on as well, as well as a lack of chemistry, and the characters are bland or annoying stereotypes, some not feeling relevant to the story and are as plastic as Kidman's Botox.

Several of the most dramatic moments bang on for much too long as Grace meanders her inarticulate way around a point and filler scenes waste our time with little to show for it.

There's a confusing sub-plot involving the Prince's sister, who appears to have betrayed Monaco, by passing state secrets to the French (having only seen the film once, I'm not exactly sure of what she was guilty of).

Faring worst are the very empty and half-baked script that sounds like soap opera past its sell by date, an overwrought and over-bearing music score that is too reminiscent of a comedy or a heavy-handed drama and the direction which sees violent and frequently jarring shifts in tone that suggests that those responsible had no idea what the film was trying to be or what to focus on.

Also, the use of unnecessarily long drawn-out close-ups during few key sequences gets embarrassing, and then tiring, after a while, with no clue as to why that particular choice was made.


It suffers from some of the same problems that the Naomi Watts Diana biopic had - mainly an uninteresting part of the subject's life to focus on.

But for those wanting a film depicting a legend and her possible trials and tribulations, through a short period in her life will find it fascinating.

The tender and intense dramatic script requires Nicole Kidman to disclose the valuable possibilities of falling in love and loving a King.

Killing two birds with a stone, not only Gracie decides to start learning French (after 6 years in the country she could hardly say a word) but also she averts the annexation, thanks to a very long (albeit quite boring and predictable) speech delivered at the Red Cross ball.

Most would have you believe Grace of Monaco is an arduous, dull swamp of a film on a par with Oliver Hirschbiegel flop, Diana.

'The costumes are beautiful, settings stunning, and thats where it stops!

The film has a dull air about it which he tries to rectify by over-stylising shots and entire scenes with high colour saturation, including white and gold tones.

Without knowing any background information to this historical conflict, the film is confusing and unenlightening about this historical context.

It merely serves to increase the boredom and slow the pace still further.

Engaging and touching .

The plot of gripping because there's so much at stake for Grace, on matters concerning herself and on matters way more than herself.

After all the negative reviews, I was expecting the worst, but was surprised I quite enjoyed it.

Tim Roth, Paz Vega, Derek Jacobi, Frank Langella are the supporting roles in this movie and their characters simply have no weight, they are boring they really are just cardboard tick.

Mundane content and controversial writing would certainly disappoint any Monacian.

The story tries to be careful not to offend, but ends up being dull, dramatically soggy and laughably ridiculous with an overlong running time that makes some of the story feel stretched.

The early scenes in the script involving Rainier's political struggle, where he is fighting with Charles de Gaulle over French citizens in Monaco avoiding taxes, are dull and convoluted.

After watching this movie, I asked myself why I had enjoyed it, in spite of its cheesiness, in-your-face feel-good-ness and insouciance about detail.

It is merely overlong and dull.

Overall an enjoyable film, I might going to watch again ...

Worth watching for the story .

And it all comes across as just another - 'ho-hum, who cares now?

It must have looked so much more compelling in the script yes?

Apart from Frank Langella as Grace's domestic chaplain Father Francis Tucker, there are no memorable contributions from the supporting cast, and Tim Roth makes a singularly dull and uncharismatic Rainier.

This movie is so boring that I forgot I'd already seen it before and watched it again only to fall victim to the same torturous boredom AGAIN.

So boring.

It is rather too leisurely in the telling, there are far too many closeups of Nicole Kidman, held for far too long and, for my money, I never felt that I was watching Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier: Kidman and Tim Roth never really got inside their skins.

Ultimately Grace of Monaco leaves us none the wiser as to what made this iconic figure, who must have been as complex as she was fascinating (certainly one of my personal favourite stars), tick.

Such a film might work if made as a comedy along the lines of "The Mouse that Roared", but any attempt to make it into a serious drama would probably result in a dull and predictable soap opera.

Plus the teary eyed final speech is so pretentious and shallow it had me laughing out loud.

enjoyable movie .

For me, it was a really enjoyable and believable movie.

Arash Amel's screenplay is really where it all begins, it's an empty screenplay.

"Grace of Monaco" is mainly bland, polished nonsense, mixed with product placement and name dropping.

A dreary Sunday TV matinée that should be a grand biopic .

Don't waste your time unless you enjoy watching over-dramatic, borderline-crazy-eyes women ramble.

The Parisian fashion and stunning shots of The French Riviera is what made this film for me.

All they will end up with is a dull and predictable soap opera which only differs from other soap operas in that its characters are supposedly based on real historical figures.

Do you see what I'm saying, it's that boring I forgot about it.


The other good performance is the gleefully enjoyable Hitchcock of Roger Ashton-Griffiths, who does try to bring needed urgency to the proceedings, the culminating banquet actually being the film's dramatic highlight.

It is far too long, far too dull, with questionable 'truth' and rather too much melodrama.

Roth is alright being archetypal and supporting cast members like Lindsay and Ashton- Griffiths get their moments, the story is boring and does not convey properly the big issues at the time, the script is dull and the overall feel is shambolic, the only good thing I can say is that the costumes were good, apart from that it is a pointless and terrible biographical drama.